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Chapter 1

"I did a lot of thinking during the time that my friends and I searched for my mother, especially because of the events that occurred right after the Hundred Year War that could have led to yet another. I only have the Avatar to thank for changing those events—and for saving my life." The Fire Lord turned to the subject of his thanks, who smiled abashedly. Zuko returned his smile and then turned again to the council. "I never want another war to happen again, especially during my lifetime, and I think I know how to avoid it." He stood from his chair at the table and began to pace before it, when he suddenly looked at the others intently and raised his hand, palm up.

"I believe that harmony can be restored and war avoided by regulating the power of each nation, which could be accomplished by creating a new nation—one that encompasses willing peoples of all nations—benders and nonbenders alike."

Silence fell upon the room as each member of the council considered his proposition. Aang broke it as he said, "I agree with this idea. But, Zuko," turning to the young man, "who would lead it?"

A smile played on the Fire Lord's lips. "That's it exactly. That's where my idea comes into play—my idea of whom the nation would consist. It won't be a single person—it will be all of us!"

Confusion leapt to many of their faces and he quickly adjusted his statement.

"Well, not all of us," encompassing the room with a sweep of his arm, "but prominent members of every nation, forming a whole, like a…"—he searched for a word—"republic. Yes—a republic nation. A nation to monitor the power of all others and a nation to serve as a safe haven for immigrants. A nation to head the future of the world."

Understanding replaced confusion as all envisioned such a great nation. Zuko smiled to himself and knew that his idea had been a good one.

"Every nation needs a capital, as should this one," pointed out Hakoda, a new yet wise figure. "In this capital, a council of these prominent members you speak of could meet and shape the plans for every nation." With this point, many of the others openly agreed.

"Nephew," said Iroh, an important leader in the council, speaking directly to Zuko, "your plan is wise and Hakoda's statement is true. I wonder, though—what should this capital be named?"

It was silent for a moment as ideas began to form, when Sokka, one of the newest and youngest members, spoke up. "What about 'Republic City'?" He turned to a now sitting Zuko and said, "You kept talking about a republic just a minute ago and I thought 'Republic City' might be fitting." He then faced the rest of the members and awaited their opinion.

Approving murmurs were heard and nods were seen. Aang grinned and stood to address Zuko, announcing, "Well, then, Fire Lord Zuko, I move that plans to create and build this new nation be readied at once, with 'Republic City' serving as its capital."

Zuko nodded and asked everyone, "All in favor, please say 'aye'."

Every member voted for this proposition and none against, and on that day, Republic City was born.

Chapter 2 is coming soon!

For those of you who have read this story before, you'll notice that something is different. I deleted what was originally the first chapter because I saw a preview of the upcoming comic, The Search, and realized that what I'd written was not accurate when compared to the comic. My goal is not to only to have fun and to entertain others, but also to stay true to what the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender have written. I hope this story is still enjoyable and that you keep reading and reviewing! Don't worry-I'll get to the mushy, romantic stuff later! Thanks.