As we get on the bus to head home, Danny comes up to me. "Wanna be my bus buddy, at least until I get some real friends?"Because a friendship like Danny and Sam's doesn't just appear out of thin air.

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A whole stack of memories never equal one little hope.

Charles M. Schulz

"Don't forget me, please Sam." A week had passed since this first started, since she first lost consciousness and all contact with the outside world. She'd taken a hard blow to the head and the doctors said that even if she did wake up, there was no guarantee she'd remember anything about her life. There was no guarantee of anything, all I had keeping me sane was hope and hope alone. I don't know what I'd do if she had forgotten who I was by the time she woke up. I don't know what I'd do if I lost her.

It felt like I was floating through the blackness, as if I was staying airborne even though I didn't have him there to support me.

Him. That's the only name I have for him right now. I can't remember his name, all I know is he's been there by my side for years now. My one question is this: how would he be able to keep me airborne? Normal boys don't fly, do they?

Suddenly, I'm not floating anymore, I'm in the body of a little girl watching as the new boy walks into school. I know I've seen his face before. That's right, when I went to my usual empty seat he was already there. I don't mind sharing since no one else ever bothered to sit next to me, but it was a new feeling- not being alone, that is.

I hear his name for the first time, but I don't really listen to it as I see that goofy smile of his for the first time as well. I figure I'll hear his name again soon enough if it becomes a daily occurrence for him to sit next to me. The ride to our small elementary school is mostly silent outside of the constant roar of the other students talking and jabbering on about whatever has their interest at the moment. When the bus pulls to a stop, he only mutters a quick "Bye" before slipping into the stream of kids trying to push their way off the bus.

I don't see the new kid after we get off the bus, I honestly I'm not entirely sure I'll see him again at all as much as I want to. A part of me doesn't want to be alone anymore.

Sometimes, I feel like an outsider sitting there all alone in the mornings with the only to keep me company being books big enough to scare my peers, but I don't really mind it anymore. Being alone has become a part of life for me; it's something I can't avoid and so I try to embrace it instead.

Snippets of the conversations floating around me make their way to my ears as I try to lose myself in the world of the third Harry Potter book.

"Derek, did you…"

"You are so stupid, Cody!"

"...but you don't like like him, do you?"

Were they talking about crushes already? We're in second grade! I guess that could be the few fifth graders sitting in here even though they aren't supposed to, but how could they know what a crush is? No kid in here is over the age of eleven, what could they know of love?

Teachers start to release us and we file off to class slowly, trying to extend our limited free time before we are forced to sit down and learn something new. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad for me if I just had a friend.

I sit at my small desk, doodling and letting my mind wander off into it's own little world. I wonder when the Clean Desk Fairy will visit the class next, not that I ever got anything. I didn't see the point in keeping my desk clean when I knew exactly where everything was within the clutter shoved inside it. I force myself to reluctantly come back to the real world as the teacher fights for a few minutes to get the attention of my class. I notice a head of black hair standing next to her and those baby-blue eyes of his catch my attention again. The new kid- I guess I will be seeing him more.

"Class, this is Daniel. He'll be joining us today." We all forced out the obligatory response to the formal introduction. Daniel? I know he doesn't go by that, it sounds too formal. Only a frootloop would use that name on a daily basis.

The boy is directed towards me. Our desks currently reside in groups of two, and even here I'm the odd one out. I'm the little odd ball who doesn't have a friend to sit with during class. Danny sits next to me with only a single spiral notebook and a pencil too dull for my likings in his hand.

"You didn't tell me you were in this class, Sam!" He seems overly excited, maybe he'd just glad he isn't seated with a total stranger even if I'd only spent fifteen minutes on the bus with him this morning.

"You didn't ask me, Danny." Danny, that's what he goes by. I remember as a small smile tugs at my usually expressionless lips. Maybe I'll have a friend soon after all. That, or he'll realize I'm an oddball and leave me just like all the other kids.

Class passes slowly for me and only a few small words are snuck between me and Danny before lunch and recess. No one bothers me at our class's assigned table. No one ever bugs me and I can't escape the feeling of being isolated from the others around me since our teacher assigned us seats at the lunch table and Danny has been seated at the other end. The kids around me play hand games while we all wait to be dismissed to go get our lunches.

At recess, I race to the swings so I can have one to myself as I sing softly to pass the time. Danny is once more nowhere to be found as he runs around, making friends with the other kids with ease. I catch sight of him playing tag with Dash and some other kids as I just sit there all alone, just like every other day of the week. Maybe I won't finally have a friend, Danny seems to be making plenty of other ones just fine without me.

We return to our classroom, most of us exhausted and sweaty and Danny sits next to me once more and flashes me a smile. The room is silent as we all take the test that only Danny can avoid. It's funny how he managed to make his first day be that of a test.

The test is finished and the teacher lets us do stations filled with fun stuff. There's Play-Dough at one, building blocks at another, and even games on the computers. The blue-eyed boy stays with me for a few of the stations, but for the most part, he wanders away until the bell rings and the teacher sends us off to our bus lines.

As we get on the bus to head home, Danny comes up to me. "Wanna be my bus buddy, at least until I get some real friends?"

This won't be based around the ghosts running around Amity Park, it will revolve around the memories that forge a friendship like Danny and Sam's.

It should be pretty obvious, but I'll say it here anyway. At the start of each chapter, there will be a small little blip of a scene from Danny's perspective in the present before it moves into Sam's memories of the past.

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