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Chapter 1: Familiar


I am twenty seven years old and I am running my life pretty well. I am the co-owner of Grey Enterprises, Inc. and my father is very proud of me. Mom would always say that I am the Workaholic child she had and sometimes it gives her headache which leaves me confused.

Phoebe's happy with Adam right now. They have their bundle of joy. Fay's very cute though but I just dislike children. I don't know why but they seem like monsters to me. There are only three children I love. It would be my little sister, Gracie even though she's seventeen now. I love Fay and Jonathan.

"Son" I heard my Dad coming inside my office.

"Hey Dad" I said and stood up to facing him.

"Since your assistant, Betty resigned, a young woman here is up for the interview." He said and I nodded. Betty has been my assistant for almost two years. She resigned because her new husband can provide her needs.

"Great" I said and Dad's expression turned to worry.

"Son, when are you going to get married?" He asked and I frowned. Everyone wants me to get married! Why don't they just understand that I am not interested in love?!

"Dad, please, I don't wanna have this conversation." I replied.

"I am fifty six years old, Ted and I only have one grandchild." My eyes narrowed at that.

"I don't want kids" I replied and I changed the topic, "Dad, please let me interview this young lady." I said with an annoyed voice. Dad smiled a little and went out of my office.

After a few minutes, I heard the door open and I lifted my face and saw a beautiful girl. She has straight blonde hair and hazel eyes. She has an average height and her skin is pale. She smiled a little at me with trembling hands. She's so beautiful. I shook my head at that thought. What the hell Theodore Grey? Did you just call someone beautiful?

"Please take seat Miss?" I was clueless and she took a seat across me.

"Catherine Gellar" She spoke and I nodded.

"Miss Gellar" I said and she handed me her resume. I took it and I immediately read. Hmmm. . . she's just twenty three. She graduated from Harvard with the course of Business Management. Harvard? I raised my brow at that. Why haven't I seen her there?

I continued to read her resume and she has a child. . . but she's not married. Two brows of mine are now raising. Her resume really interested me. I put it on the table and stared at her. She looked at the ground, feeling nervous and uncomfortable.

"I get it that this is your fist job interview" I said and she looked at me. My blue eyes and her hazel ones met and I felt something chilling down my spine. Damn! What am I feeling?

"No" She whispered with a shaking voice.

"Then why are you nervous?" I asked.

"Well, I am nervous by nature." She spoke, still fidgeting. I stared right into her and she really looks familiar. There's something about her that leaves me like an unsolved puzzle. Anyways, I cleared my throat and started the interview.

"What were your expectations for the job and to what extent were they met?" I asked.

"I expect this job to provide me and my daughter a better life." She answered that simply and I continued to ask her a question.

"What about her father? Where is he?" I asked and her eyes went huge as saucers.

"Well, uh. . . that's too personal." She answered and I put my fingers on my temples.

"I apologize" I said formally and began to ask her questions again, "What have you learned from your mistakes?"

"Well, uh. . . I learned how to deal with life because of the mistakes I made in the past. I learned how to develop better relationships with people and I believe that having that attitude is important in this job." She answered spontaneously and I nodded.

"What did you like or dislike about your previous job?"

"I only had one job before and that is being an employer of a government agency. The agency was great but the people around me say bad things behind my back. They found out that I had a baby when I was eighteen and they deemed me a whore or slut." She answered and my face turned bitter at that.

"No worries, if you will have a job here, no one will judge you" I spoke and asked her again, "What is your greatest strength?"

"Well, I am good with analogy" She answered and I nodded. I'd like her to be my new assistant.

"Miss Gellar, I know this is too soon but I'd like you to be my new assistant." Her eyes got wide and she jumped and jumped. She squealed in front of me and I found myself smiling. She really looked beautiful and cute. I laughed at her and she stopped jumping, feeling embarrassed.

"Sorry" She whispered.

"No need to apologize" I stated with a smile.

"Thank you so much, Sir Ted. You don't know how much this means to me and my daughter." She said with almost teary eyes.

"Why are you about to cry?" I asked with concern.

"My daughter has aplastic anemia and I need money for blood transfusions." That's horrible! Gracie had cancer once and it drove me crazy. Now, her daughter has that terminal disease. This is the most painful feeling.

"Oh. . . Uh. . . I. . ." For a moment, I don't know what to say.

"I need to go now, Sir. My daughter's waiting for me" She said and I looked at the window. The rain's strong and her apartment's far from here as what the resume said.

"Here, have this" I took off my coat and handed it to her.

"What?" She exclaimed in a surprised tone.

"It's cold. You might catch hypothermia" I said and she was about to refuse my offer. I quickly went behind her and put my coat by her shoulders. She faced me and smiled shyly.

"Thank you Sir" She whispered.

"No problem. Your shift starts tomorrow." I said and she nodded. She went out of the room while putting her tiny arms on my coat. I smiled at that.

When she disappeared from my sight, I went back to sit on my chair and one thing was only in my mind. . . Catherine Gellar.

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