Chapter also know as Emmy's ranting or, you know, Contents...but whatever.

I just wanted to make my beloved readers a New Year's promise.

I have about a ton of things I wanted to work out into Drunken Happiness, but never found their place and I think it's a shame to waste them and not share them with you, me beloved readers - so! - I've decided that, come 2013, I will write them down and publish them.

Here's the catch, come 2013 I'll also be getting back to work - which I don't wanna do, but a girl's gotta make a living. That means I will not be having as much time to write as I'd like, so, I don't know WHEN or HOW OFTEN I'll be posting, but, rest assured I will be posting these little stories. And if you think I'll forget them, you're wrong cause I'm making a table of contents right here so I won't forget. *sticks tongue out like a 5 year old Emily would do*

Ok, enough ranting, here you go:


1. Teacher

2. Secret Revealed

3. Bottom's up

4. Vanilla topping

5. Changing dreams

6. Fairy God..Father?

7. Tongue tied

8. Besides the point

9. Secret Santa

10. How I see them, by Emily Diamond

So, that's it. Yes, I know this is called teasing, but... Hey - fish hook ending and all that. *Chuckling*

Ok, I'm out.

Talk to you soon.

Remember - I love you guys! Thank you so much for reading and for giving me your time. I love you even if you don't review - meanies! *hugs and kisses*