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Kuroko Tetsuya died on a Friday, surrounded with nothing but crumbling walls and ardent embers. By the time the fire department arrived and retrieved his body, the middle school student was covered in third degree burns, completely unrecognizable.

The local police said it was murder.

John Doe was a short boy. Even though the doctors put him around Yosuke's age, his son had to be at least half a head taller. Detective Maeda approached the occupied hospital bed slowly, not wanting to startle the kid.

"Hello, I'm Detective Maeda Ichirou. I'm here to ask you some questions," the black haired man said warmly, giving the teenager a bright smile. Light blue eyes stared at him blankly and the detective's grin faltered slightly. Just how many times had he seen that empty gaze in this line of work?

The detective settled down in a chair next to the patient and almost winced. The closer proximity allowed him to see the full extent of the boy's injuries. The youth's skin was literally painted with purple bruises. Some were already disappearing but others appeared new, blooming across the teen's fair skin. There were cuts too; dozens and dozens of them. The boy was covered in stitches. His left leg was in a cast. And that was nothing compared to what was hidden underneath the kid's hospital gown.

Detective Maeda felt sick. He had read the report the doctor gave them roughly four days ago. John Doe had been in that basement for at least six months. He couldn't shake off the feeling that it had been longer.

"Can you talk?" Maeda questioned. John Doe didn't react.

"Hey," the detective tried again, "I'm only here to help. I can't do that if you don't talk to me." Silence. The man observed quietly as John Doe slowly swallowed. Soon, a pink tongue darted out to wet chapped lips.

"Y-Yesss," the boy struggled, forcing the words out. Detective Maeda beamed encouragingly.

"Very good. Now, can you tell me your name?" It would be good to return this boy to his parents. John Doe couldn't be more than fourteen.

The emaciated teenager seemed alarmed at the question. His previously emotionless eyes were wide in confusion. "I-I don't hav-ve o-one."

Aida Riko stared at the freshman before her in disbelief. His numbers were far above what she had expected from a first year student in high school. The teenager in front of her couldn't possibly be just fifteen. She couldn't even estimate his potential! It was the first time she had encountered someone like that in real life; someone who had natural talent.

"Coach! How long are you going to daydream?" Hyuuga yelled, snapping her out of her reverie.

"S-Sorry!" Riko apologized, a little flustered when she realized she had been ogling a boy shamelessly for the past five minutes.

"You've seen everyone, right? That guy was the last," Hyuuga asked, gesturing to the tall, red headed freshman.

"Oh. Really? There's supposed to be someone else," she replied, scratching the back of her head. "Hey! Is Maeda here?" Riko shouted, causing everyone to look around.

"Maybe he's absent today," Izuki commented when no one stepped forward. Riko sighed.

"I guess so. I'm just a little worried. He's a bit of a special case," Riko said. The seniors looked at her curiously, waiting for her to elaborate. "The principal called me to her office this morning and told me to watch out for him. Apparently, Maeda was injured recently. He hasn't fully recovered yet," Riko explained.

"I don't get it. Why not join later when he's better?" Koganei asked.

"I'm not sure. The principal didn't say much," Riko answered truthfully.

"S-Sorry, I'm l-late!" A shaky voice interjected. Everyone turned to face the entrance of the hall. A short boy with light blue haired had just entered. "I-I'm Maeda J-John," the student stuttered softly. He walked over to where they were at a slow pace, causing everyone present to stare in shock. The boy was limping.

"Oi! Don't you know it's rude to stare?" Another voice stated. Aida looked behind John to see her classmate, Maeda Yosuke. He was glaring at all of them.

"A-Ah, I apologize on everyone's behalf. We were just a little caught off guard," Junpei replied, embarrassed. "What are you doing here, Yosuke?"

"What does it look like? I'm accompanying him," the black haired teen said, looking pointedly at the boy with light blue hair. Huh? Why would Yosuke- Oh! Now Riko felt like an idiot.

"I didn't realize you had relatives at this school. Is he your cousin?" Aida questioned.

"He's my brother."

"EH?!" the seniors exclaimed.

"You look nothing alike!"

Whoever shouted was right. The freshman was a lot shorter than her classmate. Furthermore, John had light blue hair and eyes while Yosuke had black hair and brown eyes. Perhaps the only thing they had in common was their fair skin.

"John's adopted. Just get back to what you were doing. I'm only here to supervise," Yosuke said, making himself comfortable on the benches at the side of the hall. He sat next to Takeda-sensei, giving the teacher a small nod.

Riko spun around to look at John, unsure of what to do. Could the boy still play with his left leg in that condition? At the moment, Aida doubted he would even heal completely. The limp had appeared pretty serious. Never mind, she would think about that later. She needed to take a look at his numbers.

"Maeda, can you please take off your shirt?" Riko requested politely. It was a subconscious action. Something about the freshman told her she shouldn't be too aggressive around him. John looked at her with wide blue eyes, panicking.

"N-No!" John protested, crossing his arms defensively. It was then Riko noticed that Maeda wasn't wearing the standard PE uniform. John was wearing a black long sleeved shirt and track pants that reached his ankles.

"What was that, freshman? You don't get to deny!" Junpei cut in, looming over Maeda. John jumped in fright. The senior appeared flummoxed at Maeda's reaction. What the-

"He said no, Hyuuga!" Yosuke was suddenly in between Junpei and his adopted sibling, hazel brown eyes blazing. Everyone else stared in disbelief.

"Riko's the coach! He can't say no! It's not like she's doing anything sick. She just wants to take a look at his numbers!" Hyuuga retorted, pushing up his glasses.

Yosuke clenched his fists. "I dare you to make him take it off-"

"That's enough, Maeda-san," Takeda-sensei stepped in, placing a firm hand on Yosuke's shoulder. Turning to Junpei, he continued. "Due to certain circumstances, I'll have to ask you to make an exception. Aida-san, you have spoken to the principal, have you not?"

Riko nodded, stunned. This never happened before. Takeda-sensei had always left them to their own devices. Why did he interfere this time? The female coach stared at the petite first year with light blue hair, pensive.

Just what was going on with that freshman?

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