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Chapter 1 What I Did Over The Summer

All of the cubs get off of the bus for there first day of Middle School

Kovu: Ah Middle school! A brand new experience for us all!

Nuka: This is going to suck.

Kovu: How is it going to suck? Its a brand new school without our main drama causers from last year. No more Timon or Pumbaa and thank god no more Rafiki.

Nuka: Yeah but we are in the middle school now. In elementary school we are the cute children that everyone loves and in Highschool we are the older guys who all of the below grades respect but here we are just stuck in the middle.

Kovu: I think you are being a bit dramatic...its just school Nuka...

Mufasa: Who is are new princible anyways?

Sarabi: Yeah I mean I am pretty sure we are running out of our own characters.

Captain Crunch walks outside of the school

Captain Crunch: Hello students! I am Captain Crunch and I will be your new princible!

Simba:...thats f#^king random...

Later in the school auditorium

Captain Crunch is speaking to all of the seated students

CC: I use to be a captian on a ship, then I got to be a cereal mascot after my entire crew ditched me because they realized they were taking orders from a midget and now I am a princible...I have no clue why. I think I may have been drunk and we live in a really bad town. Any questions?

Simba: Yes one...why the hell are you princible?...I mean I can understand us running out of our own people or...lions but for crying out lound you of all people? I mean is anyone even finding this funny?

Mufasa: If you ask me people are either laughing about this or just thinking this entire series hit the sh!t hole.

Later in there class

Donald: Hello kids my name is donald duck and I will be your new teacher

Simba:...does anyone here know what the hell he just said?

Scar: Yeah seriously this is just like how they hired a mexican who could barely speak our language to teach the third grade class!

Nala:...wait...Donald Duck? Is that you?

Donald: Yeah...things have gone bad for most of us. Mickey is now the one who works on the clue where Goofy is...And I think the rest of them make cameos in Dog With A Blog...yeah pretty much the worst case scenerio...well anyways for your first day we have a small assignment.

Simba: Well thats f#^king stupid. Its the first day no one ever does sh!t on day one.

Nala: Jeez Simba whats with you today?

Simba: The hell you talking about?

Nala: Well you are always a dick but your being worse then usual...and saying F#^k a lot.

Simba: Nope...nothing about me is differant. Your just insane I guess Nala

Nala gives Simba a stare of anger yet confusion and minor concern

Donald: I want you all to tell me what you did over the summer. we all have to go...

Donald: Yes.

Simba:..I would really rather not talk about my summer.

Donald: If you want to go last to think about what your going to say thats fine but until then we need to start this. Who wants to go first?

Kiara: I will! Over the summer me and Kovu spent all of our time together!


Kiara: We went to the movies, we went out for dinner...

Kovu: You creepy little wierdo...we did not!

Kiara: And then in the end we were married

Kovu: Oh god there is something wrong with her...

Donald: Whose next?

Sarabi: I will go. Well I spent the summer hanging out with Mufasa like always...and we only had...76 arugments in all.

Sarafina: Wow! I am impressed! Your relationship must be going greatly!

Mufasa: You got that right! thats 82 less then last year

Scar: Hey...teacher person I will go next.

Donald: Why are your eyes red?

Scar: Uhh...what?...

Zira:...he's...asking why your eyes are that...darkish pink color.

Scar: mean red?

Zira:...yeah thats the one.

Scar:...oh...uhhhh well..I'm high...oh wait no I am not supposed to say that I am supposed to make up some sort of bull crap story...ummmm I didn't sleep to well... you idiot he won't eve belive got to do...better! uhhh a guy in a monkey suit wearing a giant hat spray painted our eyes red...yeah...

Scar: Nice going Zira...we are off the hook now...what were we doing?

Donald: I am just going to skip you guys.

Nuka: Over the summer I went hunting with my dad.

Donald: Ah thats nice. How did that go?

Nuka:...uh...really bad. I am now a disgrace to my family.

Donald: Ah well thats nice. Whose next?

Nala: Over the summer me, Vitani and Kovu hung out. Simba wasn't around for some reason so...

Simba: Would stop mentioning me Nala! Jeez your worse then Kiara!

Kovu: Jesus christ dude! Whats the matter?

Simba: Its not my turn yet asshole! You talk before I talk!

Kovu:...ok Simba...but for crying out lound what the hell is with you today...ok...over the summer like Nala and Vitani said I spent a lot of time with them...I would pretty much be repeating them...and Kiara's story is bull crap.

Donald: HEY! Watch the language! YOU WILL NOT SAY CRAP! IN THIS SCHOOL!

Kovu: Simba said the F word like ten times!

Donald: Talking back I see? Two weeks of detention has changed.

Donald: Simba your turn tell us about your summer.

Simba: (sighs) ok...well over the and my mom took a trip to the beach. And one of the days we were there she was seriously injured...for reasons...I'd rather not talk about...but ever since my mom has been in the hospital recovering. So...since she isn't looking after dad has to now...and there is a reason why I haven't spoken to him in years...

Just then Simba's Dad's Car crashes through the room

Simba's Dad: YO! Asshole! Three PM is when I am supposed to get you right?

Simba: Yes! But its Eleven AM!

SD:...well shit...uhhh..

He pulls out really quickly


Nala: So thats why you haven't been yourself lately

Simba: Yeah...he is probably one of the worst people alive...look lets just not talk about it anymore ok...

Kovu: Hey Simba...we are here for you man...

Simba: I said let not talk about it ok!

Kovu: Alright! Alright!

Near the end of the day

Simba and Nala are walking right outside of the school

Simba: So you guys had a good summer...

Nala: Yeah.

Simba: Wish I could say the same.

Nala: Well its a brand new year Simba and I am sure it going to be a good one. Its a brand new school, brand new people to meet, and...

Kopa: Old enemies!

Simba: Ah great...

Kimba: Remember us?

Simba: Yep. You tried to bully us several times and you broke Sarfinas heart. I was hoping to never see you guys again.

Kopa: I bet 5th grade was really fun for you guys. were almost murdered by people who worked there on several occasions

Kimba: Well I guess we have to make up for a year without picking on you guys!


Right before they can Simba's Dad comes in again and accidently runs them over with his car

SD: Alright F#^k Face! Into the car! I know I got the time right this time!

Simba: Well first of all no I have waiting out here for and hour and a half and YOU JUST RAN OVER TWO STUDENTS!

SD: Oh Sh!t! Were they your friends?

Simba: No bullies.

SD: OH thank god so you won't be telling on your old man right?

Simba: What!?

SD: Ah just get in the car and we will work something that your old friend Nolu?

Simba: Its Nala.

SD: Hey Napa. Your dad says hi from prison.

Simba: Why are all of our dads bad people?

Nala: I don't know...look I am about to call the police so...

SD: Oh ok so we need to get the F#^k out of here. Alright thanks for the heads up! Lets get out of here Simba!

Simba's Dad drives away

Note: So this chapter was defently differant but I hope you all enjoyed it. And don't worry characters such as Pumbaa, Timon, Rafiki, ECT. will appear in this volume. Just not as members of the middle school.