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Chapter 15 Family Part 3

All of the cubs are running all over the place something eventually supposed to happen?

Simba: Something always does!

Vitani: What if this time is differant?

Simba: It won't be!

Mufasa: Well nothing is happening!

Simba: but..something will..

Nuka: Certainly doesn't look like it?

Simba: Something always happens..

Sarfina: We have been running around like idiots in the middle of a hurricane for 2 hours!

Simba: Something has to happen! I mean...something always happens!

Sarfina: We haven't found your dad, we found no way to stop it. What are we supposed to do Simba?

Simba: Well I mean...

Scar: You got no plan do you!?

Simba: Agaist a freaken hurricane are you kidding me!? And since when are you not stoned?

Kiara: What can we do to stop this Simba?

Simba just freezes

Kiara: Well?


Kiara: The entire town is falling apart and your dad is no where to be this it? this the one that we can't stop.

Simba freezes again

Everyone stares at him

Simba runs off

Nala: Simba! Wait!

Nuka: I knew he couldn't do this! What were we thinking! Come on lets get to shelter!

All of the cubs accept Nala and Simba run into whats left of a small building

Nala is running around searching for Simba

Nala: Simba! Simba! Where are you!?

Simba is lying under a car

Nala runs up to him

Nala: What are you doing?

Simba: Trying not to get sucked into the hurricane what does it look like..

Nala: Simba...look..

Simba: Nala...what in the hell was I we could stop a hurricane...we are all going to die and there is nothing we can do about it.

Nala: Don't talk like that!

Simba: Nala we were insane for even thinking for a second that we could stop something like this...I mean we barely can maintain middle school and we are trying to stop a hurricane!..there is no hope for us. We are doomed.

Nala: Simba you idiot!

Simba: Huh?

Nala: Look your probably right about stopping the hurricane but how worthless do you think we all are!?

Simba: Look what I'm saying is..

Nala: Nothing! We can't stop something like bad weather but we can survive this! But we need to do it as a team! Your right you can't stop anything on your own! Thats why we have the whole gang! Now lets go find the others and make it to safety! We are going to live and rebuild Simba!

Simba:...ok Nala...

Nala helps Simba out from under the car

Nala: You've made it so far Simba...don't ever let anything stop you now.

Simba:..right. Lets go.


Nuka: Well we are probably all dead and whose fault is it?

Kovu: Nuka stop...

Nuka: Simbas!

Mufasa: You think Nala and Simba are alright?

Sarabi: I have no idea...I hope so.

Kovu:..Well if you do then why the hell are you still here!

Mufasa: What?

Kovu: What in the hell am I still doing here!? Those two are my best friends and I ditched them! Come to think of it I don't really like any of you that much! I am going to go find my friends! And if you guys were half decent people...lions...cubs..then you would come to!

Kovu runs out

Nuka: Kovu you idiot!

Kiara: Don't call him that!

Nuka: Oh what! You actually like him again?

Kiara: quiet! Simba may be a dick but he is still our friend! Wait up Kovu!

Kiara runs out

Nuka: Dumb ass.

Mufasa: Mabey...but she sure looks tougher then the rest of us. I'm heading out.

Sarabi: Mufasa...

Mufasa runs out

Sarabi:...alright I guess I am going to!

Sarfina: What!?

Sarabi: Looks its more likely we are going to live by finding a new place to go then just waiting here in this building that will fall apart any second...besides...Simba is an annoying little douche...but I'd be lying if I said I hated the the little twerp.

Sarabi runs out is so pointless..alright what are the rest of us waiting for? Do we all need to say something dramtic? No! Lets go!

Everyone but Nuka starts walking out

Nuka: Are you guys serious right now!? Your going to die! Get back here! IDIOTS!

Kovu keeps running and eventually he bumbs into Simba

Kovu: Simba!...I found you.

Simba: Your looking for me too?

Kovu: Of course..your my best friend...I mean you constantly get me into things I don't want to be part of but you are still the closest thing to a friend I have I suppose and...

Simba: Ahh come here you faggit!

Simba grabs Kovu and hugs him

Kovu: Heh heh...alright...put me down...PUT ME DOWN!

Simba drops Kovu

Kovu: We need to get out of here Simba.

Nala: Yeah I know...hey look its the others...

Every cub but Nuka walks up to them

Kiara: We want to live too.

Simba: Alright. Well enough wasting time. We need to get a move on!

Rafiki shows up

Rafiki: Finally I found you kids...We have a shelter! Come on hurry up!

Simba: Alright...wait..where the hell is Nuka?

Kovu: He wouldn't come.

Simba: That idiot!

Simba runs off in the other direction

Nala: Simba!

Rafiki: Get to the shelter now! The wind is getting stronger

Nala: But what about...

Rafiki: I will go after him!

Nala: But you...

Rafiki: No! Don't worry about me! Its about time for me to be the hero..for me to save the young..for me to..

Nala: Well actually I was going to say your way too old for this the wind will blow you away for sure.

Kovu: We're suprised you made it this far.


They all run off

The house that Nuka is in collapses

Nuka jumps out right on time

Nuka: Ah crap!

Simba is running towards him

Simba: Nuka!

Nuka:..Simba? What the hell are you doing here!?

Simba: I am coming to save your life!

Nuka: I thought you hated me!

Simba: I do hate you! That doesn't mean I am going to let anyone die.

Nuka: Your a real dumbass you know that!

Simba: Yeah. Yeah keep talking

Simba goes up to Nuka and grabs his arm

Simba: Lets go!

The wind pushes really strong agaist them

Nuka: This is hopeless!

Simba: No way! I may have not been able to save my father but I will atleast be able to save ourselves!

Rafiki starts running towards them

Simba: Rafiki!


Rafiki picks them both up as they charge to the shelter

They all make it into the shelter

Nala: They made it!

Everyone starts cheering

Everyone is in the shelter.

Timon, Pumbaa, Zazu, the cubs, Simba's Mom and even Simba's Dad

Simba's Dad: So you tried coming after me huh son?


SD: Now why in the hell would you try to do that?

Simba: I don't know...

SD:...glad to see your alive...I really am...

Simba: Thanks...

Simba's Mom runs up to Simba and hungs him

SM: Don't you ever do that again! You gave me a heart attack!

Simba: I'm sorry mom.

Pumbaa: Well you saved these cubs Rafiki. Is there anything we can do to repay you?

Rafiki: Yeah how about let me quit my job as princible of the middle school? You know the job I never wanted but you guys forced me to...can I just enjoy my retirement.


Rafiki: Finally!

All of the cubs are having a confersation

Kovu: Its been a really wild year...

Kiara: I know when do you think we will be able to leave the shelter?

Mufasa: Probably in a day or two.

Simba: That sounds fine with me. After all of the insanity I could go for some rest.

Nala: Same old Simba.

Kovu: Ahh...well 7th grade is next...

Nala: Yeah I know...what do you think lies ahead next.

Simba: Its going to be something annoying, something that most people don't have to deal with...but its going to be what makes our life interesting. And thats why we all need to keep going.

The End

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