E/O Challenge WoW: Confess
Spoilers - none
Double drabble, written just to leave you wondering ;9 Each chapter 100 words.
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Dean is dumfounded by what Castiel says to him...

Dean stared bug eyed at Castiel who, having made his confession, now silently awaited Dean's response. Dean found himself stunned, speechless, unable to formulate any kind of reply.

The silence between man and angel stretched on. Hesitantly, Castiel stepped forward. Reacting instinctively, Dean stumbled backwards, desperately maintaining the distance between himself and Cas. Castiel froze when Dean moved away. Looking broken hearted, Castiel vanished with a soft flutter of wings.

Sam strolled into the motel room, grinding to a halt when he saw Dean, rigid, looking shell-shocked.
"Dean? What is it? What's wrong?"
"Castiel. He..."
"He what?"
"Nothin'. Forget it."


Dean hiccupped as he lay on his bed, giggling.
"I'm asleep"
"Shut up Dean, and it's Sam. S - am."

Another hiccup, closely followed by a burp.
"Oops! Pardon! S - am, I wanna conflu...I gotta comflass...Wassit..."
"Tell you sumfink. S'reeeally impotent."
"Impotent? You're saying you're impotent?"
"Huh? Nooooooo! M'not!...am I?"
"Oh for Chrissake Dean. Just tell me!"
"S'what Cas said."

Sam flicked the bedside lamp on and looked curiously across at his inebriated brother. Dean blinked at the light in surprise, then closed his eyes.
"M'sleepy now."
"Dean! No! What did Cas say?"
Soft snoring answered.


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