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I sat in Ben's lap as we sat on the sand at Loggerhead staring out into the sea. His arms were around me and my head rested against his chest. Cooper, Hi and Shelton sat on either side of us. Ben would occasionally kiss my head or stroke my hair and I would smile up at him or squeeze his hand.

"This is gross", Hi whined his face twisted into a grimace.

"What's gross?" I asked shuffling up, then leaning back again, this time my head in level with Ben's.

"That", Hi replied, pointing to Ben and me, "Watching your love fest".

Ben glared at him, "Then don't watch".

Hi rolled his eyes. "Can we do something fun. We are just sitting here", he complained.

"Like what?" Shelton asked.

"Liiiikeā€¦" Hi closed his eyes. When he opened them again they blazing gold, "This", he replied.

I smiled in approval and pulled myself out of Ben's lap. Closing my eyes tightly I reached deep


I shuddered as the wolf took over. The pain had gotten better over the years, but hadn't completely disappeared. I opened my blazing eyes I saw Shelton had joined me and Hi, but Ben still struggled. Cooper yipped; happy his family was connecting with his DNA. Seeing Ben's still brown eyes he growled and bit him on the ankle. Ben cursed and tried to kick Coop, his eyes turning golden. The wolf dog yipped happily tormenting him. Everyone but Ben laughed. Cooper had it figured out.

Ben growled and Cooper, sensing danger, ran for the dunes. Ben took after him, limping a little in a result of his bitten ankle.

"Hurt my dog and you're dumped!" I called after Ben, more serious than I should have been, while the other two hooted behind me.

I took off after them, Hi and Shelton and my heels. Our inhuman speed sent sand flying all around us. Our feet pounded on the ground. I felt so alive. I closed my gold eyes and ran fasterā€¦ bowling right into Ben.

In a tumble of limbs we rolled down the hill, finally stopping at the bottom, under a bush, me on top of Ben. Our flares sizzled away. I laughed softly and Ben bought his hand to my cheek. I closed my eyes at his touch and leaned down to his lips.

"mhmmm" Ben groaned as I pulled away, keeping his hand on my cheek. We sat there for a minute, just gazing, concealed under the bush.

I took in his face. His beautiful copper skin, his beautiful blue eyes and his perfect lips that fitted so well with my own. As I took in his appearance I was overwhelmed by the feeling that he belonged to me. That he was mine. That-

Ben's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Let's get married".

I blinked, wondering if I had heard right. Get married. We were still teenagers; still kids. I wasn't ready to get married. Was I? I opened my mouth to respond, but nothing came out.

"What?" I managed to croak.

Ben's cheeks flushed. He began to murmur, "well, I-I just thought, well, well. I don't want to be with anyone else. Ever. If you don't feel the same- you know what forget I ever said anything".

Ben fell into silence, leaving me with my thoughts. Could we get married? What would Kit say? Would we be allowed to? Did I even want to? I think I did. Hell I knew I did. Yes. I did. I didn't want to be with anyone else. I mean there wasn't anyone else out there I wanted, so why wait. No one would ever understand me the way Ben did.

"Yes" I said smiling.

Ben snapped up, "What?"

"Yes!" I exclaimed grinning, "Yes, Ben Blue. I will marry you!"

Ben laughed with happiness and I squealed as I was suddenly off the ground and being swung in Ben's arms. As my feet touched down on the ground, my lips were covered by Ben's. Yes, I was right they did fit to mine perfectly.

"You really will?" Ben asked as we broke away.

"Of course I will" I replied, pulling him back to my lips. I let it sink in.

I was getting married. To Ben. Ben and I were getting married.

When we finally broke apart Ben looked uncomfortable, "You see, I don't exactly have a ring. This whole thing was a surprise to me too. But I can get one I'll earn money. I'll-"

I placed a finger to his lips, cutting him off. "It's fine. I don't' need one".

"Yes you do!" Ben exclaimed. Don't worry. I'll figure something out" he put his hands on my cheeks and kissed me. I smiled. This was going to be the rest of my life.

I pulled away briefly. "Don't tell Kit yet" I said sternly.

"Okay" he said, equally serious. We both smiled and our lips met once again.

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