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5,000 years ago…

            The Queen of Atlantis was sitting in her chambers relaxing from the busy morning, and was enjoying the gentle breeze coming from the open window of her chamber.  She looked at the portrait of herself and her husband together, which was enchanted to move like all magical pictures.  She smiled looking at herself in the painting who smiled too, she was wearing a beautiful red dress, with long red hair and her emerald green eyes.  Then focusing her eyes on her husband in the portrait with his messy black hair, brown eyes, and his handsome face, and smiled at herself for finding the most handsome man ever.  (A/N: Gee?  I wonder what their names are?)  As she relaxed she reached up and fiddled with her necklace.  It was a gold and silver necklace, and at the bottom rested a pendent of a gold and silver phoenix.  The body of the phoenix was mostly silver with gold feather tips on its wings while it was spread open, looking like it was about to start flying.  There was also some gold on parts of its head.  In the sunlight the phoenix necklace appeared to come alive, as it glittered in the light.

            One of her greatest powers or 'gifts' was her ability to see a person's aura, as well as being a seer.  Suddenly she felt dizzy and her eyes beginning to roll up, and she knew a vision was coming, so she quickly grabbed a piece of parchment and readied her quill.  She discovered that if she did this, her hand would start to write things down without her knowledge or control while in this state.  She discovered this ability when she was young that she had the ability to see the future, ranging from a minutes to several years.  This made her greatly respected by everyone, because not one prediction that she made has not come true.  (A/N: Wow! She should teach Divination.)

            When trance finally took hold of her, she was standing in a black abyss with some mist slowly moving across the ground.  This is strange my visions never started out this way before.  She thought.  In a swirl of color and light she was standing outside an old house on a hill, where from outside she could hear the laughter a two adults and a baby.  This is strange I never viewed my visions this way before.  Hmm?  This is weird; it feels like I'm watching a play of some sort.  She thought to herself.  Slowly she walked up to the window closest to her, and peeked through the window to see she was correct.  In the living room through a partially opened-curtained window, she saw the outline of a young man with messy black hair and what looked like round eyeglasses on his face.  Also she saw a young woman with long red hair holding a small child that looked, from what she could tell was about a year old.  All were facing their backs to the window, from where the Queen was watching them and she felt a small tear slowly crept down her cheek.  She was so happy to finally see a trance that didn't deal with the death of people, or the destruction of the world.  She felt so happy for the happy family that she was watching, and wished them a happy life together.  Unnoticed by her, a tall man wearing a black cloak covering his entire body and face slowly walked up to the front door, and pulled out his wand.

            In an instant the front door was blasted right off its hinges and frame.  The explosion brought all four people instantly out of their moment of peace.  The two parents instantly knew what was going on, and immediately went into action in trying to protect the child and too get out of the house.  The child was crying and screaming at the same time, since he knew that there was danger.  The Queen could only stare in horror at what was happening, instantly she knew that this family was about to be killed.

            "Lily take Harry and go!  It's him!  Go!  Run!  I'll hold him off…" screamed the young father, trying to get his family to safety.  Queen instantly figured that his family was a wizard family, hence the wands.

            "No!  I am not going to leave you!" yelled the young mother cringing to the child for dear life, and feeling more scared then she has ever been in her life.

            "GO!" screamed the young father again, running into the front hallway to stop the intruder, while pulling out his wand to fight.  The Queen could only watch in horror as a duel was started between the young man and the black cloak intruder.  After few exchanges curses and hexes, the young man was knocked down and the dark intruder pointed his wand at him, and gave a high-pitched laugh that sent a shiver down the Queen's spine.  Then the intruder raised his wand and brought it back down swiftly again pointed at the young man, "AVADA KEDAVRA!"  Suddenly a flash of green light shot out of the wand and hit the man.  Instantly he was dead, and the dark intruder went to look for the woman and child.

            The Queen suddenly found herself in a room in the house and based on what was in the room, she guessed it was the baby's room.  Lily managed to get up to Harry's room, and lock the door just as she heard the intruder say the Killing curse.  She cradled Harry trying to calm him down, suddenly the door to the room was blasted off its hinges, and there standing in the doorway was the intruder.

            "Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!" screamed Lily turning her back to the intruder protecting Harry.

            "Stand aside, you silly girl… stand aside, now…" yelled the intruder to Lily pointing his wand at her.

            "Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead…. Not Harry!  Please… have mercy…have mercy…." cried the Lily, out of desperation now, she know what was coming.  "AVADA KADAVRA!" screamed the man pointing his wand at Lily.  The Queen could see the jet of green light fly towards Lily, she instinctive closed her eyes and brought her hands up to cover her eyes because, she didn't watch to see anymore.  At the moment her hand covered her sealed eyes there was a blinding flash of white light, so intense that even with her eyes shut and her hands partially covering her eyes she was still able to see its brightness.  She quickly opened her eyes to see what it was, as the light shined, time seemed to slow down, and she was able to see where the light came from.  The light was actually the aura of a Lily, but the moment the curse hit her it instantly faded away into nothingness.  What was that?  Is she just like me? She thought to herself questioning what she just saw.  Then she the intruder walked up to baby Harry, and point his wand at him and utter the curse.  But the most astonishing thing happened.  The curse hit Harry, but instead of seeping into his body, the green light surrounded him and started traveling up on itself and into the intruder's wand and hit him.  The intruder's body started shaking wildly and screaming in agony as his body slowly disintegrated.  Leaveing a crying baby on the floor with a bleeding scar on his forehead, shaped like a lightning bolt.

            The Queen could only stand there in confusion on what had just happened.  Suddenly the room dissolved away in a swirl of color and millions upon millions of images flashed before eyes.  She saw Harry living with his relatives and saw how they treated him.  She learned that his name was Harry Potter, but she sense that there was something different, strange, special, and powerful about this young boy.  However she wasn't certain seeing that he was so young.  After seeing the first few images of his life with his relatives it made her very disgusted on how such people can treat someone like that, much less someone who is part of their family for 10 years.  The Queen admired young Harry for his kind and pure heart, and for putting up with such people like his relatives.  One particular series of images she saw was the trip to the zoo on his cousin's birthday, when the glass to the snake cage disappeared.  She was barely able to hold in her laughter, at the sight of his cousin nearly wetting his pants.  Then she saw him discover that he was a wizard, with the Hogwarts letter that he got a few days later, she thought herself.  Maybe his life will finally turn for the better.  (A/N: Yeah, right!  We all know better.)

            As her visions of Harry's life continued to play before her, she was completely awed at what; she saw what he had gone through so far in his life.  Having no parents, seeing that they murdered while was a baby, and living with family members that hated, lied, and shunned him everyday for the past ten years.  When she saw the letter from a school called Hogwarts, she knew somehow that this is where his life will change forever.  She also watched as Harry's relatives tried to keep him away from the letter every time they appeared, even moving to different location with little effect.  Until that faithful day on Harry's eleventh birthday, where a huge man named Rubeus Hagrid gave Harry his letter and took him from the Dursleys.

            Her Majesty watched as Harry went through his first year at Hogwarts.  Also him discovering the truth about how his parents actually died, because Lord Voldemort murdered them.  Making both friends and enemies, but she was very pleased with the choice of friends he choose, two of them in particular, named Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.  She watched Harry throughout his first year, completely agreed with the trio that Professor Snape was a slimy git.  But what really caught her by surprise was when they made their way through the protection wards of the Sorcerer's Stone, and Harry facing against Voldemort again.  She was surprised that Harry survived another encounter with Voldemort, and discovered while he was recovering in the hospital wing from the conversation he was having for Dumbledore.  That he survived because of the protection his mother gave him when she died.  Well that certainly explains the powerful aura, I saw before she died.  It was her love for her child that produced that massive aura that cast the protection.  She realized.

            As second and third year flew before her she was even more amazed at what Harry kept going through.  Second year being accused of being the heir of Slytherin, being a parseltongue, and later killing a basilisk.  (A/N: She was able to look at the basilisk because she isn't actually there.  Remember.)  Then in his third year discovering that Harry doesn't react well, when a dementor is around.  Also the convicted murderer Sirius Black is actually his godfather and was innocent from the crime that he was accused of.  When she witnessed what happened at the Shrieking Shack, and the discovery of Peter Pettigrew a.k.a. Wormtail had actually betrayed Harry's parents to Voldemort.  She was very astonished when Harry was able to cast a perfect Patronus charm to drive away the dementors that surrounded him, before he went back in time.  She suspicion that Harry was a very special and powerful child was confirmed even more.

(A/N: It you haven't read the first four stories made by J.K. Rowling.  Read it!  I am leaving a few things out because I am assuming you know what happened.  So I am leaving you too fill in the blanks.)

            But what was the most freighting thing that she saw was during Harry's fourth year, at the end of the third task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament.  When Harry and Cedric was teleported to a graveyard, where Cedric was killed by the killing curse within less than 10 seconds after being kidnapped.  She could only watch in horror, as Harry was forced to watch the resurrection of Lord Voldemort, from Wormtail taking his blood to complete the resurrection ritual.  She felt such sorrow for Harry and wanted to help him some how, even though she knew that she couldn't do anything at all.  I wish I could do something, to help Harry. She cried to herself, watching Harry being forced to duel with Voldemort.  Then she saw it happen, the two spells collided in midair and connected, forming the golden thread and the golden cage.

            It was at this moment that she finally it, a small white glow was slowly surrounding Harry, until is finally covered his entire already battered and injured body.  But it wasn't stopping from just covering his body it continued to grow.  Oh, my god.  She slowed thought to herself, watching the powerful white aura still growing.  Now the immense holy white aura was almost half his height taller and glowing brighter then ever, by now though is was no longer in a sphere shape, instead it was like a raging liquid fire.  She had to partially cover her eyes, because it was so bright to her, since she was the only with the ability to see it.  While this was happening a single ball of light was inching its way to Voldemort's wand along the golden thread of light that connected their wands.  That's it!  His determination to live, his will power to survive, and to prove himself.  That's why his aura is so powerful, the magic and will power running through him must be immense and painful.  He's just like me; his aura is just like mine.  Could he be… a Dragonian?  Yes, he must be one to have that kind of aura.  She thought to herself, coming to realize just how powerful he will become with the proper training.  Just before the ball of light was about to touch Voldemort's wand, Harry's face contorted with concentration and the most startling thing happen that she has ever seen.  Harry's holy white aura glowed brighter and suddenly a fury of small golden lightning bolts started shooting out from him everywhere.  Her eyes widen in shock and she nearly lost her balance from seeing Harry's aura.

            "What? What's happening?" she cried, knowing that nobody would hear her.  Suddenly the moment the small ball of light touched Voldemort's wand, Harry's holy white aura was started leaning in the direction towards his back. (A/N: Remember Harry's aura is like fire.  What I mean in the earlier sentence is like a wind was blowing into the front of Harry.  You know like what happens when a breeze blows pass a fire the fire leans in the direction to where the wind is blowing.  Picture that on Harry, if it was confusing before.)  As the fiery aura moved it started gathering on his back.  Then an outline of something was forming on Harry's back, as some of his aura gathered on his back.  It burst outward away from his back reaching about 6 ft forming the shape of wings.  My god.  He is one.  He is an Ancient Dragonian, just like the Elder.  She thought to herself, completely awed by Harry.  But the aura's wings quickly disappeared, and she turned to see why.  There were two people standing between Harry and Voldemort, but what surprised her was that one of them was Cedric.  After another minute three more people came out of Voldemort's wand, bringing the total to five.  Just as she guessed after seeing Cedric's shadowy figure appear, the last two people to come out were Harry's parents.  This was the first time she was able to get a really good look at them, and once again nearly fell over with shock.  What?  Lily looks…  looks just like me.  And her husband looks like my husband.  Could this be possibly the reason why?  She wondered.  She saw the five figures moved towards Voldemort after speaking to Harry, and he broke the golden connection.  She saw Harry run for his life from the Voldemort and his gathered Death Eaters, grabbing Cedric's body and summoning the portkey used to get there, to escape.

            After escaping from Voldemort, she watched Harry return to Hogwarts.  Then she watched as it was discovered that one of Harry's professors was an imposter, and a Death Eater.  She then witnessed Harry have to recount the events that happened to Dumbledore, she was so impressed at Harry's courage at being able to retell the traumatic events of the evening.  She relaxed as Harry was sent to the hospital wing to recover from the events of the evening.  But her relaxation was short lived as she watched Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic, completely disrupt his recovery by storming into the hospital wing, accusing him of being a mad crazy child, and saying that Voldemort has not returned.  I really don't like this guy. She thought to herself, completely disgusted that he won't believe them, and the Dark Lord's return.  Then she saw Harry getting off the train walking with his friends heading back to the muggle world.  As she watched Harry walk to the barrier, she saw something different in Harry, something she just couldn't place.

            A swirl of color and light engulfed her again; she rubbed her eyes again to see that she was back in her bedroom at the palace.  She quickly turned to look at the clock on the mantelpiece; she looked at it in shock she was in her trance for only an hour.  Then her head started hurting, and she collapsed out of her chair and crumpled to the ground.  Suddenly the door to the room burst open with her husband standing there with a worried look on his face, seeing his wife on the ground cradling her head.

            "Lily?!" He yelled. "What happened?  Was it another vision?  Are you alright?" He asked rushing over to his wife, hoping that she was okay, and crouching down next to her.

            "Yes… I'm fine… it was another vision, but this one was different.  This one was so very different," replied Lily than taking a moment to catch her breath.  "I think we better sit down on somewhere before I start explaining what I saw.  Come on, James."  They moved to the bed and sit down, Queen Lily relaxed and collected herself for a minute, and started recalling her experience to King James of Harry's life.  After six hours it was night by the time she finished, and King James could only stare at Lily and hug her, because he knew that anyone put through that sort of life like Harry was going through, they could only feel remorse for him, and gladly take his place if it meant that he wouldn't have to live through I again.

            "We have to help him." said Lily after a moment of peace in her husband's arms.

            "Lily… I know you want to help Harry and so do I, but you and I both know that's impossible…" said James trailing off at the end.

            "No!  I just have this feeling that he's going to need our help and that he's going to come.  Don't ask how.  I just have this feeling." spoke Lily staring into her husband's eyes asking them to believe her.  He could see that she was begging him to believe her, and he knew that every vision that she was known to have came true every single one of them.  I am not going to doubt her now. Thought James, smiling.

            "Don't worry.  I believe you…  And we will help him anyway we can should be come." said James pulling her into another hug, showing that he truly believe her.  She relaxed; from the hug know that this meant that he really did believe her.  Oh, the parchment!  She remembered.  She got up quickly and grabbed the parchment and slowly read it.

            There will come a time

            When the world will be covered in darkness by a great evil

            But its reign will fall and rise by

            The light of the stag and flower

            The one shall have the mark of the storm upon him

            He will know no blood kin that has love for him, except one in time

            He will be alone in his life till that day

            His coming of age, will be his change

            His ancestor of old, will aid him

            The Lord of Light shall return

            Queen Lily showed it to her husband who had to read it three times, to full absorb it.  He looked at his wife straight into her glittering emerald green eyes and nodded.  If what she has written here, does come true.  Then we must be prepared for his arrival.  Whenever that may be.  Thought King James, as he stood up and walked with his wife, holding her hand to the balcony.  They gazed at the clear sky watching each of the stars twinkle in the night.  Suddenly the night sky was lit up by the most beautiful blend of color and lights that either of them had ever seen. It moved across the sky slowly, making anyone who saw stare in awe.  (A/N: Just to help.  To understand this, think of it as the aurora borealis a.k.a. northern lights) Suddenly out of the lights in the sky, a column of white light shot down and hit the ground, forming a sphere in the palace courtyard.  After the column disappeared and lights in the sky disappeared just as easily as it appeared.  But the sphere of light was still there, gradually dissipating.  After it was gone, there barely visible from where Queen Lily and King James were watching a young teenage boy stood there, head hanging, weak, and looking like he's been through a battle.  Then the young stranger collapsed possibly from complete exhaustion on to the grass of the courtyard.  Both Lily and James turned and stared at each other for only a second before nodding, then running out of their room to help the young boy.  He's here.

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