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            Harry Potter was at the moment sitting on the railing of his balcony that connected to his chambers staring out at the landscape; White Fang, his wolf pup and friend was currently sitting on his lap enjoying the light scratching behind his right ear.  Harry wasn't even really aware of what he was doing, he was actually going over everything that happened in the last week since he stepped into the throne room.  Of all the people or creatures to see here in the past Harry certainly wasn't expecting to see his grandfather's faithful pet phoenix, Fawkes.  Harry could still remember what happened that day, like it was yesterday.

~Flashback: One Week Ago~

            "Harry, this is a phoenix.  He has served the Atlantis Royal Family for many generations.  I would like to introduce you to-"  She started but was interrupted by Harry.


            The said phoenix snapped his head in the direction where he heard his name spoken, but not because his name was spoken it was because it was spoken in his language.  There he saw a young boy standing about five feet from his perch staring at him in shock.  Fawkes tilted his head to the side examining the young boy.  The phoenix immediately saw that he was wearing a concealing charm on his hair, but for what reason he couldn't tell.  Continuing to take in his appearance, he was startled to see that the young boy remarkably resembled James and Lily.

            As Fawkes continued to observe Harry.  The other adults were staring at Harry in shock also.  They heard Lily was introducing Harry to Fawkes, so they paid little attention.  That was until they heard a phoenix trill come from Harry.  James, Lily, and Arlia weren't sure what to do, they certainly didn't expect to hear Harry trill like a phoenix.  Although Galen seemed to have a knowing yet curious look in his eyes.  They too continued to just stare at Harry in surprise.

            Harry was starting to get a little nervous under the stares he was getting from everyone in the room.  He himself was shocked at first when he said Fawkes's name, in a phoenix trill instead of English.  Only a second after did he remember that he had done that before with Fawkes, of course that was before he was brought back through time.  Finally Harry couldn't take the silence.  "Will all of you please stop staring at me?"  He asked timidly, broking everyone out of their reverie.

            "H-Harry, how are you doing that?"  Lily asked, as she was still trying to get over this new discovery.  She never in her life ever met anyone that could talk to animals in their native language.  Not even the Elves could, even though they had a strong connection with nature than humans.

            "Wha-What do you mean?"  Harry asked, though knowing what she was referring to.  He was partially hoping that maybe they just imagined he trilled to the  phoenix.  Harry didn't need them treating him anymore different than they already are.

            §I believe, Lily was referring to you being able to speak to me in my language young one.§  Fawkes answered, speaking for the first time since Harry arrived.

            "Oh…"  Harry replied sheepishly.

            "Why don't we sit down first?"  James suggested.  Everyone agreed James and Lily took their throne seats, while Galen gracefully conjured more chairs for himself, Harry, and Arlia.  When everyone settled all eyes turned to Harry, even Fawkes was watching him intently.

            "Harry, how are you able to talk to Fawkes in his language?"  James asked curiously.  If Harry wasn't shocked at seeing Fawkes here in Atlantis, he certainly is now.  Not only was the phoenix that was less than six feet from him was the same phoenix in his time; he also apparently went by the same name.  Getting his thoughts back together, he tried to answer James's question.

            "I'm sorry, James.  But to be completely honest I don't know.  I only recently discovered that I could talk to Fawkes.  It started after my last birthday my 15th, when I was recovering in the Hospital Wing he came and talked to me.  It surprised me that I could understand him and talk to him trilling instead of speaking English.  It was a short conversation, so I almost forgot about it until a night before I was pulled through time by Galen.  He and I had a long talk about something, and the conversation was just like the first one.  I could understand him and I was trilling back to him."  Harry answered, which was completely true.  He really didn't know how he was suddenly able to talk phoenixes.

            Everyone nodded at Harry's answer.  However Lily picked something up from Harry's explanation.  "Harry, you said you talk to Fawkes?"  She asked.  A nod was her answer.  "Are you saying that Fawkes, this phoenix here…"  She gestured to the phoenix sitting on its perch.  "Is the same phoenix in your time?"

            Harry took another minute to carefully observe the beautiful phoenix.  He took in every detail, everything from his size, color of feathers, the location of red and gold color patterns on his body, to the friendly twinkle in his black pearl eyes.  /Yes, this is definitely the same phoenix./ Harry thought to himself, before turning back to the adults.  "Yes, I absolutely certain that this is Fawkes.  There's no mistake.  I've seen Fawkes enough times, to recognize him anywhere.  So, yes."

~End of Flashback~

            After that Harry had spent the next half-hour telling everyone how he meet Fawkes and how the phoenix saved his life in the Chamber of Secrets.  Including the many times he meet saw Fawkes in Dumbledore's office, although he left out the times Fawkes stayed with him before he came back into the past.  All the adults were impressed that Fawkes continued to live on and help people in the future.  Fawkes himself remained silent for the entire time.  It was after telling everyone how he met and knew Fawkes that things really started to get interesting.

~Flashback (Same as last one)~

            It was after Harry had told everyone how he came to meet Fawkes that a question came to him.  "Does anyone by any chance know how I'm able to talk to Fawkes in his language?"  He asked to everyone in the room in general, even though it was only four people and one phoenix; he figured that someone might know.  Unfortunately judging by everyone's expressions, they didn't have a clue on how Harry was able to talk to Fawkes in his native language.

            It was than that Harry noticed James was looking at Fawkes.  The two appeared to be staring into each others eyes.  Infact Harry noticed that the two were oblivious to him watching them; also that Lily and Arlia didn't seem to take notice almost like it wasn't anything out of the ordinary.

            Lily noticed Harry's questioning raised eyebrow.  "Don't worry about James.  He's just have a conversation with Fawkes."  She answered

            "How is James having a conversation with Fawkes?  He's not talking to him."  Harry was confused on how James could be talking to Fawkes without speaking.

            Lily could see Harry's confusion and tried to elaborate.  "I guess you've never heard of mind-speech, Harry.  Mind-speech is the ability to talk to another person through your mind.  James doesn't the mind-speech ability, but Fawkes does.  So Fawkes just sends his message to James and he just thinks of a response and Fawkes will pick it up.  That's what they are doing now.  The only problem when they do that is they are unaware of what's happening outside their conversation-  well at least anyone who's talking to Fawkes, I'm unsure about Fawkes."  Lily explained to Harry.

            After hearing Lily's explanation, Harry wondered why he never thought about something like that before.  It did make sense that Fawkes had such a ability; after all he was a magical creature.  / I wonder why Fawkes never used it before? / He wondered.  Not that Harry was complaining with being able to talk to Fawkes in his laugange, but it would have been easier at other times.

            "I see.  Okay.   I understand."  Everyone heard James say.  Every person in the room to him to see what he was it that he understood.  Seeing everyone's eyes on him, he cleared his throat.  "Alright, Fawkes knows how Harry is able to talk to him in Phoenixus.  That's the phoenix language."  James than turned his attention to Harry now.  "Harry, Fawkes himself is going to explain everything to you while I try to explain it to everyone else.  Okay?"  Harry nodded in understanding and turned his eyes to Fawkes while James turned to the other adults.

            §Greetings young Prince.  It is an honor to meet the future heir to the Atlantian throne.§  Fawkes bowed his head in respect.  Harry being who he is blushed at being addressed as royalty.  Technically it was true, that he was royalty; but he just wasn't used to it and was a little uncomfortable with it.  He was barely able to handle being the Boy-Who-Lived fame and now he's a Prince.

            §It's a pleasure to meet you and to see you again, Fawkes.  Please call me Harry.§  Harry greeted in return also bowing himself in respect, showing that his manners for nothing if not impeccable.  Fawkes was impressed with Harry's mannerism and kindness already in just this short amount of time, and smiled inwardly at seeing Harry's earlier blush which told him that the young man wasn't used to the idea of being addressed as royalty.

            §It would not be appropriate for me to not call you by your rightful title, young Prince.§  Fawkes answered.  Harry sighed at hearing that, he was hoping that the 'younger' Fawkes could call him by his regular name without the 'Prince' title just like in his time.  Apparently not though so Harry was a little disappointed and frustrated; as he just wasn't used to being called 'Prince'.

            Fawkes saw that Harry wasn't entirely pleased with his answer.  Tilting his head at a thoughtful manner, the phoenix decided on something else.  §It still would not be proper for me to not address you as your rightful title.  But with you permission; would it be acceptable if I were to call you by another name?§  Fawkes asked.

            §What kind of name?§  Harry asked curiously.

            §It would be a second name for you; a nickname of sorts.  Would you allow me?§  Fawkes inquired.

            Harry thought about it for a moment, wondering what kind of name he would be given; especially by a phoenix.  Also that if the name was really good, he might consider using that name instead of his real name incase its gets written into history.  Harry certainly didn't need his real name appearing in ancient history books in his time.  Smiling at the idea, he looked back at Fawkes.  §I would be honored, if you would give me another name.§

            Fawkes trilled softly, before lowering his head to where he was eye level with Harry.  Harry's emerald eyes locked with Fawkes' black pearl-like eyes.  For what felt like a hour to Harry but was actually no more than a minute in reality; he felt like his entire being was being explored with Fawkes' piercing eyes until he finally answered.  §I have found a name for you, young one.§

            §What is it?§  Harry asked excitedly smiling.

            §I hope you like the name I have chosen for you.  I believe it matches you perfectly, plus it matches one of your distinguished features that you share with another.§  Fawkes answered, his eyes beaming happily.  The phoenix was purposely stalling a bit and he could see that Harry was getting a little irritated at what he was doing but he couldn't help it.  He may be a phoenix, a magical bird that was considered one of the most powerful creatures in the world; but that didn't mean he couldn't have a little fun.  All this made Fawkes laugh merrily.

            §You're doing this on purposely aren't you?§  Harry asked in a bit of a whiny voice, with his face in a mock glare although his eyes were gleaming with laughter.

            §So what if I am.  I am allowed to have a little fun, as it is not often that one can understand me so easily.  Besides, it nice to finally be able to talk to someone young Emrys.§  Fawkes answered using the name he chose.

            §I'm sure you are, and I'm glad to be the one.§  Harry replied smiling, feeling honored that he would be the only one able to talk to Fawkes like an ordinary person.  Suddenly Harry realized something, quickly replaying Fawkes' last sentence in his head he found his answer.  Looking back up at Fawkes.  §Emrys?§  He asked with a smile.

            §I think it suits you. It matches the unique color of your eyes, just like Queen Lily; emeralds.  What do you think?§  Fawkes asked.

            §Emrys?  I like it, thank you.§  He thanked bowing his head in proper respect.  Harry was pleased with the name Fawkes gave him, he actually liked it as it seemed to match him perfectly.

            §I glad you like it, Emrys.§  Fawkes beamed at Harry for liking the name he chose.  The phoenix's black pearl eyes suddenly turned serious.  §Emrys, I sure you're wondering about how you're able to talk to me.  It's time for me to tell you.§

            Harry immediately picked up on the change of mood and demeanor from the phoenix easily.  After hearing Fawkes, Harry shifted in his chair to get more comfortable as sitting in the chair for a while was starting to hurt his back.  Once he got in a relaxed position, he waited for Fawkes.

            §Very well.  As I'm sure you know phoenix tears are very power.  They hold great healing magic.  What many do not know is that for every tear a little bit of our own magical power goes with the tear.  It is very rare that a phoenix gives its tears to a person as it is not often that we associate with humans.  But when we do give our tears to heal a person, if we decide that the person is worthy enough we can give a very small bit of our magical energy combined with the healing power of our tears.  It could be seen as a gift to the person who the phoenix deemed worthy.  In some cases the magical energy changes the person or gives them a new ability.  The magical energy I sensed in you is my magical energy, it's very specific just how a person's scent is unique to each person.  I hope that helped you understand.§  Fawkes explained his eyes regaining a little twinkle.  The phoenix paused for a moment to allow Harry time to sort the new information.

            Harry thought back to when Fawkes used his phoenix tears.  The first time the phoenix saved him from the Basilisk venom from the fang that got lodged in his arm.  The second time was after he returned from the Third Task and went straight to Dumbledore's office.  It was while he was retelling what happened was when Fawkes again used his tears.  Harry figured Fawkes must have thought of him worthy of his 'gift' during one of those two incidents or both.  §What kind of  'gift' or ability does a person get?§  He asked curiously.

            §Each person is unique in their own way, so the ability is different for each person.  However in your case the ability you gained is the ability to speak to me and any other phoenixes you may encounter in your lifetime.  It is a rare gift, young Emrys.  Use it well.§

            After hearing the rarity of seeing a phoenix, being healed by one, and receiving a gift such as phoenixus, the ability to talk to phoenixes; Harry had never before felt such honor.  He couldn't help but smile at himself and at Fawkes.  Harry could tell that if Fawkes had lips, the phoenix would also be smiling proudly at him as well.  Even though Fawkes didn't Harry could easily tell from the sparkling twinkle in his black pearl-like eyes.

            §Thank you, Fawkes.  It's great honor to have such a gift as the one that you have given to me.  Even though you don't remember healing me, I do.  I thank you.§  Harry bowed his head in respects and thanks.

            §You welcome, Emrys.§  Harry again smiled at being address by his 'new' name.  It was already starting to grow on him, and he liked it.  §Emrys, I have a request.§  Fawkes continued catching Harry's attention again.  §There is a reason why I have returned, it is of great importance.  Would you please be my 'translator' between myself and the others?  It will be easier getting the needed information to them.  So would you?§  Fawkes asked kindly.

            §Of course.  You need only ask, Fawkes.§  Harry agreed immediately, as he was willing to repay Fawkes any way he could, and being a simple translator was nothing.  Harry turned to the adults only to see each of them watching himself and Fawkes completely fascinated by their conversation.  "How long have you been waiting and watching us?"  He asked, amazingly switching from phoenixus to English naturally.

            The said four adults had actually being watching them for a few minutes, since James finished informing them of what Fawkes was going to tell Harry.  After he finished they noticed that Fawkes and Harry were still conversing.  So they decided to watch them.  They all found it very interesting to watch a young boy trilling like a phoenix and making it seem so natural.  They also noticed that Harry smiled several times, which started making them wondering what the two were talking about.  Till finally Harry asked his question, which break them out of their thoughts.  It was Lily that spoke first.

            "Sorry, Harry.  We were just watching the two of you for only a few minutes.  I guess it took a bit long for Fawkes to tell you how you were able to talk to him.  I apologize if it made you feel uncomfortable."  She apologized for everyone.

            Harry just smiled at them.  "Don't worry.  Yes, Fawkes did tell me about how I am able to talk to him.  The reason it took longer is because I asked him to not address me as a 'Prince'.  He said that it wasn't proper, but I insisted.  So he suggested that he give me a new name, a second name if you will.  I agreed.  I'm still a bit uncomfortable with being address as 'Prince' since I only found out not to long ago."  He reassured everyone.

            "Really?  What name did Fawkes give you?"  Galen asked, curiously.

            Again Harry smiled happily.  "He gave me the name, Emrys."  Pausing for a moment.  "Fawkes says, it's from the unique color of my eyes."  He continued, his emerald eyes, sparkling with glee.

            All four adults smiled in return.  Nodding in understanding and acceptance of the name.  They also liked the new name that Harry was given, as it certainly matched him perfectly.  "It a very nice name, Harry.  Emrys?  Yes, very nice."  Galen commented.

            "Yes, I like it also.  Um…  Do you think we can use that name when there are others in the room or out in public?  I was thinking that in case somehow my name gets written down and survives until my time, I don't want that.  So if we use 'Emrys' from now on, it won't leave any problems in the timeline.  Can we do that, please?"  Harry asked, his eyes begged that they all agreed.  After hearing Harry's reasoning, all the adults agreed that when with anyone else they were refer to Harry as 'Emrys' from now on.

            "Very well, Emrys."  James replied with a smile.  A smile that Harry returned gratefully.

            "There's something that Fawkes wanted to tell us.  He wants me to translated for him to the rest of you."  Harry informed everyone.

            "Alright Emrys, tell Fawkes that we're ready."  Lily said, using Harry's new name.  She knew that would have to start getting use to it, so she decided to start now.

            §They're ready.§  Harry informed Fawkes.  The phoenix turned to see that the adults were ready so he started.

            §On my journeys, I felt a calling to return home and I did.  When I arrived I was greeted by one of our eldest leaders.  She said that her time was almost over.  She had a task for me to do.  The task was to bring her egg here to the castle, where it shall wait for the right person to become its master.§  While Fawkes was telling Harry this, Harry was relaying the information at the same time to the others.

            After hearing Harry tell them what Fawkes was saying, everyone starting things about it.  James and Lily were wondering how the young phoenix was going to chose its new master.  Both Galen and Arlia had a thoughtful expression.  "Harry, ask if we can see the egg?"  Lily asked.

            §They want to see the egg, if it's possible.  Can we see the egg?§  Harry asked.

            Instead of answering, Fawkes spread his beautiful wings and flapped a few times and glided up onto the bar from where in he was sitting in the basin.  There in the center nestled in a red cloth was a bright white shining egg.  The egg was slightly larger than a chicken's egg and glittered in the sunlight, which only added to its beauty.

            "That's strange.  I've never seen a phoenix egg like this before."  James voiced aloud.  Harry who had never seen a phoenix egg before, looked curiously at him.  Seeing Harry's questioning look, he elaborated.  "A phoenix egg's color is always red laced with a gold color all over it.  However this one is entirely white.  If Fawkes hadn't told us that it was a phoenix egg, we probably would have thought it was a chicken egg.  I don't understand."

            §Tell James that that is because, this egg isn't a ordinary phoenix egg.§  Fawkes trilled to Harry.  Harry told James what Fawkes said, and both looked curiously at the phoenix.  §The egg the Elder gave me, is a Phoenix Lord egg.§

            All the adults waited for the translation, but it never came.  They all stared at Harry, who was at the moment was staring at Fawkes with a shocked expression.  Harry was totally lost in his own thoughts.  He couldn't believe it.  Not only was Fawkes here in this time, but that the phoenix had brought with him a Phoenix Lord egg.  They were considered legend in his time, and now he was in the presence of a soon to be born Phoenix Lord.  He idly wondered if they were how Hagrid described them.  Harry didn't move for over two minutes, till finally Lily broke him out of his thoughts.

            "Harry, what is it?  Is something wrong?" She asked worriedly.  Momentarily forgetting that she was suppose to use his new name.

            "No.  Nothing's wrong.  I was just surprised at the answer that Fawkes gave me."  Harry apologized for not answering at first.  "All of you wanted to know what kind of phoenix egg Fawkes has brought right?"  He received confirmed nods from everyone.  "Well, the egg is a Phoenix Lord egg."  The same shocked expression that was on Harry's face only a moments ago was now on all four of the adult's faces.  As Harry watched them, he couldn't blame them for having that reaction since he had it too.

~End of Flashback~

            Harry smiled again at the memory.  Seeing their shocked faces was something he would remember for a long time.  After they came out of their stupor, the meeting continued with Harry being the medium for Fawkes and everyone else.  They learned from Fawkes that the egg will chose who its new master will be, even it's still unborn.  They didn't question further about that.  Fawkes suggested that they try to find this new master.  The phoenix proposed that they have people come and approach the egg.  He informed them that the egg would glow when the person was there, therefore being the unborn phoenix's master.

            The day after, James called a meeting of the council.  That morning after breakfast James and Lily asked Harry to accompany them to the meeting.  There they were greeted by Galen and Arlia.  Before the entered the council chamber, Harry was informed that Galen was going to modify the councils memories of him being there.  Galen was going to change their knowledge of him.  Instead of 'Harry' they were going to know him as 'Emrys' from the very start.  They would retain the memories of his unusual arrival and Lily's explanation of him, but instead of knowing that he was the future heir of Atlantis; they would only know that he was relative of the royal family.  Harry agreed with their plan as he didn't want people to know some things about him.  He figured the less people knew the better.

            Galen entered first to change the council's memory before they entered.  Less than three minutes Galen came out and informed everyone that he finished their plan.  This time everyone entered, where all of them were greeted accordingly and Harry was greeted as 'Emrys'.

            In this meeting James informed the council members that Fawkes and returned.  All were pleased to have the phoenix back, as apparently all like the scarlet and gold bird dearly.  James told them of the unborn phoenix egg withholding the fact that it was a Phoenix Lord.  Harry assumed it was because if word got out about that someone would try to steal it, regardless of the fact that it most likely wouldn't hatch.  Harry couldn't agree more on that.  James asked that the council gently spread the word of the phoenix egg and that they were seeking for the right person to become its master.

            All throughout the past week people came to try and see if they were to be the phoenix's new master.  Everyday Harry along with White Fang accompanied James and Lily to the throne room where the phoenix egg was kept when a family would come; and every time James would introduce Harry as 'Emrys' saying that he was also a relative of the Royal Family.  Harry questioned about that and James told him that it was for his safety in case someone accuses him of anything.

            Harry would always watch from his chair in the throne room; which was added there for him.  He tried to argue that he was fine with standing but lose that argument quickly.  The chair was of similar design as James and Lily's, just not as decorative.  There Harry watched as every noble family come and try to see if they were the master to the unborn phoenix.  He observed a interesting variety of noble families greet James and Lily.  Many of them seemed nice and friendly but he quickly noticed that that was just for show; only a few of them were genuinely nice.  While at the same time there were families so rude and snobbish that they could put the Malfoy family to shame in his opinion.  Of course Harry couldn't entirely hold in his laughter so it came out as chuckling when this group of nobility got no reaction out of egg.  This only caused them to send a sneer or glare at him in contempt.  Any other person would have cowered but it didn't affect Harry as he received it on a daily basis from Snape and Malfoy so it didn't do much to him.  It did make White Fang, his little wolf pup growl at them coming to the defense of his master.  Harry o course smiled at the little pup's protectiveness.

            All throughout the week Harry gradually adjusted to new life in the castle.  The young teen would wake up when the sun rose, eat breakfast with White Fang, spend about an hour reading one of the books off the bookshelf in his chambers.  It was through these books that Harry learned more about Altantis.  He learned that the time scale used in Atlantis was close to what he was used to using, which he was thankful for.  The amount of hours in a day, average days in a month, and months in a year was very similar with only very minor differences mostly dealing with the amount of days in a month.  One of the differences is how they referred to days and months in past and future tense; instead they used the term 'sun' for day and 'moon' for months.

            Harry also learned about the land of Atlantis from the books he read.  The island of Atlantis itself was very large and Harry couldn't find any information on exactly how big it was only that it took several weeks to travel completely around the island.  The amount it took though depended on how one chose to travel, whether by foot, horse, or magic.  On the island one could find almost every type of terrain.  Huge mountains, massive forests, open plains, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and even swamps.  The only thing the island didn't have was desert and polar regions.  At the same time Harry learned about the different animals that inhabited the island.  The island had every kind of animal, both normal and magical including light and dark creatures.  Everything from wolfs, cats, unicorns, hippogriffs, banshees, manitcores, to boggarts.  There was even some sightings of dragons living in secluded areas; but no one was certain since nobody dared travel in those areas.  In Harry's opinion the island of Atlantis was one giant zoo filled with all kinds of animals which he was certain Hagrid would drool over.  This was how Harry spent most of free time in the castle when he was not in the throne room with James and Lily over seeing the phoenix egg.

            Harry also learned about the people as well.  He was very surprised to discover that both magical and non-magical people lived together.  There was apparently no separation of their worlds as thety lived in a relatively peaceful coexistence.  There were some problems but than again what kingdom or society didn't have some kind of problem.  Harry learned that that people of Atlantis actually lived all over the island.  Apparently most of the business Atlantis did was in trade with other countries on the mainland, so most people lived near the ocean.  Although there were a few cities located more inland on the island, as these were more for other purposes.  The Atlantis castle was one of these places as it served as the ruling body of the kingdom.

            However like all good things there's a dark side to everything.  Like in any kingdom there are people who like to cause problems for everyone else.  Everything from petty thief to murder.  Fortunately there was a police force in every city and town to enforce the law and to keep the peace.

            The rest of Harry's free time was spent on exploring Atlantis castle and familiarizing himself with the place.  The first thing he learned was that the castle was just like Hogwarts.  The staircases and even some rooms moved to different locations at random just like Hogwarts.  He explored as many corridors and rooms as possible trying to memories their locations, which wasn't to bad.  One of the many places Harry liked instantly was the Great Hall.  It was so much larger, that Harry guess it was at least twice the size of Hogwarts Great Hall.  The hall was incredible it even had an enchanted ceiling showing the outside sky.  It was used for special occasions and parties at certain times of the year.  Another place was the great library.  The library itself was massive.  It was far larger than Hogwarts library, where Hogwarts had only one floor Atlantis library had three floors.  The shelves were filled with old tomes from small to large; some of the tomes were so large Harry was sure that even Hermione would hesitate to read it.  Harry was certain that one could easily get lost amongst the many book selves.  He was also certain that Hermione would have loved this place.  He allowed at small sad smile to appear on his face at remembering his best female friend.  He had only been there at Atlantis for less than a month and he missed her greatly.

            As Harry explored and tried to memorize that castle layout, he came to the conclusion that Atlantis castle was much larger than Hogwarts castle.  He wasn't certain by how much but based on what he had seen, the many halls, the massive Great Hall and library; it had to be at least twice as big.  But since Harry hadn't been able to get outside the castle he wasn't certain, so until he did it was only speculation.

            While during the day Harry was a regular curious person discovering things and generally having fun, at night it was a slightly different story.  As he sleep Harry would continue to have nightmares from the Third Task and the nightmare before the attack on Hogwarts.  Though they were not as severe as before he arrived at Atlantis, they still disturbed him greatly.  He constantly worried about his friends, wondering if he did enough to stop Voldemort.  His worries though were partially relieved from his short conversation with his grandfather Albus.  But that didn't completely relieve his fears.  So Harry spent hours late at night awake just starring out into the night, sometimes letting his tears of worry run down his face.  Harry would stand there thinking about his friends and family, while he was there in the past.  In the past, alone.  Nothing was like what he was used to, everything was different.  He knew nobody really all that well, so in his mind at least in the beginning; Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived was…  Alone.

            Fortunately that thought was crushed after the first night of that week.  Lily had taken a keen interest in making sure that Harry was recovering all right.  She knew that Arlia, their Healer could heal any kind of physical problem but when it came to mental issues Lily felt that she probably wasn't the best.  Which Arlia did agree with, as she purposed that her to do it.  Lily was flattered that Arlia suggested that she help Harry but of course she would have helped anyway.

            Lily had gotten worried about Harry after the second the phoenix egg arrived with Fawkes.  She had seen how tired Harry looked and seemed to have a lot on his mind but decided to watch him through out the day.  By the end of the day Lily had an idea of why Harry looked to tired and what was on his mind.  It was later that night when she went to his chambers and discovered her suspicion were true.  They had stayed up very late into the night talking.  Actually it was more Harry talking to get everything out of his system and she listened.  Lily would give Harry reassuring words that it wasn't his fault and that he wasn't alone, that James, Arlia, Galen, and herself even White Fang were there for him.  By the end of the their talks Harry was be reduced to tears.  At this point Lily would become the mother that Harry never had and sing a song to help him calm down and eventually fall asleep in his bed.  Every time she sang, it was the same song that she sang the first time she came to his chamber that night not to long ago.  (A/N:  "May It Be" remember)


            Sunlight gently filtered through the drapes of Harry's bed that morning, announcing that a new day was beginning.  Harry's slowly opened his eyes as rays of light hit his face.  Yawning quietly Harry shifted in his bed slowly blinking away the sleep from his eyes.  Turning to the right, Harry's face gazed a small soft furry object.  Not bothering to really look at it, he knew what it was.  Smiling he raised his hand and gently stroked it as it to came out of it's sleep.

            "Morning, White Fang."  Harry greeted as the said wolf gave a cute little yawn of it's own and stretching it's little body.  "How about some breakfast, after I have a shower?"  He asked while he got out of bed and stretched himself.  Getting a small bark in reply, he took that as a 'yes'.  Gathering some cloths for the day, Harry went to his bath chamber.

            After finishing his shower, Tal appeared with breakfast already prepared for him and White Fang.  Thanking Tal for the meal Harry and White Fang proceeded to eat their breakfast.  Once they were finish Tal came and cleaned everything up.  Thanking the little castle elf again, Harry took a seat in one of the armchairs and waited for James.  James had said that he would show him around the grounds of the castle last night at dinner to help familiarize himself with the grounds and to stretch his legs from being copped up in the castle for so long.

              While he waited Harry reflected over what happened over the past week.  He had been feeling much better over that past week with his talks with Lily.  He was eternally grateful for her help and thanks to her, he was getting better.  At some point during the past week, Harry decided to try and memorize that song that Lily always sang, as there was just something about that sang that seem to appeal to him greatly.

            Harry was broken out of his thoughts a few minutes later by a knock at his door.  "Come in."  He called out.

            "Good morning Emrys."  Said James as he entered cheerfully with a smile.

            "Morning, James."  Harry greeted in return.

            "Are you ready?"  James asked.

            "Yeah."  Harry answered as he stood up and made his way to the door where James was standing.  "Come on White Fang."  He called to the little wolf pup, who was at his heel in less than a second.

            James lead the duo down a few halls and staircases till finally they reached the grand entrance.  The massive doors resembled Hogwarts' grand doors in Harry's opinion.  As the step out on to the grounds, Harry paused for a moment closing his eyes to let the gentle sunlight beam down onto his face.  The cool air blew gently across the green grass of the grounds.

            "Are you all right, Emrys?"  James asked, seeing that Harry had stopped.

            "No.  Nothing's wrong, James."  Harry replied, smiling after reopening his eyes.  James returned the smile and continued walking out onto the castle grounds, with Harry following and White Fang right behind.  After walking some distance James stopped.  Harry also stopped and took a moment to survey their surroundings.

            Surrounding the grounds and castle was an impressive wall that was at least twenty feet high from his vantage points.   Straight ahead of him was the main gate of the protecting wall with several castle guards stationed there.  James gestured for Harry to follow.  They started walking to the right heading for what looked like a massive garden.

            As the trio neared the garden the scent of wild flowers of every kind drifted to his nose.  The aroma was exquisite yet gentle to the point where it wasn't overwhelming a person's sense of smell like some perfumes Harry had smelled.  Upon entering the gardens, Harry could see brushes of different flowers all arranged in beautiful patterns, trees of all sizes spaciously scattered throughout the land providing shade.  Harry was certain that from an aerial point of view the gardens one could see a lot of geometric patterns.  Finally they had arrived at the center of the gardens where there was the most beautiful water fountain Harry had ever seen.  The fountain was made of white marble, which didn't have any kind of dirt or crack on it; while the water that followed through it was the most crystal clear water Harry had ever seen.   James lead Harry over to one of the many benches around the fountain where they sat and talk about the gardens.  He informed Harry that anyone was allowed to enter the gardens study certain plants to just coming there to relax and find peace.  Also telling Harry that Arlia had her own private little section in the garden for her potions making.  Since she had to have a ready supply of antidotes and potions on hand, seeing as some plants were very hard to come by.

            Harry made a mental note to go and see Arlia.  If was also a potions maker maybe she could give him some points when he went back to his own time.  Harry was very impressed with the gardens of the castle, not only for its beauty but also for its practical uses.  He was certain also that Professor Sprout, his Herbology professor would be jealous of him.  Many of the plants in the garden he had never seen before, and he was certain the some were quite rare.

            After taking a short break in the gardens, James started to lead Harry with White Fang to the back of the castle.  As the group crossed into the shadow of the massive castle, Harry took a moment to observe the landscape.  Since he couldn't see what was behind of the castle as his chambers were in the front.  Behind the wall Harry saw a huge range of mountains from one corner of his eye to the other taking up the entire view.  He guessed that the mountains were made of granite just like any ordinary mountain.  Tilting his head up Harry could easily till that the mountain range was very height up, how far he couldn't guess.  Harry even wondered if snow appeared on the mountain tops during the winter season.

            Harry than took notice of the varies buildings.  All of them were made of wood.  Upon closer inspection as the group neared them, Harry figured out that most of them were warehouse buildings, similar to what a barn house would look like.  Harry also noticed a very large paddock alongside of the barn like building.  He picked up the scent of hay in the air, it was then that he also picked up the scent of animals.  More specifically horses.  But at the moment he didn't see any around, which struck Harry as strange.

            Seeing Harry's curious expression, James gave an explanation.  "The horses are probably out training with their riders.  We keep our men well trained, even though we are at peace with other kingdoms that doesn't mean we shouldn't be prepared for other possible dangers."  He informed Harry, who couldn't but agree.  It is always best to be prepared for anything, it was one of the things that he learned early in his life.

            "Greetings, your Majesty!"  Called a loud cheery voice, from behind.

            Harry turned around to see a man who was in his mid-thirties, about six feet tall, large muscular build, sandy brown hair down to his shoulders, and hazel blue eyes.  The man's face was smiling while his eyes conveyed someone who was well knowledge in his line of work while still having that sparkle of friendliness. Taking in his appearance, Harry saw that he was dress for someone who worked outside a lot, especially since he had a pretty dark tan.  The man also had a few scratches here and there, and a few old scars from what Harry could see.  He was dressed in light colored and weighted clothing suggesting that he did a lot of manual labor.

            "Oh, good morning Kai!"  James returned the enthusiastic greeting.  "What are you doing back so early?"  He asked curiously.

            "I came back early because I had a few things to do.  I wanted to get it finished before the riders come back and cause a ruckus."  Kai answered.  It was then that he noticed the young man standing next to James who resembled him amazingly.  He looked like a young James, until he noticed his eyes were an emerald green just like Lily's eyes.  It was then that Kai noticed a small grayish-white wolf pup sitting patiently at the young man's feet.  He recognized the wolf pup as the same one that he gave to Lily, who was going to it to someone as a gift.  Kai figured that this young man must have been the one.

            "I see that you're the lucky one that received the wolf pup."  He greeted with a smile.  Kai being the friendly person that he was, wanted to make a good first impression.

            Harry couldn't help but smile at the friendly greeting.  "Yeah, I am.  Lily thought I could use a friend while I stay here.  Isn't that right, White Fang?"  He replied as he kneeled down and gently scratched the wolf pup's head.

            Kai was thoroughly impress with the young man.  He knew that wolf pup was still fairly young and should be running around like crazy having fun causing and .  But instead the pup just sat there at his master's heel waiting patiently and obediently showing the maturity of a full grown dog, or in this case wolf.  What surprised Kai more was that the pup was not sitting there waiting in fear.  Kai that some animal owners make their familiars learn very quickly who to obey.  Those types of people Kai really disliked.  However this wolf pup seemed to be friendly and obedient.  He was also intrigued by the name that was given.  Kai and never heard of that name before, yet it seemed prefect of the wolf pup as he was responding to the name.

            "Oh, silly me.  Where are my manners?  I forgot to introduce myself.  My name's, Kai.  I'm the Gamekeeper here at the castle."  He greeted with a smile as he extended his hand.

            Harry returned the smile.  "My name is Emrys."  He replied as he shook Kai's hand.  After and good handshake Harry crouched down and easily picked up the wolf pup, who happily got comfortable in his arms.  "And this little fellow is White Fang."  Looking back up Harry was greeted Kai staring at him with a surprised expression on his face.

            Kai was most certainly surprised.  If he wasn't surprised that the wolf pup was this young man's new friend, then he was certainly surprised to find out that he was the mysterious prince that he had heard.  Now that Kai thought about it, he should have realized that this young man was the prince.  He heard that the prince look like James but had Lily's eyes, he mentally slapped himself for not realizing it from the moment he saw him.  /Why, didn't I see it sooner?/ Kai kept repeating this question over and over.  He prided himself on being a very observant person noticing things that others don't, but this one went unnoticed until the young man, Emrys said his name.

            "It's an honor to meet you, your majesty."  Kai greeted with the proper title.

            This made Harry to frown, as he was still unused to people address him as royalty.  "Please just call me, Emrys."  He replied with a friendly smile, placing White Fang on the ground.  Harry still had to remember that he was now going by his 'new' name, but of course he didn't mind it actually as he liked it.

            "Very well.  And you may call me, Kai."  He returned with a smile too.

            It was than that James suggested that they follow Kai around as he did his regular duties while Harry got to now him.  So the three spent the next twenty minutes talking about anything and everything.  Harry and Kai talked about each other, their likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies; as Kai did his duties in the barns while Harry continued to listen learning as much about Kai as possible since he wasn't sure when the next time he would be able to get outside.  James in the mean time would just follow them, he smiled at he watched Harry finally mingle with someone other than himself, Lily, Galen, and Arlia since he arrived.

            Harry learned a lot about Kai.  Kai apparently had been around animals almost all his life and absolutely loved them.  Kai's passion for animals quickly reminded Harry of Hagrid's passion as well.  In fact their love for animals were equally matched.  Both loved non-magical and magical creatures, especially dangerous one even dragons.  Harry was certain that Kai and Hagrid would have gotten along great.  The only difference was that Kai knew the dangers of bring and having so danger creatures and took the proper precautions of handling such creatures.  Unlike Hagrid who thought all creatures whether they had long razor sharp teeth, poisonous fangs, or breaths fire; thought they were cute and cuddly.  Of course Harry would never say anything to hurt his half-giant friend's feelings.

            During their conversation Kai even brought up the idea of training Emrys to ride.  This instantly intrigued Harry as he had realized earlier that the only way to get around in this time period was by horse or walking.  Seeing as he couldn't apparate the only method of travel available to him was by horse.  Harry smiled at the idea, as he certainly didn't mind riding a horse.  Kai even asked him if he had any prior horse riding experience.  Harry didn't know how to answer that question but he wanted to be honest with Kai, so he did.  Kai was a little surprised to learn that 'Emrys' didn't have any formal horse riding experience, but was shocked along with James to hear that 'Emrys' did ride a unicorn a few times.

            "You rode a unicorn?"  Kai asked after a shocked silence.

            "Yes."  Harry answered sheepishly.

            "H-how?"  Kai asked.  He still couldn't believe that this young man rode a unicorn.  Everyone knew that unicorns allowed only virgin maidens to approach and touch them, never a man.  Kai found it very hard to believe that a unicorn allowed anyone to ride it, much less a the young person in front of him.  Especially since the said person was a male.

            "I really don't understand it myself.  It was just one day during classes we were studying unicorns and our professor had four of them tied to a post.  Everyone assumed he got them from the nearby forest.  When everyone followed him around as he talked more about them, I stayed behind.  And for some strange reason, I walked up to them even though I knew I shouldn't.  But all the unicorns did was stare at me, not doing anything else."  Harry paused in his recount of his CoMC class.  He wasn't sure if he should tell them about the four unicorns bowing to him.  Quickly deciding against it, Harry continued his story.

            "I bowed to them showing my respect.  After I held out my hand to show that I wasn't going to do anything to harm them.  They didn't show any fear so I stepped forward and gently stroked her neck.  She seemed to enjoy it and before I knew it I was surrouded by the others unicorns all trying to get my attention."  Harry couldn't help the big smile that crept on his face at the wonderful memory.

            James and Kai both immediately noticed the smile.  They had also noticed how Emrys' eyes seemed to sparkle as retold his experience not one but four unicorns.

            "After they settled down a bit, I untied them.  The unicorns trotted around a bit before one of them stepped in front of me.  She than lowered herself and gestured with her head to her back.  Believe me when I say I was surprised.  I even asked her if she wanted me to get on.  She nodded.  So I slowly got on.  She walked around a bit, before I asked her if she could go any faster.  After that, it was the most exhilarating thing I ever experienced in  my life."  If it was even possible Harry's eyes sparkled even more.

            "So let me get this straight.  You not only were you able to pet a unicorn?  You were able to ride one?  And the unicorn allowed you to ride her at full gallop?"  Kai gaped still in disbelief.

            "Yes."  Harry answered simply.

            Kai laughed.  He couldn't help it.  "You must be very special to have a unicorn do all that.  Unicorns like any creature magical or not can sense what a person is like.  Many say that they can look into your mind, heart, and soul.  And I believe it."

            Harry certainly couldn't argue with Kai's opinion on animals.  Any person who owned or even been around animals would know that animals can easily tell what a person is like.  Their sixth sense.

            "You must have big heart."  Kai offered a smile.  /And one of the purest hearts there could possibly be./  He thought to himself.  Suddenly an idea came to him.  / Maybe?  Maybe he could…/

            "Excuse me James, but might I burrow young Emrys for a moment please?"  Kai asked.  James raised an eyebrow at the strange question.  Looking at Harry to see that he had a confused expression on his face.  Harry turned to him and shrugged showing that he didn't mind.

            "All right.  But do you mind if I can as well?"  James asked curiously wondering why Kai wanted Harry.  Kai agreed and started leading the group further in to the back of the field.

            Harry followed Kai through the grounds pass small barn-like buildings where he assumed food and equipment for the horses.  He wondered what it was that Kai wanted from him.  He figured that Kai was going to show him something, but what he didn't have a clue to what thought.  Kai informed them that they were almost there.  Harry quickly checked to make sure that White Fang was still with him.  Seeing that little wolf pup was having a little trouble keeping up with them, so he bent down and picked him up cradling him in his arms.

            It was at this moment that the sound of an animal reached Harry's ears.  He quickly identified it has the sounds of a horse and it sounded like he or she wasn't very happy.  Harry looked up to see one of the most beautiful horses that he had ever seen.

            There in an isolated paddock was what Harry first thought was a horse was actually a unicorn, but it was unlike one that he had ever seen.  The unicorn didn't have the normal pure white color coat, horn, and hair like the traditional ones one would see.  Instead this unicorn had a midnight black coat, just like how Harry's hair used to look like before his change had started.  The unicorn's mane and tail was a shimmering silver color, which Harry found very strange because it matched his unique hair color when he didn't have the concealment charm on his hair.  As the unicorn tossed its head around in what appeared to be in a grouchy or angry manner; its silvery mane and tail sparkled as tiny bits of light traveled the length of it in the sunlight as it settled back down against its neck.  Turning his head Harry's eyes landed on its horn.  The horn too surprised Harry, because it looked like it was made out of solid gold.  Though there was one thing that remained that same about the unicorn's horn, it perfectly straight and came to a sharp point at the end.  The horn itself was well over a 12-inches long.  But Harry wasn't sure as he was seeing the unicorn from a small distance.

            "Magnificent, isn't he?"  Kai asked aloud, awaiting Emrys answer.

            Harry really had no answer.  There was so many way to describe the unicorn in front of him, that beautiful just didn't seem to completely fit it.  So Harry just answered by nodding him head dumbly, still watching the unicorn in the paddock.

            "I thought you might think that."  Kai replied with a smile.  "This one is probably one of the rarest horses in the world.  He is the only one of his kind that I have seen here on the island."  He continued.  "His appearance isn't the only the reason why he's rare too."  He said offhandedly.

             "Why is that?"  Harry asked, looking back at the unicorn.  True, he admitted to himself that the unicorn's appearance would make him a rare creature.  But what Harry didn't understand was what Kai meant by 'isn't the only reason'.

            "Why?  Why, it's because he's a winged unicorn or commonly known as a war unicorn."  Kai answered, carefully watching for Emrys' reaction.  He wasn't disappointed when Emrys' eyes widened in shocked and his mouth dropped open.

            Harry's mouth would have stayed open longer if it weren't for the sudden and loud cry of a horse.  Closing his mouth quickly Harry and the others men with him turned their heads to the paddock.  There what he saw confirmed what Kai had had him about the unicorn not more than a minute ago.

            There in the paddock was the same unicorn, only now where there was nothing but air on its back were two huge midnight black wings.  As the war unicorn reared back on its hind legs as it stretched its feathery wings to its full length.  Now with its wings spread out at least half of the paddock's space was take up.  Its wings seemed to almost absorb the light from the sun while casting large shadows across the grounds, yet still seemed to have a glossy appearance to it.  After a minute the war unicorn settle back down relaxing its wings before pulling them back to its body and disappearing.

            Harry blinked his eyes trying to convince himself of what he saw really did happen.  He than rubbed them with the back of his hand, just for extra measure.  Opening his eyes again, he saw still saw the war unicorn trotting around in what only could be described as in a grouchy mood.

            "Wow."  Was all Harry could say.  All Kai could do was smile, he could seen the awe in Emrys' eyes.

            From the moment Kai had lead them to the war unicorn's paddock, James had the sneaking suspicion he knew what his friend was going to try to do.  He wasn't so sure he liked the idea.  / How can Kai be thinking that?  He can't be serious? /  Taking a quick glance at Kai, that thought was dash.  Kai's eyes were sparkling as if he had discovered something new and was going to stop at nothing till he was satisfied.  James knew from experience that when Kai had the glint in his eyes, there was nothing else to do except allow him to do whatever it is.  Sighing, James whispered to Kai so Harry wouldn't hear.

            "I hope you're not thinking what I think your thinking?"  He whispered.

            However Kai just gave James a huge smile that threatened to split his face.  Seeing that face, James gave a heavy sigh.  "You do remember that nobody and I mean nobody has ever been able to ride him?  No.  I take that back, nobody has ever been able to get close enough to him to ride him.  That war unicorn can not be tamed."

            Harry who had heard what James said turned to the two men.  "Why?"  He asked.

            Kai was the one who answered his question.  "War unicorns are excellent horses for riders, especially when during battle hence the name.  The hard part is taming them.  Just like any other horse, one has to gain the trust of the animal.  There has to some kind connection between the person and the horse.  But -Kai sighed- this particular war unicorn is very picky and wild.  Every person that has tried to tame and ride him has failed."  Kai turned back to the paddock where the war unicorn was still trotting around completely unaware of the group watching it.

            "If nobody can tame him, why don't you just release him?"  Harry asked, as he thought it was a fairly simple solution.  If you can't tame an animal just release him, especially if the animal was wild to begin with.

            "It's not that simple.  This war unicorn was born here actually.  Its mother was a regular unicorn, but she was severely injured and she was pregnant.  We found her and brought her here, I checked her myself.  I helped with the delivery, I thought we were going to lose the foal but he survived as you can plainly see.  Believe me, I was surprised when I first saw foal for what it was, a unicorn having a war unicorn off spring is not something that you see everyday.  Unfortunately we lose the mother, her wounds were to fatal.  We took the mother back into the forest and placed back where we found her.  We keep the foal because it was too young to survive on its own and we weren't certain on whether or not a herd would take it in.  So we keep him and raised him.  However as I already said, nobody has ever been able to tame him.  And now, he can't be released because he doesn't know how to survive on his own."  Kai answered with a sad smile.

            "Oh."  Was all Harry could say, turning to look back at the war unicorn.  "What's his name?"  He asked.

            "He doesn't have a name.  Our rule is, anyone who is able to tame a horse is the one that names the horse.  As nobody has been able to tame him -gesturing to the war unicorn- he has remained nameless."  Kai answered.

            Harry continued to watch the war unicorn, he noticed that stallion seemed to dislike being held captive.  "How come he just doesn't fly out of the paddock and run away?"  Not turning to face the two men.

            "There are wards surrounding his paddock from doing just that.  As I said before he really doesn't know how to survive on his own."  He answered again.  After answering his question Kai and James started conversing privately together.  Harry wasn't paying attention to them anymore as he was completely focused on the war unicorn.

            Harry watched the war unicorn in awe and completely focused on the magnificent stallion; he wasn't even aware that he was slowly walking towards the paddock.  Even Kai and James who were conversing with each other didn't even noticed Harry had started walking to the paddock.

            As Harry neared the paddock, the war unicorn finally took notice of him.  The first thing Harry noticed was the fire inside the war unicorn's black eyes.  The war unicorn turned towards him and stared straight at him.  He was intimidated at having a potentially dangerous war unicorn staring down at him.  At least at first, than he remembered Hagrid's classes when dealing with animals.  So instead of backing away which was what his mind was telling him, Harry stared right back at the war unicorn showing no fear.  Harry and war unicorn continued to look at each other in the eye never waver.  At some point White Fang who was in Harry's arms was now on the grassy ground next to his feet.

            As Harry looked into the war unicorn's eyes the overall impression he got was angry, distrust, defiance, annoyance, and frustration; but he could see something much deeper in its black eyes.  He could see fear, this struck him as strange.  As far as he could tell this war unicorn displayed strength, power, grace, and elegance, anything but fear.  But Harry could see it in its eyes, fear and such loneliness.

            Harry's heart went out to the war unicorn.  He himself was very familiar with that feeling when he was younger living with the Dursleys.  He always felt lonely in that house, he never liked it.  Never allowed to have friends, no thanks to Dudley, and constantly being locked in the cupboard.  So he understood the stallion's feelings.  Unable to stop himself, Harry slowly raised his right hand before the war unicorn.

            The war unicorn seemed hesitant at first there was something about the young human in front of it that told him that he wasn't going to harm him.  Not only that, he could sense there was a great deal of magic within him and something on him as well.  Slowly the war unicorn moved forward first sniffing his hand becoming taking in his scent.  Although the human's scent held no feeling of danger, it smelled almost old.  This the war unicorn found strange.  Looking down at the human he knew that the boy before him was still very young compared to most living beings, but his scent told a different story; he smelled much older than what he appeared.  The stallion could only guess that the boy in front of him had experienced a lot of things in his life to smell so old.  Taking a closer look, the stallion now could see it his emerald eyes.  Yes, his eyes told the stallion everything that he needed.

            Sensing that the war unicorn wasn't going to do anything dangerous to him, Harry decided to take a chance but still being mindful of the 15-in. golden horn on its head.  As the war unicorn continued to smell his hand, he gently and slowly turned his hand to the side to rub its nose.  Harry felt the stallion tense at the initial gesture, but slowly relaxed as he continued to gently stroke the side of the stallion's face.  He could tell that the mighty horse before him was no thoroughly enjoying the attention.  Harry heard a deep rumbling coming from the war unicorn, which brought a smile to his face.

            "You're not so bad, are you?"  He quietly asked.  The war unicorn seemed to understand his question as he nodded his head, before moving closer allowing Harry to rub and scratch more of his head and neck.  Harry brought his other hand up to help with his ministration.

            A small bark alerted them that someone was feeling left out.  Both Harry and the war unicorn looked down to see White Fang looking up at them with his big blue puppy-dog eyes.  Harry crouched down and scratched the pup's ears showing that he hadn't forgotten him.  He was surprised to see the war unicorn's head lower down to the ground, its eyes observing White Fang curiously.  White Fang too observed the towering stallion with similar curiosity.  Slowly the two closed the distance between them until their noses were partially touching.  After a minute of sniffing each other, the war unicorn playfully butted White Fang who in return tried to bat away the stallion's huge nose.  Harry found the scene very amusing and chuckled quietly, but before long the war unicorn raised his head again; staring intently at Harry.

            Harry suddenly felt like his very soul was being scrutinized.  He suppressed a shiver under the war unicorn's gaze but held his ground.  Slowly the war unicorn tilted his head angling it to where its golden horn was pointing directly at Harry.  The sharp point was less than an inch from Harry's forehead.  A gentle white glow emanated from the tip of the horn, before Harry felt the sharp point touch his forehead.  Harry excepted a sharp pain from where the horn was now touching his forehead, but none came.  Refusing to move incase he startled the war unicorn, he remained absolutely still but in a relaxed standing position.  Suddenly Harry felt a gentle calm fill him, he felt a sense of peace overcome him.  Sensing no dangerous from this feeling Harry slowly closed his eyes, only faintly hear the sound of someone calling his name.

            James and Kai were having a private conversation discussing if they should consider Harry possibly horse training.  Kai was suggesting that they try having him train with the war unicorn, while James was all for the idea just but not with the war unicorn.  The two continued their little argument oblivious of the fact that Harry and the war unicorn were currently getting acquainted.  It finally came to where they would ask Harry if he wanted to try and train with the war unicorn.  The two men turned to see that the said young man wasn't there with them.  Looking around they found him right next to the paddock and the most astonishing sight they have ever seen.

            There before them was Harry -Emrys to Kai- , standing directly in front of the war unicorn, both were staring intently at each other.  But what surprised and scared them was the fact that the stallion was aiming its horn at Harry's head.  They barely saw the white glow from the horn's tip before the stallion moved forward touching Harry's forehead.  James and Kai panicked thinking that the stallion was attacking the young man, they quickly called to him but their call was met with silence.

            They quickly moved to stop the war unicorn from causing any harm to Harry, but stopped when a white glow surrounded the boy.  The continued to shine around Harry's body as a gentle wind started blowing through the area which seemed to come from the pair in front of him.  They watched as Harry's hair started glowing better to point where the two men had to narrow and shield their eyes even in daylight.  At some point the tie that kept Harry's hair in a ponytail came out, allowing it to gently float in the breeze.

            James suddenly got scared as he saw the concealment charm on Harry's hair disappear.  There he saw the long silver hair with gold lightning bangs the distinguished Harry's Dragonian heritage.  He wasn't sure how Kai was going to react at seeing Emrys hair change.  Squinting his eyes, James was able to make out that Kai was completely covering his face from the light.  James breathed a sigh of relief seeing that Kai did not see Harry's hair change.  Just as fast as the blinding light started, it ended.  Both James and Kai rubbed and blinked their eyes, as it readjusted back to normal.  Looking back at the pair before them; James relaxed a little seeing that Harry's hair was back to its midnight black color though still untied, while Kai just had a very confused expression on his face trying to figure out what just happened.

            Harry felt most unusual after the war unicorn stepped back a bit, before looking back into each others eyes.  He didn't even notice that his hair had come out of his tie, also that during trance his hair changed to its true appearance.  But fortunately it turned back to the midnight back color as before.  If felt like he was somehow now able to feel something.  He wasn't sure what it was.  But he that feeling was conveying, trust.  The strange thing was that feeling wasn't coming from himself, it was coming from the war unicorn in front of him.  Harry was now able to sense the war unicorn's feelings, he read somewhere that some magical creatures if they can see that you can be trusted they can bond with you.  This bond was not fully understood but the general assumption was that both the person and animal would be able to sense each others emotions and feelings.  Harry felt greatly honored to be chosen by the war unicorn to bond with him.  Concentrating he tried to convey his immense thanks, while wondering if he was actually sending anything.  The war unicorn seemed to pick up on this quickly because he bobbed his head and gave what could only be described as a horse-like laughter.  Harry than felt assurance through their link and smiled showing that he appreciated the gift he received.

            Wanting to show his thanks more, Harry climbed over the paddock fence.  Now inside the paddock with the war unicorn, he walked up to the stallion smiling before running his hand along the stallion's neck.  While running his right hand along the stallion's neck, Harry raised his other hand gentle running through the stallion's silver mane.  The war unicorn seemed to be really enjoying the attention and ministrations as a low rumbling could be heard.  Apparently the war unicorn wanted to show his thanks as well, be rubbing his nose all over Harry's face while nibbling at the same time.  Harry laughed and smiled at the feel of the war unicorn affectionately nibbling his face.

            If James and Kai were shocked before, their eyes were on the verge of falling out of the sockets now.  First, they see Harry -'Emrys' to Kai- petting the war unicorn, who was not friendly with anyone.  Second, moments ago Harry was glowing with the war unicorn's horn touching his forehead.  Third, Harry was now inside the paddock and petting the stallion.  Fourth, Harry and the war unicorn were enjoying each others company; which was clearly with the stallion nibbling Harry's face and the said boy laughing whole heartedly.

            After a few minutes, Kai's face broke into a smile.  "You were saying, James?"

            "Kai, what just happened?"  James asked

            "I'm not entirely sure.  But as far as I can tell, it appears that Emrys here has just made a new friend."  Kai answered still watching the interaction in the paddock.

            James couldn't argue with that assumption.  Although he was still a little nervous with Harry being in the paddock.  He like everyone else knew that the war unicorn didn't really like anybody in the castle; also that he didn't allow anyone to touch him.  But now the stallion was allowing Harry to not only touch him but pretty much hug him.  James continued to stare dumbfounded at the scene before him still not quite believing it.

            After a few minutes, James needed to find out what exactly happened.  "Emrys?"  He called as he started walking to the paddock.  Seeing that Harry didn't hear him, he called out again this time louder.  "Emrys?!"

            Harry jumped in surprise when he heard his name being called out rather loudly from close range.  His jump, also caused the war unicorn to suddenly jump as well.  The stallion hadn't expected the young boy to jump, so he also jump in surprise.  Rearing up on his hind legs, the stallion let out a loud scared scream.  Harry backed up when the mighty stallion reared up towering over him.

            James and Kai got scared when they saw the war unicorn rear up in fright.  They were suddenly afraid that Harry was going to get hurt if he stayed in the paddock with the stallion.  Both men quickened their pace to a run hoping to get there before anything happened to Harry.  As they ran both called out to Harry telling him to get out of the paddock.  But yet again they were shocked by what Harry was doing.  Instead of running supposedly for his life, Harry went up to the still terrified stallion to try and calm it down.

            Harry ignored the calls directed at him.  He could feel the war unicorn was scared through their new bond.  He knew that it was because of him when he jumped, he scared the stallion so he felt he should be the one to calm the scared stallion down.  Raising his hands in a almost surrender posture, Harry looked directly at the stallion.  As he cautiously stepped forward keeping constant eye contact, he gentle called out to the stallion.

            With repeated phrases of gentle reassurances the mighty stallion slowly calmed down, eventually allowing Harry to physically calm him with gentle strokes down its strong neck.  After the stallion settled down taking slow deep breaths, it started to return the affection Harry was showing.

            Once again James and Kai were shocked and struck dumb at what was happening before them.  Whatever kind of day James had been expecting, all of that left his mind from the moment he saw Harry with the war unicorn.  But now it was completely out of the this world.  Far too many surprises have happened already today, that James was already feeling exhaustion and a small headache coming on.  Kai on the other hand was shocked but also all smiles.  In his mind he was certain he had found someone that could rider for the war unicorn.  Now the only thing to do was convince the young prince to agree to it.

            James felt the need to relax.  Looking up at the sky he saw that the sun was high in the sky.  Concluding that it was about noon time, the king decided that maybe a break for lunch would help the recent events he just saw settle in his mind.  "Emrys?"  He called softly this time.

            Harry turned his head to James showing that he heard him and waited for him to continue what he was going to say.  "Emrys, how about he head back to the castle?  It should be about lunchtime now.  Do you feel hungry?"  James asked, making sure his voice didn't scare the war unicorn again.

            Harry was considering it but before his mind could decide; his stomach made the decision for him.  A loud growl from his stomach causing Harry's cheeks to tint a light pink color.  This caused James, Kai, and apparently the war unicorn each gave their own form of a chuck or snicker at Harry's embarrassment.  This of course only made Harry's cheeks to turn a deeper shade of red.  "Will you guys stop that?"  He whined, but unfortunately his request didn't get the results that he wanted.  The two men continued to smile and the war unicorn just boded his head in laughter seemingly understanding Harry's situation.  Harry finally settled with a pouting face.

            Finally after settling down, James beckoned Harry to him so that they could go to the castle.  Before jumping over the paddock gate, Harry said goodbye to the war unicorn, but reassured him that he would return soon.  After joining James and making sure that White Fang was with him, the two plus one wolf pup started to make their way to the castle.  Harry stopped and asked if Kai was going to join them.  Kai smiled at the offer and looked at James to see if it was all right.  At James' nod, he nodded at Harry.  Then the group of four made their way to the castle for lunch.

            As Harry walked back to the castle, he couldn't help but feel that his stay here at Atlantis was certainly going to be interesting.  He had only been there for a little less than a month and already so many things have happened and have been discovered.  / Yes.  My stay here is certainly interesting.  But why do I have the feeling that this is just the start of things to come? /  He thought to himself.

            Harry had no idea how right that feeling was.  Many things were going to happen soon, things that would and will change his life forever.

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A/N 1: Just a little information about the Sorcerer's Stone in my story.  In my story, it was Galen who first to ever create the stone.  According to the HP and the Sorcerer's Stone, it was a legendary stone with astonishing powers; suggesting that it once existed before.  It didn't say that it was Nicholas Flamel was the first to ever create it.  I took that as he wasn't the first to ever make it, only that since he was an alchemist he tried making it like hundreds of others before him probably; till he finally did.  I hope this helps clear things up.

A/N 2: I realize that I might have confused some people with the consent switch of referring to Harry as 'Harry' and 'Emrys'.  But you must remember that only himself, James, Lily, Arlia, and Galen are the only ones that know his true name.  Everyone else already knows him or will know him as 'Emrys'.  I hope I didn't confuse too many people and I will try to keep the two names simply.