Professor Snape straightened his tie as he walked in to his job interview at Hogwarts.
'Hello' said Dumbledore. 'Please, take a seat.' Snape sat down. 'I see here you have a doctorate in potions making.'
'Yes' Snape replied.
'And you would like a job here at Hogwarts?' Dumbledore continued.
'And I would do anything for it" Snape replied in a sultry voice as he undid the top button of his shirt, revealing his ample bosom.
Dumbledore got hard.
'Well, you have all the correct… Qualifications. Let's have a test run, shall we?' Dumbledore reached into Snapes robes and removed his wand with a flick. 'Oh, Snape-chan, you have such an illustrious penis."
Snape rubbed his nipples against Dumbledore's tongue as he groped his butt. 'Dumbledore, your buttocks is so firm!' said Snape. 'I want you inside of me!'
'But Snape-chan! It is forbidden, for you are my brother!'
'Don't you love me, Dumbledore? Don't you love your little brother Snape?'
Dumbledore parted Snapes vagina with his tongue and placed his throbbing penis inside.
'Oh, Dumbledore-chan! You are in my womb! Squirt your precious man-juice inside me! Make me pregnant!'

Dumbledore came inside of Snape.
'Well' said Dumbledore as he smiled at Snape. 'You've earned the job' and then he sucked the cum off of Snape's massive penis.