Thunder crashed that night and it was the night April Spink was alone. A week ago, she and Miriam Forcible had bumped in with their old manager. The man was staying in Ashland, Oregon for a few days since he was visiting his grandsons and daughters for Christmas. The old man then asked the two if they would like to have a little dinner reunion, he told them that they could bring more guest if they pleased. Since it was the holidays, they invited everyone in the Pink Palace; the Jones family, Mr. Bobinsky and even Mrs. Lovat her grandson, Wybie.

But sadly, April Spink was not feeling well the very night of the dinner and was decided to stay home. She wasn't completely alone, though. She had Angus. But what could a sickly dog do in times of danger?

The rain poured harder. It would already be a normal thing if someone had been living there for a long time like April herself but yet, something felt wrong. The apartment feel colder, scarier. Maybe it was just the absence of everybody. Of course, everyone gets freaked out a little bit when they're all alone somewhere. But still, it was her home for many years. Why would she feel this way?

Maybe it was just her playing blind. She knew this would happen. She knew being left alone was a bad idea. But she insisted. She knew it was her responsibility. She needed to do it. Or else. She had been hiding for too long, pretending. She now felt like a coward only thinking about herself. The girl almost died because of her, the sweet innocent poor girl whom she didn't help when she got a chance.

She'll make it up to her. She promised.

Because' she said, 'when you're scared and still do it anyway, that's brave.'*

She'll be brave. She'll do this for her.

She just hoped everything would go as planned.

She sat on the couch, trying to get Angus's attention but the sickly dog just ignored her and continued sleeping on his place. She tried killing time by knitting or reading the paper but time seemed to go by slowly. Half an hour later, the woman had dozed off.


There was all there is in the Pink Palace tonight.

The other might already be enjoying a wonderful and juicy steak, or a mango smoothie inside a beautiful restaurant with classical music and people dressed up fancy. Coraline may be already getting used to the dress her mother had forced her into, they might probably already be having the best night of their lives. While she's back here, waiting for something that she desperately hope wouldn't come.

But then there was it: the familiar metallic clicking noise.

She had come.

Angus had perched up and started growling a low growl. April didn't wait any longer. She did her best to stand up and pick up Angus then she walked into her room. She locked the door.

She knew that thing can open any locked door in an instant but she just need a few minutes, a few seconds even.

She bent down and took pulled out a chest. She started rummaging to it, muttering under her breathe as if making sure everything was inside. Then she took out a piece of paper and started scribbling.

Tick Tick.

She was near.

She started to write faster.

Angus started howling like crazy.

"Shh dear, shh. It'll all be over soon." She reassured him, her hear pounding on her chest. This was it.


The sound of unlocking.

"I hope.. this would make up. For everything. I am sorry." She closed her eyes.

The door creaked as it opened.

And then that was it, the feeling of sharp metal stabbed into your back repeatedly. Blood spluttered all over the floor. Angus whimpered sadly hiding under the bed.

She fell to the floor. Dead.

The Beldam couldn't do much now. She has little time. Only if she had her other hand. That cursed girl, she hissed, I will get her. I will.

Then she retreated back into the darkness, into her other world where only the special can be lured into. It was also the time a car arrived and parked outside the palace.

April Spink is dead. And the last thing she ever did was write a name on the piece of paper:

'Coraline Jones.'

*(c) Neil Gaiman.

[Author's Note:] This is the beginning of a new story I'll be doing. Normaline, yes, I ship it. I've got the first chapter finished already but I still need to proofread it again. I'm still missing my copy of the Coraline book so I'll be basing the facts on the movie for now :((I got the quote from googling Coraline book quotes. heh heh.) But, guess who finally bought the ParaNorman book? YEAH, ME. At first, my sister didn't want me to buy it. 'Why buy the book when you already watched the movie?' was her reason (and plus, it was kinda expensive). She knows about the 'The books is always better' saying but she said that the ParaNorman book was based of the movie, NOT the movie was based on the book. But still, I bought it because it wasn't like I was using her savings or something :P (yeah, and actually, I was just really supposed to buy a new copy of Coraline but then the lady said they sold out so I went looking for another cool book to buy then I saw the name 'ParaNorman' then I made a dying whale sound out of happiness.)

PLUS! I had trouble trying to fit a plot for these two without making the story completely AU and boy, the book sure did help me. I quickly scratched the old plot I had in mind and I based this plot on the report that Salma made on the last pages of the book and I also added a few headcanons, I really really really hope you guys don't mind.

Okay, so, reviews are very much appreciated, CC is strongly encouraged and pointless flames would be used to fry chicken :3