The thing about Chloe is her eyes are really blue. So blue that Beca forgets to not laugh at a joke.


It wasn't even that funny. Amy made yet another bizarre claim about her life in Tasmania. She told them she invented the Q-tip.

"And all Tasmanian ears have always been clean from then on. Even the crocodiles."

Beca had heard much more amusing tales from her but Chloe laughed so hard that Beca couldn't help but laugh too.


Or not join in on a teenage pop song sing along.


So she knows a Miley Cyrus song. Music is her life. She knows a lot of songs. Doesn't mean she thinks it's a work of a genius.

And maybe if Chloe is the one who is singing it, she'd play it on loop for weeks.


Or not care about something dorky like making music with only her mouth.


Beca finds that after Chloe, not doing things takes a hell of a lot more energy than actually doing them.

So she resigns to Chloe's will.


And maybe it's not just her eyes.

It's the way she beams at every single thing.


It always makes Beca cringe. Chloe is too bright. Sometimes Beca feels like she might get blind from just looking at Chloe.

She managed to run away the first time and thought she'd be safe. But Chloe found her anyway.

And she hasn't been able to look away since then.


It's the way she steps into Beca's personal space without a care in the world.


"Whoa," Beca blurted out one day. It's one of those days when she remembered how to act like herself before Chloe.

"Something wrong?" Chloe asked with a perfectly innocent face, her palms still on each side of Beca's hips.

And Beca explained to her about personal space and how she has it.

The space between Chloe's eyebrows crinkled telling Beca that she didn't get it.

Beca spread her arms and did a 360 turn. "Anywhere in the circle is my space which means I need a warning before anyone comes into it."

Chloe laughed but nodded. "Yeah, I think I get it."

Beca forgot to tell her that people also need to ask for permission to enter her personal space.

So Chloe continues invading her sacred walls. Only now, she announces, "I'm coming in!"


It's the way she looks at Beca like some sort of a saviour for their group of misfits.


Beca can't remember the last time someone looks at her with so much hope. It scares her. If it was anyone else, she'd be at the other side of the country by now.

But it's Chloe.

She is like a vortex. Every time Beca is near Chloe, she gets pulled into songs she'd never thought she would like.

And each day, she feels the tug getting stronger.

She thinks she kind of likes it.


It's not just the eyes. No. It's everything about Chloe.