There's a song in her head. Always.

It's funny, because she hates movies, but her life is basically one, what with the constant soundtrack playing in the background of her life.

That's why she wears her headphones all the time, even if her playlist has run out and nothing is actually playing in her ears. It's an effective repellant for those who are likely to disturb her songs.

Except for Chloe.

Chloe doesn't care about her headphones. Chloe just pulls them off her and starts chattering, and well, Beca doesn't mind it, because Chloe is music all on her own.

She radiates it, with her smile, the little wrinkle between her eyebrows when she's thinking, her words, her big blue disney princess eyes, when she's angry (oh, the fury of Chloe Beale is not something you'd want to incur, even Aubrey quivers under her piercing glare), her tears,

and the tiredness which makes her hide underneath the darkness of her room.

Chloe disappears sometimes. She doesn't go to rehearsals, her classes, and Beca doesn't run into her during her noon walk across the quad with a new eye candy in her arm.

When Beca asks Aubrey about it, Aubrey tells her to mind her own business.

Beca notices it the third time when she knocks on Chloe's dorm room. It's quiet, and no one answers, but Beca knows that Chloe is in there. She is not a big believer of the supernatural, but Chloe makes the impossible possible, and one of them might just be awarding Beca with a third eye for her presence.

The second time Beca's knock goes unanswered, she slips a note with the titles of her happy songs, and the third time, she slips a CD with those songs in it.

The fourth time, she slips a note that says, "I'm here", and sits by Chloe's door until the R.A. wakes her up and asks her what she is doing there. It makes her feel like Chloe-in-the-shower level of creepy, so she leaves.

But the next time it happens, she does the same thing. After two hours, she gets a text from Chloe that says, "the door is unlocked".

She opens the door to find a dark room with the curtains drawn, and Chloe covered by her comforter.

"Hi," she whispers as she slowly approaches Chloe's bed. "Am I bothering you? Because I can leave."

She gets another text.


So she sits by the bed until the next morning, when she finds Chloe in her lap, holding her hand.