This is my first fanfic and I've decided to crossover three of my favorite's series: Grey's Anatomy, Glee and Pretty Little Liars. The story is all about Callie and Arizona, Santana and Brittany and Emily and Quinn. PLL is not on focus, but I really wanted Em in this fic. I hope you all enjoy it and, please, leave suggestions and reviews. Thanks!


"Callie! Please, get the door. I'm feeding Timothy." Arizona screamed from inside of the kitchen and Callie ran to the front door.

"I got this, sweetie." Callie screamed back before opening the door.

She thought she ran for nothing, it was only the postman with tones of letters and bills on his hands.

"Good morning, Ms. Torres." He said politely handing Callie her mail.

"Good morning to you too, Jeff. And, please, call me Callie." Callie really didn't like formalities, and Jeff was always the postman sent to her house since she moved there a little bit more than a year ago. They knew each other already and could forget about the 'Ms. Torres' thing.

"I'm sorry." Jeff smiled shyly and Callie smiled back so he wouldn't feel awkward "I'd better get going. Have a nice day, Ms. To… Callie."

"Have a nice day, Jeff."

Callie closed the door and started to look at the pile of paper in her hands. There was a water bill, a light bill, a pay-tv bill, a telephone/internet bill, two magazines, a postcard from Arizona's parents' vacation to Italy and a big white and gold invitation letter. Definitely a wedding one.

"Oh, my God." Callie said after reading the names on the wedding invitation.

Callie dropped the rest of the mail at the living room table and went straight to where Arizona was.

"You'll not believe this." Callie said entering the kitchen and finding her wife feeding 11-months-old Timothy on the highchair.

"What?" Arizona asked looking at her wife for a second before backing her attention to her son.

"Aria is getting married." Callie said like it was the worst news ever. Arizona didn't quite understand that reaction.

"You make it sound like it's a bad thing." Arizona said and Callie felt the confusion in her wife's voice.

"It's not about being a bad thing, Arizona. It's about the fact that I didn't even know my only sister was engaged! I didn't even know she had a boyfriend, for God's sake. And I am family. I should've been called and told the news, not receive an invitation through the mail." Callie sounded hurt and pretty pissed off. Arizona tried to find consolation words to make her wife feel better, but she failed miserably. What could she say, anyway?

"Callie, babe, you can't be mad about it. You know how your relationship with your sister and mother changed after you came out. Your mom doesn't talk to you since our wedding and Aria, well, I don't even know her." It was true, it was all true. But Callie had a very bad time actually believing in it.

"It's not fair." Callie's face feel and Arizona went to hug her "We were really, really close. Aria always said I was going to be her maid of honor, and now I'm receiving her wedding invitation through the mail. Just like that, out of the blue."

"I wish I could say something to make you feel better, honey." Arizona kissed her wife gently and smiled at her sweetly. Callie reattributed.

"The fact that you exist already makes me feel better. Every day." Arizona's smile grew and she gave Callie one more kiss.

"Mama!" Timothy called and Arizona stopped the kiss so she could focus on her son again.

"Hey, baby boy. Still hungry, ahn?" Arizona's voice was so sweet talking to Timothy that Callie's heart just melted. She was so lucky.

"Mama!" Timothy repeated with more enthusiasm. He wasn't saying a lot of things yet, but it seemed like he was just about to.

"When it's the wedding?" Arizona suddenly asked without taking her eyes of the hungry blond baby in front of her.

"It's two weeks from today. I mean, it starts two weeks from today." Arizona looked at Callie with a confused expression and she hurried to explain to her wife what was she talking about "There is this tradition in my family where wedding parties last for 14 days. The family stays reunited somewhere during the first 13 days and the ceremony is set on the 14th day. That's why almost all the Torres' weddings happen on summer."

"Wow! Must be a hell of a party." Arizona said with a voice that mixed both enthusiasm and fear. Two weeks was way too much time to spend around Callie's family.

"You can bet it is." Callie agreed while she remembered the wedding parties she used to go to. They were massive!

"So, where is this huge thing be placed on?" Arizona asked with natural curiosity in her voice.

"The Torres's ranch. God, I don't go there for years! The place is amazing! It's enormous and has every kind of thing. I mean, when I was a kid, I believed my family's ranch was cooler than Michael Jackson's Neverland. Sofia will freak out when we get there." Callie seemed to have forgotten about how mad she was five minutes ago, but Arizona didn't mind at all, because she was looking kinda happy now.

"Your family has a ranch in Miami?" Arizona knew Callie was from Miami and that she only lived there until going to college. She couldn't imagine a ranch in that state though.

"No, of course not. The ranch is in Ohio, right next to a city named Lima." Callie explained.

"Exactly how rich the Torres are?" Arizona asked with a funny expression on her face. She knew her wife's family had a lot of money, but that was pretty much the only information she had.

"More than you imagine, probably." Callie laughed a little and than her face became a mix of worry and sadness.

Arizona now was with Timothy in her arms, so she couldn't hug her wife tight again, but she tried the best she could to comfort Callie by locking eyes with her.

"What's wrong, babe?" Arizona took a step closer to Callie.

"I imagine what my family will say, you know? 'Cause I don't hear from anybody since that time when my father cut me off. Well, except from my aunt Maribel, but she has an open mind, which is definitely not common in the family." Callie found the comfort Arizona was offering with her eyes and smiled at her wife "I just don't want anyone treating you or Sofia or even Timothy bad. And I don't wanna feel bad as well. I don't wanna get there and be excluded from everything or be stared at like I was a murderer or something worst."

"If you don't wanna go, we don't go." Arizona knew the situation was complicated and there was no way of knowing how Callie's family would deal with her plus wife and kids.

"It's my sister's wedding. And something might have changed, right? She invited me after all, and not only for the ceremony, but for the two weeks reunion. Deep inside, I feel like I need to see my family again." Callie wanted to know how things were and catch up with so many people. Maybe not everyone would reject her. Maybe people started to understand.

"Then we'll go and we'll have a lot of fun. By the end of these two weeks, your family will be totally in love with me and our kids. I'm awesome and they're the cutest." Callie laughed and placed a kiss on Arizona's forehead. Then she looked at Timothy and gave him a huge smile.

"You're right, sweetheart. They'll definitely love our kids." Arizona faked a mad expression towards Callie and the brunette hurried to continue saying "Hey, I don't want anybody loving you. That's my job only."

"Silly." Arizona said with a huge and bright smile spread across her face.

A thought that maybe things would turn out just fine or even great came across Callie's mind. She couldn't know anything for sure and the only thing she could do at the moment was waiting two weeks to find out.

"Mom, I'm not going without Britt." Santana said firmly and Maribel rolled her eyes. Her kid was so stubborn.

"Santana, you know that I love Brittany and the fact that you two are together, but our family is a pain in the ass. It's all about religion, tradition and stuff." This time was Santana who rolled her eyes, but Maribel ignored her and kept saying "I don't wanna cause any trouble or see people making you uncomfortable."

"I don't give a damn about those hypocrites ignoring me or calling me names. I'm gay and I'm not ashamed of it. I have a wonderful girlfriend that I don't intend to stay apart from for two whole weeks. Moreover two summer weeks. It's torture." Santana crossed her arms just below her chest before continue saying "If Brittany can't go, I can't either."

"The ranch isn't even an hour from Lima!" Maribel tried to argue.

"Like I'm gonna be able to get out of there and come back here. Mom, I'm not gonna say it again, so make sure you understand: I'm not going unless Britt is going too. And this is not a negotiation." Maribel knew she couldn't win that discussion, so she just nodded.

"Fine." Maribel said admitting her defeat and Santana went to hug her. The girl couldn't be more happy.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you so much, mami!" Santana was smiling so hard that Maribel couldn't help but smile too.

"Brittany can go with us, but we have to agree with some conditions." Santana didn't like the serious tone of her mother's voice, but she nodded anyway.

"What exactly?" Santana wasn't gonna admit it aloud, but she'd do anything her mother asked her right now.

"First: I know Brittany is a very beautiful girl and you are both young and full of hormones, but, please, easy with the kisses in public and also make outs and, well, just take it easy with all kinds of public displays of affection." Santana opened her mouth to protest, but Maribel was faster "Don't even try to argue with me. You and Brittany can never get enough of each other, so this condition is absolutely necessary."

Santana knew her mother was right, so she felt the need to agree with her. And more time in the bedroom wouldn't be a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all.

"Second: Some of your relatives will be tough to handle with, and they'll probably treat you… Differently. Well, don't even think about going all Lima Heights on them. I agree you need to defend yourself out at the world, but these will be just two weeks with family. Try not to cause any troubles or arguments, and most important of all, no violence!" Santana didn't even try to argue with this condition. She knew she had a tricky personality and Snixx used to cause a lot of problems, so she nodded to her mom, who took the sight to continue with her speech.

"Third: Stay away from your aunt Pamela and your aunt Lucia." Santana stayed in silence for a couple of seconds waiting for her mother to develop, but she didn't.

"That's it? Stay away from bitch one and bitch two? No whys?" Santana's voice was harsh, but Maribel couldn't blame her.

"You know I don't need to say why and, please, don't call them bitches. They're my sisters after all." Santana's expression softened a little bit as she tried not to make her mom feel bad.

Santana always thought she was really lucky to have Maribel as her mother. She couldn't even imagine a life with Pamela or Lucia. They were so narrow-minded and had so many prejudices about, like, anything. Santana immediately felt bad for her cousin Callie, Lucia's daughter, remembering how she was almost banished from the family for marrying a woman. Maribel would never banish Santana for marrying Brittany. Actually, she would support and feel really happy about it.

"Sorry, mami. I'll try as hard as I can to not cross their path." Maribel smiled lovely at her daughter and gave her a hug.

"So, you'll respect the conditions, right?" Santana's expression told Maribel she wasn't happy about them, or more likely just condition number one, but she would, of course, respect them all.

"Yeah. I can do anything just as long as Brittany is by my side." Santana said lovingly and Maribel smiled, like she always did when her daughter talked about her girlfriend that way. It was such a beautiful thing.

"Then we have a deal." Maribel, knowing that the conversation was done, started to walk away from Santana, who suddenly stopped her.

"Do you think Callie was invited?" Santana's voice showed affection and a little bit of excitement. Maribel knew that Callie was her daughter's favorite cousin and that she probably missed her a lot.

"Of course she was invited, mija. Carlos would never let Lucia exclude Callie from her sister's wedding." Santana nodded. Carlos, Callie's dad, was a very nice guy.

Santana remembered her mother telling her about when Callie came out. Carlos, Lucia and their other daughter Aria simply stopped talking to her. Maribel even said something about them cutting her off and everything. But after a little while, Carlos went to see Callie and things between them became kinda cool. He was still shocked and trying to accept the fact that his older daughter was in love with a woman, but he understood he couldn't abandon Callie because of that. She was still his daughter and he still loved her unconditionally.

"Do you think she'll come though?" Maribel didn't answer this question as quickly as the other one, so Santana assumed she hadn't had the foggiest idea if Callie was coming or not.

"Callie is an exceptional human being, Santana. She'll probably think it's not a good idea to show up, but, in the end, she'll decide to come. She loves her sister and mother very much, even they not accepting her the way that she is." Maribel couldn't say she was one hundred percent sure of Callie coming to the wedding, but she was almost. She knew her niece very well.

"I would like her to come." Santana said with truly affection in her voice.

"Me too, darling." Then Maribel gave Santana a kiss on the forehead "Me too."

Emily was in her bedroom reading a very interesting book Spencer had just landed her when her mother opened the door and stepped in.

"Are you busy, Emily?" Pamela asked softly.

"Just reading. Do you need anything, mom?" Emily marked the page where she stopped her reading and closed the book, so she could give full attention to Pamela, who was now sat on her bed.

"I just came to tell you that Aria's getting married." Emily's jaw dropped and her expression became pure shock.

"Aria can't get married, mom. She's even younger than I am!" Pamela looked at her daughter's face and tried hard not to laugh.

"I'm not talking about your friend Aria, Emily. I'm talking about your cousin!" Emily's expression now was of genuine relief and Pamela couldn't maintain a straight face anymore. She started laughing.

"It was not funny! You scared me a lot, mom." Emily thought the worst happened and Aria's parents found out about her relationship with Mr. Fitz. Pamela would probably make Emily marry the teacher if she was the one having an affair with him.

"It was funny." Pamela said trying to regain her breath after all the laughing.

"Don't tell me it's going to be one of those two weeks weddings, please." Emily said already starting to pray for that not to happen.

"Of course it's going to be, darling. The family likes its traditions, Emily. Be excited about it, ok?" Pamela said happily.

"Sure." Emily sounded anything but excited.

Emily never liked family reunions. Pamela was always showing her off to everybody, making sure they'd understand how perfect her little angel was. That never made Emily feel good, actually, it was quite the opposite.

"So, the wedding will be at the family ranch two weeks from today." At least Emily had two weeks to prepare herself.

"Good." When Emily thought the conversation was over, she picked up her book again. However, Pamela didn't let her open it.

"Let me just say some things to you first, my daughter." Emily nodded and put the book aside again "Do you remember Aria's sister?"

"Yeah, mom, I remember Callie." Emily noticed her mother's expression changed when she said Callie's name. It was like Pamela was angry or something.

"It's good that you remember." Pamela made a dramatic pause and then continued "I don't want you talking to her, ok? I don't even know if she's going to show up, but it's better if I have this conversation with you in any case."

"Why can't I talk to her?" Emily asked, but quickly realized what the reason was. Pamela didn't want her talking to her cousin because Callie was gay.

"Your cousin chose a dark path to ramble, Emily. I don't want her influencing you in any ways." Pamela was pretty serious, almost in a scary way.

"You used to like her so much, mother." Emily tried to start an argument, but Pamela interrupted her.

"She's a sinner, Emily, and she doesn't want help. I heard from your aunt Lucia that Calliope is now legally married to that woman she went all crazy about. And guess what? They have two kids!" Emily was shocked with her mother talking. Pamela's voice was so full of disgust and prejudices "That's not a family. It's unacceptable and unnatural. God created man and woman…"

"He also created love, mom. Actually, God is all about love." Emily knew she would regret interrupting her mother, but she couldn't listen to her nonsense talk anymore. It made her sick.

"Homosexuality is not about love, Emily. People that do this kind of things are ill, or lost, or both. They don't have God in their hearts, that's for sure." Emily wanted to scream at her mother that she was being ridiculous and talking insane, but she would never do that.

"I don't wanna argue with you, mother. You don't want me to talk to Callie? Fine, then I won't." Emily felt extremely bad about it just a second after saying it.

"Then we are understood." Pamela said and stood up of the bed "You can continue with your reading now, Emily, I'm going to start the preparation for dinner."

Emily stared at the door as her mother disappeared from her view. She just noticed she was crying moments later.

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