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Demilitarized zone

"Fuck, San…" Brittany moaned feeling Santana's lips assaulting her neck furiously.

Brittany's back was pressed against the shower wall by Santana, who had her hands travelling all over her girlfriend's body while urgently rocking their hips together.

"Do you like that, babe?" Santana asked seductively and started to massage Brittany's breasts gently. The girl moaned louder.

"Please, San… Just… All this teasing… Fuck!" Brittany knew she was soaked now and it wasn't because of the water coming from the shower.

"Bed. Now!" Santana commanded immediately pulling Brittany out of the shower and guiding her towards their bed. Brittany loved sexy bossy Santana so much.

The two girls didn't care at all about the fact they were both wet and making the whole bedroom wet, including the sheets they were gonna have to sleep with later. None of that mattered now.

Santana laid Brittany on her back and climbed on top of her. She started kissing down her girlfriend's neck spending some time sucking her pulse point. Then she went for her boobs. Kissing between them and sucking Brittany's pink hard nipples was one of Santana's favorite things to do.

"Feels so good, Sanny…" Brittany moaned. She threw her head back and arched her back with pleasure. Santana's full lips on her breasts felt so amazing that she almost couldn't control her body reactions.

"Oh, babe, I can do so much better!" Santana said with lust and started kissing down Brittany's perfectly toned stomach then finally reaching the girl's waist.

Santana positioned herself between Brittany's legs and started teasing her with kisses and touches on the girl's thighs. She kissed everywhere, except where Brittany wanted the most.

"You're… Such… A teaser…" Brittany was somehow able to blurt between moans. She needed Santana inside of her right away and the girl wouldn't stop teasing her. That was making the blond desperate.

Instead of answering her girlfriend, Santana gently slid her tongue against Brittany's center.

"So wet, Britt…" Santana said huskily and Brittany moaned in response.

Santana twirled her tongue around Brittany's throbbing clit and then sucked it hard. Brittany's hands travelled to her girlfriend's dark hair before entangling her fingers in it. Santana licked Brittany's juices making it hard for the girl to stand still.

"More… I need more…" The sound of Brittany's words filled with lust and pleasure made Santana herself moan. She entered the blond with her tongue while her left hand was working on her clit.

Brittany was making a lot of noises while Santana pushed her tongue in and out of her. Her breathing was puffed and Santana could feel that her walls were already starting to clench.

"I'm so close, San…" It was impossible for Brittany to even keep her eyes opened now.

Santana, with an unexpected move, took her tongue out of Brittany and quickly replaced it with two fingers. The response of her girlfriend was just too good to be true. Brittany practically screamed Santana's name, which made her more turned on than she already was, if that was even possible.

"I'm… Coming… Babe…" Brittany spoke totally out of breath. Santana quickened the pace of her fingers and started sucking where they were previously working on.

"Oh, fuck! SANTANA!" Brittany screamed her girlfriend's name again, but this time she was totally over her edge. Santana loved when Brittany said her name when she was coming, it was incredibly hot.

Santana gently took her fingers out of Brittany and kissed her center one last time before going up and kissing the blond passionately on the lips.

"Tasting myself on your lips is such a turn on." Brittany said seductively before kissing Santana again. She rolled their bodies in a way that now Brittany was the one on top "Your turn, Sanny."

Santana smiled in a devilish way as her eyes got darker and darker. She felt that familiar urge of having Brittany inside of her and threw her head to the right so her girlfriend could have more skin on her neck to explore.

Brittany didn't even have time to place the first kiss when someone started to knock really hard at their bedroom's door.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Santana grumbled and rolled her eyes. Brittany rolled over her girlfriend's naked body and laid next to her waiting to see what she should do next.

"You guys have any idea of what time is it?" Quinn screamed from the other side of the bedroom's door, where she was standing with Emily right next to her, with a reprehensive voice.

"I don't give a fuck about the time! I was just about to get my mack on, bitch!" Santana screamed back with an angry voice "Go away! NOW!"

"Maybe I should go. Maybe and only maybe I should find Maribel and tell her that…" Quinn started saying calmly, but was quickly interrupted by Santana.

"You wouldn't!" She said with rage. Quinn knew she was playing with fire, but if she let Brittany and Santana stay in their bedroom, they wouldn't leave until the next day. Hell, they probably wouldn't leave for the whole two weeks.

"Well, I could, you know?" Quinn replied with a playfully voice. She knew she had Santana in her hands now.

Nobody said anything for a little while, but Quinn could listen to her friends getting up from bed. Quinn Fabray wins!

"What's taking you two so long?" Quinn teased and Emily gave her a 'stop it' look. She smiled at the girl and sighed for her that it was ok.

"I could totally go downstairs naked and show people how hot I am, but this smoking body here belongs to my girlfriend so wait until I'm fuckin' fully dressed!" Quinn knew just by Santana's voice that she was extremely pissed off. It was funny in a certain way, but scary as well.

"She sounds pretty angry." Emily whispered to Quinn. The blond noticed she looked kinda scared.

"Don't worry. It's just Santana being, well, Santana." Quinn laughed. Emily felt her muscles relax a bit and laughed too.

The two girls ended up locking eyes. They didn't know how exactly it happened, but it did. Something so intense was going on between them that Emily even felt a little dizzy. They seemed to be in a whole new world where nothing else mattered, just their connection. Both girls suddenly felt the urge to get closer to each other, but they didn't do that. The sound of a door opening made Emily and Quinn jump with surprise and come back to the real world.

"May I kill you now or you wanna wait till after dinner?" Santana asked angrily.

"It's 19h15, okay? I'm doing you a favor!" Quinn replied trying hard not to laugh of her friend's super enraged expression "Besides, Brittany doesn't seem at all upset. You're the one making a freakin' storm in a tea cup."

"Britt is not upset 'cause she's not the one who's sexually frustrated. I am!" Santana's voice came out a little louder this time, but luckily there wasn't anyone around.

Emily couldn't help herself from blushing after her cousin's last sentence, which didn't go unnoticed by Santana.

"Why the hell are you all red?" Santana asked Emily like she annoyed her "By the way, why the hell are you even here?"

Emily froze. She didn't have a clue about how to answer Santana. And she was feeling kinda intimidated because of her.

Noticing Emily's silence and discomfort, Quinn quickly said something in the girl's defense.

"Don't discount your sexual frustrations on Emily, Lopez. She's here because I asked her to be. She's my roommate and your cousin and she's pretty nice, so, yeah, she's here now." Emily smiled at Quinn, who smiled back at her. It was just a simple thankful smile, but was enough to make the two girls extremely happy.

"You're right, I should be discounting my sexual frustrations on you!" Santana replied still with an angry voice.

"Stop the violence." Brittany said sweetly and placed a kiss on her girlfriend's forehead. Santana smiled and wrapped an arm around Brittany's waist.

"Only for you, Britt-Britt." Santana leaned towards Brittany and kissed her gently on the lips. The blond smiled like there wasn't anything or anyone in the world that could make her happier than her girlfriend did.

"You don't have to be mad, baby." Brittany said all smiley and bubbly. Then she said with a lower voice "I'll make it up to you later."

The couple exchanged knowing looks and smiled seductively at each other.

"Can we go now?" Quinn asked interrupting Santana and Brittany's interaction "And, please, stop fucking yourselves with your eyes. It's so gross."

"You know what, Fabray?" Santana asked in a provocative tone "You need to get laid! Like, with urgency!"

Quinn's first feeling was embarrassment. Then she felt anger. Santana didn't have to bring that up.

"And you need to mind your own business!" Quinn answered back harshly.

"I was trying to, but you fuckin' interrupted me." Santana said with a smirk on her face. She could see in Quinn's eyes her last comment made the girl very angry. And making her best friend angry really amused Santana.

"So..." Brittany decided to intervene before Santana and Quinn started to argue with each other. Again "What's the thing about scheduled meals?"

"Family bullshit." Santana answered rolling her eyes "It makes this place look like a freakin' hotel."

"The family is quite big, so uncle Carlos decided it would be best if breakfast, lunch and dinner had their time established, Brittany." Emily answered politely. Brittany just smiled in response.

Emily didn't know how to treat Brittany exactly. She didn't know the girl and Santana seemed extremely protective over her, so she decided that being polite was the best option.

"How big exactly?" Quinn asked curious. There were a lot of people at the pool today, but Santana had told her that wasn't the whole family.

"You'll see when we get to the ballroom." Santana answered casually. The four girls were already going downstairs.

"Wait, the dinner will be at a ballroom?" Quinn asked suddenly feeling weird for being around so many people that weren't related to her at all. Of course they weren't Brittany's relatives too, but she was Santana's girlfriend after all.

That was the second time on that day that Quinn Fabray felt like a plus one that didn't really fit anywhere.

"Just like all the other meals." Emily answered.

"Yeah. No way could everybody fit in the dining room." Santana said like she was suddenly having fun "This is gonna be so interesting."

"What do you mean, Santana?" Emily asked not understanding what exactly made her cousin's bad mood go away so fast. She was really angry at Quinn moments ago and now… Well, she was smiling in a way totally not provocative, sarcastic or bitchy.

"Listen to me wisely, not-as-hot version of myself. We have like dozens of direct and indirect relatives. And they're gonna pick sides, so that fuckin' ballroom is gonna look like a demilitarized zone. Something inside of me says I should worry about that, but for real? I don't really give a damn. I wasted way too much time worrying about what people thought or would think about me. I'm tired of worrying. I'm happy and that's all I'm concerned about." Santana's voice wasn't intimidating like Emily prefigured it would be. She sounded honest "It will be interesting to be in that creepy battlefield while I'll just enjoy myself, eat a good meal, spend time with the few people that really matter and have death glares spotting me behind my back."

Emily knew Santana was right and also knew what that implied. The family was going to be divided and she had to pick her mother's side, even if it wasn't at all what she wanted to do.

When the four girls got to the first floor, Emily realized she needed to walk away from Santana, Brittany and Quinn fast. Pamela couldn't see her with them, she couldn't see her daughter breaking her rules.

"I'm sorry." Emily stopped walking when she saw the huge wooden double-doors that leant to the ballroom and the other girls automatically stopped too, turning around to face her "I can't go in there with you guys."

Emily's heart stopped when she saw the expression on Quinn's face. It was a mix of disappointment and sadness. Last thing she wanted was to make the blond girl sad and disappointed.

"Oh, yeah. Right. Of course!" Now Santana sounded intimidating. She also sounded very sarcastic "Run to your mommy, baby Emily."

Emily felt tears going up her eyes, but she refused to let them out. She wished she was brave like Santana and honest about herself, but her mother was just too difficult to handle.

"I'm really sorry." Emily said weakly without looking directly at anyone's face, especially Quinn's. She couldn't see her expression again, it was too heartbreaking. She hated herself for having to do what she was doing.

"I think you should just go, Emily." Brittany said with a sad voice. Emily thought she was a super sweet girl and hated herself a little bit more for making the taller blond hurt too. She seemed to care about Emily even not knowing her.

Emily forced herself to walk away, still not looking at anyone.

"Still think she's pretty nice?" Emily was able to hear Santana asking Quinn even with the distance between her and the two girls. She knew she couldn't handle hearing the blonde's reply, so she hurried herself into the ballroom.

Santana was more than right. That place looked just like a demilitarized zone.

"I don't understand why Emily did that." Quinn said after Emily got into the ballroom alone, leaving her, Brittany and Santana behind.

"Look, Q, I told you already that Emily is just like her mother. And she does everything Pamela tells her to do. It's like she's a freakin' baby or something." Santana rolled her eyes. Her cousin's recent attitude pissed her off. She had even thought for a second that Emily wasn't as bad as she previously believed she was. But of course she was wrong.

"She seems so afraid of her mother. Well, I guess I would be too if I had Pamela as my mom." Quinn mumbled trying to find a good reason why Emily walked away "Maybe that's it!"

"She's not a child anymore, Quinn. She's just a coward frightened enough not to piss bitch two." Santana said angry at her cousin for behaving like a scared little kid "And don't feel sorry for her, she clearly doesn't feel sorry for me or Callie or anyone. And don't find excuses for her as well."

Quinn's eyes faced the floor. She felt really bad right now. Santana was right, but she couldn't stop thinking about how Emily's actions weren't her fault. They couldn't be. The girl was just so sweet and felt so good to be around her. She wasn't like her mother, she was just afraid. Right?

"Can I ask you something, Quinnie?" Brittany asked out of the blue. She was facing Quinn with kind eyes and somehow that made the shorter blond feel a tiny little better.

"Sure, B." Quinn asked now looking at her friend.

"Do you like Emily?" Brittany asked with a careful voice like she was dealing with some pretty important subject.

"Well, yeah. I told you guys I thought she was nice, so…" Quinn answered unsure of what was Brittany's point.

"That's not what I meant." Brittany said and now both Quinn and Santana where staring at her with questioning eyes "I wanna know if you like her for real. If you like her more than as friend."

Quinn froze. Her cheeks burned and suddenly she couldn't look at Brittany anymore.

"Oh, no. Please, kill me now!" Santana said with a shocked voice "You totally like her."

"I... I don't." Quinn replied with no conviction in her voice. Maybe Brittany couldn't tell she was lying, but Santana certainly could.

"You sure do." Santana looked at Quinn eyes wide opened with shock "Fuck."

"I think you're in trouble." Brittany commented biting her lower lip.

Quinn felt her head was going to explode. She couldn't deny she liked Emily, and that was way more complicated then she thought it would be. She really felt like she was in big trouble.

"Why are you girls standing here?" Arizona's voice took Quinn out of her deep thoughts. The blond woman was walking in Brittany, Santana and Quinn's direction with a wide awake Timothy in her arms. Callie was right next to her with a hand wrapped around Sofia's one.

"I just heard something pretty fucked up." Santana blurted. Callie and Arizona looked at her with reproving expressions "Sorry about the language."

"Did something happen?" Callie asked worried about what might be going on. Brittany was biting her lower lip furiously, Santana looked extremely shocked and Quinn looked like she was about to throw up.

"Can we just not talk about this right now?" Quinn said almost pleading.

"If you guys want you can go to our room after dinner so we can talk." Arizona said and Callie nodded.

"Yeah, sure. After dinner. Right, Quinn?" Santana said looking directly at Quinn.

"Uh, I guess." Quinn agreed and hurried to change the topic of the conversation. She could deal with her crush on Emily later "Let's just go have dinner. It's late."

Everyone else nodded and, together, they got into the ballroom.

"I knew I was right. Freakin' demilitarized zone." Santana commented looking at the scenario in front of her.

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