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Hellos and shocking words

The ballroom was chatty and noisy when Callie, Arizona, Santana, Brittany and Quinn stepped in. The sound of the double-door closing behind them made everybody turn their attention to their direction. Suddenly, everything was quiet.

"You're all late. Come sit here!" Maribel stood up of her chair and pointed to her mostly empty table. The only one sitting there beside her was Antonio.

Callie, Arizona, Santana, Brittany and Quinn walked through the big table in silence and Maribel signed to them to take their sits. Arizona put Timothy in a highchair and Sofia decided to take a sit between Santana and Quinn.

"This is super creepy." Brittany commented shifting uncomfortably on her sit.

"Don't worry, babe. I'm right here by your side." Santana said softly and reached for her girlfriend's hand. Brittany smiled at her.

"Let me see if I actually got this right." Callie started saying after taking a look at the division in the room "So people on the left side are against us and the ones on the right side aren't?"

That comment made everyone look around. Seemed like Callie was right.

They were sitting in a table on the corner of the right side of the room. Gloria's family was in one next to them, followed by two more big tables.

"Who are those people sitting close to Gloria?" Arizona asked Callie pointing to the other two filled tables on that side of the ballroom.

"Those are my cousins, Arizona. Can't believe they took our side!" Callie smiled widely and waved to her relatives sitting on the table next to Gloria's "And I assume the other table is taken by Jason's family as Aria is sitting there with them. Mom must not be happy about that."

Callie couldn't help but feel overjoyed by seeing what she was seeing. She had more backup in her family than she could ever imagine having.

"We should go say 'hi'. I guess I really want to meet the part of your family who can actually like me." Arizona said smiling at her wife. Callie nodded and took her hand so they could go over her cousins' table.

"Maribel, would you keep an eye on Timothy for a second?" Callie asked gently and Maribel nodded.

"Of course, honey." Maribel put a big smile on her face. She really loved spending time with that adorable baby.

Callie and Arizona walked with their hands clasped together through a table where were sitting three couples and five small kids.

"I can't actually believe I'm looking at you right now!" A women apparently in her thirties greeted happily and quickly stood up to hug Callie. She had the same hair, eyes and skin tone as Calliope, but her traits were a little distinct "I barely saw you since you went to live in Seattle!"

"I missed you too, Mariana." Callie said still hugging her cousin. It has been too long since they've done that for the last time.

When the two women pulled away from their hug, Callie's eyes met a slightly taller woman with a goofy smile spread across her face. Oh, she missed that goofy smile so much!

"Julia!" Callie quickly hugged Mariana's sister "Oh, my God! I can't believe I'm hugging you two again."

"Don't forget about me!" A man's voice came from behind of the group of women. He didn't look like Callie at all, except for his short black hair and skin tone.

"I'd never do that, Simon." Callie smiled and hugged him tightly.

Callie and her cousins spent some seconds just looking at each other and smiling happily. She hadn't realized until that moment how much she actually missed them.

"You must be Arizona." Julia said and gave Arizona her best goofy smile. Callie saw that as a good sigh, Julia just smiles like that to people she likes.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all." Arizona wasn't a nervous type of person, but this trip was making things different inside of her. She felt like a nerve wrack of anxiety every time she saw new people in front of her.

"It is!" Mariana was the one talking now. She sounded excited and also had a smile spread across her face, but not a goofy one. That was just Julia's thing, of course "And I'm giving you a hug now 'cause you're family and I always hug family."

All Arizona's bad nerves seemed to disappear when Mariana hugged her. Deep inside, the blonde knew that she was just nervous because she was afraid that people wouldn't like her. Mariana calling her family and giving her a true hug made Arizona feel wanted and included.

Julia and Simon also hugged Arizona and said how happy they were because of her presence. That made Arizona feels already comfortable around them. She definitely liked Callie's cousins. A lot.

Not long after, Julia, Mariana and Simon introduced their significant ones to Callie and Arizona.

Julia's husband was a Latino descendent named Roberto. He was a tall black-haired man with strong traits and big dark-brown eyes. The couple's kids were just adorable. The eldest one's name was Roberto, after his father. He was Sofia's age and looked exactly like a smaller and thinner version of his dad. The younger one's name was Sara. She was two-years-old and had like this permanent broad grin across her face.

Mariana's husband was everything but Latino. His name was Ryan and he was an extremely pale man. His hair was red and his eyes where green. Definitely Irish or something close. Their kids looked very much like their dad. Claire, the first-born, was six and seemed to inherit nothing from her mother except from a slightest darker skin color than Ryan's one. Besides Claire, the couple had three-years-old identical twins. Ethan and Noel seemed like the type of kids who could never stay still. Maybe Sofia would really like to play with them.

Simon's wife name was Alice. They had just got married a year ago and didn't have kids yet. Callie couldn't believe her cousin was able to marry such a stunning woman. Not that Simon was ugly or anything, because he wasn't, but his wife was just too much for anyone. Alice worked as a model in Victoria's Secret and had Brazilian lineage. Her body was perfect and her face was something between Gisele Bündchen and Adriana Lima. She had light-brown eyes and a long waved hair with caramel color and honey blonde highlights. Simon was a lucky man.

"Hey, Callie." Mariana said in order to bring Callie's attention to herself "Aria told me you have kids."

"Yes! You guys have to meet Sofia and Timothy." Callie answered pointing to Maribel's table. Everybody was now eating, which reminded Callie she was starving.

"Maybe we should go over there. We've already finished our meals anyway." Julia proposed and everyone else nodded in agreement.

"You guys go, I'll just speak to Aria for a second." Callie said turning around and walking in the direction of her sister's table.

"Calliope, Arizona. Hey!" Aria greeted as soon as her sister and sister-in-law approached her table.

"Hey, Aria." The couple answered in unison "And everyone."

"Oh, sorry. Let me introduce my new family to you two." Aria said smiling. Everyone around the table reattributed her smile. They seemed to be really nice people, like Jason "You guys already know Jason. The man sitting next to him is Brian, they're twin brothers. I know it's shocking 'cause they don't even look like brothers at all."

"It's not my fault all the beauty came for me." Brian said laughing. Jason rolled his eyes.

"Yeah. And the modesty too." He said sarcastically with a grin on his face.

It was so weird that Brian and Jason were twin brothers because there wasn't resemblance between them, except for the fact that they were both tall and broad. If Jason's eyes were green, Brian's were blue. If Jason's hair was light-brown, Brian's was blond. Seemed like Jason just inherited his mom's traits and Brian just his dad's ones.

"So, this is Luce, Brian's wife and that little cutie is Gail, their daughter." Aria continued with the introductions pointing to a brunette women and a little girl that looked just like her. There wasn't any doubt they were mother and daughter.

"Nice to meet you two." Luce said smiling politely "My Gail here really liked to spend time with Sofia today."

"Oh, they met already?" Arizona asked happy about the fact that her daughter was such a friendly kid.

"Sure, at the pool." Luce smiled again, this time looking at her daughter.

"Sofia is super cool." Gail said happily "You guys must be too as you are her moms."

"We're glad you think that way." Callie smiled at the little girl "You're adorable, kid."

"I get that all the time." Gail said with a confident voice and everybody laughed.

"Totally adorable." Aria said blinking at her niece "Well, not trying to interrupt all the cuteness, but already interrupting, I haven't introduced my parents-in-law yet."

"You sure didn't." Callie said looking at the older couple sitting in front of Aria and Jason. They looked beautiful together and seemed like very happy people. They were the kind of couple that you knew just by looking at them that would be together for the rest of their lives still loving each other like they did in the first place.

"These are Margaret and John Andrews, the best parents-in-law anyone could ever have." Aria said smiling at them.

"You're so sweet, honey." Margaret kindly said to Aria then turned her head to face Callie and Arizona "It's very nice to meet you ladies. Call me Maggie if you like."

"Then Maggie it is." Arizona said smiling at the older woman. Margaret was so kind and sweet and there was no way someone couldn't like her. She remembered Arizona of her mother, Barbara.

"I must say I'm also glad to meet you two. We're all family now." John said and gave Callie and Arizona a big welcome smile.

"It was very nice meeting you all, but I think I should get back to my table with Arizona. We didn't have the chance to eat yet." Callie said a little against her will. She really wanted to stay with those amazing people and know them better, but it was gonna have to wait for another time.

"We understand." Margaret said kindly and everyone else nodded in agreement.

Before Callie and Arizona could really leave, Aria stood up of her chair and walked through where the two women were standing.

"Do you wanna talk after dinner? You know, about mom and aunt Pamela." Aria said just to Callie and Arizona to listen.

"Maybe we should talk about this tomorrow." Arizona replied making Aria confused.

"But why? I thought this was important." It was notable in Aria's voice that she didn't understand why her sister and Arizona were postponing that talk. It was a pretty big deal.

"The girls need us. There's something going on with Santana, Brittany and Quinn. I guess it's mostly with Quinn." Callie explained "We promised we would talk to them after dinner, so we need to do it. Sorry, Aria, but we'll have to talk tomorrow."

"It's ok. You two help the trio tonight and we'll definitely talk tomorrow." Aria said. Callie blinked at her and gave her a large smile.

"It's settled." She said.

"Yeah, sure." Aria nodded. She was just about to go back to her seat when she remembered something "Oh, almost forgot to ask you guys not to leave the ballroom until I'm done with my announcement."

"Your what?" Callie and Arizona asked in unison. They knew they probably had the same kind of confused expression in their faces right now.

"You'll understand after I make the announcement." Aria explained, but Callie and Arizona didn't seem any less confused "Look, just go get dinner and don't leave right after you finish it, ok? You'll see what I'm talking about later."

"Fine. We'll wait for this announcement thing or whatever it is you're going to do." Callie said annoyed. She wanted to know what her sister was talking about.

"You guys are the best!" Aria said all smiles and finally turned around to go back to her sit next to Jason.

Callie and Arizona also turned around and hushed back to their table. They really needed to eat some dinner.

"Stop staring at her!" Santana quarreled with Quinn. The girl couldn't take her eyes of Emily and that was pissing her off so bad.

"I'm not staring!" Quinn lied. Of course she was staring, but it wasn't her fault! Emily made her feel so puzzled.

"How can you like her so much already? You met her today!" Santana said with an annoyed voice "Besides, I know her since I was like two and could never manage to like her. I'm intrigued on how you're able to do that."

"When you first met Brittany, how did you feel?" Quinn asked Santana with a low voice.

"I felt my heart beating faster than it never had in my whole life. I felt like I was standing in front of an angel or something. I also felt scared, because I didn't know what the hell was happening inside of me. But I wasn't scared for too long, because looking Britt in the eyes was peaceful and felt just so right." Santana said and a sweet smile automatically showed up on her face. Brittany, loving what Santana had just said, felt an urge to kiss her girlfriend's lips. She knew she couldn't do that where they were, so she gave Santana a kind and gentle kiss on the cheek.

"I love you, Sanny. So much." Brittany said smiling lovely at Santana.

"I love you too, Britt-Britt." Santana reattributed the smile and leaned towards her girlfriend to place a kiss on her forehead.

"Santana! Rule number one!" Maribel reprehended her daughter.

"Oh, come on, mom! I kissed her forehead!" Santana said in auto defense.

"Yes, sweetheart, I saw that. And I also know you very well, so don't even think about doing anything further than that." Maribel told Santana calmly and went back to put her attention on the conversation she was having with Mariana, Julia and Simon, who had come to the table to meet Sofia and Timothy.

"I hate this place so much." Santana grumbled rolling her eyes.

Quinn was relieved for Maribel and Brittany being a distraction to Santana. She looked like she had forgotten what they were previously talking about. Quinn knew she was gonna have to talk about Emily later that night, so she really didn't wanna do that right now as well.

After a couple of seconds trying hard not to look in Emily's direction, Quinn's eyes fell on the brunette again. Her eyes were vague and she seemed to be in deep thoughts. Quinn wished she could just be there, right next to Emily, hold her hand and ask her what is bothering her so much.

Quinn felt like she was going crazy. Why she was feeling like that? Why being away from Emily was hurting her so much? Santana was right, she barely even know the girl! Yeah, she was definitely going crazy. Or…

No! It was too soon, too out of the blue. Quinn knew she wasn't falling for Emily. She couldn't be. Although when Santana said how she felt when she first met Brittany… Something just clicked in Quinn's mind. Brittany is always saying how love at first sight is real and how she knew Santana was the one after two seconds, but that's coming from a girl who believes in magic, unicorns and storks bringing babies. No, she wasn't falling for Emily. It wasn't possible at all.

"Quinn? Quinn? Are you even listening to what I'm saying?" Santana asked with an annoyed voice. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Oh, my God! Quinn? Have you been abducted?" Brittany asked desperate with tears already coming to her eyes. Of course she believed in aliens too.

Quinn finally dropped her thoughts and made an effort to focus on what was happening around her. She was probably off for a while because now Callie and Arizona were sitting at the table and almost finishing their meals already. Also Callie's cousins had returned to their own table.

"No, Britt, I wasn't abducted. I was just thinking." Quinn managed to say to Brittany and the girl calmed down.

"About Emily?" Santana asked in a provocative way. The smile on her face was her famous sarcastic one.

"Can we just wait and talk about it later?" Quinn asked sounding almost like she was begging "Please, leave me quiet for a little bit!"

Santana decided she should stop messing with Quinn. The girl was obviously feeling bad and she wasn't helping her behaving like a bitch.

"Sorry, Quinnie. We'll talk about it later." Santana said in the softest way she could and gave her friend a shy smile. Quinn reattributed and mumbled something that sounded like a 'thank you'.

Suddenly, the sound of wineglass tinkling made everyone in the room turned their heads to Aria's direction. She was standing in the middle of the ballroom with Jason beside her.

"Can I get everyone's attention, please?" Aria asked loud to make sure everybody was listening to her.

When Aria was sure she got the attention of every single person in the room, she started to talk.

"Goodnight, everyone. First of all I'd like to say that I'm really happy with the presence of every single one of you. It means a lot to me and Jason that you'll be part of our wedding." Aria stopped for a second just to take Jason's hand in hers "I have kind of an announcement to make, but I promise I'll be quick."

Aria took a deep breathe before saying something again.

"When I was a little girl I made a promise to my sister, Calliope, and she made a promise to me. We said that when we found the loves of our lives and decided to marry them, we'd be each other's maids of honors." Aria stopped one more time to look at Callie's expression. Her sister had a smile so big spread across her face that she couldn't help but smile too just by looking at it "I made the terrible mistake of not being hers and missing the most important day of her life."

Aria turned her head to face only Callie now. Her sister had tears in her eyes and her super big smile was still intact.

"I know I asked you earlier and you already said yes, but I would like to ask you again in front of the whole family. Will you be my maid of honor, Calliope?" Aria knew that was really cheesy, but she couldn't help herself. She didn't care about what Lucia or Pamela were thinking about now. She wanted Callie as her maid of honor and, liking or not, everyone would have to deal with that.

"Of course I do, Aria!" Callie said happily. She ran through where her sister was standing and gave her a tight hug.

"You can't be serious, Aria! What's the point of all of this?" Lucia blurted standing up from her sit but not leaving that spot.

"Mom, it's my wedding and I want Calliope to be my maid of honor. It's my and Jason's decision, not yours." Aria said with a strong voice.

"This is an absurd!" Lucia said angrily "What's happening to this family?"

"Lucia, please, just sit down and try to stay calm." Carlos said trying to get his wife to sit down next to him.

"No, Carlos. No puedo permitir algo así. How can Calliope stand in front of God being part of this wedding if she doesn't follow His divine orders?" Lucia was incensed. She couldn't believe Aria was making such a bad decision to her own wedding.

"Mom, just pay attention to me 'cause I'm only gonna say this once. I don't care what you think, I really don't. I spent years away from my sister 'cause I listened to your crazy talks and now she's finally by my side again. God loves Calliope, He loves me, you and everybody else in this room. That's what God is about, mother: Love." Aria said and a silence established in the room.

After some moments everybody was still basically staring at Lucia and Aria without knowing what else to do.

"I'll find a way to show you how wrong you are about making this decision." Lucia said and quickly turned around to go through the double-doors of the ballroom and disappear.

After Lucia's break down, the atmosphere in the ballroom became very heavy. People from the left side of the room didn't take long to go away. Carlos was the only one from that side still there.

"I'm so sorry about your mother." He said directly to Callie and Aria.

"Dad, I already told you that you don't have to apologize for what mom does." Callie said kindly.

"I know, Calliope. It's just that I feel so impotent. I feel like I don't stand up for you too much." Carlos was trying to avoid eye contact with Callie. She knew he felt embarrassed "I'm your father, it's my obligation to…"

"Dad! Look at me, please." Callie interrupted Carlos and made him look at her "Your only obligation is to love me unconditionally, and guess what? You do! That's all I need as far as I'm concerned."

Carlos gave his daughter a very emotional hug. He was fighting hard with himself not to cry.

"I love you, Calliope. Unconditionally!" Carlos said after pulling away from the hug.

"I love you too, dad." Callie smiled and gave her father another hug "Now let's go. It was a long day and I guess we all need to rest."

"You're right. I'll see you two tomorrow." Carlos said to Callie and Aria. He waved goodbye to the few people still present at the room and walked away.

"I should better get going too. I think I have a headache." Aria said and gave Callie a goodbye hug "I feel like it was all my fault."

"It wasn't, I can guarantee you that. And mom was gonna have to know sooner or later that I am your maid of honor, right?" Callie said smiling at her sister. She knew that was gonna make her feel better.

"I guess you have a point there." Aria said shyly and wrapped her arms around Callie again "Goodnight, Calliope. Sleep well."

"You too." Callie said and turned around to find Arizona. She was still at their table with everybody else.

"Well, I think I really need to sleep right now." Maribel said standing up and grabbing Antonio's hand.

"Aunt Maribel, I don't wanna abuse of your goodwill, but could you please take Sofia to her bedroom before you go to your own?" Callie asked embarrassed. She hated to ask for people's favors "Arizona and I kinda promised these girls a little chat." Callie pointed to Santana, Brittany and Quinn, who just stayed still.

Quinn thought she was gonna get rid of the talk because of the recent big scandal, but apparently she was wrong.

"No problem, Callie. The kids' room is right next to mine anyway." Maribel said kindly "And never be embarrassed about asking me to do anything for you, ok?"

"Ok, Maribel. Thank you so much." Maribel nodded and signed to Antonio to take a very sleepy Sofia up in his arms.

When Antonio and Maribel disappeared from view with Sofia, Callie looked around. There wasn't anybody else in the ballroom, just some employees cleaning up the floor and tables.

"You guys wanna talk here or…?" Callie tried to ask, but Quinn quickly interrupted her.

"No!" She said with urge "Can we please talk in your bedroom?"

Callie didn't know what was wrong with Quinn, but she knew it was something important. She signed to everybody get up and, in an awkward silence, they got to Callie and Arizona's bedroom.

"I'll just put Timothy in his crib." Arizona broke the silence as soon as everybody was inside the bedroom.

While Arizona was carefully putting her son in the crib, Callie, Santana, Brittany and Quinn went to a little space on the corner of the bedroom that had two armchairs and a two-sit-couch in front of them. Callie sat on one of the armchairs and Quinn and Santana took the two spots on the couch, leaving Brittany to sit on her girlfriend's lap.

No longer after, Arizona joined the four women and sat down on the remaining spot at the other armchair.

"Ok, I'm here." Arizona said just to break the silence again. She looked towards Callie and encouraged her wife to say something.

"So…" Callie started a little unsure of what to say "What's going on?"

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