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Let's talk about it

"So…" Callie started a little unsure of what to say "What's going on?"

Quinn felt like she was gonna have a panic attack after Callie's question. What was she even supposed to say anyway? Maybe she wasn't comfortable with the fact that she didn't know Callie and Arizona enough to talk about the mess she was right now.

No, it wasn't that.

Quinn knew she could talk to the older women. She liked them so much already and they seemed to like her too. She felt she could trust them. Besides, Santana and Brittany were also there with her, they were her best friends. Quinn knew she had to say something, but what? How?

"Quinnie, just talk." Brittany said softly and took Quinn's hand in hers. She squeezed it a little bit and smiled at her best friend.

That made Quinn feels better. Her friends were by her side and would help her deal with whatever was going on inside of her head and, well, her heart too. They would help her understand.

"I might like someone I shouldn't like. But I don't know if I really like them. I feel confused and it's just so soon." Quinn blurted in a low voice. She sounded really sad.

"Quinn, that's pretty vague." Santana said trying to sound kind. She saw how upset Quinn was when she provoked her about Emily's stuff earlier that night, so she decided not to behave like a bitch "Just tell them who you like so they can understand what's so bad about it. And don't give them the 'might' bullshit 'cause you totally like her."

"Oh, it's a she?" Arizona said thinking that was the reason why Quinn was looking so confused and afraid "I understand you are confused, Quinn. I guess we all do."

"No, it's not about the fact she's a she." Quinn said in a low voice again. She couldn't look at any of the women in the room, so she decided to stare at the floor.

"Now I don't understand anymore." Arizona said with a confused voice.

"Wait, Quinn, are you gay?" Callie asked trying to understand things. She was just as confused as Arizona about the situation.

"I don't like labels, ok? I like people." Quinn muttered still facing the floor.

"Quinn, if you don't tell them the real problem's name, they can't help." Santana said still trying to sound kind.

"Emily's not a problem." Quinn blurted without thinking about it. Her eyes went wide after realizing what she had just said.

The room was quiet for seconds that felt more like hours to Quinn. She was so having that panic attack any time soon.

"That's who you like, Quinn? Emily?" Callie asked softly and Quinn slowly raised her head up to face the brunette.

"There's just something about her, okay? I can't say for sure what it is." Quinn said a little faster then she intended to. Now that she opened her mouth to speak, it seemed like she couldn't stop the words from coming anymore "I know we don't even know each other, but there's this thing about her that's driving me crazy. I feel like a mad person. How can I care about her so much already? How can I have all these feelings for this girl that just came into my life?"

Quinn felt like crying, but she held the tears inside. She couldn't cry, she was vulnerable enough already.

"Oh, sweetie, that's just how these things work." Arizona said smiling kindly at the blonde in front of her.

"What do you mean?" Quinn asked Arizona confused about the older woman's smile.

"Feelings. Falling in love with someone." Arizona explained "It just takes one look at the right person to make you feel the butterflies in your stomach."

"I don't even know if we like the same kinda music or what her favorite color is. I know nothing about Emily…" Quinn then realized she didn't even know Emily's last name as well.

"Fields." Santana said trying not to laugh at her best friend falling in love with her weird cousin. She knew the situation was messed up and that Quinn was probably gonna get hurt, but she never saw the blond falling in love with anyone else before and finally seeing it was funnier then she thought it would be "And I don't know what the hell is her favorite color, but I guess you could just ask Emily."

"I'm not asking her anything. I can't get to know her and I can't let these feelings grow. There's no way this story will have a happy ending." Quinn felt like crying. She wanted to get to know Emily. She wanted her feelings to grow. She wanted to love Emily, and wanted the brunette to love her back.

"What if it does?" Brittany always thought people should fight for love and for the things they believed was true. If Quinn had feeling for Emily, then she should make a move without thinking about the consequences.

"Brittany, there's no way on earth Emily likes girls." Quinn sounded almost disappointed. She knew Emily would never be hers.

"And even if she did, she wouldn't go for it. Aunt Pamela controls Emily's life. She's like a little scared puppy." Santana said annoyed with the fact her cousin was such a pussy "Oh, no, wrong comparison. Puppies are cute."

"Babe, you shouldn't say Emily's not cute when you two are so look alike." Brittany said innocently and Santana smirked.

"Oh, no babe. Told you already, I'm way hotter than the perfect little swimmer." Brittany had to agree. Her girlfriend was smoking!

"Is that true? What you said before?" Quinn asked directly to Santana.

"That Emily's a swimmer?" Santana asked confused "It's true."

"Not that! What you said about Pamela controlling Emily." An idea had crossed Quinn's mind and she felt hope growing inside of her.

"Hey, Q, I know you're weirdly in love now, but I told you this already. Emily does what her mom wants her to do. Has always been like this and will probably always be." Santana said rolling her eyes. How could her cousin, blood of her own blood, be so damn stuck and submissive? Well, she definitely inherited that from Wayne's family.

"Is the feelings talking or I might me right to say that there's something big going on with Emily?" Quinn asked with a louder voice this time. Her mind racing with the millions of ideas popping into it.

"What exactly do you mean, Quinn?" Callie asked unsure of what the blond girl was going with this. She noticed the subtle change in Quinn's expression. If all she had a couple of minutes ago was a sad façade, now it was full of hope and realization.

"There must be a reason why Emily doesn't stand for herself. She's afraid of her mother, okay, I get it. But she's afraid of something else too. Something bigger." Quinn didn't know exactly what this big thing could be, but she knew she had to find out. She needed to help Emily, even knowing she was gonna get hurt in the end. Quinn had this feeling that she could do anything for the brunette.

"Are you doing something about it?" Arizona asked hesitating a little bit. She knew Quinn could get seriously damaged, emotionally speaking, if she tried to get closer to Emily, but she also knew love was the most unpredictable feeling of all. Anything could happen when love was involved.

"I know I shouldn't, I know I'll probably gonna mess up every little thing inside of me, but I have to help her. Something's wrong, I know it is, and I care about her so much. I'm scared, but I wanna be around her. I don't know how to explain, but I know what I have and want to do." Quinn couldn't be more certain of the way she was gonna deal with Emily. She had to take a risk, had to try and had to help her with whatever the crap she was dealing with was.

"I'm not trying to be a mood killer here, but let's not forget what Emily did tonight." Santana said reminding Quinn how Emily walked away from them without even saying why before getting into the ballroom for dinner.

"She looked scared. And she said she was sorry." Quinn tried to defend Emily, but even with her feelings for the girl, she knew what the brunette had done earlier was something bad.

"It was still a shitty move, Q. Emily's a child." Santana rolled her eyes.

"And you're so an adult, Santana." Callie said sarcastically and made everyone laugh. That made the atmosphere in the room lighter.

"At least I have balls to do what I believe is right, not what bitch two says so." Santana was smirking now and her voice sounded really cocky.

"Maybe you wouldn't be so badass if Pamela was your mom, not Maribel."Quinn answered back to Santana and she could see that made the Latina think.

"Of course I would be badass, I'm Santana Lopez. But what you said actually makes sense, so point taken." Santana had to admit that maybe Emily could be a different person if she wasn't raised by Pamela. The woman was such a bitch.

Suddenly Brittany yawned and everyone instantly looked at her.

"Sorry. Keep going." Brittany said noticing the subtle attention on her and yawned again.

"I guess we should all get some sleep. It was a long day." Quinn said and only then she noticed how tired she was.

"We don't need to leave just 'cause I'm sleepy. I'm just a little bit sleepy, I swear." Brittany really didn't want to be the reason why the conversation stopped, but she was way sleepier than just a little bit.

"It's fine, B. It was really good to be able to open myself for you guys and I appreciate all the attention and effort to make me feel better." Quinn gave the girls around her the best smile she could manage to give right now "S, even you tried to sound kind and it was a pretty awesome gesture. Just don't do that again, your kind voice is only cute with Brittany."

Santana nodded in agreement and smiled happily. Then she tightened her arms around Brittany a little bit more.

"If you need anything, just ask us, ok? And if you need to talk, we're always here for you." Callie said kindly and Arizona nodded with a big smile spread across her face.

"I will, definitely. I guess now I just have to try things by myself." Quinn said feeling a little scared and anxious about her ideas for getting close to Emily and making the girl trust her. Nothing would happen between then romantically speaking, but Quinn Fabray was a hell of a friend.

All four women stood up from their sits and Santana, Brittany and Quinn said their goodbyes to Callie and Arizona before leaving the couple's room.

Callie and Arizona changed into pajamas and brushed their teeth before finally laying down on the bed. They were exhausted!

"I still can't believe Quinn has feelings for Emily." Callie commented and Arizona nodded.

"I don't actually know Emily and just saw her at dinner tonight, but if what Santana says about her is true, than Quinn is in big trouble." Arizona didn't know if any of this craziness was gonna be ok in the end, but she believed in the power of love. She believed people had to try fighting for things that made sense to them, so she supported Quinn's choice of getting closer to the girl she felt so much for.

"Santana is right and that's what bothers me. I like Quinn so much already and don't wanna see her feeling like crap because she's in love with the girl she'll never have." Callie said sincerely. She was worried about Quinn, but trusted her decisions "You know what? Maybe Quinn is right and there's more about Emily's behavior than we know, maybe she's hiding something, maybe she's afraid of things bigger than her mother."

"Let's just pray for things to end up well." Arizona said and pulled the sheets over her and Callie. She brought her wife's body closer to hers and cuddled with the brunette.

"That's what we can do for now." Callie replied Arizona and made herself comfortable into the blonde's embrace.

Both of them didn't take long to fall asleep.

"You can sleep in our couch if you like." Santana proposed to Quinn. The two girls were with Brittany standing by the door of the couple's bedroom.

"It's fine, S. I decided to talk to Emily, remember? I'm not running away from her!" Quinn said and then noticed Santana's worried eyes "Are you worried about me, Santana?"

"You're my best friend, Q. But I'm not getting all cheesy with you so just drop it." Then Quinn knew for sure Santana was worried about her. It was a good feeling having the Latina this protective over her. Quinn felt loved.

"I love you, S." Quinn smiled and Santana stuck her tongue out to the blonde "Now get inside and put Brittany in bed 'cause she's looking like a zombie."

"No, I'm not. I don't like zombies, they eat people's brains." Brittany mumbled like a little child and Santana giggled.

"Baby, you don't look like a zombie, and even if you did, you'd be the most beautiful zombie of all." Santana said kindly to Brittany, who smiled lovingly to her girlfriend.

"See? Kind voice is only cute with Brittany." Quinn said and the two other girls laughed.

"Goodnight, Fabray. We'll see each other in the morning." Santana hugged Quinn and Brittany did the same. After Quinn said her goodnight too, the couple got into their bedroom and closed the door behind them.

Quinn went closer to her own bedroom door and stared at it for a couple of minutes. Was Emily asleep already? Was Emily even in there?

Well, there was just one way to find out.

Quinn opened the door very carefully making sure she didn't do a lot of noises. She didn't wanna wake Emily up if the girl was there and sleeping.

The room was a little too dark, but Quinn noticed that Emily was there. The brunette was laid facing the wall, so there was no way to tell if she was sleeping or not. Everything was too quiet, but it didn't take long for Quinn to hear a low sniff.

"Emily? Are you ok?" Quinn asked in a worried voice. She slowly got closer to Emily's bed.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Emily's voice was shaky and she didn't turn around to face Quinn. She knew that even with the dark room, she wasn't gonna be able to hide her crying face.

"Do you wanna talk about something?" Quinn sounded worried again. As Emily didn't reply to that, the blonde decided to take a sit on an empty spot of the girl's bed and gently started to stroke her hair. Quinn knew how comforting the action was and how it could calm anyone down "Really, Emily, if you need anyone to talk, don't forget I'm right here."

Emily suddenly turned her whole body around and decided to face the beautiful blonde in front of her. Quinn instantly noticed that Emily's face was slightly red and swollen. If there was doubt before, now there wasn't any left. Emily had definitely been crying, probably a lot.

"Why are you being nice to me?" Emily asked looking directly to Quinn's eyes. The brunette felt tears coming to her eyes again.

"You're crying, so something is definitely wrong. I like you, Emily, and I would love to help you with whatever it is that's bothering you." Emily felt the sincerity in Quinn's voice and her heart beat faster.

"You like me? Even after what I did?" Emily felt ashamed. She was such an asshole earlier that night with Quinn, Santana and Brittany and, even so, Quinn was still saying she liked her and offering her help.

"Of course I like you, even after what you did. But I would really appreciate if you told me why you did that and why are you crying." Quinn's voice was sweet and caring and Emily felt lucky to have the girl around. She wished the blonde could be around her every single moment of every single day.

"My mom thinks I'm the perfect daughter, you know? She always tells people how great I am and how bright my future will be. She's so proud of me all the time." Emily said trying to avoid eye contact with Quinn, otherwise she was gonna go back to crying for sure "I'm always afraid of doing stuff and being myself 'cause I don't want her to be disappointed with me. I respect her decisions and obey her rules. It drives me crazy to accept some things she does or think, but I force myself to do it. I force myself 'cause I could never deal with her reaction to the person I really am."

"You can't do that, Emily. You can't pretend you're something you're not just to please your mother." Quinn said trying not to sound too serious "I know it's hard to see a parent disappointed with you, believe me, I know. But parents should love you no matter what, they should love you for who you are, not for who they want you to be."

"I know that, I really do. It's just… It's more complicated than it seems." Emily sounded so miserable that Quinn just wanted to hold her tight "There are things about myself that could make my mom hate me."

Quinn's hazel eyes found Emily's brown ones and the two girls just stared at each other for a while. Emily's heart was beating even faster than before and she felt an urge to get closer to the blonde.

"I think you should be honest with her and live your life the way you wanna live it." The girls' eyes were still locked and they just couldn't look away.

"The idea of being honest with her freaks me out." Emily said weakly. Quinn felt really bad for the girl in front of her, so she just took Emily's hand in hers and squeezed them together a little bit.

Quinn's touch made a shiver go down Emily's spine. The brunette could almost listen to the super fast beat of her heart right now. Having Quinn's hands on hers felt so right and so awesome that Emily wished she didn't have to ever let them go.

"What's so bad about yourself that will make your mother hate you?" Quinn asked curiously without breaking eye contact and without letting Emily's hands go.

"I'm sorry, Quinn, but I'm not prepared to talk about this. Maybe I'll never will." Emily finally broke the two girls' eye contact. She couldn't look at Quinn anymore. She had so much she wanted to say, so much she wanted the other girl to know, but she was scared, she was terrified actually.

"You will one day, and I just want you to know that when this day comes I'll wanna listen to what you have to say, ok?" Emily looked at Quinn again and the blonde girl was smiling. She had such a perfect smile! Emily couldn't help herself from smiling back.

"Thanks, Quinn. You're awesome!" Emily felt she blushed after complimenting Quinn and she was hoping the blonde didn't notice.

"You're welcome, Em." Quinn said sweetly and Emily giggled because of the nickname "Oh, sorry. It's okay to call you Em?"

Emily thought it was adorable the way Quinn looked embarrassed after the nickname thing. Just so adorable!

"Of course it is." Emily said smiling and Quinn smiled back at her.

"So, can I ask you something, Em?" Quinn's voice was a little more serious now. She didn't really wanted to make Emily upset, but she needed to ask something.

"Yeah, sure." Emily answered unsure if she really wanted to hear Quinn's question. However, she felt she could never say no to the blonde, so she just waited for her to talk again.

"Won't you spend any time with me, San and Britt during these two weeks? I mean, will you run away every time your mom's around?" Emily didn't answer at first, so Quinn decided to say something else "I'm sorry, it's just that I like spending time with you and I would really like to know you better. Brittany likes you too, I know that, and Santana, well, she could like you, I really believe she could."

"I don't know what to do." Emily started to cry and Quinn felt like she had just been punched in the stomach.

"Please, don't cry. I don't like to see you crying." Quinn said kinda desperate and instinctively wrapped her arms around the crying girl "I'm so sorry, I know it's hard. Just don't cry."

Emily was still sobbing, but she could feel the tears fading away. She felt extremely safe in Quinn's arms, like she belonged there.

The two girls stayed in silence for minutes, the only sound in the room coming from Emily's sobbing. They were still hugging and either of them wanted to let go.

Being so close to Quinn almost made Emily pass out. The blonde's arms around her where the best feeling on earth! It was kind, loving and comfortable. Emily knew that embrace wasn't just any embrace. There was feeling involved and it was so damn good.

When Quinn didn't listen to Emily's crying sounds anymore, she pulled away from the hug. She was afraid Emily was gonna think she was a weirdo or something. The absence of the brunette's body against her made Quinn's heart pound heavily.

"I wanna spend time with you too. And with Santana and Brittany." Emily said sincerely. She missed Quinn's arms wrapped around her body so bad "I'll try to do something. I have to, you know? And not just because of you guys, but for me."

"Take your time, I know this is big." Quinn said softly and put a small smile across her face "I'll be by your side if you need anything. Well, in theory. But, hey, we can still hang out in here."

Emily never felt happier being someone's roommate.

"Thank you very much, Quinn. You're being so kind with me and that's really nice of you. I don't feel like I deserve such good treatment." Emily said embarrassed. Quinn was being the best person in the whole world and she was still being the scared daughter who still lived by her mother's crazy orders. That sucked so much.

"You deserve, Emily." Quinn smiled one more time and stood up of Emily's bad "It's late and I'm a little tired. Kids took all my energy at the pool today. I guess I'm gonna sleep now."

"Yeah, it's pretty late already." Emily agreed. She didn't really want to stop talking to Quinn, but she knew it was gonna happen sooner or later "Goodnight, Quinn. Thank you for being so amazing with me."

"Goodnight to you too, Em. And like I said before, you're welcome." Quinn laid down on her bed and turned to the side to look at Emily "Hey, can I ask you another thing before we go to sleep?"

This time Quinn's voice wasn't serious, so Emily wasn't hesitant to answer 'sure'.

"I know it's lame, but what's your favorite color?" Emily wasn't for sure expecting that, but she thought it was cute of Quinn to ask. That girl was the cutest!

"It's green." Quinn couldn't help but smile at the brunette's answer. So their favorite color was the same. Adorable.

"May I ask you what's the interest in my favorite color?" Emily asked playfully and Quinn laughed a little.

"Just wanna get to know you, Em." Hearing Quinn say she wanted to get to know her made Emily feel inexplicable happy "By the way, my favorite color is also green."

The two girls went to sleep very happy that night. They both had butterflies in their stomachs. And they both knew they were falling in love.

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