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"Sanny, are you awake?" Brittany asked cautiously. She wanted to know if Santana was awake, but she didn't wanna wake up her girlfriend if she wasn't.

Santana wasn't awake until she heard Brittany's question though. She normally hated to be woken up and if the person cuddling with her were anyone else but her girlfriend she would probably go all Lima Heights on their asses. But it was Brittany, and there was no way on earth Santana would be mad at the blonde for waking her up. Or for anything else, actually.

"I'm awake, babe." Santana said lovingly and turned her body to lie face to face with her beautiful girlfriend. She put her hands on Brittany's waist and pulled her closer to give her a peck on the lips.

Brittany smiled and wrapped her arms around Santana's neck. She brought the brunette closer again for another kiss, this time it was a deeper one.

"What would you say about finishing what we started yesterday?" Brittany's voice was seductive and she didn't even wait for Santana's answer before starting to kiss the Latina's jaw line.

"I'd say that's an awesome idea." Santana shut her eyes enjoying the extraordinary feeling of Brittany's lips travelling on her skin.

Brittany went down her girlfriend's body without stopping kissing her once. When she finally got to the waistband of Santana's shorts, she looked up to see dark eyes on fire. Brittany knew the brunette was totally soaked right now.

"Would you like me to remove these, Sanny?" Brittany asked again with her seductive voice. Santana bit her lower lip and nodded, giving the blonde permission to take off her shorts.

"Please, babe. I need you." Santana pleaded with a voice full of desire. She was so turned on that she thought if Brittany didn't touch her right away she would explode.

When Brittany was about to take off Santana's sleeping shorts, the two girls heard loud knocks on the door.

"Not again!" Santana grumbled with her voice full of anger and frustration "I just wanna have sex, for God's sake!"

"Britt? San? Let me in, please." Quinn's voice came from the other side of the door in a mixture of happiness and confusion. She obviously wanted to talk about something.

Brittany left her position between Santana's legs and stood up to open the door for her best friend. Before opening it, she looked at her girlfriend and mouthed a 'later' to her. Santana rolled her eyes and put the sheets over her head.

Quinn got into the bedroom like a hurricane. Her smile was nervous and she looked like someone who just had fifteen cups of strong coffee.

"You guys will not believe in the talk I had with Emily last night!" Quinn said excited.

"That's it? That's why you interrupted my sex life again?" Santana grumbled from under the sheets "I can't even look at you right now, Quinn Fabray. I have the feeling I might kill you."

"Get over it, Santana. You can have sex anytime you want." Quinn said rolling her eyes, even knowing Santana wasn't able to see it.

"Apparently, I can't. And that's all your fault." Santana was still grumbling and feeling totally sexually frustrated. What a great way to start the day.

"Baby, let's listen to what Quinn has to say. It's a big deal, remember? I promise we'll continue from where we stopped after she leaves the room." Brittany said gently and then jumped on the bed right next to Santana. The blonde hugged her girlfriend tight and took off the sheets from over her head.

Santana didn't want to smile, because Quinn was there and the only thing the shorter blonde deserved right now was a death glare, but she couldn't control herself around Brittany. The girl had this amazing power of making her smile all the time.

"Fine. Let's hear what little killjoy here has to say." Santana said and pulled Brittany, who was now smiling widely, closer to her. Quinn sat on the edge of the bed facing her two best friends.

"So, Emily and I had a pretty awesome talk last night. I mean, I guess it was pretty awesome." Quinn said nervously biting her lower lip.

"Spit it out, Fabray!" Santana said without any patience. She was still pissed off because of Quinn's inconvenient interruption that morning, and yes, the night before.

"Okay, okay." Quinn took a deep and started to talk "Emily was crying when I got to the bedroom yesterday. I asked her what was wrong and she seemed really surprised with the fact that I cared."

"I don't blame her." Santana said in a super grumpy way and Brittany squeezed her hand tight "Sorry, go on."

"Sure. Well, I told her I liked her and that she could tell me whatever it was that was making her upset." Quinn continued with her story, but was quickly interrupted again, this time by her other best friend.

"Wait, you told her you liked her?" Brittany asked surprised. Quinn seemed so scared about her feelings for Emily that it didn't look possible that she already said them out loud to the girl.

"Not romantically speaking, Britt." Quinn explained and Brittany's surprised expression left her face immediately "Anyway, she told me she's afraid of disappointing her mother. She said something like not wanting her to hate her because of the person that she really is. She also said she hates a lot of things her mother does and thinks, but she forces herself to accept it, or at least deal with it."

"Told you she was a fuckin' coward." Santana said looking directly to Quinn, who rolled her eyes with impatience.

"You're not getting it, San. I see Pamela is a control freak and an extremely narrow-minded person, but it's not just because of her that Emily behaves like someone different than who she truly is." Quinn could see in Santana's face that her statement aroused her best friend's interest.

"Explain, Fabray." Santana said finally interest in that conversation.

"Emily's mother molded her in some sort of perfect daughter, which makes her afraid of showing who she is for real. She doesn't want Pamela to be disappointed with her. But I think that Emily is not just afraid of her mother, she's afraid of herself too. When I asked her what was so bad about herself that could even make Pamela hate her, Emily answered that she wasn't prepared to talk about it, and probably would never be." A lot of ideas were crossing Quinn's mind, but she couldn't be sure of any of them. What was this thing that was making Emily so terrified?

"And that means…?" Brittany asked slightly confused.

"That means Emily's hiding something from everybody. Deep inside she knows she's strong enough to go against her mother's wills and live her life the way she wants, but there's something that bothers her even more than Pamela does. There's something that scares her so much she rather live the way her mother wants her to live." Quinn knew she was right, she knew she only needed Emily to open herself up to her so she could help the girl she was falling for.

"Let me guess. You'll found out what's so fucked up about Emily and try to make things right?" Santana asked trying hard not to roll her eyes because of the stupidly cliché idea.

"Something like that." Quinn agreed smiling at her friend.

"Good luck with that, Q. As far as I know, Emily won't even spend time with you. She can't break mommy's rules." Santana said sarcastically. She knew she wasn't supposed to be a bitch right now, but she seriously thought Emily was a lost cause and was going to destroy Quinn's sappy heart.

"So wrong, Santana." Quinn's smile was victorious, making both Brittany and Santana confused "Emily said she wants to spend time with me. I mean, technically she said she wants to spend time with us, but whatever. She'll do something, I know she will. We just need to give her a little more time."

"Quinnie, if you need any kind of help, I'll be really glad to step in your plans. This is all so romantic. It's like you're Emily's prince charming who's fighting for her love. Can I be like your fairy godmother?" Brittany said excited and gave Quinn a huge smile.

"Thanks, Britt. And, yes, you can be my fairy godmother." Quinn said sweetly and reattributed the smile from the bubbly blonde "It means a lot."

Brittany cleared her throat and squeezed Santana's hand tight again. This time maybe I little too tight.

"Ouch!" Santana quickly got rid of Brittany's super tight squeeze "Okay, fine. You can count on me too, Quinn. There was no need to hit me, baby."

"Sorry, honey." Brittany apologized and looked down like a kid who knows that is in trouble.

"It's okay, Britt-Britt. I'm not mad." Santana said smiling and Brittany's face lighted up.

All three girls' attention suddenly turned to knocks on the bedroom's door.

"Anyone in there?" Callie's voice called from outside of the bedroom.

"Just a minute, Callie." Quinn answered and ran to open the door for Santana's cousin. Callie was standing on the doorstep alone with a genuine smile spread across her face.

"Good that you're here too Quinn, so I can talk to all of you at once." Callie said entering the room "Do you guys wanna go downstairs and grab some breakfast with me and Arizona?"

"That sounds great." Quinn said smiling at Callie.

"It really does, but Britt and I will have to refuse the invitation." Santana smirked and looked into Brittany's eyes "We're eating something else."

"I'm eating something else." Brittany said looking seductively at her girlfriend.

"Gross." Quinn grumbled and rolled her eyes "We should better go, Callie. Santana is pretty horny this morning."

"I'm always pretty horny, Fabray." Santana said still smirking "You two have a good breakfast."

"See you later, girls." Callie said to Santana and Brittany, who weren't paying attention at her at all. The older Latina had to hold her laugh while leading Quinn out of the bedroom, closing the door behind them.

"So, Britt-Britt." Santana said seductively and pulled the blonde closer to her "Where were we exactly before Fabgay drama?"

Brittany didn't even bother to answer. She kissed her girlfriend passionately and started ripping off her clothes. Santana couldn't be happier about it.

Emily was again stuck with her mother at the pool. The day was bright, everyone else was having fun, but not her. She kept replaying in her mind the conversation she had with Quinn the night before. Emily knew she needed to do something, and fast! She didn't want Quinn, or even Santana to think that she was coward, someone who wasn't strong enough to fight for what she believed in. The thing was that going against her mother's wills wasn't exactly the whole problem. If Emily wanted people to know her for who she truly was, she needed to come out, and that was terrifying. Pamela would already be disappointed to know that her only daughter didn't agree with her way of thinking, but she would definitely be devastated to know Emily wasn't just in favor of GLBT, but in fact part of the community.

Emily was so immersed in thoughts that she didn't notice Quinn getting to the opposite side of the pool with Callie, Arizona, Santana and Brittany.

"I feel uncomfortable just looking at them." Pamela commented and Emily suddenly paid attention to what was happening. She looked to where her mother's eyes were on and saw the happiness all five women were sharing.

Callie and Arizona were sitting on the edge of the shallowest part of the pool and playing with a smiling Timothy, who was certainly enjoying the water and his mom's company. Santana and Brittany were lied down next to each other on different sunbeds, their hands wrapped together. Quinn, in hers turn, seemed to be having a lot of fun playing with Sofia.

Emily couldn't help but stare at the smiley blonde so close yet so far away from her. Once in a while, their eyes would lock and Emily would feel terrible for not being able to be next to Quinn right now. She could be having fun and enjoying the beautiful day with the girl she was falling for, but no, she was still too afraid for that.

"Lucia, you have to talk to Aria about this whole Calliope being the maid of honor thing. It's insane." It's than that Emily noticed what her mom and aunt were still talking about. Didn't they get tired of judging and fighting against it?

"I know! I can't even think about a plausible reason why she would do that. What Aria has in mind? God, I don't get it. It looks like the whole family is turning upside down." Lucia seemed disappointed and angry at the same time.

Emily sincerely thought her aunt and mother had some kind of block in their heads. How couldn't they see that Aria just wanted her sister to be her maid of honor? She wanted the person she promised years ago that would have a special spot on her even more special day. Was it that hard to get?

"Not the whole family, sister. We can still count on people thinking straight here." Pamela said with a hint of proud in her voice.

"You should talk to Wayne, you know? Yesterday he seemed pretty ok with this situation saying all that stuff about love is all that matters." Lucia said looking directly at Pamela, who just nodded.

"I intend to do that soon." Pamela said with a serious tone.

The two sisters kept talking about the same subject for what seemed hours for Emily, who was already fed up with it. She didn't want to listen to that bullshit anymore. If she stayed next to her mom and aunt one more minute she was certainly gonna explode and say something stupid, so she decided to get up and go away from both of them.

Emily moved so fast Pamela didn't even got the chance to ask her where she was going. Wayne, who was watching his daughter for a while know, noticed the mixture of sadness and anger on Emily's face. He knew something wasn't right. He also knew he had to find out what it was.

Callie was definitely having fun today. She was surrounded by good company, and every single person around her seemed to be just happy. She was feeling so great she even decided to ignore the death glares her mom and aunt were giving her from the other side of the pool. They didn't matter right know, they wouldn't ruin her perfect day; no one would.

"Honey, I think our little boy really enjoys being inside the water." Arizona said with a smile on her face. She was staring at little Timothy with so much love in her eyes that Callie's heart melted.

"He's a smart boy. The water is great today!" Callie said excited "We should totally swim a little later."

"We sure should." Arizona agreed still smiling.

Callie loved every single thing about Arizona, but the blonde's smile was definitely on her top ten favorite things about her wife. She once had said that when Arizona smiles at you, everything gets better, and that was the truth. Sometimes Callie would feel down about losing a patient, or about being too tired after a long shift at the hospital, but when she got home and saw Arizona's bright smile directed just to her, the whole world would light up. Callie knew she was the luckiest of all women for having found Arizona and she was grateful for that every day.

"Hey, Calliope; Arizona. Beautiful day, ahn?" Carlos suddenly showed up with a big smile spread across his face. Callie and Arizona turned their heads to face the older man.

"Hey, dad!" Callie greeted Carlos happily and Arizona did the same "The day is perfect! Sunny days aren't common in Seattle so we intend to get the best out of them while we're here."

"You do that."Carlos said still smiling at the two women in front of him "Calliope, your sister asked me to tell you she'll have to push you guys' conversation for tomorrow."

"Oh. And why is that?" Callie asked curiously.

"She's out of the ranch for today. She went to Lima with Jason to finish shopping for the wedding or something. I actually don't know for sure." Carlos explained.

"It's fine then. We can totally talk tomorrow." Callie would rather have that talk sooner than later, but she understood Aria was busy with the wedding preparations. She knew how much stuff had to be put together to make the big day absolutely impeccable.

"Well, my message is given so if you two excuse me, I need to go check out some things for tonight's dinner. See you later." Carlos said and then started to walk away.

"See you later." Callie and Arizona answered in unison.

The couple played a little more with Timothy in the water before going to lie down in their sunbeds and relax a bit. Maribel, who was sitting relativity close to them, was again happy to be with Timothy for a while. Callie was really glad about the fact her little boy was so loved by her (by far) favorite aunt.

"I never thought I would see you again, cousin." Callie had her eyes closed, but she could tell without any doubts from whom that voice belonged to. She opened her eyes and was met with deep brown ones staring at her with some kind of void expression.

"Mario." Callie said unsure if it was right to smile or not. She didn't know if her cousin was with her or against her "You are much taller than I remember."

Then Callie noticed the other man beside Mario. Of course Landon was there with him. Those two were inseparable since birth. Mario was Mariana and Julia's brother and Landon was Simon's one, but they didn't seem like it. Mario and Landon always had this special bond, like they were twins or something.

"You changed a lot too, Landon." Callie continued still unsure of what to do or say.

"Just grew up." Landon said vaguely. His expression looked like Mario's one.

Silence was settled between the three cousins. The atmosphere was actually heavy and Callie felt something was wrong. Arizona seemed to have felt it too, because she was now sitting straight at her own sunbed and was resting her right hand on her wife's thigh.

"You know, Landon and I decided we weren't going to talk to you for obvious reasons, but we just couldn't help it. We feel like we should say something about all of this." Mario said pointing to Callie and Arizona and also to Santana and Brittany, who were lied down on sunbeds right next to the other two women's ones. Santana smelled trouble coming from the two guys, so she decided to take over a protective position over her cousin, Arizona and, of course, Brittany.

"I don't see where you wanna get with this, Mario." Callie said with a serious voice. She put a hand over Arizona's one resting on her thigh and squeezed it a little bit.

"It's simple. We're rational people, so we understand how wrong this thing you insist on doing is." Mario said and sighed to Landon to continue.

"We're here to warn you. We saw you speaking with our siblings yesterday and we wanna let you know we don't wanna see it again." Landon's tone was threatening and both his and Mario's glares had changed from void to scary.

"And, most important, stay away from our nephews and nieces. Children tent to copy everything they see and the last thing this family needs is more sinful behavior." Mario completed and then stayed silent. Landon and he just kept staring at Callie and Arizona and sporadically at Santana and Brittany.

Callie knew she needed to say something, but she didn't know what. Her heart had broken with her cousins words and she was afraid that if she opened her mouth she was going to cry.

Noticing Callie wasn't going to answer the douchebags standing in front of her, Santana decided she needed to step in. Mario and Landon weren't actually her cousins as they were from Callie's paternal side of the family and she was from the maternal one, but what the hell? Santana had her pride, her vicious words and her willing to kick idiots' asses.

"Why don't you guys go back to the prehistoric cave you came from and leave us all alone?" Santana said aggressively and Mario and Landon turned their heads to stare at her.

"Shut up, Santana. We weren't even talking to you." Landon said and Mario nodded.

"No, you were just staring and pointing at me and my girlfriend. And for the record, even if you two creepy assholes weren't doing that, I would still step in this ridiculous conversation 'cause you're saying a lot of crap to my cousin and her wife. So I suggest you two move your bitchy asses from here right now 'cause I have rage and I'm not gonna regret going all Lime Heights on you, which is actually happening at any minute now." Santana could see she intimidated both Mario and Landon. The two guys stepped back a little and kept their mouths' shut.

"You two should leave now." Arizona said firmly.

"We'll go, but just because we already said what we had to say." Mario said trying not to look at any of the women's eyes, especially Santana's.

"Just remember, stay away from our families." Landon completed and the two guys started to walk away.

"Fuck off, you fuckin' hypocrites!" Santana said loud enough for Mario and Landon to still hear it from where they were. The two of them stopped and turned around with scornful smirks on their faces. They were staring directly at Santana this time.

"You know what, Santana? I know I never actually said it before, but you're totally hot. It's a damn waste you being with girls when you could get pretty much any guy you want." Mario said provocatively. Santana got more and more pissed off with every word that came out of his mouth.

"And may I say you're girlfriend is not that bad herself? I mean, I would totally go for her if…" Santana didn't let Landon finish his sentence. She didn't think twice before running towards him and grabbing his neck violently.

"DON'T EVER TALK ABOUT MY GIRL AGAIN, SON OF A FUCKIN' BITCH!" Santana yelled grabbing everyone's attention to her. Her hands were still tight against Landon's neck, who was trying hard to take them of there. But Santana was stronger than he thought, and, well, she was extremely pissed.

"Honey, come on! He's not worth the trouble." Brittany said wrapping her arms around Santana's waist and trying to pull her backwards.

Feeling Brittany's touch always calmed Santana down, so she let go of Landon's neck and tried to breathe a little. Brittany's embrace became tighter and Santana gave in it as much as she could.

"You hurt me, bitch!" Landon said loud with his hands around his injured neck.

"Go away you two! Don't you think you already done enough?" Callie said with a hard tone while approaching Santana to see if she was ok. Arizona, Maribel and Quinn were right behind her.

Mario and Landon left without saying anything else. Cowards.

"S, are you okay?" Quinn asked with obvious worry in her voice.

"I'm fine. Just hoping Landon's neck isn't though." Santana's voice showed she was still pissed off, but a little less than just seconds before.

"Santana Lopez, what did we talk about aggressive behavior?" Maribel asked trying to sound like a tough mother. She failed miserably. She wasn't good playing the angry mom role and, truth be said, she was kinda happy her daughter kicked at least one of the two guys asses. Of course she would never admit it out loud.

"No one talks about Britt. No one!" Santana said with a hard tone and pulled Brittany closer to her. She was a protective girlfriend and she loved her girl more than she ever thought she could love anyone. Landon had no right to say a single word about Brittany.

"I like it when you're all protective over me, Sanny. But, please, try not to hit anyone else, okay? Especially people who are not even worth fighting with." Brittany said proudly and sweetly. Santana smiled for the first time since her breakdown.

"Santana, please, listen to your girlfriend and don't do that again. Violence is not the way to solve problems." Callie said firmly trying to make Santana look her in the eyes.

"I'm not doing it again, I promise." Santana said annoyed.

"Make sure you don't, Santana. You know the rules." Maribel said trying to remind her daughter about what she had promised in return for Brittany's presence.

"I already said I'm not doing it again! Geez!" Santana replied her mother even more annoyed than before "Do you wanna go to our room, babe? I could really use a nap and some cuddling right now." The brunette asked directly to her girlfriend.

"Sure, Sanny. Let's go. I'll make you a massage too." Brittany said excited. Santana knew her girlfriend had already forgotten about what happened. Brittany normally just focuses on the good stuff and tries to leave the bad ones aside and Santana admires that on her. The blonde is always happy and with her big smile across her angelical face.

Santana and Brittany said their goodbyes to the people around them and quickly walked away with arms around each other. Quinn left too, saying that a nap was actually a spectacular idea.

"What a mess!" Arizona commented to Callie and Maribel.

"Tell me about it, babe. Tell me about it!" Callie agreed and thought about how this whole family reunion thing was getting a little too dramatic and, like Arizona said, messy.

When Quinn got to her room she wasn't surprised at all to find Emily in there. The two girls exchanged smiles and timid 'heys'.

"You will not believe what just happened at the pool." Quinn said kinda out of the blue and made Emily curious.

"What happened?" Emily's voice was full of curiosity and her eyebrows were wrinkled.

"Mario and Landon started to say a lot of crap to Callie and Arizona so Santana decided to tell them to fuck off. Then Landon said something about Brittany being good enough for him and Santana lost it! She flew to the guy's neck and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be bruised bad." Quinn resumed the story to Emily who now looked pretty shocked.

"What jerks! Who do they think they are?" Emily said with a hint of anger in her voice.

"Definitely not big fans of gay people, I supposed." Quinn said naturally and Emily swallowed hard. Of course Mario and Landon were saying crap about Callie and Arizona's sexuality. Too freakin' obvious.

"Em? Are you even listening to me?" Quinn asked and made Emily realize she turned off for a little while.

"Sorry, Quinn. I was just thinking about some stuff." Emily answered vaguely.

The brunette was thinking about so many things at the same time she thought her head was gonna explode. Emily was always worried about her mother's reaction when she finds out she's gay, but what about the other people? What about her family? What about Spencer, Aria and Hanna? Would their friends be ok with it? Would her father be?

Suddenly, Emily's fears multiplied and she felt like she wasn't even able to breathe anymore.

"Emily, are you okay? Do you need to talk about anything?" Quinn said trying to sound supportive and friendly, but when Emily didn't answer her, she decided to say something else "Hey, look at me!" Quinn demanded and Emily did just like she asked "I'm here for you, okay? And I can see you need to unload a lot of things, so please, talk to me."

Emily looked right into Quinn's hazel eyes and felt like she was going to cry. She wanted to tell everything to the girl in front of her, she needed to take some of the weight of her shoulders, but she couldn't. At least not now.

"I'm not ready, Quinn." Emily sniffed and Quinn didn't think twice before pulling the girl into a hug.

"Can I do anything for you right now? I mean, is there anything you need right now that I can give you?" Quinn asked softly with her mouth very close to Emily's ear.

"There're actually a couple of things, Quinn." Emily said between sobs "First I need time till I'm ready, I need patience." Quinn nodded and sighed to Emily to continue "The other thing I need is for you to keep hugging me."

Quinn's heart melted with Emily's wish. The brunette's voice was shy and failing because of the crying, but it still managed to be sweet and loving. Quinn couldn't stop the smile that came to her face.

"I'm good with that, Em." Quinn said with a voice full of care and love.

Quinn hugged Emily tighter and, instinctively, the brunette's hands found their way to Quinn's waist. They stayed like this for a long time, silent, just thinking about everything and anything at the same time. Neither of the girls wanted to pull away and break the hug. It felt safe, if felt good and it felt right.

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