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That Night.

Chapter 1.

Joey had never been able to forget that night. It was tattooed on his brain, a permanent scar he would always remember. And it wasn't just because it had led to him losing his job; a job he'd loved since the day he'd started there. No, that night from five months ago was still so clear to him because that had been the night he'd met her. It had also been the night Joey fell in love for the first time.


The bar had been busy that night. He had been run off his feet for nearly two hours and he was longing for his break as it meant he'd get a chance to catch his breath and have some time away from the demanding customers. The music in the club was loud and he was sure it would lead to hearing problems for him in the future as he worked here six nights a week. Tonight was a typical night for the club, it was filled to almost bursting and at times Joey wondered if security had let in too many people because they seemed to be everywhere. In fact the queue for his section of the bar was lengthening all the time, regardless of however many customers he served. As he served his current one he glanced up and that was the first moment he saw her. It was just a fleeting glimpse of her really, there were too many customers in his way to get a proper look but he knew it sent shivers through him and she took his breath away. His customer moved away and the next stepped forward, his eyes darted once more to the brunette that had caught his attention and for a second he was sure he imagined she was looking at him, hoping she was really raking her eyes up and down his body. He turned back to his customer and flashed a wide smile at the women before him. She wasn't a patch on the beauty he longed to serve but the smiles and flirting sometimes got hefty tips, all of which were his to take. That was the really good thing about this job, no sharing of any tips he got and Joey knew that in the looks department he had been blessed. Not that he was vain about it; he was just realistic enough to know that women appreciated the way he looked so he took advantage of that situation for his own financial gain. Where was the harm in that? Joey just hoped the beauty several customers back was of a similar mind.

He finished with the customer and again she was off. There were only two customers now until he got to serve her. He hoped more than anything that she didn't move to a different queue. He served the customer at the front quickly and soon she was gone as well, just one more girl to go. This one wanted a cocktail and he prepared it as fast as he could, needing to get rid of her quickly. He was almost desperate now to speak to HER, he hoped more than anything that she liked him too. He sighed internally when his customer couldn't find the money in her purse, rifling through it as embarrassment blossomed on her face. Joey looked at the girl behind her and when she caught his eye he smirked at her and then winked as well, just for the hell of it. He was relieved when the money was finally handed to him and he turned and put it in the till. He turned back to the bar and there she was. So beautiful, her red halter neck top revealing an enticing amount of cleavage and a little bare flesh at her waist where it didn't quite meet the top of her tight jeans. Joey was in heaven and he just needed to convince the angel before him to spare him some time. He rested his hands on the bar, knowing this showed his toned arms beneath his white shirt to full affect and smiled at her, "What can I get you?" he asked her.

"Vodka and coke, please." She replied and he smiled again.

Joey stepped away from her and got the shot of vodka, his eyes glancing at her intermittently in the reflection of the mirror behind the bottles. Did he just imagine her staring at his ass? Quickly he turned back and poured some coke into the glass, with an added flourish that made her giggle. He put the glass down on the bar in front of her, "Anything else?" he said, staring intently into her eyes.

"A kiss would be nice..." she responded and it took his breath away, for so many reasons. Firstly she was flirting with him. Secondly her voice... well how she almost purred the words affected his body in ways that would've made a teenage boy squirm in his seat. For Joey though, he felt the desire shoot through him and he knew he wanted this girl. And for the love of all things holy he was going to have her.

"I don't know if I'm in your price range." He said, smiling widely.

"I think you'll find I can afford you," She said quickly and Joey was pleased to hear her flirting back at him.

Mind you, he would've had to have been an idiot not to see it, she wasn't exactly hiding it. And Joey was far from being an idiot. That being said, he knew he needed to move onto the next customer even if he'd happily just talk to this girl all night. His queue was getting no shorter. "Maybe later..." he told her, hoping she'd welcome his words, "I've got a break in a while."

"What time?" she asked, as eager as he'd hoped she'd be.

Joey glanced at his watch, "About 45 minutes..." His eyes widened slightly, his cock throbbing within his jeans when she reached over the bar and grabbed his wrist, glancing at his watch so she could see what the time was now. Having her touch his skin was electrifying, for a second Joey almost forgot to breathe. How he would get through the time before his break was unfathomable to him at that moment, the relatively simple task of breathing was currently difficult for him to grasp.

"See you then." She smiled at him brightly. And such a gorgeous smile it was. "How much do I owe you?"

"It's on the house." Joey told her, winking at her again, putting the money aside from tips he'd already gained for her drink. He watched her and could've sworn he saw her face flush slightly. Then she blew a kiss at him and Joey was a lost man. He watched her walk away, his eyes studiously watching her swaying hips, barely aware of the next two customers that he quickly despatched. He could see her standing at the far end of the bar and he longed to walk down to her, grab her in his arms and proceed to fuck her against the bar, in full view of the rest of the club if needs be. His need to touch her was growing as the minutes moved slowly by.

Finally forty five minutes had passed and Joey strode down the bar, heading in only one direction, towards the vision of beauty awaiting him. When he first got to her he could barely make himself look at her, it was just a small moment of self doubt. What if he'd read the situation all wrong? Then his hormones kicked in and he couldn't deny the desire climbing inside him. He wanted her now. Joey lifted his head and caught her eyes, watching as her pupils dilated under his gaze. He barely heard her welcome him with a soft "hi" before he grabbed her hand in his, continuing to stare into her eyes. He felt his heart race as he pushed her hair back from her face, his fingers grazing her ear as he tucked her hair behind it. The next thing Joey was aware of was when his lips met hers in a heated kiss. Then he tasted her, his tongue sweeping into her mouth and dancing with hers.

Her small hands grasped at the front of his shirt and she moaned as he deepened the kiss without even having to think about it. This seemed so natural to him. His whole life had been on standby, waiting for this moment and as she moaned into his mouth Joey wanted more. Both of them were short of breath when they pulled apart but Joey couldn't resist flirting with her a little more. "Did that meet your requirements?" he asked her, smirking again at her flushed expression.

"Not bad... Maybe you should run it by me again, just to make sure I caught all the finer details." Her response was witty and Joey could feel a previously undefined emotion shift within him.

"I think I can manage that." He said as he looked around the room. His eyes settled on a dark corner where they would be hidden from everyone and he knew what he was going to say to her. "Come with me?" he asked her gently, pleased when she quickly nodded in reply. His arm wrapped around her, pulling him against him and almost lifting her off her feet as he moved quickly to the place he'd spotted. Joey wasn't even sure if she'd noticed them move until he pressed her into the wall behind her and he saw her eyes darken. He slowly lowered his hands to her hips, his thumbs grazing the soft skin between her top and jeans. Her skin was hot and he wanted to feel more. With one step forward Joey pushed his body up against hers, pressing his hard cock against her stomach, testing the waters and waiting a response.

Her next move surprised him as she stood on her toes and put her arms around his neck. He almost fell apart as her fingers brushed through his hair and then she pulled his head down for a kiss and once more he was blown away by the sensation of her mouth on his. He could feel her trying to dominate the kiss but the man inside him couldn't let her take control and as he won the battle he heard her moan into his mouth and felt her hips push against him. It was all the encouragement he needed.

He grabbed at her body, his hands pushing under the material of her top and sweeping up to her chest, cupping her bra-free breasts eagerly. She writhed against him, her chest pushing into his hands and he felt her nipples harden as he touched her. His cock was as hard as it had ever been and Joey needed some relief from the pressure that was quickly building. He kissed her deeply again before moving his mouth to her jaw and neck. She tasted divine and he wasn't done with her yet.

He pulled away from her slightly and he saw the flash of disappointment in her eyes which quickly disappeared as he moved his hands to her jeans. He knew no one would be able to see her as he pushed her jeans and underwear down her legs, taking in the sight of her eagerly. She kissed him as he undid his own jeans, barely moving them out of the way as his need to be with her escalated and took over. He stared into her eyes as he pushed his cock into her, her soft moan a welcome sound to his ears. Her feet were no longer on the ground as he pressed her into the wall, his height above her and body strength forsaking her ability to stand, not that he was sure she'd be able to anyway. His hips had taken on a mind of their own as his hands one more caressed her chest. He was in sensory overload and as they both came, Joey was only slightly disappointed it was over so quickly.

He sagged against her, his breath heavy as he buried his head in her neck, kissing her skin softly. Eventually they pulled apart and began the quick process of straightening their clothes. Her breathy "Wow," echoing Joey's thoughts perfectly.

"I take it that was okay then?" He smirked at her as he finally did up his jeans.

"God yes." She whispered as she looked away from him and he could see she was embarrassed a little. When her fingers began to fiddle with the buttons of his shirt he had to stop her or he'd have to take her again and, unfortunately for him, his break was nearly over. So his hands covered hers, ceasing all movement.

"I need to get back to work," he said, glancing at his watch. He kissed her once more, taking his time with this kiss but hopefully showing her some of the emotion he was feeling. "I wish I could stay but I can't afford to lose my job."

"It's okay. I need to get back to my friends anyway." She said gently. He stepped away from her and that one step was almost the breaking of him. Her next words made him want to quit his job there and then but he knew he couldn't. "It was fun." She said before winking at him. Joey smiled at her, pleased to get one last look at that beauty before returning to his job, not realising how short-lived that was going to be.

He hadn't seen her again all evening and there was no hiding that he was disappointed by this. What surprised him more though was the intense reaction he'd had to her in the first place. In all his time here he'd never done anything like that with a customer before, not even a kiss. But with her he'd had full blown sex with her without a second thought. What was it about her that made her so different? The thing was he knew the answer to that question; he knew she was special.


When his shift ended Joey was called into his boss's office where he proceeded to get hauled over the coals regarding his disgraceful behaviour with a customer of the club. Someone had ratted on him and with his tips and wages for the night in hand Joey was escorted from the building, never to return. He wasn't sure he would make the same choice again, even if he knew what the eventual outcome would be.

As he was walking towards the tube station so he could get home Joey realised he didn't even know her name and he could kicked himself for being so stupid. He should have got her name. He should've told her his. He should've done many things, he realised but his most intense thought was how he should've arranged to see her again.

It turns out he was an idiot after all.


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