A.N.: This is a new project that I have been thinking for some time now that will be some kind of an AU of WITCH season 2 along with being a crossover with Jackie Chan Adventures. For starters, the first chapter plays a different ending of the episode "Powers that be" part 2, along with changes at some scenes.

Sore Loser: If I have to go down, then so does she

"No! This can't be happening! I was so close!"

Drago couldn't believe it. An hour ago, he was on top of the world, ready to initiate a new era for demons with him at the helm. Everything was going so well.

But now? Now he is hanging for dear life in a futile attempt to prevent his own banishment with his decrepit father holding him down through his tail.

It wasn't fair. This moment was supposed to be the beginning of his rule, his own kingdom of demons. At least his father and the rest of his uncles and aunts had their own time of ruling the world. Even the Oni had their turn. But he didn't. Even his first attempt, though it was in his father´s name, was denied. All because of her. His true nemesis.


Drago could see her, safely in the arms of Hak Foo of all people. Seeing his downfall while being protected by her family and friends. Yes, looking at her he could see the Jade of his own time. The same brown eyes that challenged and mocked him at the same time. Even her current clothes reminded him of that Jade. The Jade back there was a constant nuisance, even after she realized that she couldn't stop him and his army of demons. And instead of accepting defeat, she had to travel back in time, team up with her young self and both had to find a way of ruining his victory, his future and above all else his destiny.

Yes, she was the one who tainted his fate. Not Jackie Chan, nor the two chi wizards or the so called J-team. Although it was them that turned to defeat what was supposed to be his greatest moment, along with his father; it was her who had tainted him to begin with. The wrench that had stopped his ambitions from the very beginning up to this moment, when he is about to be banished to the Netherworld along with his father.

But what's worse, is knowing what will come next. After his end she will probably fulfill her dream at being an agent of Section 13. He could already see it, her becoming the head of Section 13 at the cost of his defeat. Ultimately she and her family are about to win against him.

"NO! I WILL NOT LET IT END LIKE THIS!" Drago shouted as he tried to think of a way to at least get even with her. If he is going down, then he will drag her down with him.

But how? He is too far from her, not to mention her family and friends are in the way. He has no way of reaching and dragging her. So how? How? H…

Moving his eyes to the shadow beneath Hak Foo feet, an idea came to Drago. A crazy one, but it might work. Yes, it might work indeed. He remembered that his father had once told him of the time when Jade had wrestled the control of the Shadowkhan ninja tribe from him thanks to the mark of the Shadowkhan King Tarakudo. At the time he had found that laughable and one more proof that his father was too old and ancient to conquer the mortal world if he couldn't even hold his own army of shadows from a small girl. But now…

"I was saving this spell to create my own Shadowkhan, but right now I can´t think of a better use to it than this," said Drago smiling maliciously.

"What are you talking about now boy? Can´t you see that because of your treachery we are about to be banished? When I get my claws of you…"

Drago ignored his senile father and started to chant.

The strong wind continued to pull every demon to the fissure on the ground. In fact, even the humans had to grab on something or someone if they didn't want to be dragged to the Netherworld along with Drago, Shendu and the rest of the demons.

Safely in the arms of one of her family's former enemies (at least she assumed that was the case), Jade remembered when Drago pulled Shendu toward the fissure minutes ago and how it seemed to backfire on him. Ch! As if it was that surprising that Drago would betray Shendu. That is why she prevented Jackie from approaching those two. Why intervene if both your enemies might take out each other instead?

"Sometimes the greatest victory is the battle not fought. You were right Uncle Jackie, you were right." said Jade to herself.

"What was that Jade?" asked Jackie.

"Nothing important," said Jade smiling to herself.

Jackie just shrugged and asked Uncle:

"How much longer?"

The old chi wizard stopped chanting, letting Tohru continuing the banishment spell and said:

"Soon. No one can escape the reversal spell once it is started. Hold on for just a few more moments."

"Uh Uncle, it seems that Drago is trying something," warned Jade as she pointed to Drago.

Indeed he was, chanting some spell while his red eyes glowed even more than normal. Uncle put a hand to his ear in an attempt of listening the chanting.

"Strange, Drago is speaking in Japanese," said Uncle.

"Then perhaps we should let Tohru listen to what he is say… AUCH!"

Jackie winced in pain as Uncle struck his head with his two fingers.

"Reversal spell veeeerryyyy complicated. The balance between the chanting and the chi used requires a delicate control. If chanting is stopped the spell stops immediately. And octopus tentacles can only be used once to this kind of spell." said Uncle in irritation.

"In other words, if Tohru stops so thus the spell, right T?" said Jade looking at Tohru who also looked at her nodding in agreement.

"Yes. Even if Uncle switches with Tohru there is a chance of spell may end abruptly. The chanting cannot be stopped even for an instant." said Uncle.

"Then how can we make sure that Drago is not trying to counter the spell?" asked Jackie.

In response Uncle smacked in again.

"Uncle told you no one can escape this spell once it is started, unless we stop it ourselves. And there is no counter spell to it, either in Chinese or Japanese." said Uncle exasperated.

"No offense Uncle, but you didn't know of the spell that Drago used to absorb the demon chi. Isn´t it possible that there may be a way to undo or counter your spell that you don´t know of?" said Jackie in worry.

While Uncle felt the urge to smack his nephew again, the more rational part of his mind had to concede the merit of his nephew worries. Effectively no chi wizard can know all spells in the world no matter how wise or long lived he is. Lo Pei's spell to imprison Shendu in stone was not known to him until Daolon Wong forcibly told him the spell. His apprentice's knowledge of Oni legends, no matter how rudimentary they were at the beginning, proved invaluable when facing them, while he actually felt useless during that time.

Indeed he couldn't say with 100% of assurance that Drago´s unknown spell cannot counter the reversal spell. But it is also possible that this spell may do something completely different.

The question is what?

Sighing, the old chi wizard says:

"Very well, Uncle will try to listen and decipher Drago´s chanting."

"But how, if he is saying it in japanese?" asked Jade.

"Uncle can now understand Japanese. Tohru has been teaching how to speak properly, isn´t that right Tohru?" said Uncle.

Both Jade and Jackie look in surprise to the giant, who rolled his eyes, almost like saying "yes, but it sure isn´t easy to teach your sensei your native language."

"But why didn't you say anything in the first place, Uncle?" yelled Jackie in exasperation.

Another smack on his head followed by a OUCH!

"You didn't ask. Now let Uncle hear what demon is saying." said Uncle as he listened intently to Drago chanting.

Jade just shrugs her shoulders and looks at Drago while he continues to chant. His red eyes were glowing even more than before, like they were literally on fire. For some reason, it made her shiver looking at those eyes.

"You okay Jade?" asked Jackie noticing his niece shivering as if she was freezing.

"Yes Jackie. Just a small shiver for some reason, nothing big." said Jade while she scratched her left ankle. For some reason it was itching.

If Jade had looked at her ankle she could have noticed an orange glow on her left ankle, slightly hidden by her trousers.

"IT`S DONE! I'VE DONE IT! I FINALLLY WON AGAINST HER! EH EH EH! HA HA HA! AH AH AH AH AH!" shouted Drago and laughing maniacally.


Before Shendu could finish questioning his son, the ledge from which Drago was holding himself and his father finally crumbled, making both demons fall towards the void of the Netherworld.



While Shendu´s expression was one of fear and desperation, Drago´s face was a mask of maniacal glee, as if he wasn't concerned in being forever banished from the Earth realm.

His laughter continued for a few more instants, stopping when the fissure finally closed, ending the spell.

With Drago gone, the red clouds that covered the sky dispersed letting the sunlight penetrate the stadium.

"YEEESSSS!" shouted Jade and embracing Jackie. Finally it was all over.

The Enforcers arrived at the stadium, packed with snacks and drinks.

"OHHHH, we missed the end," said Ratso disappointed, slurping his drink.

"Well, look at the bright side, at least there is no more magic wacko for us," said Finn.

"Still, just on the safe side, how about we move from San Francisco?" suggested Chow.

"Agreed." said the other two.

The Ice Gang was trying to leave the scene unnoticed until a certain boy stopped them, or more precisely his guardian.

"Going somewhere?" said Paco.

"Nice job. We should team up more often," said Viper as she embraced Jackie smiling at him, which he also returned.

Jade also smiled at the sight, already thinking of a date for the two lovebirds.

Tohru, while visibly more exhausted since he was the one who practically sustained the spell until the end, was about to return the tentacle to Uncle, but the old chi wizard lifted his hand, refusing.

"Keep it. Graduation present. You are a full chi wizard now. Honestly, if your efforts in maintaining the reversal spell doesn't prove your mastery, then Uncle doesn't know what will," said Uncle.

Tohru smiled at this, but then he noticed the frown on Uncle´s face.

"Thinking about Drago´s last spell, Sensei?" asked Tohru.

"Yes. Winds didn't let Uncle hear all of it, only a few parts like shadow awakens again and out of this world. Drago repeated those parts several times." said Uncle still pondering the meaning of Drago´s last actions.

"I couldn't quite catch what he was saying Sensei, but is it possible that his spell was a bust, considering his situation?" asked Tohru.

"Perhaps Tohru is right. All seems fine. Maybe his last spell didn't do anything." reasoned Jackie still with Jade in his arms.

"Magic always produces something once it is started. Even if spell is incomplete, it will produce some effect even if it isn´t the intended purpose. But Drago was too much satisfied, whatever he did was successful. But what?" asked Uncle exasperated because of the mystery spell.

"Ch! As if Gecko boy was that good at magic. I mean, seriously, did you notice how he laughed? He probably went off the deep end before the banishment," said Jade confidently, while Jackie was putting her on the ground.

And the instant her feet touched the ground, orange glow on her ankle returned, unleashing Drago´s last parting gift.

Jade´s shadow stretched significantly in front of her, gaining her attention.

"What the…"

Jade could not finish her sentence as dark tendrils emerged from her shadow, grabbing both her ankles, and started to drag her toward her own shadow, which looked more like a dark puddle now.



In an instant Jackie grabbed her right hand, while Viper grabbed her left one. Both tried with all of their combined strength to stop Jade´s slow advance toward the dark puddle.

"UNCLE, WHAT IS HAPPENING?" shouted Jackie in urgency.

"A BANISHMENT SPELL. THAT´S WHAT DRAGO DID!" shouted Uncle in shock.

"TO WHERE?" asked Jackie.

"The Shadow Realm. That was what he was trying to accomplish," whispered Tohru, barely audible by the others. He did start to feel the shivers of when something related to the Oni is nearby.

"But how is that possible? Tarakudo and all of the Shadowkhan are still trapped in the mask back at Section 1," said Captain Black while he grabbed Jackie`s waist, trying to help him in halting Jade´s advance.

"Shadow magic is older than Oni and Shadowkhan themselves. Drago probably found those spells the same way as Shendu did," said Uncle, preparing his dried salamander and puffer fish.

Another tendril emerged from the puddle, this one enveloping Jade's waist, pulling her harder than previously to the puddle. Jade turned her head and to her panic she could already see her feet starting to immerse in the puddle.

"JAAAAACKIE! HELP!" shouted Jade in panic and fear.

"DON´T WORRY, I WILL SAVE YOU JADE!" shouted Jackie as redoubled his efforts.

Uncle started to fire chi blasts toward the tendrils, dispersing some of them. But in the next instant more tendrils emerged from the puddle, covering Jade's legs completely.

"IT´S NOT WORKING! THE MORE UNCLE SHOOT, MORE TENDRILS COME TO REINFORCE THE PULL!" shouted Uncle, still firing more shots of chi blasts. He would burn his chi completely if it meant to halt the spell at the very least.

"THEN I WILL HELP!" shouted Paco as he grabbed Viper´s waist, trying to help the others and Jade.

"AS DO I MI AMIGOS!" shouted El Toro as he grabbed Paco´s waist.

"STRONG BEAR HUGS HONORABLE EAGLE!" shouted Hak Foo as he grabbed Black´s waist.

Tohru also joined the others, grabbing both Hak Foo and El Toro, using all of his strength to stop the pull.

"Should we help?" asked Ratso.

"I for one say we should, at least this once. Spite of everything, the kid is alright," said Finn.

"So what are we waiting for? Let's go," said Chow as the Enforcers joined Tohru in pulling against tendrils.

A year ago if someone had said that one day her family, friends and former enemies would try to save her from eternal banishment, she would have probably laughed in that person face. But now, she was seeing it with her own eyes. It touched her, knowing that so many cared for her, even if only slightly in some cases.

But after ten minutes of pulling against the tendrils the others started to get tired. Even Uncle started to fire chi blasts with less accuracy as he breathed with more and more difficulty.

Jade look at the puddle and saw more tendrils emerging from it, covering her legs and starting to advance beyond her waist. She feared that any minute they would reach her neck or worse her hands. If they reached her hands then they could also reach Jackie, Viper and all the others. And in the case of not being strong enough, they could also be pulled along with her.

No. She wouldn't let that happen. Drago may get his petty vengeance against her but he will not damn her family if she could avoid it. But ultimately she would have to do one thing. One thing that will hurt her family beyond belief no doubt about it, including her parents.

But it was the only thing left to do.

Jade looked at Jackie, still trying with what strength he has left to pull her to safety. And the same could be said about Viper. And Captain Black. And Paco. And all the others, including former enemies. She will miss them, no matter how short her time away from them will last.

"Jackie…" whispered Jade.

"Don´t…huff…worry Jade. We…huff…are almost…huff…there…" said Jackie with difficulty.

"It's alright Uncle Jackie, you did what you could. I just wished that we could part ways in better circumstances," said Jade while she smiled at Jackie, the beginning of tears in her eyes.

Jackie was confused about what Jade was talking about, but Viper realized what she meant.

"No kid, don´t…"

Too late.

In a swift movement Jade let go of both hands. Now that there was no opposite pull, the tendrils pushed Jade in one single spring jump, making her hit the puddle backwards, like if she landed in a pool of water.


She still heard the desperate shout of Jackie, so full of worry, so full of sorrow. It was a good thing that she couldn't look at his face now. It probably would have crushed her heart seeing his expression if the sentiment of his shout was any indication. As if her heart was not hurt enough about what she did.

Her vision of the blue sky switched to only dark. Probably the puddle, she thought. While hitting the puddle felt like hitting water, she no longer felt like she was in water. In fact, Jade felt like she was falling, like she had jumped from a cliff.

Jade closed her eyes and let her body fall, as tears fall down both her cheeks.

And she fell.

And fell into the dark.

A bald man with a strange tattoo was meditating in a calm place of what seemed a fortress. His eyes were closed, as if in deep slumber and yet not quite sleeping.

But eventually his peaceful ended meditation as the man opens his eyes.

This man is known as Himerish, current Oracle of the Council of Kandrakar, who oversaw the safety of all worlds in the Universe.

And right now he felt something. It was no vision, no dream, nothing more than a strange a sensation that something wasn't right. What was interesting is that for some reason, the wrong that he felt didn't seem to come from any of the worlds in the entire Universe.

At least from this Universe.

Before he could muse more about this, he felt another change, this one coming from Meridian. It seemed that the Light of Meridian was able to defeat her brother, along with the Guardians.

He smiled, relieved that in a few days at most he and the rest of the Council would finally lift the Veil around Meridian, ending the suffering of all of its inhabitants. And most of all, he and rest of the Council could finally meet the new Guardians in person.

Not that he didn't already knew about them anyway.

As he plans how to communicate this new events to the Council, the feeling of dread from before returned. And for some reason, it felt worse than before.

And it was becoming worse by the minute.