Title: Defying Destiny

Author: Polarchica77 or Polarchica516 (once again, it depends on what board)

Rating: TEEN

Category: UC Mi/L

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Summary: My take of the end of Season 1(Destiny) and the beginning of Season 2 and whatever I intend to let happen from there. And unfortunately, the evil gerbil (aka Tess) is also still alive and in Roswell. It will all be explained…do not worry! It will be Mi/L pairing

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Chapter One: Tomorrow

Liz Parker

I love Max Evans. Since the minute I knew who Max Evans really was, I've been fighting for him-fighting for *us*. When Max tried to push me away, I insistently continued to pursue him. I knew that Max loved me too, every time we looked at me I could practically feel it coming off of him in waves. And now I wished that I hated Max because then it wouldn't hurt to so much to walk away from him.

It's one thing to be in love with an alien. It's a completely different thing when his mother is standing in front of you and declaring that he's an alien *king* and is married to Tess.

I wanted to be selfish and tell him that destiny could wait and that we could still have a chance. I wanted to believe it was all a lie. Sometimes, I lay awake at night, remembering Tess's satisfied smile when she heard the message from Max's mom. I'm haunted by Max's defeated face as he pleads me with his eyes not to leave. And I can still hear our hearts breaking when I close my eyes.

As I was walking away from Max, a part of me wanted Max to run after me. I wanted Max to fight for us for once and not have me do it alone. As much as I wanted this, when he did grab my arm, I didn't want him to say anything. There was nothing *to* say. The absolute and utter pain in both of our eyes said enough. If fate was trying this hard to break us up, we weren't meant to be.

I wanted Max to fight. But there of nothing left of us to fight for.

That night, I felt numb. I couldn't help but feel empty and lost. It was ironic, when we rescued Max from Pierce and the FBI he was so defeated and beaten. Yeah, well, so was I. The one thing in my life that made sense had been taken away from me. Yesterday, I could see Max and I getting married and having children. And now all I was seeing was my room but even that seemed smaller and different.

I looked my small working desk, my pink bed covers, and the pictures of my past. I had changed- not the room. The room was suffocating. Roswell was trying to choke me.

Biting my lip, I went to my drawer and opened it. I examined the pictures of Maria, Alex, and I. I felt tears brim my eyes when I realized that I had to get away from Max Evans. That meant leaving Roswell and my friends.

Hopefully they'd understand that I was suffocating here in Roswell. Max had changed me that day at the Crashdown. Why bring me back to live just to have me die again? I wiped away my tears and packed. Goodbye, Roswell.


"Michael," Isabel hollered at me. "You can't leave!"

I rubbed my face and sighed in frustration. "Isabel, I can't stay here. I need to get away for a while."

Silently praying to God that she'd leave it as that, I waited for her response. After Liz had left the cave, Tess, Isabel, Max, and I decided to go home. Isabel had given me a ride. When we got into the apartment, I mentioned that I needed out of Roswell now.

Isabel placed her hands on her hips, "Don't you think I do too? Or Max or Tess? What if our enemies come? We aren't even prepared! God forbid if you aren't here! Tess wants to work on our powers so we can…"

"What's the point, Isabel. I *know* what my powers are! I KILL PEOPLE, Isabel! Don't you don't that? I'm more of a danger to you guys than our enemies are!" I don't know what possessed me to explode like that. I was tense and angry. And most of all, I was in pain and hurting.

I gave Isabel a quick glance to find her looking at me with tears in her eyes. She actually *pitied* me. Well I didn't need her pity. I don't need anyone, I thought angrily. "Did you hear me, Isabel? I kill people and Max heals them! That's my destiny."

Isabel's face bunched up in fury. "Don't give me that destiny crap, Michael. No one believes this destiny thing, Michael! Pierce deserved to die. He was evil-or did you not see what Max looked like when we rescued him from that place. I would have killed Pierce myself."

I knew she wanted to understand but she couldn't. She didn't have the sickening image of Pierce convulsing in pain and dying in her mind. She didn't experience the angry demanding energy fighting to get out and not knowing how to control it.

I closed my eyes as the haunting memories played in my head again. "But you didn't kill him, Isabel. *I did*."

The sound of my broken and defeated voice silenced her. So I left my apartment and I didn't even look back when I closed the door.