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The Boulevard of Broken Dreams

The streets were empty,

Yet full of loneliness.

The chaos that had once been,

Was now gone,

Though the madness had left,

The tragedy had not.

Flames had still slaughtered,

Smoke had still triumphed,

Ash had still spoke aloud the words,

That no one had dared say.

And now,

If you find yourself walking down that Boulevard,

You too, may see why they call it,

What they do.

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams,

Where those had perished,

Where those had lost,

Where those had cried,

Where those are still remembered.

And if one day, You find yourself,

Walking down that Boulevard of Broken Dreams,

You may see a man,

A man with a top hat.

And if you see the man with a top hat,

You will see him remembering.

Remembering her who had perished,

Remembering how he had lost,

Remembering how he had cried.

It was ten years ago now,

That the chaos ensued,

But the man with the top hat,

Oh, he still remembers,

Why they call it the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

AN: I think this one is quite a bit better than the first one I wrote The Man and The Scientist.

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