2nd March 2013

Duke's Birthday party

Joey is running towards Kaiba corporation. He managed to get the testing finished already and he doesn't have to return it until Sunday. But he has to return it before noon and with the party tonight, Joey fears that he'll sleep too long and won't make it. He really doesn't get how Seto can possibly choose a Sunday to meet with him. He really shouldn't work every single Sunday. At least most of the staff is off work on Sundays.

Joey runs into the buliding and straight towards the elevators. He's already late for the party. Once he's up he runs to V, asking, "Is he here or can I leave this?"

"He's expecting you." V says smiling.

Joey stars surprised, "You mean, he's expecting me tomorrow."

"No, he said that you should be showing up tonight, but he was expecting you a little earlier." V states.

"How on earth?" Joey wonders and charges through the door into Seto's office, "How did you know I'd come today?"

"I heared about Duke's party so I assume you'll rather sleep longer tomorrow." Seto replies. "And you're going to be late."

"I know, so here's the briefcase with all the stuff in it." Joey replies and already turns around to run out. "See ya."

"Wait." Kaiba orders, stopping Joey who turns only his head to glare at Kaiba.

"You forgot your next assignment." Kaiba orders.

"Can't I pick that up tomorrow a little later or Monday? I promise I'll get it done in time." Joey promisses.

"You can take it to the party." Seto replies and throws him an USB stick. "Since I know that if you can handle the game on that stick, a six year old can too I want you to test it. There are questionnaires on it, you can type the answers right to the questions and don't forget to save before you return the stick in a month."

"A month?" Joey asks surprised.

"Like I said, less work at the moment." Seto replies, "If something else comes up I'll call you." Seto watches him for a moment before he adds, "I thought you're on the run."

"Oh yes, right. See ya." Joey says.

He's nearly at the door when Kaiba once again orders, "Wait."

Joey stops and turns around completely this time, "What now?"

"Have fun at the party." Kaiba grins.

"I hate you." Joey grumbles and is out of the door right away. "Bye V." He quickly shouts before making a run to the elevator.

Little did Joey know that while he ran towards Duke's party, V brought his boss a coffee, stating, "If you want to screw him silly then why do you always fight with him?"

"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about." Kaiba replies.

"Joey of course." V says, "Everyone in the company knows that you really want to get into his pants since the usual rules don't apply to him and your going out of your way to find work where there is none, just so he can work for you and has to come in and see you. But then again, it doesn't seem like getting into his pants is all that you want. Tell me, since when exactly are you head over heals for the little wild thing?"

"I definitely have no such feelings towards the mutt." Kaiba insists.

"I never knew you have a doggy fetish." V muses, causing Kaiba to throw his worst glare towards him until V asks, "Why do we have a staring contest?"

"Go to hell." Kaiba replies and looks back to the papers in his hand.

"Everyone says that you're the devil. So I guess I'm already there." V muses grinning. "Now why don't you tell him that you want to screw him silly?"

Kaiba glares again but before V can ask about a staring contest he orders, "Get the hell out and if you mention your ridiculous suspicions to anyone, you're out of here."

"Like I'd talk about yesterdays news. Like I said, everyone knows, apart from Joey. And don't worry about him, I'll let you two love birds make that out between yourselves." After that V walks towards he door. Just before he closes it he turns around and looks towards his boss, "And about the fighting, at least he seems to like it just as much as you do."

In the time Seto needs to remind himself on all the times V had really helped him out and been there for him and the company to help him fight the urge of personally kicking him out of the building for good, Joey finally reaches the party. He walks right up to Duke and hugs him, "Happy Birthday, here's my gift."

He holds out an envelope and after opening it Duke grins and says "Thanks but I hope you don't hope that I'll take you."

"Since ya dating Tristan," Joey laughs, "I didn't believe that for a second."

"Taking for what?" Tristan asks, moving an arm around Dukes waist.

"I got a voucher for a restaurant that's really nice and it's enough money that I can take you along." Duke replies with a smile, "And well, you know Joey and food."

Everyone laughs, "I knew that I'm not the one he'd take. And I wouldn't want that either since the food isn't the thought behind it. After all I didn't do it because I think food's the best gift of all. I simply thought that a nice date for the new couple might be nice."

"I'm sorry for making a little fun of you." Duke smiles, "The present really is nice and I can't wait to take Tristan."

"By the way," Joey asks curious. "What did Tristan give you? He was bugging me for over a week unable to decide on a present."

"Really?" Duke wonders, "I mean it was nice, but I'm not allowed to tell."

"Oh really?" Joey's voice and face show his surprise. "So he gave you something naughty after all."

Duke looks surprised now. "I have no idea what you mean, but I really wish I did."

"Enough talking about my present." Tristan interrupts quickly. "Look Joey, there is the free food."

"Even I'm not distracted by free food that easily." Joey replies before looking over to where Tristan had pointed to. "Is that pizza?" He adds and is off to go there mostly to leave the two lovers to talk in private.

"Guess he's easily distracted by food after all." Tristan grins.

"He might be." Duke replies grinning even more than Tristan, "But I'm not."

"Can't you just forget that?" Tristan asks.

"No way." Duke insists. "I really want to know."

"I just asked Joey for advice and well, his best idea was me." Tristan blushes.

"I'd have liked that." Duke says with a kiss.

"I know." Tristan mumbles, "But you can have that anyway."

"I like the present I got too." Duke points out.

"It's embarrassing." Tristan blushes. "So please don't tell anyone that I tried to sew you a plushy. I mean it doesn't even really look like anything."

"I think it looks like a monkey." Duke chuckles. "And the thought you put into it counts. Not wanting me to feel alone even when you're not around is really cute. And I'm most certainly going to enjoy the breakfast in bed that I got with the plushy."

Tristan glares, "Don't ever say I'm cute. Got it?"

"Got it." Duke chuckles. "And I said the plushy is cute and the thought, not that you're cute, so relax. Who gave you that idea? Yugi?"

"Not really." Tristan shivers, "You'd never believe what I got to hear when I asked him for ideas."

"Why what did he suggest? A unicorn collection?" Duke laughs a little happy that no one is around to hear.

"You better not make fun of him." Tristan says, "I think his mind is filthier than yours."

"Yugi's?" Duke asks and looks over to the short duelist. He grew a lot in the last few years but he's still a little shorter than any of the others. But even though he doesn't look like a primary school kid anymore he has an aura of innocence around him like a young boy. "You're sure?"

"You'd really be surprised what he's hiding behind that innocent look of his." Tristan assures him.

"Well," Duke replies after a moment, "I don't really care. As long as you don't care about him."

"Nope." Duke replies, "Not my type." And Duke gives him a little kiss.

After a while Tristan is nearly sick of being next to Duke most of the time. His friends are all sitting together while Duke is also talking to neighbours and employees from the Black Crown, since he invited those too as well as some other big business man he knows through work. Tristan knows that he has to but most of the time he has no idea what to say or do. He's about to sneak off when he hears Duke say to an employee of Black Crown. "Finally, you're late."

"Sorry," The guy says, "But I still had some private stuff to take care of. Now what about that hot, single, gay guy you mentioned would be here and worth checking out."

"Don't worry, he's here already, but first." Duke says pointing to Tristan, "This is my hot and not single gay guy, well mostly bi since he never considered dating a guy until we ended up with each other being drunk but whatever. His name is Tristan and his friend over there." He points towards Tristan's friends standing close to the food table. "I think the small guy is gay and definitely single but I think that blond one who had a bad break up some time ago could really use a new one by now. And I think he's more your type and since they're all Tristan's friends," Duke smiles at Tristan. "Baby, this is Lyman Banner, an employee of mine who's studied alchemy and now is working for me to earn enough money to study again. He wants to be a teacher. How about you introduce him to your friends, he's been in Egypt before, so I'm sure he'll get along with Yugi for sure and would love to get to know the others too."

"With the others," Tristan asks grinning, "You don't happen to mean Joey?"

"If Joey's the sweet blond dude, I sure hope he does." Lyman says.

"Sweet?" Tristan imitates before shaking his head, "Well if you insist Duke, I'll introduce him."

Tristan walks over to the others and says "Guys, that's Lyman Banner, he was in Egypt and Duke thought I should introduce him to you guys."

Once Tristan introduced Banner, Tristan watches his friends introduce themselves, friendly like always. Once Joey introduces himself it is quickly obvious who Lyman wants to get to know and that it has nothing to do with Egypt. A few moments later Joey grins and looks over to Duke, shaking his head while rolling his eyes before saying to Lyman, "Listen, we can have some fun while we're here but I'm so not in the mood for anything right now, so ya better give it up real fast."

"Too bad," Lyman says, "You're really sweet." Joey looks at him like he wants to rip him a new one for calling him sweet, while Lyman simply leans closer to whisper something into his ear.

"No." Joey grumbles, "With having some fun here I meant like having a dance or two and chatting a little but not disappearing to the bathroom for some private time."

"Strange, Duke said ya broke up with your ex some time ago and so I thought you probably didn't have a nice night for a while and might like that." Lyman says, causing Joey to blush a little.

"I'm fine, thank you very much." Joey grumbles, glaring at Duke.

"Why the glare?" An all to familiar voice is asking from behind Joey after a while. "A puppy like you shouldn't even try a death glare, it isn't working anyway."

Joey turns to look at no one else than Seto Kaiba. "What on earth are ya doing here?" Joey asks.

"I got an invitation." Kaiba replies.

"And you came?" Tèa asks just as surprised as the others. "I mean, you really came?"

"Of course." Seto replies. "Duke has a game shop for much longer than me and created a game which is being produced by my concurrent who might have gotten an invitation along with a lot of other meaningful businessman that deliver games to his shop or support him otherwise. Since I'm owning a game shop too it's only common sense to try and use this chance to get some new connections. But you would need to be intelligent to understand that."

"Oh, I get that." Joey replies grinning evilly, "What I don't get is what on earth are ya doing here, like in, annoying the hell out of us, instead of being far over there with all the other big shots."

"Since you were in a rush earlier I didn't get around to inform you that I don't appreciate all those phone numbers on the papers for the last survey you did." Kaiba replies with a glare.

"Numbers?" Joey's face shows his surprise.

"I see, I'll probably have to ask Duke to not write down the telephone numbers of girls on those papers since the handwriting isn't quite as messy as yours either." Kaiba grins, "I was already wondering how you could have attracted that many girls."

"I wouldn't even want to." Joey grumbles, "And sorry about the numbers but can't ya just ignore them instead of pestering me about them?"

"It matters to me, so you listen and won't do it again. was that clear." Kaiba asks clearly annoyed.

"All right, cool it, moneybags," Joey says rolling his eyes. "I wouldn't have done it at all and only let Duke help out once because Tristan was talking to me about something, so chill."

"Don't tell me what to do and do your job properly next time." Kaiba orders before leaving them alone.

"I thought ya never had any expectations for my work to begin with." Joey grumbles slightly upset but not loud enough for the leaving man to hear.

"Is there something between you two?" Lyman asks.

Tristan and Téa are laughing while Yugi just grins a little, "There's no way in hell that there's anything between us." Joey says with a blush.

"Just making sure, since he seemed a bit jealous about those numbers." Lyman points out.

Now Joey joins into the laughter, "He probably just needed an excuse to make fun of me. Because that's the only thing he might like to do."

Lyman rises an eyebrow but doesn't point out the fact that the making fun of had effectively interrupted his attempt to get some naughty ideas into the hot blonds head. But even if Seto Kaiba might turn out to be his rival, that is no reason to give up.

For now he sticks to some friendly conversation before asking Joey if he can still have that dance he mentioned earlier. Once he has Joey all to himself on the dance floor he tries to dance as seductively as he can and asks innocently, "By the way, when's the last time you've been with a guy at all?"

Joey blushes a little and asks, "I don't see how that's any of your business."

"I just thought that maybe," Lyman leans closer to whisper seductively into his ear. "you changed your mind about having some more fun."

Joey was just about to say that he hasn't changed his mind when someone bumped into him. "Watch your steps you mutt," says the unfriendly voice that follows.

"You're the one that bumped into us ya jerk." Joey tells him looking towards his smug looking boss who is currently dancing with a girl that is glaring towards Joey.

Joey didn't notice that Kaiba rather looked slightly past him towards Lyman with the smug little smile in place and Lyman is sure that Kaiba purposefully destroyed the mood he's fighting to create.

During the rest of the evening he was proven right. Kaiba doesn't even let him have a chance to create the right mood to seduce the hot blond. He was considering to point that fact out but fears that he's helping Kaiba get into Joey's pants if he tells Joey that he can have the handsome brunet.

He doesn't give up though, hoping that Kaiba is leaving before Joey but unfortunately for him it's the other way around.

Joey leaves first with one last glare towards Kaiba, upset that he ruined the party. Not knowing that Lyman walks over to Kaiba right after Joey left. This time he is the one with the smug look on his face. "Thanks for the hint."

"What hint?" Kaiba asks glaring.

"I bet I can ask Duke to tell me where Joey is doing those surveys the next time he does that. And once I know, I just happen to walk past and maybe it'll be my number you'll find on the next one." Lyman says and leaves with a smug smile of his own before Kaiba has a chance to reply anything.

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