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"Can't you come through properly?" She feels desperate.

"Then the whole thing would fracture," he says. "The two universes would collapse."

"So?" Rose asks. The Doctor wears a small, apologetic smile on his face. "I mean it," she says.

"You mean it," he repeats.


"You would sacrifice every person, every life, in not just one universe, but two?" Rose falls silent for a moment.

"Would it bring us together?" she asks quietly. The Doctor takes his time replying. He knows the answer; he just doesn't know whether he should tell her.

"Yes," he finally says. "Yes, it would. But only for a tiny fraction of time. Then we'd die with everyone else."

"I used to fear death," Rose admitted. "Then I met you." She feels the desperation again, and wonders if he's willing to make the same sacrifices.

"Not even your own?" he asks. "You don't fear your own death?"


"You're very strange, Rose Tyler," he says. He has a tiny smile on his face again, and she finds herself returning it. She decides it's best to just get to the point.

"Will you do it? Will you come through?" The Doctor leans forward and whispers in her ear.

"Reach out. You tell me." Rose slowly lifts her hand and places it on his cheek. It's soft and warm, and just like she remembered. She smiles widely now.

"I love you," she tells him.

"I love you too," the Doctor whispers back. He leans forward and kisses her.

From the corner of her eye, Rose sees something strange. It looks as though the sky is falling, and she realises that it's probably the collapse the Doctor was talking about. She knows her sacrifices. But they got their moment.

Rose wakes, the bed cold around her. She doesn't know how many times she can have the same dream before it drives her mad. She gets up and goes to the chest of drawers on the other side of the room, and opens the bottom drawer. She feels around until her fingers meet the familiar fabric. Pulling out the tie, she shuts the drawer and returns to her bed. She holds it close to her as she lies there. It doesn't take long for the tears to come.