It all began in a blink of an eye —

No, wait! That sounds a little too corny. And it's too overused. I am not impressed.

And there she stood; face-to-face with the boy who broke her heart —

Oh Jesus, that sounds so fucking wrong. Erase! Erase, goddammit!

One day there was a whore who wore the whoriest whoresuit there ever was in the city of sex —

You know what? Fuck. Fuck this; fuck YOU; fuck EVERYBODY! Ugh! Writing is so furstating! Fcuk, frustrating. Stupid wrodpad. I don't know how to shitting spell. I'm just in a rush. Sorry, guys. Sooooo this is how you should perporly introduce yourself, right? (Shitshitshit, that was supposed to be "properly," you jackbitching keyboard!) I apologise for my bad impression, but this is my first time in . And this is apparently my first time wirting a story.

. . .

Shut up, Len. You're not the boss of the keyboard! I am! Oh yeah, I am SOOOOOO writing this on the documakldfjweofhwnkdfncljasd fhioslfkjosa

I'm sorry. That was five minutes ago. The bastard who fucked everything up is Kagamine Len, my annoying brother (said asshole is now buying bananas in the nearest store.) I mean, what the hell? What is wrong with that dude? Are guys always like this? Boys don't usually have PMS—sometimes—so does Len have one or is it just, like, because? I'm actually being shitting serious for once and. . .

Fuck, I'm on a Writer's Block. Can't someone, like, help me? I'm having a HEE-UUUGE mental block, too. I've been staring at this damn laptop for half an hour just thinking of something! Isn't this what reviewers arue soppssed to do? (Dayum! *are, *supposed.)

. . .

What? Why can't I just backspace? A lot of us have our own secrets. But not this bitch (DOES A POSE) Oh yeoasdklanjhapwe;fkljnsdhl;a,dnslkfjasdpo4-04po3=2

Hello, readers! I just came back from the store, so I wasn't here to apologise. I deeply ask for your consideration. My sister isn't usually that vulgar. Well, she used to be so innocent, but that was before she met the Hatsune disgrace.

Miku is not a slut, you manwhore! No, wait. You dun have enough of them balls to be one, HAHA! One; Miku's just BADASS. Two; she's never had a BOYFRIEND in her life because she's too busy chasing her imaginary friend KAITO. Thu-ree; you're calling her a slut just because she was being HONEST.

Okay, first of all: She's a REBEL, not this term you call, 'badass.' Secondly; why are you capitalising KAITO's name? Thirdly: She wasn't being honest, she was LYING about my ponytail being the 'suckiest thing any baby of Abraham ever saw.' She was just degrading my self-esteem, which looked like it couldn't get any lower anymore!

Ha, you didn't say othing' about you being a motherfucking MANWHORE!

What? Are you doubting my awesomeness?

Being a PIMP doesn't make you awesome! Being ME does!

Oh haha. I've got the looks, the charms, the brains, the ladies, and the most brilliant hairstyle ever.

GOD, don't flip your hair at me you sick freak! And can't you SEE that I'm trying to write a story here? Or is it just your shitload of ego blocking your vision?

Somebody's jelly~

That was ultimately gross, Len. Even for a twatsucker like you.

RIN KAGAMINE! Don't you DARE use that language with me, young lady!

Fuck you, Len! Fcuk you! And stop trying to get the laptop! I'm using it! It's my turn, geez!

Chapter One : The best girl in the world

It was a beautiful day for the Kagamines. The sun was so high in the sky, you can see it in space. Their house was practically glowing in the light; the flowers blooming in the garden was one of the most gifted sights they can see in the middle of the season. And stuff.

So the sun was really . . . round. Yeah. Very round. It was just like the awesomest girl in the world's hair. Yes, the awesomest girl in the world is Rin Kagamine. Yup. Her hair is always so silky and bouncy: She looks so pretty everywhere she goes, and she has the most charming personality. You never hear her utter an insult, not in her lifetime, nope. And you know what? Her skin is so FAIR, too! She's so amazing, so pretty, so beautiful, so bubbly, so bombastic, so innocent, so charming, so fantastic, so lovable, so cool, so awesome—

But we're not talking about her in this story. She's not even a part of this story, actually.

We're focusing on Lenka and Rinto Kagamine, twins in the Kagamine household.

Rinto Kagamine is, like, the hottest guy in the world. His hair is so elegantly unruly, sticking up in all directions with the grace no other man on earth could ever achieve in the history of hair-flipping; it's like you could just ruffle it if he just wasn't so tall. He was the most eligible guy in town, being so awfully and devilishly charming in everything he does. With every movement, he does so in sophistication. His beautiful blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight, showing the brightest shade of azure and clarity combined. His chin was sticking prominently in a pointed fashion that indicated his maturity. At a ripe age of 18, it was as easy as pie to be recognised as the town's sex god. Girl. Lady. Woman. Ohoho, he does everyone. Everyone straight, that is. He's strictly homophobic. . .

Great, guys! A good beginning! What a kick-ass fanfiction! All right, bye for now, my babies!


ME: This was fun to write! Haha! I'm sorry for those who were waiting for The Mistress's update. I've been through a LOT, so please don't pressure me. . . Thanks fore reading, guys! So, as you might've guessed, the one in bold writing is Rin's diary log, and the one italicised is Len's. Don't you just love twincest? Please tell me what you think so I could improve!