. . . I've pondered a lot ever since. Had I been this horrible a brother?

. . . That even my sister's perspective on me had morphed into something as grotesque as an abomination? Had I dwelled my concentration into useless activities as sex that I already abandoned my responsibility, Rin? Neglected the only family I have left? The only one who truly cares for me. . . ?

The weird mystery was answered, though: That chipmunk voice only belonged to one person, and that was my sister's horrible influence of a friend, the Hatsune girl. Although she released us from our confinement in the lavatories, I felt no joy or gaiety whatsoever. For the dreaded sight of my pitiable sister tugged the guilt that escaped from my core.

In other words, I feel so FUCKED UP. Fucking. Fucked. Up.

Had all the things she'd told me been true? WAS I REALLY BECOMING A NOTORIOUS SEX FREAK?

Good Lord, Jesus. . .

Right now, I should probably inform you of my position: The Hatsune girl, Rin and I are the only ones in the ward. It's already been an hour since the incident happened, and all I'd done was nothing but play in my laptop (and text a few of my . . . girlfriends — for lack of better word — and trying so hard to make an excuse as to why I'm hospitalised other than almost raping my sister.)

In short, my life's a sick bastard. Am I sounding too much like Rin now? YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY THAT.

If only Rin could just LISTEN TO ME. Let alone LOOK. AT ME. I was so pissed at her I didn't even say shit when they called for me.

"Hey Len. LEN? BITCH."

Hmph. I was busy playing 9 Hours, 9 Persons and 9 Doors on my emulator. (Game got me pissed off at Rin more.)

But why should I be mad at HER? God. I'm so fucked up in the head. I should be the one to apologise! DAMN it! It would be embarrassing, though, if I were to do it in front of her friend. . .

It's just that I couldn't find the courage to do it in front of others when I'm with Rin. I mean, this shit is sorta personal.

The girls continued their bitching around while I sat in the leftmost corner of the room, quiet as hell. So what was I gonna do until Miku's ass'll leave our faces?

. . . Miku left already. Rin's already shut down her laptop after typing something, and the only noise left was my speed-typing.

. . . Awkward.

Maybe I should apolo[upoyiftdrdfzxgchvyhijol['kjlhvgcfhjkml;'


Shut up Len.

And then, suddenly, unexpectedly, Rin came from behind! (Yeah, well, it's a long story that I'd love to tell. I'm writing this shit exactly the morning after it all happened.)

I'm explaining this in FULL. DETAIL.

Even before the Hatsune girl left, Rin had already planned on talking it out with me. You know which method she used, though?


(Yeah, that's Rin all right.) As masochistic as this may SOUND, I really missed this. (Not Rin, obviously. What? I mean, who'd miss her, not me, of course. I'm a no-miss guy. Stop exaggerating.)

Stop bitching around you ass. THANK JESUS THIS IS MICROSOFT WORD. No typos BITCHES! Yeah. Hey Len you're such a hopeless liar. I know you miss me, don't fucking deny it you sonofabitch. And . . . you suck at 999.

This is MY laptop, you whore!


Excuse me! I did those ladies a FAVOUR!

You call getting their cherries popped a FAVOUR? Well, sure, it WOULD be one if it was Usher or Jesse McCartney who did them—

Ahem, I'm just as ass-sexy as THEY are—

What fucking makes you say THAT, you GODDAMN VULVA.


Hey, that's the spirit! You're starting to swear like a pro!

I know, and it's . . . humiliating. JUST LET ME CONTINUE FOR GOD'S SAKE.

Yeah, well, you're still an asstard.

Shut it. So, as I was typing before I was RUDELY interrupted, she wrestled for complete dominance over my attention.



"Y-you can have me, okay! I just don't want my game to end!"

"You're an idiot, you know that?"


"YOU SUCK AT VIDEO GAMES! You're supposed to get the Safe Ending first you condom!"

"And stop choosing such HORNY ANSWERS! GOD! This isn't how you play 999!"

"Don't be such a pimp, you idiot, these're the right answers."

It sorta went on like that. . . I'll skip a bit. And that was when my ROM hung.

". . ."

". . . You're such a retard."

Unbelievable bitch. And then, we looked at each other's eyes; for a moment, I thought that everything we'd been through had all been forgotten. But that moment was fleeting, for the horrendously dismayed look in her eyes changed everything.

I thought, 'Oh Jesus, I'm never good with crying girls.' And it was true; I'd never made a girl cry before.

WHY ARE YOU TYPING LIKE I DID CRY YOU FUCKED UP BASTARD. You CLEARLY said — typed — what-motherfucking-ever — that my 'horrendously dismayed look changed everything. . .' IDIOT, IT DOESN'T MEAN I CRIED.


And don't you bitching DARE use onoeamatoepias.

. . . Seriously? You're already using Microsoft Word yet you CAN'T spell onomatopoeia as right as you did in Wordpad.

The fuck I care. Bill Gates doesn't, either.

. . . It wasn't Bill Gates who —

NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU LEN. Yep, good to be back.

. . .

We're sharing the same laptop, Lenners!

Correction, dear sister, it's MY laptop. And we're just passing it to each other.


Word Processor 2007

Hooooooooooly craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap~ THIS SHIT LOOKS SO COOL.

Len said something next to me. Well, since it was so funny I'll put it here, "S-stop sounding like you're having a cyber orgasm on my laptop!"

I just stuck out my tongue and replied — LIKE THE KEWL BITCH I WAS — "Not my problem if you're having a one-inch boner right now."


(Enter keyword) Look up | Search

Switch to Thesaurus

Hmm. . . I'll make an experiment with this. . . (WAIT! WAIT! SCREW THAT, I thought of something BETTAH.) SEXPERIMENT. (DOES A COOL POSE.)

Cum Look up | Search

\'kum, 'kem\


: along with being : and –used to form usually hyphenated phrases

Origin: Latin, with; akin to Latin com- — more at co-.

First use: circa 1869

. . . This is felch. And jackshit. CUM, guys. EVEN A TWELVE-YEAR-OLD knows what the hell that means. Yeah, TRUST the DICK-TION-AREH to tell you the truth.

I'm still doing something. . .

Hold your non-existent balls you bitch, I'm getting there. Hmm. . . I'll try 'orgasm.'

Orgasm Look up | Search



: intense or paroxysmal excitement; especially : an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tensions at the height of sexual arousal that is usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen in the male and by vaginal contractions in the female.


. . . Oh god. OH god. Oh GOD.



. . . Fucking look it up. . .

is the swelling of bodily tissues caused by increasedvascularbloodflow and a localised increase inblood pressure. Typical causes of vasocongestion in humans includesmenstruation,sexual arousal,REM sleep, strongemotions,illnessesand allergic reactions.


DAYUM, this is whackass shit!

RIN. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING. Ugh! You made me lose track of where I left off! You're such a prick! Anywho, we looked at each other.

Then Rin looked the other way, playing with her fingers like she was too nervous to look at me. Let alone talk.

So, like the LOVELY gentleman I was, I spoke up, "If . . . you ever need someone to lean on, you can always have me. . ."

Rin snorted and looked at me again, saying, her eyes not really showing what she expressed in words, "I don't want to talk about itjfkldnasm,xc

"Oh, don't give me that jackshit you lesbian."

THAT'S WHAT I SAID! DOUCHEBAG! You're such a hopeless liar. Imma write it. At least I TELL THE TRUTH.

/snatchedthelaptoprightundery ouruglyassXD

And then Len was, "I just want to patch things up with you blah blah blah after all we've been through together blah blah blah did you just give up on fighting for me blah blah blah —"

And I was like, "Can you just STOP pretending like you care?"

Ooooooh! And then insert Len's mouth hanging open like he's about to serve a blowjob.

"I'm not pretending! I really do care for you! What about YOU stop acting like you're such a big girl and settle this?"

(Hey, she didn't listen to my SPEECH! Blah-blah-blah my ass. . . I poured my whole heart out on that) My turn! Rin stopped dead in her tracks, her mouth opening and closing as though she had been out of words to say. I seized the opportunity to continue, "What happened before . . . was the past. We gotta put it behind us. You're still the stronger one; you're still the faster one; you're still the more observing one; you're still the adorable one; you're still the more lovable one, if that's what you're worrying about. Nothing changed much, and if you want me to make you—"

"But that's not what I'm worried about DUMBASS!" By now Rin had already thrown herself off the bed, back turned to me. I just stared languidly. "Don't you get it . . . ? It's just the problem, you never did. . ."

She turned to wildly face me, her eyes fierce. "D-do you know why I made this Rinto fucker in the first place? I-it was because I wanted to a-at least boost my confidence! Christ LEN. Everything I'd ever been through, I'd write it in the story. Everything I'd EVER WANTED TO BE I wrote it there.

"Don't you ever wonder what they call me at school? Pathetic. Weak. A stupid idiot who cares nothing but herself. A FUCKING SHADOW cast by none other than my reputable BROTHER." Rin had practically sent showers of spit on my face. I had only kept my composure.

"There's only one thing I regret, though, Rin. I changed: And even though a lot say I'm cool and sexy and hot — o-okay, stop looking at me like that, you're scaring me — only the most important person in my world doesn't like it."

Rin had raised a brow. "And I'm guessing that the unlucky ass is me."

"Damn right you are. . . And I'm. . ."

. . . Well, thanks for the reviews, my lovely readers. I knelt down on the bed and hugged Rin's knees and begged her to forgive me. "'T'was nice knowing you!"

"Ugh! Damn you Len!"

"What, still not satisfied with my answer?"

"Can't say that to your ass, though."

I stood up straight from the bed and smirked at the huge height difference between Rin and me; I was already four inches taller! Rin, on the other hand, frowned — well, pouted like a pissed-off kitten. "How about this. . . You cut me off earlier. . . If you want me to make you . . . my princess, I would."

Her reaction had been one that I WON'T EVER LET MYSELF FORGET. Her eyes were wide as saucers, and I saw the redness in her face creep up to her cheeks at the embarrassment of being caught. "Y-you dick! What am I, four years old?"

I laughed heartily, and didn't even wince at her punching my chest.

"You — son — OF — A — BI —"

"Before you say anything else, I just want you to know that I miss you too. . ."


"No. In my opinion, I think you already DID, but you're just too stubborn to admit it —"



LET'S JUST GET THIS OVER AND SHITTING DONE WITH OKAY. I was getting fucked up by how Len was screwing around too much, and I played in his laptop for the rest of last night.


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. . . I cemented everything Len told me last night in my mind. . ."I just want to patch things up with you. It's like after everything that happened we'd been keeping distance from each other. And after all we've been through together . . . just like that. I looked after myself at around 6th grade, and it was rather awkward what with puberty. You were maturing then too, weren't you, and you thought to yourself how much everything MUST stay the same. . . And then I was starting to attract a lot of girls. . . I'd gone out with at least most of the school on our grade— not counting the lesbian bitches — and maybe I DID start to get a little cocky. You stopped . . . you stopped being there for me around then. Did you just give up on fighting for me? When will you ever realise, now, that the future doesn't change the past . . . ? My thoughts on it will still remain the same. Maybe you thought you'd lost me; that's when you turned to Miku. . . The girls I'd dumped threw their frustrations at you, tainting your very innocence with wretched thoughts. You shouldn't listen to the people's opinions if they're not even worth it. Would . . . would you like it instead, my twin, that we learn to depend on each other. . . ?"

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