With the apparently forgotten Mikuo in the background who had just now been remembered — took thme long enoguh —


the realisation that the gravity of their situation had worsened struck them. The both of their heartbeats were running as fas hurricane; and as for Rinto, his heart was thumping like mad in his ribcage, like it was planning to explode in him, which isn't that unlikely. His head had throbbed from the sudden stream of scenarios that would most likely occur in the near future. . . Everybody would hate them. Yes, that was for sure. (Or some dumbasses would think twin incest was cool or something and, like, support them.) The reputation the both of them had worked so hard to attain . . . ruined because they themselves had found their feelings for each other as more than family.

And they would be shunned from society, wouldn't they? That or they might end up rotting in jail, which is pretty much the coolest outcome Rinto had yet to think of. They would be the nicest guys in jail. Anyway, they were bound to have the same cell, right? Rinto would just bring his spare condoms. They wouldn't want a pregnancy in the cellar, now, would they? NO, WAIT! It'd be their chance to bust the hell out! It'd be like Lenka'd be giving birth and they'd release her. . .

But the negative scenario would be the one that's most likely to happen; the baby's gonna add up to three — or if it isn't just one baby — to the number of Kagamines in jail. And it's not like they're gonna be happy about that.

Aaaaaaaaaand Rinto's already overthinking this a little too much now.

This is ABSURDITY, you idiot.

Get your stupid ASS out of my laptop! I said, MOVE NIGGA!

He felt his hand that had caressed Lenka's not so long ago lose its strength, and it slipped to his side, the tenderness of Lenka's skin lingering. . . It was going numb from the withdrawal from Lenka's fingertips. He clenched his fist so to ease the deadness of feeling, or merely to find something to do.

The debonair inside of him was screaming for what his conscience was exactly trying to protect him from doing; but was that all what it was. . . ?

"L-Lenka," Rinto breathed into her ear, burying his face into her soft hair, "what . . . what if what I feel for you is just an impulse?"

He felt the younger blonde shift next to him, her head bobbing; Rinto made sure his grip on her was neither too loose nor too tight, for he was afraid she might make another escape. He may never know. . .

"Hey, dudes!" a voice had suddenly called out.

"Not now, you SONOFABITCH," Rinto practically shouted, shaking comically. They were finally talking cumming sense to each other and the fucktard just RUINED THE MOMENT. Just. Like. Shitting. That.

Mikuo pointed at the kitchen, smiling like the asswipe he was. "Stop acting like a dick, I'm yer third ball for crying out loud!"

"Yeah, you are, but unless you'll leave us alone I'm gonna castrate you!" reotred Rinto.

Wait. Is reotred a word. . . ?

It's 'retorted,' and I don't quite get why Mikuo has to just SUDDENLY pop up in the story. I thought he was busy fainting? Where's the sense in thawjeropzxk;lkklllllllllb




. . . Heyheyhey! I'm back! What did I DO, you ask? Just taking care of . . . business (WICKED SMILE, TURNS TO THE CORNER AND CLOSES THE CURTAIN) Fuck it all, Imma do this shit withouast LEn. Where is he, you ask, my pretties? (Okay, here, just imagine I'm stroking your hair. What if you're a girl? Well, that makes even more effecgtive then, dumbass.( Let's just say . . . there's always something as too smartass. . . AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

"Okay, okay! Imma masturbate somewhere else!" Mikuo raised his hands innocently in the air and walked into the kitchen, and added when he thought that the coast was clear, "Someone's being a tosser t'a'day. . ."

Rinto muttered something inaudible to Lenka, but she was sure as hell she didn't like the sound ofit. Of it.

"No." Lenka's voice was barely heard by the dashing blonde in front of her. Um, not that he was DEAF or anything,g it was just that her voice was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too small.

Rinto leaned in closer and whispered, tucking a few strands of her stray hair behind her ear — MOTHER OF CHRIST ISN'T THAT JUST SO SMEXEH? (And so dominant at the same time? Screw it) "What's that mean. . . ?"

No sooner had Rinto said this than Goosebumps had erupted from Lenka's skin. Lenka's arms snaked up to the hollow of Rinto's shoulders, easing the stress that was OH-SO building up inside his OH-SO fuckable body. Ahem.

Call me a narcissist, but Imma adamit that my GENDERBEND is hot as fuck. Whatd' you expect, comaing from the MOST BEAUTIFUL bitch in the world? (NOBODY. MAKE A COMMENT ONT HAT.) He's gona be so HANDSOME and shit0-

Oh god. I'm stariting. To. Fucking. Act. Like. MIKU. She alwasys bitches on about this INTERNET doubche named KAITO the same way I gush on about RINTO. Hewly crap!i think she's rubbing in on me. And not the lesbian sort of 'rub.' (I'm PROUD to be STRAIGHT and I'm PROUD to be homophobic.) (Sorta.)

At this, Rinto let out a guttural growl and inhaled, his entire body flinching at the touch. It fucking rattled him that something as perfect as this was forbidden, and that the only thing that could make him feel like this was his ownsister.

It all started with a touch. But it didn't stop there.

OVerly cheesy line. I swear t' GOD.

"When I said no, I meant that I trust you enough to believe that what we feel for each other isn't just a result of a high-degree analysis," Lenka breathed, her half-lidded eyes somehow contagious.

. . . That souned so gross.

Uh, screw that. It was supposed to be something like Rinto's eyes were half-lidded as well after seeing LEnka's. . . Never fucking mind bitches. Just read on.

Rinto's smartass brain calculated what Lenka had just said and he whispered, "You're saying that —

BAAALLLS! GOD EFFING DAMMIT! (Okaaay, I'm a little concerened of blashpemyh here.) What the fuck did Lenka mean? How's Rinto supposed to answer THAT? I can't just write that he DOESN'T GET IT.


. . . No. Just . . . no.

Not yet, at least. I'm not that desperate.

Okay. Maybe I am. DOUCHE IT LEN!


"— our love is more than just what people think of us. . ."

They were already merely inches from each other's faces, and Rinto felt Lenka's banana-scented breath tickle his neck as he himself leaned closer, lips moist with saliva that had been oozing from the corner of shi mouth. . .

Feelings he thought were long-forgotten had made its way to the surface, igniting a small fire of passion inside of Rinto.

Lenka's arms were wrapped around his neck, and she already tangled her fingers into knots in his enticing, sexy, tousled hair; on the other hand, Rinto helped himself to the warmth that his younger sister supplied, and he leaned down to her height, his pointed chin grazing against Lenka's jawline as their gazes locked into each other's eyes.

That's enough for now! Already a quarter to one . . . in the morning.

I actually asw supossed to sleep at around a few paragrapsh ago, but the niehgbours' SNORING kept me awak.e I don't have a shitting clue how Len slept thoguhr that. Dolt.

/pieceashitimmagotosleepnowyo ubeautifulfuckerzzzzzzz




Guesswhatgueswhaetwagueswhat ?

Len tooked me too the movies and we watched Rise of the Guardiasn. I watched it — A-FUCKING-GAIN — and staredat Jack forst's face the entire time, so all o you bitches can just SUCK IT.




I checked his ass — not ILITERALLY — up in the Internet and tfound out that he's got a LOTTA hot anime pictures of himself. . . Mm-hmm. . . I already have his FACE in my phone!


Mmmmnnn yeah that's a good boy. . .

That's enough, Rin. God, can you believe her wallpaper? JACK FROST, with that stupid long stick of his-ap]sdj;k

Crap you gaiz! I almost forgot! D'you know that part wherew he lfashes back to his memories:?shishsitshishist! HE's ssooooooo adorable and I just wanna EAT. HIM. UP.


His face is giving me AN ORGASM!

There's nust — JUSTJUSTJUST — this issue with that stick shit he keeps holding on to. What is that, like a super dildo or something? He needs something sexier, like . . . a wand. Or a shuriekn. YEAh. He looks like a fucking HOBO with that goddamn stick. You know when he like crouches down and stuff? Looks like a mofucking homo hobo! Hmm. . . Homo-hobo. . . Jack Frost? A homo hobo? The most BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS homo hobo I've ever seen.

God, seeing his face just makes me wanna get laid. Just! ANYONE. FUCK ME.

Rin you psychotic idiot! Moses, readers, I apologise in the place of my sister. What's she doing right now, you ask? I told her that they were serving oranges down the hospital cafeteria . . . oranges shaped like Jack Frost. So, yeah, as you'd probably have already guessed, we still haven't been released from the hospital. It's such a shame, too! School's a BIG part of my social system, and they've already begun a few lessons without their best student!

Even though we were still labelled as 'seriously injured' — and all that stupid shit you don't even probably know — they let us at least watch a movie together. Being the stunning, wonderful, smartass brother I was, I decided that the Rise of the Guardians would be a good flick. I know, it's not about sex, it's not about awesome adulterated romance or blowing up action — which I hate to the core — but . . . Rin thinks we could only be a kid for such a long time, and ours is already running out, so what the heck. That was what I could derive from her weird "YOU IDIOT, IT'S THE FUCKING MOVIE OF THE YEAR AND YOU SHOULD TRY AND GO WATCH IT MOFO!"

Yep. And as usual Ipaid for the fee.

The movie somehow helped me get in high spirits, though as for Rin, all she'd ever did was say repeatedly throughout the entire movie, "This is jackshit. I mean, WHERE THE FUCK IS THE DUDE IN THE HOODIE?"

As much as I had wanted to point out that SHE was the one who wanted to watch it in the first place, I also didn't want my handsome face to get in contact with her fist.

And then, her entire demeanour had changed when Jack Frost came into the scene.

"OHMAIOHMAIOHMAI — FUCKEN. GAWSH. Who the fuck IS that good-looking bastard? JACK FROST, EVERYONE! Oh JESUS CHRIST, he looks HOTTER than when I last saw this!"

I guess all she wanted in the movie was Jack Frost. I can't deny to myself that it's been a long time since Rinniekinns has ever had a crush, but I.





Why does it have to be a CARTOON CHARACTER? And a WILY one at that! Fuck it all! She's four-shitting-teen and is head over heels in love with a CARTOON CHARACTER. Hell, she can even climax just looking at the dude's face.

Couldn't she be normal for ONE. . .

Huh. I guess I can't imagine a 'normal' Rin without over-exaggerating on the details of how she might end up as boring and dull. I think I like this Rin better. I mean, she has her ups and downs. . . She can be nice if she wants to — whenever her sadistic side gets submissive — and she's really very sweet, albeit stubborn.

Please don't tell her I said that. Or PM her. AND IF THAT HATSUNE GIRL IS READING THIS THEN GET OUT. This shit isn't your business!

. . . Hey, speaking of weird, she writes a lot of overly exaggerated details on this document. NO READERS, MY SISTER DIDN'T GAG ME AND PUT ME IN A CORNER. What the fuck. I think it's the time when she was furiously typing here — despite the bandages she had wrapped around her arms — and she walked up to me and asked what I meant that I trust you enough to believe that what we feel for each other isn't just a result of a high-degree analysis meant. I was just sitting on my bed playing 999 at the time! (And speaking of that time, it was around . . . midnight or something.) She's being . . . (damn it, I just can't directly tell you that she deliberately LIED here. . .) really creative.

(Nice save, Kagamine) Whoo!

That girl's taking quite her time downstairs in spite of the oranges being a made up story by yours truly. . .

Maybe. . . No. I. . .


Snarling, Rinto's body took over, and all his will had already wiled up into hunger. His hands clawed at Lenka's hips, making the small girl squeak in surprise — whether out of pleasure or just pure shock, Rinto didn't bother to want to know — and he pulled her against him; there was a sort of overpowering relief and greed that swelled inside him when Lenka's groin smothered against his growing erection, and still he wanted more.

The tip of his manhood was poking out of his underwear, and he had feared it would rip its way out. The feeling of need, longing and absolute desire invaded his mind, and lust sprung out inside of him, begging for something to just smother him in pleasure until he was senseless.

Lenka was in no short of lust as well, though things were going way too fast for comfort; this wasn't what she wanted her first time with the one she truly loves to be. What, brutality? Despite her experience, she was nothing compared to Rinto's massive body and his abominable strength.

Their faces smashed against each other as their lips collided and no sooner than that, Rinto had already opened his mouth to furiously let his tongue in Lenka's own mouth, and all she did was open it out of surprise.

WAIT. WHY AM I THE SUBMISSIVE? Aw, dammit. Well, I'm still god-attractive as EITHER dominant or submissive.

"Mmmmngggh!" was what Lenka had cried out, her eyes dazed in desire and lust.

Yes, yes!

Rinto's grip on her hips tightened, as did his pants: Just hearing her moan like that. . .

After being granted the permission for entry in Lenka's mouth, Rinto slid his tongue in, his breathing hollow. Lenka was really very used to tongues getting in and out of her mouth — and someplace else — but knowing that this was Rinto's. . .

Her folds clenched within her as the familiar wetness once again prevailed, sending a wave of need and want all over Lenka.

Before she even knew it, Rinto was already sucking her mouth hungrily, like a dangerous predator. It was like he was sending her a sign. . .

Oh! Lenka's tongue had gone limp the entire time! Quite irritated that she was actually losing to Rinto and for forgetting all the skills she'd acquired through her night to night activities, Lenka plunged out her tongue so that its tip united with Rinto's tongue's. And for that moment, each of them had gasped at the feeling: The need of breathing had already left them, for what replaced it was themselves.

Their tongues had waltzed inside before exploring each other's mouths; Rinto's in Lenka's and vice versa. Lenka's tongue had already been lapping Rinto's teeth while his was licking her lower lip. Their hands were roaming everywhere around their body: Lenka's left hand was gripping a handful of Rinto's hair for sexual support while her right was hovering teasingly above his full boner; Rinto's hand had somehow made its way perversely in Lenka's shirt, massaging the left side of her chest, his other one impatiently tugging at Lenka's underwear and making circles around her cervix area.

Whoops, I forgot! Lenka's head was bandaged! O.o

Eventually, Lenka's tongue made its way to the roof of Rinto's mouth, just sliding over his own tongue. The contact made Lenka herself moan loudly, "MmmMMnNn!"

This had made Rinto officially turned on, and he just can't settle with just touching her here and there.

He wanted to be inside her.

Perhaps he was going mad.


He broke the kiss, a string of saliva connecting their mouths thinning out. Rinto impatiently gathered all the oxygen he unfortunately needed before he seized Lenka by the wrist once again and held both her hands high up in the air with one hand, his other caressing her neck delicately in a vicious way. He saw the fear and agitation in Lenka's eyes and something else . . . her eyes reflected his, which were full of rage and blindness.

Rinto's expression immediately softened. . .

Everything flashed in his eyes. . .


Oh come on! It wasn't that bad!

GAERTETTT FOFF MY LAPTOP. YOU PISS PUMP….. Oh what's the fcuking use.

You're . . . giving me your laptop. . . ?

. . . Okay! I'm writing the entire thing down now! Rin's only rarely really nice to me, so . . . this is one of her "moments."

She'd given me her laptop. "Wh-what. . . ?"

Rin had looked away and muttered something indistinct, but I understood nonetheless, "I'm not some fucked up hooker so it's better if you write the crap."

I just stared after her. Had that been a compliment? (Shit, Rin's giving me an intimidating look now for typing that.)

"But don't you want —"

"You're an author of this story too," she had responded, her voice quivering. "And I think it's about time . . . that I should surrender and depend on you for once."

I thought she had been planning to say that for a long time, because I couldn't find a loophole around her statement, which was so well-thought of it couldn't be anything ambiguous.

And there I sat on my bed, mouth agape. Then Rin turned to face me with the most genuine smile I'd seen her give me for a long time.

"What do you say, Bro?"

Aaaaaaaaaand how could I refuse. That was the best sibling-to-sibling talk we'd had that was THAT personal!

And I'm glad as hell it's over. oNw start rwiting you ugly ho!

And it dawned on him. . .

Lenka, who was shaking quietly in front of him, her eyes surrendering and watery, vulnerable and scared, who looked innocent despite the number of times she'd experienced this thing over and over again, whose hands he was holding up against her own will, who was now practically sliding against the couch, who was the love of his life . . . who was his sister.

Mentally blinded by desire he'd so hidden for quite the longest time, he'd forgotten what was just there in front of him.

Being a good, influential brother was his first priority. And the person he protected for so long was also the person who he wanted to gain his pleasure from, in which only he can benefit.

Rinto's grip on her wrists had loosened, and he just stood there, in a daze, his once overpowering stand now collapsing.

Lenka, who had been in a state of slight shock, was somewhat disappointed that her brother didn't continue, and had absentmindedly rubbed her sore wrists, which were reddening. She took a step back as a delayed recoil to her brother's inaction, and looked up at him curiously.

"Why'd you stop?" she asked cutely.

Still ashamed of what he's done, Rinto closed his eyes shut forcefully and turned away for good measure. He tried not to imagine touching Lenka in the most erotic of places, tried not to think of her bare naked creamy skin underneath his, forced himself to only see her as his sister from then on.

As much as it hurt.

It pained him to talk, but he'll regret if he didn't later. "I . . . I'm a monster. . ."

He looked up, even though Lenka was far shorter than him. "Maybe I've been tainted. Maybe it's even too late for me. But it's never too late for you."

Lenka raised an eyebrow, silently surprised. "What. . . ?"


But it gets it in the MOOD! You don't watch dramas much, so that's why you don't understand. See, he feels quite conscientious about his lack of ethics and sense —

If he's gonan be a nincestuos bitch, he mighrt as wellbe the badaass one!

Sigh. Rin, I thought you didn't want to go through with the twin incest thing in the first place.



Shut that trap o yers or I'll put your ingrown dick in it. What the fucck is it with you and your onomatopoeias?

"Lenka, we can't be together," Rinto said, his eyes showing concern and justice. "Not the way we always wanted it to be."

Lenka's eyebrow furrowed, and she frowned. "And why not? Rinto, I've thought this through, and you're the person I've only ever loved this much! You know the guys I've been with? Every time . . . every time, I imagine their faces as yours, and as much as I force myself not to, it's always you I see."

"Just do it for me . . . ," Rinto whispered. And without any warning, he took one step closer to her and ruffled Lenka's hair, the part that wasn't bandaged. There was a huge area of the bandage that was dyed in red from underneath the cloth, and Rinto couldn't bring himself to think it was his fault after all. "You're better off with the other assholes you've been with."

"But I don't like them at all, dang it!" Lenka half-yelled, close to tears. She seized Rinto by the collar as tears had finally sprung from her eyes. "Just kiss me, I need you now. . ."

Rinto looked like he'd been analysing the entire situation, because his eyes were still boring on Lenka.

"I just have to satisfy the thirst you made me rouse to. . ." she whispered, forcing herself to grimace just one bit.

Rinto's mouth slightly open, Lenka's lips slid against his moistly, sending chills down the young man's spine.

Come to think of it, Rinto may have overreacted a bit. But his priority now was to satisfy his sister, now, wasn't it?

He smirked and pushed his sister lightly on the sofa, suggestively saying, "Better lock the doors now, Sis."



. . . THAT'S DOUCHING IT? FUCK IT LEN! Yo'ure such a faggot!

HEY, I finished the story! What d'you want me to do?

That aws a REALLY crappy ending! Fuck you!

Tut-tut-tut, Rinniekinns. What do we say about our language?

It's english you cocksuck.

*English *was *you're *incestuous

Balls, Len. BALLS.

Anyway, THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH FOR READING MY FIRST EVER STORY! If you dindt' like it, I blame the bastard next to me Q_Q . . . PUT A SOCK IN IT, LEN. Good enws, too! The btiches around here told us we're gonna be shitting RELEASED this time tomorrow! Thnak Christ, because I' was feeling TIRED tof being stukc in the same room as dickwad over here.

Language, Rinny.

Yeahyea. Cheers! Here's to everyone who ever reviewed!

Dreaming Flower: You . . . sure did review more than once, didn't you? XD I like that, I respect you! That's what I like about you! : D I didn't know you were a twin yourself! o.O Although I could faintly recall you mentioning it to me once. Did you? : o The actual author's making no sense whatsoever ._. But I can tell she liked your reviews! R-ridicule myself? I, Len motherfucking Kagamine, have my own dignity, and I do not wish it tarnished Save it for the jury, ya looney. Whoa! You sure are one heck of an otaku to have found this song! XD I checked heaven in the hell out, and it was SOOOOOOO cool! : o I particularly liked the guitar solo! AW, SURE I'LL HUG YOU! Idiot, I'm first! Hey, don't worry. The author herself is Filipino. Your mother'll do AWESOME in English!

A nalu fangirl: That's 'cause it's . . . ONLY IN THIS STORY! XD Please. I heed you. Rin's influence is overpowering the government's. Gee, thanks Len! I should be president now. And the only reason why Rin says 'dayum' is because she can't pronounce 'damn' as properly as others can. Get your ass away from here!

Troubled Windchimes: Exact-a-fucking-tactly! XD At least someone can relate to me! : )
uGH, I know right? Fuck slpelling. It's only a burden to all of us. And to our backspace bar. FINALLY. YES, YHES, CHEER FOR ME. wAIT; NO WAY! Cum is a Latin/Greek word? It's actually the exact antonym to disaster; the realisation of an aversion from a problemahidkj I think we get that, Lenners.

Honeycloud of Riverclan:I honestly DID have to look it up. Yeah, I made them misspell 'figment' to 'pigment' XD But somehow it's sorta kinda the same ._. Even I get mixed up! : D Thanks! Holy shit Len! There's afucking cat on the review! Dammit Rin, it's just a combination of keyboard characters formed to make what looks like a kitten. You're no fun at all you dimwit.

Tookio Wishes:I'm asking you one time; did you enjoy this one? : o My first time writing an almost-lemon. I guess it's true what they say. . . It's liek it's harder to write a lemon when you've had actually NO sexperience at ALL! So thank CHRIST this story's rated T, or Len''ll go turn on the readers or something (female AND male.) HEY! Was that a compliment again? O-okay, stop glaring at me like that! I find it easy to believe that writing lemons isn't quite as easy as reading them, even if you read a million of them. Yeah, what the bitch said.

Nmaeless: Technically, 'mispelling' IS wrong. It's supposed to be 'misspelling' I just wish Len woudld stop replying to you guys. I REALLY frigging do. TWINCEST FOR THE WIN XD But honestly, my fangirling for twincest has made me a little more than paranoid of the REAL twins I encounter. It's like . . . I'm judgemental of them, and I instantly assume they're in love with each other D : It's become QUITE the problem. Did you like the ending?

Len, gimme the check.

"What check?"



Dearest reader,

Congratulations! You have finished the story! Thank you for reading!

This document contains a note, and this is the latter.

You can use this for free virtual pastries, and a lifetime's supply of your favourite food!

(Outcomes may vary when you've got cancer or you're, like, seriously old.)


S-so. . . Bye guys. . . It's been fun writing this. . . A lot of shit came up, but we came through. . . Th-thanks . . . for everything.

RIN! We forgot about MIKUO!

. . .

. . .

. . .

. .


Huh? Oh eyeah.

Witnessing the kissing of the horny twins, Mikuo had made his escape via the window and ran down the street, pretending he didn't see or hear anything while the revelation of the scenario dawned on him, reflecting on the experience. . .

Was he going to tell on them?

No . . . they were both too powerful for him. They would eventually break out of jail (if ever they WILL be sent there if ever Mikuo WILL inform anybody) and hunt his ass down like a wild animal. They'll bring their roadroller and flatten him down, and hunt for his family before they get to him.

The young teal-haired boy contemplated on his options as he walked down the lonely winding road that led to his house, unaware of the press group that had been stalking him the entire time, hoping he would answer every question in their interrogation. . .


ME: I apologise once again for the lack of sense in this one. (Somehow I just keep getting worse D :) You're asking why Rin's always ruining the moment in the Rinto and Lenka scenes? Let's just put it this way; I just want to purposely portray her as a character who just doesn't quite get romantic stuff XD In short, that's why she sucks at writing lemons. There's always some kind of mistake in it, all because she's just so nervous at writing one. Hope you understand :P OH GOD, I hope that steamy make-out session wasn't too boring/erotic for you readers! O.o I'm sorry, forgive me! I mean, this WAS Rated T! (And I was just, like, balancing on the tight rope that was a boundary between rated T and rated M.) I'll be updating on the Mistress and my hiatus story, Mirage Island Vacation now! : ( It upsets me to think that I write too many stories at the same time ._. Well, look out for the sequel to this! : D It's gonna be FILLED with twincest — from Kagamine Rin and Len this time — so I don't think most of you'll want to read it much. . . Till then, old beans! XD The awesome author logs the heck out! Thanks a lot for reading, thanks a lot for tuning in, and thanks a lot for reviewing! I'm thanking the readers who read this! And God bless everyone — I'd sound a bit racist if I didn't put everyone, so yeah. . .

And I hope Jack Frost keeps you cool XD

And here's a teaser to the sequel, exclusive just for this ending! : D

SWEET. Baby. JESUS. WhAt the damn, LEn? Whut the FuCkEn DAMN? I'm so sorry for not updating so fast! HE'SNOBROTHEROFMINE led us to the sick bastrad's office! scrww LEN!

What, why're you implying that I'M the one who started all the mess?

BeCAUSE, if only you hadn't narely RAPED mie int he first palce, I woudlnt've had ANY of my brusies, (SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER) and NONE OF THis would ahve EVER happend!



(Some censored fighting)

HO dare he CUM at me like that? He's so WHORE-ibble! XD

Among the god-awful jokes I'd heard from you, this is probably the shittiest.

Bah you gte the gist you dumb old bitch.