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On with the story!

Rinto had left her, and now she was cleaning up after the only thing she had to remember her by; the mess he made was pretty hard to forget, and she just had to live by it, I don't know, for the rest of her life. The mess consisted of her broken heart, and he didn't even do anything but speak the truth: And by going out he pulverised the organ and didn't even bother to put it back in Lenka's chambers.

I think the description is a little much. But meh.

What was left of her . . . were the fragments of the lies she'd been building up for years. What'd she expect, that he'd say he loved her too and the entire world would be okay with their forbidden relationship? That's. Just. Bullshit.

She never believed in happy endings. Not even for herself. So why did she have a grain of hope, however defiantly small it may be, when she confessed to her brother? Was it, like, just intuition or her thoughts misleading her to a different conclusion for once?

Lenka had always been right. Right?

Now, she wasn't so sure anymore. . . She always thought that there was something funny with Rinto. And. . . She knew there was something wrong about his reaction. Something off.

Had Rinto already left the house? Was he already on his way to another one of his girlfriends? Those were the questions that Lenka herself didn't want to be answered, but chose to want another question to ask: Was he still thinking about her confession?

The water that was blinding her vision from everything around her was falling down like rain on the bed sheet—the sounds that occupied her ears were her sobbing and the soft pit-pat of tears. They grew fainter and fainter each second she thought about whether or not she will just pretend nothing happened later, or that she'll let this pitiful moment scar her for life. The voice inside her head, which was quite in contrast with her sensing the surroundings around her, however, was practically shouting whispered torments and taunts; wails and cries. . .

She was buried in her own anguish, the pool of insecurity and the realisation of sin washing over her. Her declaration of love to him sounded a lot clearer when she daydreamed about it.

And it seemed to be a good idea at the time.

Can we just skip a night?

Lenka was beyond worry.

She was definitely panicking now: Rinto hadn't been home since yesterday, and it wouldn't take him that long for six services of sex. Hell, it wouldn't even take him this long to receive twenty services. Unless he got caught. . .

No, Rinto would be too smooth for that.


It was currently evening, the day after the fight and misunderstanding. What would she know? She didn't even deserve a place in his heart. . . He was much too good for her. That's why God made them to be twins. It all started when they were younger, Lenka assumed. . .

Rinto used to be so fragile, you see. Cried every time someone bullied him. That was way before he grew to look mature and handsome.

Note to self: I'm starting to sound a LOT like Rin now.

Lenka was the only one the gang of boys feared. That was because Lenka's cute and endearing looks captivated them, and she took that to her advantage against them. Rinto was always shorter than every other boys in the classroom, and he was very clumsy in sports. He used to be the centre of attraction to all of them.

I'm describing who Rin used to be before. Um, this is still part of the story of what happened yesterday. Just a little . . . romantic, okay? Just. . . ! Just. . . ! Ignore this. Fucking ignore this.

That is, until puberty knocked on the door, and Rinto was the very first to answer it. Since the fifth grade, he'd started to play sports to develop his abdominal muscles, and played for the varsity. He had an abnormal growth spurt and overgrew the rest: He started using hair products and various beauty stuff. Because of his new face and mature figure, nobody dared tease him again.

When Lenka saw that he was starting to grow independent and that she realised she was practically useless t him, her admiration for him developed into a sort of attraction. Eventually, she distracted herself with other men, alluring them with her charms and her sexy body.

She had the hourglass body shape, and she walked like a model—

I . . . don't know how to describe girls. Okay? Let's just skip the description because . . . erm. . . It's getting a little hot here—umm. I need a banana.

And right now, she was standing beside the doorway, waiting for her brother to return. . . She really needed him back. Maybe not as the lover she always wanted him to be, but the brother who was always beside her. She loved her brother that much—she could settle for only blood-siblings just so he would be there next to her, hugging her like before the malicious thoughts arose. . . She needed him as a brother back.

He might have freaked out a lot when she confessed. . . And after he left, Lenka didn't have enough space in her mind to think about those distractions she calls her 'boys,' because that was how heartbroken she was.

I'm trying to bake bananas (INSERT SMILE) I'm feeling a bit peckish, you see. It's gonna be done in about thirty minutes. I better wrap this chapter up quick and clean so I can explain to you guys what happened to Rin and me.

Kiriya's house was just down the block: She was Rinto's personal favourite sex doll by far, to be honest. But that was what she always was, just like all the other girls, right? Just dolls to play with. And you can't have real feelings for dolls, can you?

Lenka swore to herself that she wasn't any better; in fact, she was worse. She went out with several boys at the same time just to keep herself at ease and distracted from her growing affections for her twin brother. But everyone knows that water leaks from an enclosed space when it's just too much.

She glanced at the clock, shaking with anticipation: It was seven.

Perhaps she should just give up, right? . . . This was the worst day ever. She sighed and silently handed herself out to defeat. She'll call it a day again and wait tomorrow. . .

But just as she was about to leave,


The exclamation was followed by a series of noisy knocking. Lenka didn't move from where she stood, paralysed at the sound of the voice; the familiar voice she'd been aching to hear for days.

Chapter done! My first cliffhanger, huh? Well, I'll tell you what happened now!

I was really distraught; I looked horrible. I must've not eaten much for the entire while—I didn't notice, actually—because I didn't have the energy to answer the door when Rin practically kicked the door open and flung herself into my tired, coincidentally open arms. Of course, I didn't know how to react, but the matter at hand was that she was SAFE, and she was with ME. . . Until she pulled away.

"What do you feel about me, Len?" she sobbed, and I was awestruck. I asked myself what the hell I did again. Fact was, I'm a genius. So I came up with a quick answer.

"I missed you, Rin!"

Did I feel like a jackass or what? I went on about being so stupid and shit, and I threw my entire being and heart at her, since I've never been so honest in my entire life.

After I'd done talking, she was STILL staring at me. And then she cupped her hands to my cheeks, and was staring into my eyes. "As a sister. . . ?"

Everyone believes there's a thin line between innocence . . . and stupidity. Rin's, like, somewhere closer to stupid when it comes to misunderstandings. But that's why we love her, right? I threw my arms in the air in exasperation and shouted, "Of course as a fucking sister! What do you think?"

And she was back to her normal self again. How'd I know she moved on from our misunderstanding? Well, she doesn't just sadistically hit someone in the face randomly when she's upset, you know.

Except, she told me she still wanted to live in with Hatsune for the next few days because she'd grown comfortable around her. Ugh. Miku. She's supposed to be Rin's twin, not ME. I mean, Rin learns more from her than she does from ME! In fact, she doesn't learn anything from me at ALL! I remember when she introduced Miku to me. She had brought the Hatsune girl here in the house then. I had passed them by when I was going to the kitchen. Rin said hi to me and took the Hatsune girl upstairs, not even bothering to introduce the teal-haired diva. Miss Twintails didn't give a fuck about me until they came down again and THEN she said, "Hey! Nice to meet you, the name's Miku. I'm Rin's bestest best friend. By the way, your poytail's the suckiest thing any child of Abraham has ever laid eyes on. No offence, Dude."

Can you BELIEVE that? It was so UPSETTING! How can someone NOT be offended by that?

Wait, my baked banana's done :)

. . . I'm back! At least I have the courage to go on. Yeah! That's right! Courage! Hehehe! You know what? I feel so high now! You know, here's a random thought: There's an average number of forty sex positions! Can you think of the POSSIBILITIES? Ohoho! I wanna do about eleven in one night with one girl. . . I wonder how that'd feel like. I swear to God. . . Ugh, I'm getting hard. . . You know what else makes me go hard? Sluts in shorts. . . No, wait, skirts! Yeah! About a few days ago I was making out with . . . Um. . . What's-her-face and my hand found its way to her thigh until I teasingly tugged down her skirt. . . But no shit happened! We were just MAKING OUT. . . But nothing can compare to when I was writing that lime. Come to think of it, I think I had a boner even BEFORE I wrote the shit. . .

What? Ha. Muwahahahahahahaha! HAHAHA! Nothing's wrong with me, you crazy bitches. . . I just ate a little dish of baked bananas. . .

. . . Oh, look. . . They're Aphrodisiacs? Ha. . . What a coincidence. . . What does aphrodisiac mean again. . . ? I forgot . . . I think it must mean something about sex and shit. I can't



Screw that, I mean right

Without my fucken senses. . .aaudghm. .mj0Can't even see straighriweokt. . .


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