Hello readers and welcome to my fic today. I've really became interested in Familiar of Zero that I want a try at it. Just to be warned my knowledge only reaches season two; even then it might not be much.

All I ask is that you give this a try and know that this is purely for fun for me. So if I mess up on a sentence just say it and I might correct it later. Warning though this is an oc fic with three characters. I was thinking of a fourth to make a squad but I only have three oc's so far.

If you're interested in this PM me and maybe yours will be picked or I just stick with three. These first chapters will be intros for the oc's.

These are based off the endings of there universe before being summoned

Now that that's over with lets continue with the intro/prologue.

P.S. If you want info on the oc of any in here, feel free to ask. Also there descriptions will be given when they are summoned

Yin Shiba

Everyone watched as he finally managed to defeat Vex once for all. Their glories mood was broken as they saw his skin was cracking like stone. They all rushed to him as he sat down with his legs crossed with a sincere smile.

"What's happening to you?" Po yelled as he watched his first friend slowly break down. "Are you going to be alright?" Yin smiled at his concerned before looking over all his friends that have stuck with him so long.

'Jet, Nerva, Alice, Ken, Po, it's been a blast with them right Nia?' He moved his eyes to the right and say her ghostly form floating near him.

'It has been wonderful no doubt' She replied as she looked at all the wonderful people they met. She wished that they could stay with them living in this momentary peace, but sadly that was not meant to be. Yin shifted his eyes back decided to explain what was happening.

"Do you all remember when I told you guys about my predicament on how I was born?"

"That your mother was a demon while your father was a human" Jet stated as his hand suddenly tightened around his staff at the sudden realization. He should have seen this sooner as he could've tried to prevent this.

"That is correct Jet" Yin smiled, "As we all know Demon blood can never mix with human blood except I was conceived with a stable level of demon energy as my unborn body was developing." Yin stopped for a second to get ready for their reactions for what he was about to say. "That stability was destroyed when Nia became a part of me."

"What!" Everyone yelled minis Jet as he already figured it out. They just couldn't believe that he never told anyone about it.

"Why didn't you tell us we could have helped you!" Nerva yelled with tears streaming down her face. She couldn't believe how much of an idiot he was for not saying anything.

"That would have been pointless" Yin said with his head down, "Nia said it was impossible to fix"

"Why would you listen to her when she was the cause of it?" Nerva glared at him as if she was glaring at Nia herself. Nia looked away with tears in her eyes; even though they can't see or hear her she could hear and see them loud and clear. Yin's head sprang up with anger before flinching from the sudden cracks that spread over his body.

"She didn't know at the time and never blame Nia for anything wrong again" He stated before sighing as he could no longer feel his lower body. Nerva felt regret as soon as he didn't want to look at her.

"Im sorry" She mumbled, but doubted that he heard her as she moved back. He took a deep breath before speaking again.

"My body has been slowly breaking down as the more of Nia's power I used to fight my battles. When she was separated from me my body went into momentary shock that I could've died from that moment. I left with Jet to obtain my own power and fought to get Nia back, after all that when we fused together my body went to an unstable stage that seemed to radiate with power which I used against vex."

"Is that why your body is breaking down? Because Nia's energy made you unstable." Ken pointed out. Yin nodded as now he found his upper body completely useless.

"That's right and the only reason I'm still talking is because my body adapted to the demon blood and energy for twelve years."

Yin gave them all a smile as he closed his eyes and looked forward. He had two things he had to say before he left this world.

"Jet can you use a preservation spell on me I want to be a reminder to you guys and your future kids of what we have been through together," His smile grew wider, "Plus I don't want to be buried in the ground that I killed vex in"

Jet nodded as he reluctantly cast the spell over him. "It's been an honor to have taught you anything Yin Shiba."

Yin's smile was genuine as he spoke his last words he would ever say to them as the spell was almost complete.

"Goodbye and… thank you."


Yin was floating through a white void as he stared into nothingness. He wondered if this was all that's left after life that you float around forever.

"That would be funny if it was true wouldn't it" A soft voice said.

"No it wouldn't!" He yelled as he wondered what was wrong with this person's humor. That is until he recognized the voice which belongs to…


"How's it going hero" she waved.

"what are you doing here?"

"To give you a second life"


He couldn't believe what he was told. He was filled with happiness at seeing everyone again. He floated over to Nia as fast as he could before pulling her into a hug.

"That's great we can see everyone again we can get you a new body, it'll be just like old times!" He let go of her to look at her smiling only to see an emotionless doll that wanted nothing more to cry.

"I meant what I said you know" She said which only confused him. "To give "you" a second life"

Yin's heart skipped a beat at what he heard. He tried to see if she was joking but nothing gave away that sort. He looked down for a second before giving her a glare.



"I won't I won't do it!" he yelled as he pushed her away, "I won't go anywhere without you!"

"Yin listens to reason"

"What reason can you give?"


"What can you say huh?"

"I rob-"

"What can you say!"

Nia had enough as she pulled back her hand then slapped him across his right cheek.

"I robbed your childhood from you!" She yelled with tears streaking down her face. She covered her face to try and stop them but they kept flowing out. "You don't even remember your own mothers face for crying out loud, I gave you amnesia, and I killed you!"

Yin suddenly brought her into kiss which she found herself captured by. All her tears stopped as she savored the feeling of his lips on hers. She slowly put her arms around his neck pulling themselves closer to one another. Before it could go farther they had to pull away gasping for breath. Both of them looked at each other with eyes on longing.

"I love you" Nia said as she rested her head on his chest. All she wanted to do was stay there forever but a sudden pang in her mind told her otherwise. She pulled herself away from him if only to make this easier.

"I lo-"

Nia stopped him with a finger as she started a chant. Yin wondered what was going on till a sudden glow surrounded his body that seemed to hold him. She looked at him with the most saddened eyes he has ever seen.

"I hope that were ever you end up you do your best and live a happy life," She gave him a small glare, "Stay out of trouble too while you're at it." Before he could say anything she stopped him with her lips as she savored every last second they had together. As their lips parted she heard him whisper something that made her smile.

"Will I have any chance of seeing you again?"

Nia shook her head no as she momentary linked with him so that he knows what was happing.

"I will be back inside my prison father calls a room" she said as her body started to fade.

"I don't blame you… you now that right"

She nodded her head as her body became more transparent until it became a ball of light. It floated towards him as it stopped directly in front of his chest. He had to say it even if she could no longer hear him.

"I love you… Nia"

The light grew before disappearing in his chest as his vision blacked out and his body was now gone. All that was left was the white void.

"Why did you have to say that...?" A soft crying voice said before disappearing as well