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Awaken to a new world

A New start

We find our young heroes in a smoldering crater being looked upon by the residents of where they landed. Their vision was blurry as they were not aware of each other and only to a red faced, pink haired girl.

'Is that real?' was their only thought until they all blacked out.

"Hahaha! Look at that! Louise the zero summoned commoners!"

"And not only that she summoned three of them!"

"This is what we should have expected from our Louise the zero!"

The whole class laughed at the now named Louise who stood their fuming at their insults. She was almost to the boiling point until she decided to turn her attention to her teacher.

"Mr. Colbert let me try again! I just messed up a little!" she asked/yelled

Mr. Colbert was a nice looking man; save for half his head being bald, he wore a long blue rob with glassing and a wooden staff at hand.

"I'm sorry Miss Vallière but you know the rules. We must follow the tradition passed on by the Brimir himself. If you feel that these thing are wrong then I have to expel you miss Vallière" Louise looked shocked before sulking as she turned to look at her… ugh… "familiers"

"Guess I have no choice then…" She whispered to herself as she walked down and looked with disgust as she looked upon her familiers, 'They're not even awake to experience what commoners may never have!' louise was about to commence the rune ritual until she was stopped by a hand on her shoulder. Louise looked and found Mr. Colbert at her side.

'Now that ive gotton a closer look they appear to be asleep. Why don't you wait till they are up and about since doing it now will have no affect" All she did was nod as Mr. Colbert casted a levitation speel and led them to the infirmary. Louise was glad that she wouldn't have to perform th e ritual in front of everyone but still she couldn't help but feel like something has changed. She shrugged it off as she made her way to her room, her classmates already gone to their dorms.


It was another fine day for all at the Tristan academy of magic as the morning went under way… well almost everyone. The single room which was met for care was now filled with heavy tension as three figures stood in a triangle pattern of each other.

"Who are you guys?" the first figure stated, he has bright yellow eyes with white spiky hair that reached his shoulders. He wore a black sleeveless hoodie with black kung Fu pants, white bandages adorned his arms and legs leaving his finger tips and toes open. He was clinging on to a tattered red scarf that was wrapped around his neck. (Think of a ninja and you got Yin Shiba)

"I think that's what of should be asking wanna-be" The second figure stated as he looked at him. He has red ruby eyes with short red flame hair (there's a difference) He wore a red short sleeved vest over a blue T-shirt with white baggy pants. A black Scabbard holding a blade was tied to his left side. (Think of a cocky character…Dante… then you have Jarvin Lee)

"Be quiet" the third stated which served to irritate the other two. He has black eyes with black short hair, he wore a long black gothic coat over a black T-shirt and black pants. Chains adorned all over his body keeping his hands at bay. (Basically an emo though he doesn't stay like that)

They all stayed like that for a good solid hour their bodies at ready from the unknown threat. One move will determine the outcome of this old western showdown… only for the door to open.

'I wonder if those three would be awake right now' thought the maid as she was blissfully unaware of the bomb she triggered off. There was a tendril of dark energy being blocked by a hand covered in white energy while a long red blade was being held back by another black tendril as a red scarf held back by someone's teeth as to hold back another fist covered in white energy.

'Holy shit…' was the only thought that passed through their minds. The maid finally turned around after finally closing the door she had opened to witness the giant twister of a mess that was shown before her.

She fainted…

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