Disclaimer: Nothing of the Twilight-universe belongs to me. This is an alternate universe, meaning nothing and I mean nothing that happened in the original twilight might happen here.

This story will have mature themes so if you are under 18 do not read this!


As I walked towards work my mind wandered to everything that had happened over the past couple of months. It all started when my father died in a car crash and mum started drinking more. She had always been an alcoholic but when he died she started to drink all the time and became violent towards me, blaming me in her drunken haze for dad's death. Two weeks ago she pulled a knife on me and I fled for my life. Thankfully I had enough savings for a bus ticket and two months rent for a run down flat in a tower block that made me feel sick just thinking about it. At least the flat was walking distance from my dad's grave and about 2,000 miles away from her. My first bit of real lucky was meeting my next-door neighbour Angela. We became friends from the moment we meet, she doesn't ask me much about my past which I'm grateful for and she is just one of those people you can talk too.

Over the past two weeks I had moments when I just wanted to pick up the phone and for mum to say she was sorry and that everything will be all right. Every time I started to dial images of her coming towards me entered my head forcing me to slam the phone down. All I've wanted since dad's death is some one to look after me, all I've received is abuse and fear. The last two weeks have been manageable compared to living with mum, not knowing what I would be blamed for next.

The second bit of good luck was finding my perfect job. When wandering around, trying to get my bearings of where I now call home I found the local library. They were after librarians and after a short interview I got the job. I had always been pulled towards books. Being a shy person I hid behind books in school thought of them as my best friends. After dad's accident I found that I could escape some of my moaning by reading and delving into another world.

I sighed as I looked upon the old building with the peeling letters, the church clock chimed telling me that I had made it to work just on time as I ran up the steps.


"Sir, please can't we take the car this morning?" James nervously walked next to me, glancing around every now and then as if someone was going pop out of thin air and attacks me.

"Calm down James, no one knows who I am and besides I have you and Jacob to protect me." I sighed; James hates it when I decide to walk to my law firm. I know that I am a high profile lawyer who is on some nasty people's hit list due to his job but the air helps me think. I looked over my shoulder at Jacob who smiled and started talking to James to distract him so I could have some peace.

Looking ahead a woman caught my eye and I froze. She must be the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on. James and Jacob were beside me in an instant.

"Sir, what's wrong?" James sounded stressed.

"Sir, breath." Jacob's reassuring voice brought me out of my haze and I took a deep breath.

"Nothing, I just … … I'm going into the library. Wait outside". And with that I strode across the street after the vixen that stole my breath.

As I walked into the library I noticed her straight away behind the counter, her arms full of books. She started to make her way from behind the counter and towards the back of the library. I took my chance and walked towards her, "accidentally" knocking into her, making the books go flying. As my hands shot out to steady her our skin touched and I felt heat shot from my hands to my groin.

"I'm so sorry, I couldn't see where I was going and … …" As she looked up at me she seemed to freeze, her hand absently wiping her jeans as if she felt the shock as well.

" No it's all my fault sugar, my names Jasper Whitlock and you are" I held out my hand to her hoping to see if the shock happened again. She hesitated before timidly taking my hand. This time I knew we both felt it as she quickly with drew her hand.

"I'm, um Bella Swan." Bella seemed very shy but even that drew me towards her.

"Well Bella, please let me make it up to you by taking you out tonight". I worded it as a question but my toned made it clear that she couldn't refuse.

"It's okay, you don't need to do that … … um I better get back to work." She stayed frozen for a second longer just looking at me and then bent down picking up the fallen books. As I bent down to help Bella I took a card out of my pocket and put it into her shirt pocket. She looked at me startled as I placed the books I picked up on a near by table.

"That's got all my contact information on. I would REALLY like it if you gave me a call so we could go out sugar". Bella nodded and walked back to her desk, her hand on her shirt pocket.

I went to a chair next to the window and stared out at the street. Someone cleared their throat and as I looked up James and Jacob were in front of me, concern in their eyes.

"See that girl over there?" I pointed Bella out and they both nodded "Her name is Bella Swan, find what you can out about her. If she doesn't ring me by next week you will have to bring her to me. She refused my advances but there is something about her that I am not willing to let go" They both knew what I meant. I silently thanked myself that I chose ex army men who liked to bend or break the law over the law-abiding security guards my firm wanted me to have.

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