"Damn Mendoza, your sister is... Something else.." Averman remarked, as Luis was glaring at his teammate.
"Alright.. But when she comes to Eden Hall, none better even dare getting with her." Luis said, Charlie smiled at the thought.
"We promise Luis." Adam replied, being the 'good boy' he is.

Though everyone - except Luis knew that the boys would be pouncing on her the times Luis wasn't with her.


"Ali!" I looked around and saw my twin brother Luis running towards me.
"Luis!" I smiled as our bodies touched and I smelt the cologne that hes had for years..
"I've missed you Ali.." "You too Luis.."

"Is this your famous sister you speak of Luis, whats her name? Ali?" I saw this boy, with beautiful eyes and and amazing hair..
He looked just flawless, his voice was heart melting and his smile.. Luis laughed, "Yes Conway, this is my sister..
Ali, would you like to introduce yourself." 'Conway' smiled and held his hand out for me to shake. I accepted his offer;
"Hi 'Conway', I'm Alice, Luis' brother. Call me Ali though, I'm guessing you're my brother's hockey teammate."
"Yup, I'm Charlie, Charlie Conway. You can call me Conway and I'm currently captain of the freshmen JV hockey team.."
I smiled as he winked at me. "Okay, now lets show my sis the campus.. Oh wait the boys first." Luis said, Charlie nodded.


We walked into the cafeteria when we heard, "Hey baby!" I looked to see this blonde girl shuffling towards my brother.
"Heey! Looking beautiful babe.." He said and kissed her,
"Um, Charlie-" "Yes thats your brother's girlfriend. Shes a senior.." Wow. "Really?" I asked, still following him. "Yup."

"Charliee!" Another girl said jumping up onto his back. "Hey Linda, how are you?" He asked pecking her lips.
"Good, whos this?" She asked, "My names Ali, I'm Luis' sister." "Oh cool! I'm Linda, Charlie's girlfriend."
Well, this doesn't make sense. "Cool.. So the boys?" I asked, "Ahh yes, one minute Linda. I'll be back."
He smiled and kissed her once more. "Okay, so let me bring you to the boys." He smiled and grabbed my arm,
pulling me towards this table of guys and two girls.

"Ducks! Ducks!" Charlie called, "HEY!" He yelled, I giggled. STOP ALI. Hes taken. "Charlie! Man, where have you been?"
This amazingly yummy guy asked, "Showing Ali around. Shes Luis' sister.." "Hello Ali, I'm Adam. Adam Banks." He smiled and shook my hand.
"Hi." I smiled, and hugged him. Why? I have no idea. "Ahem." We looked up to see Charlie,
"So Adam, can you take care of her for a while.. So I can see Linda?" Charlie asked, "Sure.." He smirked and I smiled back.
"Okay, thanks Banksie!" He smiled and ran off.

"Ali, lets introduce you to everyone else." Adam said, placing an arm around my shoulders.

"I'm Connie Moreau!" This brunette girl smiled, "And I'm Guy Germaine, her boyfriend."
I smiled, "Nice to meet you both!" "Dean Portman-" "And I'm Fulton Reed." I smiled and nodded.

"Dwayne Robertson! Howdy!" I laughed and nodded.
"Hello, I'm Julie Gaffeny." She smiled, wow. What an amazing smile, "Hi!" I squeaked.

"Lester/Dave Averman, feel free to call me by my last name."
"Greg Goldberg, call me Goldberg how ya doing?"
"I'm well, how are you?" I replied, "I'm good thank you." He answered.

"Ken Wu.-" "Hey aren't you an olympic athlete?" I asked, "Yeah, well was." He replied,
"Oh cool!"

"And I'm Russ Tyler!" He smiled big.

"Hello, its nice to finally meet you all!" I smiled, looking at all the familiar faces.
"You too, now.. What brings you here to Eden Hall?" Lest- I mean Averman asked,
"Parents thought it'd be easier for them to have me out of the house.. So they sent me with Luis, and here I am!"
I grinned and waved my hands up high. They all laughed and we talked a bit more.. About our lives before they all finished lunch.
Then they all went off to do whatever, except for me and Adam. Cause he was put in charge of me.

"So... Ali, um. Just out of curiosity, are you seeing anyone?" He asked, "Um, no.. Well, I kinda just got out of a relationship."
I explained as he nodded. "Oh, okay.. Cool, um wanna hang out at my place?" "Yeah, okay.. Sounds like fun!"


I laughed so hard at the thought of Adam in a dinosaur costume running around his neighborhood screaming "I LOVE DINO BUDDIESSS!"
"Hey! You said you wouldn't laugh!" He frowned, "I'm sorry Adam.. Or should I say, Dino..."
"NO. Stop it." I laughed and shook my head. "Thats officially your nickname... Dino!"
I giggled, "Fine, but you're not telling anyone about this! ... And, I can call you Psycho!" He said, referring to my previous story.. I nodded.
"Okay, okay Adam.."

"Hey Ali, want a drink?" He asked, "Um, sure.. Get me whatever." He nodded and walked to the mini fridge in his room.
"Dude, who shares this room with you?" I asked, "Um, Charlie." He replied tossing the Sprite, me catching it.

Damn it.

"Oh nice." I said, "Yeah, hes cool." "I bet." Suddenly Charlie entered the room with Linda following, they were laughing
and seemed to be having a good time.

"Oh hey Adam, Ali.. Um, what you two doing?" Charlie asked, leading Linda to his bed.
"Hanging out in our room, hey we'll leave for you guy's privacy.." Adam replied, standing up and lending me a hand.
I accepted and we walked to the door. "Have fun you twooo!" I called out as we exited the room and laughed at the thought of...
Never mind.


"Hey, you know which room you're staying in?" Dino asked as he led us to an empty park bench. I nodded,
"Connie and Julie's room, Luis set it all up so I'm with the ducks in rooming and classes." I explained, "Oh nice! ... Are we in any classes?"
He asked, smiling.

"Probably.. I'll show you my schedule." I said ripping it out of my bag. I handed it to him and he carefully examined it.
"Yeah, we have like three classes together!" I smiled big, I'm starting to really like Adam.. As a friend of course, hes the closest person
I've gotten to in so long.. And in such little time!

"Oh you also have classes with Averman, Goldberg, Dwayne, Luis and Charlie.. Along with me, not sure about your other classes though."
Dino explained, "Yaay!" I smiled and hugged him. "Thanks for spending the day with me today Adam.. Its been fun!"
I smiled and he hugged back, his cologne becoming stronger.
"Your welcome, it was really fun. Most fun I've had in weeks! We should chill again sometime.."
I smiled as we both released.

I looked in his crystal blue eyes, they were truly beautiful.. And his hair, holy mother of god. All of a sudden, I felt his lips crash onto mine.