We were in that position for a while, until I pulled my lips away from him. "Adam.." "I'm sorry Ali, but I-" "Don't worry Adam.. I-I um... I liked it.." I smiled, he smiled too and kissed me once again... _ "Hey Ali, wake up!" I groaned and looked around. "Mehskskso" The girls laughed, "Good Morning there Ali!" Connie smiled,"Mhm.." I mumbled, crawling out of bed. "You gotta get up soon, classes start in half an hour..." Julie said, "WHAT!" I yelled and scrambled to get ready. When I finally finished getting ready for the day, we headed out. "Good Morning girls.." The guys said and greeted us with hugs. Coincidentally, the last person was Adam. "Hey Psycho.. I really liked yesterday." He whispered, I giggled. "Me too Dino.." "Hey Banks! Remember what I said, and what you agreed to!" Luis said, what? Dino nodded, "What was that Dino?" I whispered to him as we walked towards the classrooms. He sighed, "I can't tell you, unfortunately." "Dinooo! I hate you.." I whined, "I'm sorry Ali.." He said and the rest of the walk was silent. _ Classes were over and me and Adam still aren't talking.. I don't know why though, it was all because of Luis.. "Hey Ali?" I turned around to see Charlie. "Hey." I smiled and he walked towards me. "Wanna hang out tonight?" He asked, "Um sure.." "Cool.. Okay, so wanna meet me at the room in about an hour?" He asked, "Okay!" I smiled and we parted ways. _ An hour later and I was walking towards the boy's dormitory, to be specific.. Charlie and Adam's room. I knocked on their door and Dino answered it, "Oh hey Psycho.." Dino said, "Hey Dino, is Charlie here?" I asked, "Yeah, would you like to see him?" He asked, I nodded. "Conway! You have a visitor!" He called, "What?" Charlie replied and ran for the door. "Oh hey Ali, um. Come in!" He smiled and I entered their room. "So did you invite Ali over Conway?" Dino asked, he nodded and smiled. "Cool, um why did you invite her?" He asked, "Hey! Do you not want me over he Dino?!" "I do! But, just why would Conway invite you over? Just.. Never mind." I giggled and hugged him, "I don't know why either Banks, but at least you're here..." I smiled and he kissed my cheek. "Okay!" Charlie yelled, "The other guys should be here soon.." "Wait. What are we doing?" I asked moving away from Adam and to the couch. "We're playing some games with the team.. Well whoever wants to come." He explained sitting next to me. Adam sighed, "Charlie. Can we talk in private for a second?" "Sure?..." Charlie replied and they slipped out of the room for about two minutes... _ Adam's POV I shut the door and looked at my friend. "Dude, you know you're taken.. Right?" I asked, he sighed. "Yes! And I love Linda!" "Okay.. Just making sure, cause it doesn't really seem like it." I replied, "What! Just because I'm talking with Ali?!" "No.. Because you're.. Ugh! Never mind." I said and went back into the room." _ Ali's POV I was startled as Adam stormed in the door and sat on his bed, Charlie following onto his bed. I sighed and walked over to Dino, "Hey Adam.. You okay?" I asked, he nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine.. Don't worry about me." He smiled, I sighed again. Knowing that he wasn't okay, but wouldn't confess to anything. "Fine." I smiled and hugged him tightly. "Okay. Charlie, um. When are they coming?" I asked, "They should be here soon." He mumbled, well.. This is awkward. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Charlie quickly got up to answer it. "Hey guys, you ready to play?" He asked, they all cheered and entered the room. First came Goldberg, Averman, Dwayne, Connie, Linda, Guy, Luis, Luis' girlfriend, Fulton, Dean, Julie then Russ. "Okay, guys.. How about we play... 7 minutes in heaven!" Russ suggested, "Okay! Lets play!" Dean smiled and sat next to Julie.. When we were all seated, Julie and Dwayne were chosen to go first.. Seven minutes later, we opened the door and they were just chatting. "Well.. That wasn't successful." Averman recalled, "Yeah.. How about... Luis's girlfriend and Fulton." Luis looked unsure about this, but she gave him a look and he smiled. What a cute couple.. _ Its been about 35 minutes, so 5 people have gone... Julie and Dwayne Fulton and Luis' girlfriend Russ and Connie & Linda and Dean And nothing happened. And who hasn't gone? Me, Adam and Charlie. Oh. "Lets do Adam and Ali!" Luis' girlfriend said, Luis' eyes widened. "What. Um.. Okay." Luis sighed, Adam winked and offered me a hand. I took his hand as he led me to the closet. "Don't have too much fun Banksie!" Luis warned, "Okay, your seven minutes in heaven starts.. NOW!" Fulton said and shut the door. Adam's bright white teeth appeared through the darkness and began to come closer and closer.. "Kiss me." I whispered, he then grasped my face and planted his lips onto mine. Soon moving his hands down onto my waist, making my body tingle all around. His kisses were so sweet, making me want more by the minute. I felt Adam smile into the kiss, making me smile too. It felt like forever, but we finally stopped and he started to kiss my neck. Finally hitting my sweet spot I moaned and he chuckled stopping as we hear Luis yelling. I giggled and kissed him once again. Then we started to talk.. "Ali, I really like you.." Adam said in a whisper. I smiled big, "I really like you too Adam." "Really?" I nodded, I felt his hands come in contact with the side of my stomach as he pulled me closer to him. "Wanna go out with me sometime?" He whispered softly into my ear. I nodded, at a loss for words.. He smiled and pulled me in for one more kiss. When the door opened.