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Lucy stretched as she lounged in bed, alone for the first time in forever, the warm spring breeze from her window was gentle on her face. She smiled at the ceiling, it was so quiet in the morning, she had forgotten what it was like to wake at your own pace.

Sitting up, she looked around quickly, her still house confirming that she was alone.

'Yes! With Natsu and Grey out training with Erza, that means fewer people in my house!' As she began picking out her outfit for the day, she sighed. She did miss them. If only they wouldn't just show up out of the blue, she'd be happy to have them over.

'Or if they would just knock... '

Moving into the bathroom, Lucy undressed and slid into the warm tub. Closing her eyes, she recalled the dream she had the night before. She blushed as she recalled the images in her mind.

Hot hands raced up and down her body, slender fingers felt like coals on her skin. But it didn't burn, in fact she took more pleasure from the heat. Moaning into the touch, Lucy arched her back as the phantom fingers slid into her most sensitive areas. A phantom mouth suckled at her nipple, and Lucy gasped loudly. Leaning into the touch, the mouth slid up her chest as the fingers slid down, down under the thin fabric of her panties. Simultaneously, as the finger slid into her, the phantom mouth bit down on her neck.

"Ouch..." Running a hand to her neck, she stopped. "What the..." turning in her mirror, Lucy saw, to her horror, red marks on her neck and shoulder, in some areas they were more purple than red.

Shock turned into panic and in turn turned into Lucy crying in the corner mumbling to herself.

"What am I going to do? What could have done this?" Stopping her crying, Lucy grinned. "It was just termites... or bed bugs..." Looking at it again, she gulped. Those did look like bite marks... but they were too big for bugs...

A chill ran up her spine. What if this was a curse from someone? Thinking through the list of people capable of doing anything close to curses and hex, she soon realized that since joining Fairy Tail, her list of enemies had grown considerably.

"Dammit..." Standing, she quickly dressed, and with panic fueling her steps, she ran to the guild in search of someone who could help.