Writer's Notes

Hey guys! The Spike Knight here with a small update/thank you for everyone who has read and/or reviewed and/or favorite "Bitten".

SakuraIchigoDark: Thanks again for following another story! ^-^ Also, you're comment made me laugh, like, really hard. D

OhtaSuzuke : Thank you for the review! Hope you enjoyed the rest of the story.

Hinagiku Zeelmart : Thank you very much. :)

axelialea : Hope it didn't drive you too crazy! Glad you enjoyed it :D Also, who wouldn't want more sex with Lucy?

PARADISE.x : Thanks for coming back for my second story! And yes, Lucy got it good ;p

Dimondhearts : I can totally respect someone for avoiding lemons and smuts for that reason, but I'm also glad you liked this story. I really wanted this story to be more then "Wrarhh I'm horny dragon!" *sex* so I'm glad it wasn't too crazy for you! (or maybe it was and you skipped it, but I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless :) )

mikethepokemaster : I probably will, but their story (in my mind) is complicated. However! I have thought about it, and when I flush it out some more, I'll dedicated it to ya! Thanks for reading! (happy belated new years!)

KawaiiOdango : Glad you thought so. Plus cute and sexy Natsu is 3 and again, who wouldn't want to grope Lucy? I mean, come on...

SarahMayy : We all do. ;D Also, you may have seen it already, but I do have a Gejeel and Levy fic ("Piercings") that takes place after these events.

randomgamergirl : Glad it was worthy of reading! Hope you check back for more in the future!

just peachy : Happy you liked it. I thought about it for a moment, but I figured it would be a little awkward a: in the story and b: in general, cus I really don't think Natsu is in to sharing. I'm thinking of working on a Aeris/Loke story after I finish the two I'm on, but we'll have to see what happens! Also, smutty smutty smutt-smutt is hilarious D

leoslady4ever : Haha, glad you thought so!

GoldenRoseTanya : Hahaha! Love your comments! Super funn had a lot of fun with it, so I'm happy you enjoyed it!

moulinrouge32 : I'm glad it could deliver. I am sorry about the color confusion; when I edit, things like that usually slip past me, so then after I shove it onto my bf to edit for me, but unfortunately, his class work load has increased, so he hasn't had time to edit it for me. So for half the story I thought her eyes were blue (I don't know why really...) so when I looked it up on the wiki and it said they were 'brown' I just got lost somewhere *face desk* but when I get time I will go back and edit it then. Thank you for catching that though, I really appreciate it!

To everyone who favorite and read, I want to say thanks, it really helps me as a writer to have feed back, even if it just an email blip that says "so and so favorite story" because it lets me know that it's good enough to be read. Thank you everyone who has reviewed, and fyi, I'm working on a short Gajeel/Levy story and a longer Gray/Juvia/? story. Get ready!

~ The Spike Knight