Meet The Anderson's

Hey guys, I hope everyone had a good Christmas and Happy new year! To anyone reading The Long Way Round I haven't forgotten about it at all the next update should be up in a day or two, it's just been a really hectic Christmas. In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys this, and let me know what you think. Also, this is slightly AU in that Burt and Blaine went to New York earlier on to bring Kurt home for Christmas, and our boys' did end up getting back together.

"If you're callin' 'bout the car I sold it, if this is Monday night I'm dancing, if you've got somethin' to sell, you're wastin' your time, I'm not buyin', - oh my god, you are kidding me - Kurt shh, you're interrupting my masterpiece - if it's anybody else, wait for the tone, I hope you know what to do. P.S. if this is you-know-who, I still love you. Beeeeeeeep," Kurt huffed in annoyance as Blaine's phone rang straight to voicemail for the eighth time in the space of two hours. A slow smile that he was unable to swallow covered his face at the song. More importantly, at Blaine's change in lyrics and the stumbling over words as he tried to fit everything in, Kurt's own laughter twinkling in the background as Blaine obviously fought his own back, and of course the mini argument that Blaine had refused to rerecord over.

Burt eyed Kurt from behind his paper, shaking his head slightly, "Just go see him Bud, you obviously want too and Finn's already out with Sam and some of the others, it's pointless you being cooped up in here."

Rolling his eyes, Kurt glared pointedly at Burt. "Dad, I cannot just drop randomly in on him, that could just be weird."

"He's your boyfriend isn't he?" Burt queried, folding his paper and sitting upright to take a closer look at his son, "Not to mention Blaine's always just dropped in here."

"But Dad, it's Christmas Eve, I can't leave you alone on the day before Christmas."

"Kurt, kid, you're being slightly melodramatic right now," Rolling his eyes in a way not dissimilar to his son, Burt quirked an eyebrow, ready to stare Kurt down until one of them gave up. "I know you're nervous about your relationship with Blaine and the two of you are only just getting back on track, but doesn't that mean you should spend as much time as you can together? Not to mention that Blaine's probably alone, he hasn't seen his parents since the beginning of September, right?"

Nodding contemplatively with a sad smile crossing his features momentarily, Kurt sighed and stood to grab his car keys, knowing full well that Burt would refuse to leave him alone otherwise. Stooping to switch on the twinkling Christmas lights on the outside of the house, Kurt shot his father one last smile and a wave before he was crunching through the snow to his Navigator, his baby blue scarf wound tightly around his neck and mouth, just about covering the tip of his nose.

"Finally," Burt muttered with a smirk, "Merry Christmas to me." Sitting back in his chair, he took great delight in having the house to himself before settling in to watch reruns of Ice Road Truckers at least until Carol returned from her shift at the hospital.

Pulling up to the driveway in front of Blaine's ridiculously large mansion on the outskirts of Westerville, Kurt glanced around in confusion at the battalion of cars parked around the round driveway. He smiled softly as he noted Blaine's own silver custom Range Rover but was still confused as to who the rest of the expensive cars belonged to, knowing that Blaine's parents preferred their chauffeur driven limos, and as Burt had pointed out, were still somewhere in Europe as they had been since the end of the Summer.

Walking up to the enormous front door, Kurt sucked in a deep breath, chewing nervously on his bottom lip. The last time he had been at the Anderson's hadn't exactly ended well, what with Mr Anderson screaming at Blaine up to the point where the young boy had packed a bag and stayed with Kurt for a week until his parents had disappeared off to Japan for a month. Personally, Kurt couldn't wait until the day that Blaine turned eighteen, gained full control of his trust fund and could finally shoot his parents two fingers and walk away from them for good.

Lifting his fist, he was just about to rap on the door when it swung open revealing Blaine as Kurt had never seen him. His curls were wild and messy, his white V-neck and tight black jeans clung snugly to his figure, thick black rimmed glasses framing his large hazel eyes. Kurt eyed him warily, there was no denying that he looked good, but this wasn't his Blaine at all, where were the brightly coloured pants and the bow ties?

"Blaine?" He muttered incredulously as the boy stood in the doorway eyed him up and down, a slow smirk starting to cover his features.

"Yeah, erm, hi," The not acting like Blaine smiled, scratching the back of his neck and pulling the door open wider for the blue eyed young man to step through, his suspicion of the situation deepening as 'Blaine' stood back, not reaching for him at all in the usual cuddle monster ways of Blaine Anderson as the curly haired boy shut the door to keep out the cold.

"B, what's going on?" Kurt questioned, tilting his head to the side slightly to get a better view of his boyfriend.

"Erm, well, you see," 'Blaine' murmured nervously, glancing over Kurt as if he had never seen him before in his life.

"Benny, who was at the door?" A familiar voice called and Kurt's head whipped up to watch Blaine as he knew him, complete with red pants, a black button down and a red bow tie, his curls lightly gelled in the way Kurt liked them, his forehead creased in concentration as he attempted to text and walk down the stairs at the same time. A feat that ended up with him whining at the bottom of the stairs not two minutes later, not even the intertwining green, gold and red garlands adorning the banister able to stop him when he had tripped over his own feet.

"Blaine!" Both Kurt and not Blaine yelled at the same time, diving for the bundle at the bottom of the stairs simultaneously as Blaine groaned and rubbed his head sitting up his eyes widening as he caught sight of them. The two of them easily slotted around him where he lay at the bottom of the stairs that curved around the Anderson's gigantic fifteen foot Christmas tree decorated in red, gold and silver by Mrs Anderson's personal interior designers.

"Oh boy," Blaine muttered, eyes darting between Bentley now kneeling in front of him with a smirk and Kurt who had pulled Blaine back against his chest, one knee either side of his hips.

Pulling back from Blaine once he had ascertained that his brother was indeed fine, Bentley's grin grew steadily as Blaine blushed and started to shake his head rapidly, wide eyes watching his duplicate.

"You didn't tell us you had a boyfriend Blainey?" Raising his voice slightly Bentley snickered, Blaine groaning deeply and leaning back into Kurt's chest, closing his eyes.

"Wait, wait, wait, did we just hear that right?" A voice yelled out as two more young men tumbled into the room from the dining room, identical smirks crossing their faces.

"Baby Blainers has a boyfriend?" The green eyed man of the duo grinned, Kurt looking between them and Blaine in bewilderment.

"Austin, Pippin!" Blaine barked, glaring first at the green eyed, shaggy haired looking of the pair and then to the blue eyed man with midnight black curls wilder than that of the boy who had answered the door.

"What's going on out here?" A familiar voice called out and Kurt breathed a sigh of relief as Cooper appeared through the same doorway that the other two had just materialised from. He caught Kurt's gaze and beamed, raising a hand before biting into his sandwich, "Oh, hey Kurt," He continued, spraying food everywhere.

"Coop, that's completely disgusting," Kurt watched in wonder as yet another man with similar features to those present descended the stairs far more graciously than Blaine had ten minutes previously. The man wrinkled his confused nose in disgust, dark brown eyes scanning over Kurt and Blaine as one thick, dark eyebrow rose into his hairline which was immaculately gelled upwards into spikes.

"Well I am sorry Mr hotshot lawyer who rarely calls anymore," Cooper grumbled biting into his sandwich once more with a roll of his eyes.

Blaine was now leaning forwards from where he was still sat in the middle of Kurt's legs, his face buried in his hands, mumbling something that sounded suspiciously like 'this cannot be happening' into his fingers. Kurt meanwhile was looking around the six vaguely familiar men now milling around the room, Bentley still studying the couple closely, a small smile flickering onto his lips as he watched Kurt's hand run up and down Blaine's back soothingly.

"Oh, anyway, they're not boyfriends anymore!" Cooper cried triumphantly finishing the last of his sandwich ignoring the withering look that Blaine sent in his direction.

"Why not?" Pippin whined, eyeing the two on the floor.

"'Cos Blaine cheated," Cooper stated matter of factly, Blaine's face burning crimson in shame.

Bentley's mouth dropped open in shock, "Blaine Devon Anderson!" Reaching a hand across he whacked Blaine across the back of the head, "Have we taught you nothing?"

"Actually no. You're twenty seven minutes older than me and interested in girls, not the same thing. Everyone else is an idiot! And FYI Kurt is still my boyfriend," Blaine exploded, Kurt pressing a kiss to his shoulder even though he was still more puzzled than he felt he should be.

"Twenty seven and a half minutes," Bentley sulked, folding his arms and sucking on his lip like a petulant child, pointedly ignoring Blaine's look.

A chuckle from the front doorway drew everyone's attention and Kurt's brain started to pound as a further four men stood there, pulling off winter woollens from what had obviously been a last minute shopping trip. "Everyone else is an idiot Blainey? Harsh words little bro, harsh words."

One of the men who looked exactly like an older version of Blaine only with green eyes and an obviously different sense of style, yet the same immaculately tamed curls stepped forward, a protective fire burning in his emeralds orbs. "Alright, who upset Blainers? He doesn't lose it for no reason at all."

Blaine smiled weakly, the other five shuffling nervously. "Jude, it's alright, I'm fine." The green eyes flashed over him and when Blaine gave a slight incline of his head they seemed to settle once more, but the man had still moved subconsciously closer to Kurt and Blaine.

"How-how many of you are there?" Kurt stuttered, eyes wide and curious as they attempted to count all of the heads in the room.

"Ten," Nine voices innocently answered as one, Blaine's face reburied in his hands as he groaned loudly, many of those gathered laughing.

Kurt still looked confused as he took in the similarities in all of them, some minor like the way they were stood, some much bigger such as a shade of eyes or the wild curls. "And how exactly are you all related? At least I'm assuming you're all related."

Jude's eyebrow raised as he caught the blush rising in Blaine's cheeks again, "Really Blainey? He's your boyfriend and he doesn't know about your brothers?"

"He knows about me," Cooper interrupted with a chuckle.

The man who had last descended the stairs smirked at him, "So he knows about the least important of all of us?" Avoiding Cooper's outstretched hand, the stair descender smiled softly at Kurt, "Blaine's the youngest of ten of us, not that he's obviously told you any of this. Coop's the oldest and we all decided to descend on Blainers for the holidays. I mean we always do, I don't know why it comes as such a shock this year really Blaine."

"Seriously, ten of you?" Kurt muttered eyes wide with shock as Blaine grabbed his hand, his eyes full of apologies. Squeezing Blaine's hand softly he brought it up to his mouth to gently peck the back of it.

"Yep, ten over the space of thirteen years," Austin grinned, "Now can we please get out of the hallway to do introductions? As pretty as the tree is I'm completely freezing my ass off." Offering a hand to Blaine, he pulled his youngest brother to his feet and then helped Kurt up, directing them to the living room as everybody else began to follow.

"Reed, come help me in the kitchen, we need cocoa if Kurt's going to survive this," Jude smiled and one of the younger looking men with short black hair scampered passed him into the adjoining room. Catching Kurt's scandalised look, Jude smiled softly, "Kurt, there's eight of us to introduce you too, you're going to need all the help in the world to get through this, we're erm, we're slightly insane when we're all together. Anderson dapperness goes out of the window. Well except for Austin and Pippin, they never had any to begin with." Kurt and Blaine laughed with the other brothers, Austin and Pippin trying to protest.

"Jude said to start without him and he'll introduce himself later. Ol just phoned so I doubt we'll see him for a while," Reed smiled, handing a mug brimming with whipped cream and mini marshmallows to Kurt who eyed it suspiciously. "It's once a year Kurt, and it tastes damn good so enjoy it." Reed dropped to the floor at the edge of the couch and started to lick the cream off of his own steaming mug.

Blaine shook his head slightly, a minute smile on his face, "I'm guessing we probably won't see Jude again today if Ol's on the phone."

"True," Cooper grinned, slurping up a marshmallow as the other laughed at him, "Now Kurt, how much do you know about the Anderson family?"

"Not much, I only really know about the existence of you Coop and your parents who I can't stand and who can't stand me, sorry but they're assholes."

"We know," Nine voices sounded together, laughing as Kurt jumped.

Cooper smiled softly, "Well they're very old fashioned as you know, and even if you didn't, you could probably tell." Rolling his eyes, Cooper gestured around the room furnished with a variety of antique furniture and paintings, even the Christmas decorations looking like those out of old movies, a large fire roaring away along the centre of the long wall. "The only thing they ever wanted was a perfect son," Rolling his eyes again Cooper smirked slightly, "Apparently they could tell from the minute that we were born whether we would be or not. I think they took one look at Bentley and thought it was all down hill from there though which is why there aren't more of us."

"Hey!" Bentley cried from where he was rooting through a Christmas stocking, whipped cream surrounding his mouth.

"Jesus Benny, it's like having a two year old around," One of the as of now unnamed brothers groaned snatching the stocking from his hand and reattaching it above the fireplace where it belonged.

Austin grinned at Kurt, rolling his large green eyes, "Kurt, a) welcome to the insanity, and b) did you know that the look on a baby's face just after it's born allows the parents to know whether it's going to be too liberal or too pro equal rights? Our parents are douches. End of story."

Cooper ruffled Austin's hair from where he was still standing, chuckling when the man brushed him off with a glare. "That genuinely is what they believe, it truly is petrifying and currently we're all disappointing them majorly."

It was Bentley's turn to snigger quietly, turning to look at Kurt, "Yes because clearly not a single one of us is high flying enough, racist enough, homophobic enough or sexist enough." Chuckling he shook his head, curls flying, "Kaitlin would damn well kill me if I told her to get back in the kitchen."

"Kaitlin nearly kills you on a daily basis anyway," Blaine muttered dryly, Kurt laughing softly beside him as Bentley stuck out his tongue. "Oh yeah, real mature Benny."

"What can I say, we have a love, hate relationship. Mainly because I can be a idiot."

"Anyway," Cooper yelled gathering everyone's attention once more with his exasperated tone, "The basic story goes that once each of us gains control of our trust fund at eighteen, has Blaine actually told you how much that is?" Kurt shook his head curiosity taking the best of him as he glanced to Blaine's reddening features. "Two million dollars each, had they had the 'perfect son' straight away it would have been twenty million to the one kid."

Kurt let out a strangled choking sound, Blaine patting him on the back; a series of groans and eye rolls flooded the rooms. "As you can tell Coop's not at all bitter or pissed by this," Pippin snickered avoiding Cooper's hand as Kurt watched them all, mouth dropped in shock.

"Ho-How the hell?" He managed to stammer eventually, feeling all eyes turn his way.

"Old money and a damn good law firm that we think Lucas will one day inherit unlucky bastard," Another of the currently unnamed answered with a soft smile, nodding towards the stair descender who looked horrified by the whole idea.

"I still say that once he crokes we sell it, I want nothing to do with that damn evil place," Lucas grumbled, crossing his arms and sucking his bottom lip much in the same way that Bentley had earlier.

Waving a hand, Cooper shut him up once more, "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. But yeah, it's a hell of a lot of money that doubles when we reach twenty one. The majority of us so far have taken the money and scarpered, Father scattered us all over the country for school anyway, believed that if we were all separate we wouldn't be able to poison each other's minds with 'radical'-"

"Cough, equal rights for all, especially in marriage, cough," Cooper turned an amused look to Pippin and Austin who simply shot him their best angel faces.

"Well yes, equal rights for all basically, therefore he might have the chance at one 'perfect son'. Hence why Bentley's currently at school in Washington D.C. and why Blainers was sent to Dalton, at least after being made to fend for himself at public school," A low growl passed through the brothers and Kurt couldn't help the small smile at how protective they all seemed, "At least until the Sadie Hawkins incident." Cooper shot a glance to Blaine who simply buried his face in Kurt's neck, the taller boy's arms wrapping him in a safe little cocoon. Smiling Cooper tilted his head as a sudden thought came to him, "Actually, hands up anyone who's actually heard from the so called parentals since August."

The brothers all glanced at each other as only Lucas and Blaine raised their tentative hands. "Figures," Cooper sighed sadly, "The one closest to being the 'perfect son' and the one left in their house, bet you haven't heard from them since they left though Blainers?"

"Nope," Blaine muttered darkly, popping the 'p' sound and raising his head from Kurt's neck.

"Surprise, surprise," Bentley rolled his eyes, reaching up to squeeze his twins knee with a reassuring smile.

"Can we actually introduce ourselves now? Kurt still technically knows nada," Austin laughed, "Poor kid must be so confused."

"You're only twenty two Aus," Bentley and Blaine whined at the same time, grinning and high fiving each other as Kurt jumped in shock and the others all moaned.

Shaking his head, Pippin laughed lightly, "I thought the pair of you had grown out of that?"

"Have you and Austin?" Blaine questioned with a quirked eyebrow.

Glancing at each other, the duo smirked, "Of course not."

"Okay, that's it, stop it right now," Lucas shuddered involuntarily, "You know it scares the living crap out of the rest of us when you guys do that. Damn twins."

"Anyways Austin, we know jack shit about Kurtie too," Pippin grinned eerily, "No thanks of course to our baby brother telling us nada."

"I knew," Lucas, and the two unnamed brothers beamed.

"And I know for a fact that Jude knows more about Kurt than any of us," Lucas grinned.

"What?" The other four erupted, all turning to yell at Blaine, Kurt taking the opportunity to rest his chin on Blaine's head, laughing softly.

Blaine snorted ungraciously and leaned his head on Kurt's shoulder, "As if I'd tell the four of you. You would've been straight back here banging on Kurt's door and scaring him half to death in your attempt to find out more about him. I'm looking at you Austin." Austin shrugged modestly, smirking slightly at the couple.

"Alright, alright," Cooper laughed, calming the brothers once more as fighting broke out among them all. "It's going to sound awful but follow Father's old way of introductions." The group all groaned but instantly started to move.

Kurt watched them in confusion as Blaine turned to him with a smile. "Your favourite film's still 'The Sound of Music', right?" Kurt nodded slightly, Blaine leaning over to kiss him gently, "Well Father was like Captain Von Trapp when we were younger."

"Yeah, only without the singing or music or nice nannies. The whistles, lining up and marching sure, but our army of nannies were awful and our parents were hard as nails," Bentley shrugged slightly, pulling Blaine to his feet.

"That's awful," Kurt gasped watching with intrigue as the men literally seemed to fall into step, Cooper pacing in front of them. Kurt tilted his head and laughed softly as the guys pushed and shoved each other all laughing hysterically.

"Yeah it was," Cooper grinned, "But like hell did we not do it our way." Cooper turned back to his brothers and rolled his eyes, "Attention!" Kurt laughed as the brothers instantly snapped their legs together and stared straight ahead, their chests still heaving with silent laughter. "Christ I remember when we used to have to do this and you were dragging that ratty old bear of yours with you Blaine."

Blaine flushed slightly, a grin emerging on his face, "I was five Coop, and leave Baba alone, he still has a place in my room."

"And that is exactly how we all still know that you're the youngest, plus who calls a bear Baba?" Reed grinned, leaning around Bentley to look at Blaine who instantly shot him the finger.

"Guys, guys," Cooper laughed before turning to Kurt. "Obviously I'm the oldest Kurt, god help me, and as you know I'm living in L.A. and trying to make it as an actor."

"Free credit rating today dot cooooooom," Austin and Pippin sang as the others fell about laughing and Cooper shot them a dirty glance.

"Anyway," Cooper laughed, hitting the older set of twins round the back of the heads as he walked behind them, "I'll let them go oldest to youngest, not that I'm sure you need introduced to Blainers of course."

Kurt crooked his head in interest as the men rolled their eyes all pulling faces at Cooper when he had his back to them.

A man slightly taller than Blaine with deep brown eyes, slightly tanned skin and short fluffy black hair stepped forward, sending Cooper a dark look when he started to complain about the break in formation. "I guess you don't even know my name yet," He grinned easily and Kurt instantly felt himself warming to the man. "Erm, god this is awkward, well then I guess hi, I'm Elijah a year younger than Coop at twenty nine and a paediatrics resident in Seattle, but I did graduate from John Hopkins first."

"Show off," The other currently unnamed brother snorted as he danced forwards with a smile, shoving Elijah out of the way. "Noah, I'm twenty seven and a pharmacist in training out in New Haven. Any questions, feel free to ask away, plus I have a ton of dirt on Blainers which may or may not include video footage, recordings and pictures." Kurt grinned as Cooper's mini right down to the side parting in his hair stepped back in line, brushing his dark locks away from his face.

"Don't you dare!" Blaine shouted from further down the line, pointing straight at Noah.

Instantly Noah dropped to his knees, bowing to Blaine as the others sniggered, "Yes your highness. You see Blaine, I could tell that you were talking just to me from the way you were pointing and talking REALLY LOUDLY!"

"I hate you all," Cooper muttered flopping onto the floor with a glare, his brothers snickering seeming endless.

"Oh, I'm up," Lucas grinned, flouncing forwards and instantly destroying Kurt's earlier image of the put together dapper young man. "Lucas, twenty five, just graduated Harvard law school and I'm now training with a really awesome company in Boston." His brown eyes twinkled as he decided to flop down beside Kurt, ignoring the line. "And I have a bunch of questions over how embarrassing Blaine can be at school? I heard something about ripped pants while he tried to do the splits in a disco number?"

Kurt laughed and nodded promising to tell Lucas the story. Blaine on the other hand was glaring at Bentley who was avoiding his gaze at all costs; forming a fist he punched his brother solidly in the arm, grinning in delight at the squeak Bentley let out in protest. "Jesus Blaine, you're a boxer, remember?"

"Yeah well don't blab when I tell you something then."

"Okay children shut up and get out of the way," Austin grinned, shoving the fighting twins backwards.

"Yeah, it's our story time," Pippin chortled, stepping up beside his brother. The pair shoved Lucas out of the way too, Pippin dropping into the spot where he had been, slinging an arm around Kurt's shoulder, Austin propping himself up on the arm of the sofa to Kurt's right. "Totally and completely fraternal twins, twenty two years old," Pippin pointed to himself as he described his blue eyes, slightly paler skin and wild curly hair before pointing to Austin, "Aus on the other hand has green eyes, an actual tan and this mop of shaggy straight black hair thing, you still sure you're not Harry Potter dude?"

"God no, that's Blaine's thing anyhoo," Austin reached out to unsettle Blaine's curls, where he had moved closer, eyeing his brothers and Kurt anxiously, the younger brother whining and pulling away. "I'm younger by six minutes twenty three seconds, we didn't take as long as the brat pack," Glancing to Blaine and Bentley his grin widened, "I've just moved in with Coop out in L.A., god help me, and I've just started my postgrad degree at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Pippin meanwhile has foregone college and is working the comedy circuit out in Chicago with relative success so far."

"The trick to comedy is just to be brutally honest really," Pippin shrugged, "Although my parents think that I'm pre-med at Northwestern, there's no way in hell I'm telling them the truth." Austin reached around Kurt and rubbed a soothing hand up his brothers back smiling sadly.

Reed nudged his brothers out of the way with his elbows, taking Austin's previous position on the arm of the chair, "Enough of the sad and since Jude's not here, it's my turn," He beamed, offering his hand to Kurt, tugging Kurt into a hug at the last minute. "Reed, nineteen and I'm studying aerospace engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Erm, and thanks for making Blainers happy, they'll lie but we've all seen a difference in him over the last year and a half."

"And that brings us fully back round to our babies," Cooper grinned, pointing to the identical twins still standing, fidgeting under the gazes of their brothers and Kurt.

"Dude, you guys have somehow managed to tell him all about me already, and I'm pretty certain he knows Blaine," Bentley chuckled tilting his head and quirking an eyebrow. "But what the hell, Bentley, seventeen, twenty seven and a HALF minutes older than Blainey here and currently at boarding school in D.C. so that I wasn't 'under Blaine's influence'. In short, my parents suck."

"If you don't know me by now I'm worried," Blaine grinned diving onto Kurt on the couch, "But I think you can at least begin to see why I didn't tell you about my psycho family." Leaning down from where he was sat on Kurt's lap, Blaine captured Kurt's lips with his own in a sweet, sensual kiss.

"Keep it PG!" Both Cooper and Elijah yelled simultaneously. Meanwhile Austin and Pippin slammed their hands over each others eyes and Noah started to wolf whistle, the others simply chuckling.

Pulling away, Kurt glanced around the brothers and whistled lowly, "You guys are seriously ridiculously massive overachievers, you all know that, right?" The guys all laughed and shrugged modestly, a light blush sprinkling most of their cheeks.

"We do what we, oooh snow!" Noah grinned, leaping for the window swiftly followed by his mass of brothers as they stared at the snow falling from the sky in childlike wonder.

"SNOWBALL FIGHT!" Pippin yelled, leading the charge out of the door as Blaine wrapped his arms around a bewildered and bemused Kurt from behind when the couple stood, leaning his head on the taller boys' shoulder, he kissed it gently.

"A collection of highly intelligent minds they may be, but at the heart of it, they're all hyperactive children," Blaine smiled, burying his nose in the crook of Kurt's neck as he shivered slightly.

"Blaine, come on!" Bentley called excitedly from the doorway, holding up Blaine's coat and beanie.

Seeing Blaine's puppy dog eyes and longing expression, Kurt gently shrugged him off, "Go baby, I'll wrap up and watch from the doorway, the fight yesterday with you and Finn has exhausted me of a will to build snowballs until at least next year."

"Hey," A soft voice sounded beside Kurt and he glanced up from the tactical snowball war that had erupted in the front yard to see Jude stood beside him, offering him a spare blanket.

Kurt took it gratefully and watched Blaine shriek as Elijah shoved a handful of snow down his back. "Thanks," He smiled softly, holding it out so that Jude could settle down close to him on one of the front steps and tuck the blanket around them both.

"They're a little crazy, huh?"

"Just a little," Kurt laughed, "Are they always like this?"

"When we're all together, yeah, it's pretty much our only time to let loose and not have to worry about people letting Father know what we're up to. To be fair though, most of us live a sort of double life when it comes to our parents, what they see is not who we are," He smiled softly, his green eyes meeting Kurt's inquisitive ones. "Anyway, I'm Jude and I'm twenty one, it's good to finally meet you Kurt Hummel. I've heard a lot of good things about you."

"Wish I could say likewise, but I'm glad to get to know you guys' now. Blaine was probably right to keep me away from the crazy," Kurt laughed and Jude happily joined in, shaking his head as he watched his brothers, his eyes flickering between Kurt and Blaine momentarily.

Jude glanced back to Kurt and smiled sadly, "It's just nice to know that Blaine's not completely alone, you know? We all worry about him, he is most definitely the baby of the family and our parents are far too hard on him most of the time. It makes it even harder that he's the one that they decided to keep in state on a tight leash. The rest of us were shipped of to boarding schools all over the country from the age of fourteen."

Nodding in agreement, Kurt held Jude's gaze, "Yeah, we've already been over that your parents are assholes. He'll always have me though, regardless of anything that ever happens, he will always be my best friend, although I think Sam would argue with that."

"Poor blondie got the shock of his life yesterday when we all dived on him at the door, I don't think he knew we were back. We met him at the end of the summer," He smiled at Kurt's incredulous look before sighing softly. "Look Kurt, my brother is a good man. He fucked up. He fucked up big style, believe me he knows it. But I know what you're going through, and believe me I know that it's a horrible position to be in and it hurts like no hell that you ever thought could exist."

"What do you mean?"

Jude smiled sadly, "When I was, well exactly your age actually. I left my other half behind at the boarding school in Colorado and took off for the east coast, albeit not happily about it, but there was no option sadly, Ollie's a year younger."

"Wait Ollie as in Olivia or Oliver?" Kurt queried, forehead creased in confusion.

"Oliver," Jude smiled, flicking through his phone before passing it to Kurt. The blue eyed man took it curiously, smiling as he eyed the picture. A messy haired brunette man with lightly frosted tips was balancing on Jude's feet, their fingers tightly interlinked as Ollie was hoisted into the air, Jude's loving and protective gaze on him from where he was lying on the floor, his strong legs holding Ollie safely in place. "Sometimes I wonder about our maturity," Jude laughed, a soft expression flooding his face as he gawked fondly at the picture before putting his phone away. "It was hell Kurt I'm not going to lie to you. When I got that phone call from Ol sobbing and telling me what he'd done, I hung up on him." He smiled wryly when Kurt glanced to him, "Not one of my finer moments but it proves to me that you and me are a lot alike, you walked away from the confrontation too, huh?"

Kurt nodded slightly and Jude sighed moving subconsciously closer to Kurt and wrapping an arm around his shoulders. "I was distraught over it for months. It was Blainers who eventually talked some sense into me in the end. Turned out my sweet, innocent, adorable fourteen year old brother knew a shit load more about love than I did."

"Really?" Kurt grinned, fondly remembering the small fifteen year old who supposedly was not good at romance.

"Yeah, Blaine's always been a lot braver and smarter than me, well all of us really. He's never been afraid to be who he is."

"Wait, hold up a minute, I thought Blaine was the only gay person in your stupidly highly conservative family. Not to mention how your Dad treats him when he's actually around," Kurt frowned, his eyes raking over Jude's guilt ridden face.

"Yeah," Jude sighed, wringing his hands. "Like I said, Blaine's a shit load braver than me. My parents don't know that I'm gay Kurt." Jude laughed humourlessly, "They still keep telling me that some day I'll find that special girl to settle down with and have a family with and blah, blah, blah, much to Ollie's amusement of course." Jude rolled his eyes and Kurt smiled softly at how similar the gesture was to one that Blaine would have made. "Hell at the time of the big break up I literally had my fourteen year old baby brother and my friends to turn to, and that's only because Blaine guessed everything for himself, but he'd come out the year prior and I became way too scared after all the crap that happened. Blaine thankfully persuaded me that the rest of the bros wouldn't give a rats ass either way, of course the little shit was right. So I told them the first Summer I was home from college, Elijah and Noah being charming enough to tell me that they already knew because they'd heard me talking to Ollie when I was sixteen. But I've been married for almost a year and a half and my parents still have no freaking clue."

"Really? You ended up marrying him? Even after everything?" Kurt grinned happily, feeling hope rise in his chest.

"Yeah as soon as the bill passed in New York. The twenty fourth of July 2011, the best day of my life so far really."

"The two of you live in New York?" Kurt's beam widened as he studied Jude's blissful face, the older clearly considering his life in the city that they both appeared to love so much.

"Yeah, we're both studying ballet at Julliard. Thank god for our trust funds becoming ours at eighteen because that is yet another thing father dearest does not know about. Mommy and Daddy," Jude pulled a face and Kurt laughed, "Well, they both think that I'm pre-law at Columbia."

"That would explain the strong legs," Kurt muttered thinking back to the picture and Jude let loose a sweet, honest laugh, "What are you going to do when this all unravels though?"

"I don't know Kurt, I really, really don't. I'll always have my brothers and Ollie and I guess that's what matters the most, but they're my parents, you know? But if they made me choose, I'd choose Ollie in a heartbeat. That I don't ever even have to think about, he is my entire world. He has been since I laid eyes on him the first day of his freshman year out at Charleston Academy not far from Fort Collins, Colorado."

Kurt nodded emphatically watching a protective yet loving look flash through Jude's eyes. Feeling for the entire clan of Anderson brothers, Kurt felt the sudden urge to hug his Dad and Carole. "It's a hard thing to do Jude, especially when you've seen everything that happened to B too. Not to sound selfish or self conceited, but-"

"You want to know how I ended up forgiving Ollie fully, huh?" At Kurt's shocked look and slow nod Jude grinned slightly, "I can tell you and Blaine aren't acting normally around each other just from watching the pair of you."

"Yeah, I mean I trust him I do, it's just," Kurt sighed drawing his knees up to his chest.

"You're not sure it's enough?"

Kurt looked up wide eyed at Blaine's brother who was now smiling down at him sympathetically. Nodding slowly, Kurt kept his eyes trained on Jude's face.

"That's exactly how I felt. Do you love him?"

"Yes," Kurt answered instantaneously, clasping his hands over his mouth, Jude's lips curving upwards with the hint of a smile flickering over his face.

"You have your answer right there then kid."

"I'm only two years younger than you," Kurt muttered shooting him a withering glance as Jude laughed.

"Three, you may already be nineteen kid, but I'm twenty two next mouth, there's only ten months between me and the twins, what my parents were thinking I'll never know." In a sign of his maturity, Jude stuck out his tongue, grinning when Kurt laughed softly.

"Thanks Jude."

"Anytime, honestly, I'll give you my number for New York too, I'm pretty sure you and Ollie will completely hit it off. Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go phone my husband back while I have a few minutes peace without my millions of lunatic brothers who all want to talk to him too."

Kurt chuckled watching Jude stand and open the front door, "Don't worry, I'll cover for you." Hearing Jude's laughter fade away, Kurt turned back to the most epic snowball fight of the century, watching everyone dive onto Cooper, effectively pinning him to the ground as he yelled about being crushed.

"You're all morons," Jude sighed, wrapping yet another blanket around a shivering Noah's shoulders, the aspiring pharmacist shooting him a contented smile.

"It was damn well worth it," Reed grinned, shaking and grabbing a mug of steaming tea from Kurt as the blue eyed boy made his rounds around the brothers, offering various warming drinks of teas, coffees and cocoa. Collapsing on the couch next to Blaine, Kurt chuckled softly and pulled his trembling boyfriend into his lap.

Bentley yelped and spat his coffee back into the mug, drawing chuckles and eye rolls from his siblings as he started to blow on it to cool it down slightly. "Not sure that's true if we get pneumonia."

Elijah head snapped up, "Benny! I've told you time and time again-"

"You cant catch pneumonia from the cold," Bentley groaned, tipping his head back before shooting Elijah a dirty look, "Yes, thank you Lijah, that would be bio 101, which I'm pretty sure I've passed but it's a saying so get over it doc."

"Stupid younger brothers," Elijah muttered darkly, drinking deeply from his own stiflingly hot mug.

Jude rolled his eyes again and grabbed the DVD he'd brought downstairs, "Right, no arguments, because you're all such idiots, Kurt and I have decided that we're watching 'Abduction', capiche?" Grinning at the groaning in the room, Jude stuck the DVD into the player. "Blame yourselves for being too cold to move. Besides at least there's some action for you lot and Kurt, Blaine and I can ogle Taylor Lautner shirtless."

"Not my type," Blaine frowned, Kurt laughing at the disgust on his face.

"I'd rather be forced to watch 'Hairspray' again," Lucas grumbled, but settled back quickly with the glares shot in his direction from both Kurt and Jude.

Halfway through the film, Kurt felt Blaine's head fall heavily onto his shoulder and smiled slightly at his sleeping boyfriend, curling his fingers through the younger boy's hair, effectively ridding it of gel, Blaine mumbling slightly in his sleep.

Glancing to the pair, Austin's face softened and a smile broke out on his features at the loving way Kurt was watching Blaine, lulling him gently into a deeper sleep. Reaching over, he grabbed the remote control from Jude's side and paused the film, turning his body fully to look at Kurt. "Do you want me to take him upstairs?"

Kurt's head snapped up to see all of the brothers watching the pair closely, awe covering most of their faces. Smiling serenely, he pecked Blaine's forehead gently and shook his head slightly. "No, I've got him," He murmured quietly, placing one arm securely under Blaine's knees and wrapping the other around his back, lifting him as he headed towards the staircase again, nine sets of eyes watching his every move.

"He's not alone," Bentley grinned, breaking the silence that had surrounded the brothers.

Slinging an arm around his younger brother's shoulders, Pippin grinned. "No Benny, he's not. Not anymore."

Laying Blaine out on the bed, Kurt stepped back, laughing slightly as Blaine rolled onto his side and made grabby hands in his sleep, his face scrunching up in confusion. Crouching down, Kurt placed one hand on Blaine's hip and used the other to gently push escaping curls away from his face. "I love you," He muttered, leaning his forehead on Blaine's and closing his eyes softly.

"I love you too," A small voice croaked, Kurt's eyes fluttering open to stare directly into Blaine's deep golden pools. "I'm really sorry Kurt."

"Hey, hey, enough of that," Pushing Blaine further back onto the bed, Kurt climbed on beside him and pulled Blaine onto his chest, running his fingers through the curls once more. "We've had enough apologies over the last few months to last a lifetime."

Blaine chuckled dryly, "Yeah, those are my fault and I do owe you another apology, I should've told you all about them." Hearing a loud cheer followed by yelling rise up from downstairs, Blaine winced slightly.

Grasping Blaine's chin, Kurt guided his face so their lips crashed together in a slow, sensual kiss. Twisting them, he managed to end up hovering over Blaine, supporting his weight with his hands, peppering kisses to every inch of Blaine's face and throat as the younger boy giggled underneath him, trying to squirm away from Kurt's touch.

"You." Kurt kissed each of Blaine's closed eyelids. "Are." His lips found the tip of Blaine's nose, chuckling softly when he watched Blaine go cross eyed in an attempt to keep watching him. "Perfect." Kurt's lips recaptured Blaine's before he allowed his forehead to drop to his boyfriend's.

"I love you Blaine, please never forget that," Staring into the deep depths of Blaine's eyes, a slow smile crossed Kurt's face. "We've both made mistakes and we've both paid dearly for them, but now, we're going to be fine. It's you and me, B, it'll always be you and me against the world."

"Always," Blaine murmured, burying a hand in Kurt's hair and rolling his eyes when more yelling erupted from below them.

"As for telling me about them," Another cheer interrupted Kurt and both boys' laughed, "Yeah, maybe you should've told me, but honestly? I would have been petrified had you told me at the beginning of our relationship that you had nine scary, protective big brothers who all look like they've just stepped out of an Abercrombie catalogue."

Blaine snorted, "You should see them all first thing in the morning, not pretty."

Watching Blaine yawn widely, Kurt couldn't help the affectionate smile that flooded his face. Carefully, he nuzzled Blaine's cheek, "I am going to leave you to sleep baby, because you are clearly exhausted and I have to get back for Christmas Eve dinner anyway."

Blaine whined softly but nodded, "Okay," Pressing his lips to Kurt's once more he pulled back, eyes fluttering sleepily. "I love you Kurt."

"I love you too," Kurt whispered, drawing the covers up to Blaine's chin, his breathing already deepening with the lull of a deep sleep. Pressing a kiss to Blaine's forehead, Kurt smiled softly, "Always."

"Kurt, you staying for a while?" Cooper smiled as the blue eyed teen stepped back into the living room to say goodbye.

Shaking his head, Kurt smiled sadly, "Unfortunately not, I'm being summoned home for a family meal."

The Anderson brothers all glanced at each other, smirks forming across their faces as they all dived onto a laughing Kurt, hugging him tightly.

"Guys, struggling to breathe," Kurt chuckled, Cooper starting to pull his brothers off until only Bentley remained.

"Thank you Kurt," He whispered before releasing him, simply shaking his head with a shy blush when Kurt eyed him curiously.

Elijah wrapped an arm around his shoulders as he guided Kurt to the front door. "Kurt, we want you to know that you're welcome here whenever."

"Thanks," Kurt beamed gently, grabbing his car keys from his pocket, "Soooooo, I guess I have the older brothers' seal of approval then?"

"Hell yeah!" The nine shrieked as one, Kurt simply laughing.

"Oh and Kurt," Lucas hollered as Kurt reached for the door of his Navigator, "You and your family should come over for New Years, believe me there's nothing like an Anderson New Years party."

"Hey bud, how was your day with Blaine?" Burt beamed as Kurt walked into the dining room, a large lasagne and salad already sat in the middle of the table, Finn practically drooling over the food.

"Enlightening," Kurt laughed, joining his family at the table. "Oh, and we've been invited to the Andersons for a party on New Years. Believe me, you're in for the time of your life," Kurt smirked, ignoring the bewildered looks from around the table as he tucked into his lasagne.

I hope that you liked 'Meet the Anderson's', I'm not currently sure whether to leave this as a oneshot or maybe develop it into a multi-chapter story, so let me know what you think and if you'd be interested in more? Also the song that Blaine changes slightly for his voicemail at the beginning is 'Austin' by Blake Shelton. Thanks again for reading!