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Chapter Eight - A Night Away

After Caroline had returned to her bed, it took her no time at all to learn that Elena would not be returning to her own bed, and by default, Stefan stayed as well. Oh, how she had missed them.

Okay, so she definitely did miss them, but this was a little crowded. Caroline had been so sure that she had a huge bed before.

And that was when she started getting an idea in her head; while she lay between a trembling Elena and a snoring Stefan. They needed to get away.

Especially after her extremely strange… talk? With Sir Simon the ghost.

But for now, she would not think about that.

Instead, she put her extremely controlling mind to the task of planning a trip. It was cut short though, by the tired part of her mind winning over in the battle against sleep.


Caroline stood at the top of the steps leading out to the driveway, her hands crossed lazily over her stomach and her hip popped to the side. Elena stood next to her in somewhat the same position. Their eyes followed the moving figures in front of them while their mouths hung slightly open.

"You know, you two could help!" Stefan said to both of them as he placed a box in the back, standing next to Klaus.

"Nope, you two seem to have it covered!" Elena called over the wind.

Caroline said nothing, her head cocked as she openly watched Klaus push the box back into the seat from the trunk - or boot, as he had said.

Nice, she thought, watching his jacket and shirt ride up just that little bit to re-

"Hey Care, you're drooling just a little. Right there-" Elena giggled, pointing to the corner of her mouth.

Caroline tore her gaze away from Klaus quickly, scowling over at her friend before wiping the imaginary drool away and causing Elena to laugh harder.

"Urgh, lets go!" Caroline called, walking down the steps and leaving her friend to follow in her wake. Klaus closed the trunk as she walked over to him.

"All set?" she asked, more politely as his eyes locked with hers, sending her into another uncontrollable daze.

"As long as you lot don't have any more to bring? Perhaps you'll need the rest of your wardrobe?" A smirk plastered his face and before she could help it, she was giggling.

"Nope, lets go."

She was about to walk around him and get into the car when he caught her wrist.

Spinning back around, she felt his hand move down to catch her fingers, bringing them up to leave a soft kiss on her knuckles. His eyes met hers, and before she could collect her jell-o legs, he had let her go and moved around to open the passenger door for her.

After what felt like far too long to just stand there, she followed him. Giving him a shy smile - because it's all she could muster - she got in. Klaus walked around to the drivers side and got in as well.

She had already completely forgotten her two best friends, who were now sitting in the backseat, until Stefan spoke up. "Well, this is weird."

Caroline looked back at him and saw the grin on his face while he pointed to their seats.

She frowned before she figured out what he was trying to say, and then she grinned as well.

"Yeah, Klaus. You're on the wrong side."

Klaus didn't miss a beat, obviously catching on long before she did, "Really? Because I honestly think you American's must drive so horribly because you're on the wrong side." He shrugged, obviously suppressing his smirk. "My mistake."

Caroline rolled her eyes playfully before looking out the windshield.

"This is a nice car, Klaus. Is it yours?" Elena's small voice came from the back, and Caroline smiled to herself, happy that at least Elena was trying to get to know him.

"Nice?!" Stefan scolded her, forcing everyone to look at him, even Klaus who was forced to look through the rearview mirror.

"This is a gorgeous car. I just- wow… A Jaguar XJ8 is more than just- And a luxury edition!" Stefan seemed to be in his own little world until he turned and scowled at Elena again. "Haven't I taught you anything about cars?"

"No, I ignore you when you speak." Elena jibed, giggling at how ridiculous he was being.

Klaus cut in between them, "My brother will be happy to hear that. Elijah loves his car more than me, I think. He says he finds something exciting about driving something so modern with such a classic name."

Stefan nodded, taking in every aspect of the car he could see, rubbing his hands on the leather seats below him.

"Wow, that was just…" Caroline muttered to herself before looking at Klaus. "So, you don't have a car either?"

Klaus smirked at her, taking his eyes off the road only for a moment to meet her gaze. "No, I do. But this is more practical. You couldn't fit four people and a luggage in my car."

"Oh?" Caroline pressed. "And you have a?"

"A surprise for another time." Klaus winked at her, and she felt her heart flutter. Damn him!

Caroline recovered by staring out the windshield again, taking even breaths.


"Longest. Drive. Ever." Caroline grumbled, stretching her back like a cat when she finally climbed out of the car two and a half hours later.

Klaus let his eyes rake over her while she stretched, having opened the door for her. Swallowing, he closed the door after she had moved.

"But comfortable. I mean, I know if I had to keep driving, I'd-" Stefan stopped his rant when Caroline pointed at him making a 'Cht' noise.

"No more car talk, Stefan!"


"No!" Elena and Caroline groaned in unison, effectively stopping any further ranting on Stefan's part.

Klaus just smirked, enjoying watching Caroline with her friends. He could see it quite clearly now, the way she treated Stefan versus the way she treated him. Especially after the drive.

Caroline turned her attention to the building in front of them now. "So a hotel room, huh?" Her eyebrow raised at Klaus.

"I called ahead when we stopped for gas. I have something planned for us later that will enable us to stay over night."

"Oh, you've planned something?" She nodded to him, taking her purse from the floor in front of her seat.

He smiled, but said nothing while he walked around the car to the trunk.

They each helped bringing the bags inside, unlike before, and soon they were piling into the room.

Taking a quick look around, Caroline noted how small it was; a TV in the corner cabinet, a small fridge, and two beds and a small bathroom. Two beds, Caroline's eyes widened.

"Sorry it's so small. It was all they had on such short notice."

Caroline gulped, but before she could form words, Elena answered him, "It's okay. No biggie. Stefan and I can share."

Her eyes were now bulging out of their sockets.

Klaus caught how nervous she looked and forced himself to ignore the pang in his chest. Did she really think he would try something with her friends in the bed next to them? "I can take the floor, if you'd like."

She shook her head, "No, it'll be fine." Her voice sounded anything but, and she quickly walked over to the bed, placing her case on it.

Caroline pulled out a short floral dress, and Klaus couldn't help but see the change of underwear underneath. Great, the thought, trying to get the image of her in just those lacy red panties and bra out of his head. It wasn't working.

His daydreaming was interrupted by her voice, which really didn't help matters, but he locked onto her eyes, trying to focus on what she was saying.

"I'm just going to change really quick, and then we can head out."

Klaus nodded, taking a seat on the bed. "What have you got planned first?"

Caroline paused as she opened the bathroom door, looking behind her to face him. "Sorry to tell you boys, but Elena and I need to do a little shopping first. Including Halloween shopping."

Klaus cocked an eyebrow before she disappeared into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. While the thought of going shopping wasn't very appealing to him, he could think of ways that it would be enjoyable with Caroline.

Forty minutes later, the girls were ready, almost matching with their short dresses, thigh-high boots and jackets.

Stefan and Klaus hadn't deemed it necessary to change, just because they drove in a car for a couple of hours.

Once they were driving again, with Caroline now in the backseat having given up the front seat to Stefan so he could admire the car from a different view, she told Klaus to take them somewhere worth shopping.

She spent the car ride in a complete daze, gaping out the window at the city around her. It was amazing… so busy and exciting. No one really spoke, as three out of four of them were new to the country and were too busy taking in their surroundings.

Klaus finally pulled into a car-park and found a spot. He opened Caroline's door for her, catching her off guard. "Are you seriously going to open every door for me all day?"

"A gentleman always opens his lady's door for her." Klaus stated, as though this was the most obvious answer.

His lady, huh? Caroline thought to herself before switching her purse to her other arm and taking Klaus' offered elbow.

They made it to the main street, Klaus grinning to himself as she clung to his arm. That is, until the girls squealed and took off down the street together, disappearing into a clothing shop across the street.

Klaus looked over the Stefan, who seemed completely unshaken. "Should we follow them?"

Stefan gave him a look that suggested he belonged in a white padded cell. "Are you kidding? Do you know how many shopping trips I've had the pleasure of joining them for? For once, they didn't force me to follow them. I'm definitely not doing it of my own free will."

Klaus arched an eyebrow at him. "You go shopping with them a lot then?"

"Yup. They ask me if they look good in something, I tell them, and they ignore me anyway." Stefan sighed before continuing, "The worst is when they're trying on lingerie."

His neck snapped over at Stefan, "What?" The thought of Stefan seeing Caroline in… anything except a large coat and jeans bothered him more than he could explain.

Stefan didn't seem phased though as he began mocking them, "Ohh, Stefan, what do you think of this one? Too frilly? But what about this one? Should I go with the black, or the red? It's torture." He finished, running his hand down his face in exasperation at the mere memory.

Klaus was completely stunned. Was Stefan actually complaining? He had seen Caroline in her underwear, and he was complaining? "I'm sure Caroline looked stunning." Klaus said, suddenly feeling a need to stick up for her, though he was torn between that and being irritated.

He couldn't even be sure what side he should be on at the moment. After all, he wanted so badly to see her in that lacy red number he had caught a peek of in her suitcase earlier.

Stefan grimaced. "I guess. She's like my sister, though. They both are."

Klaus took a small amount of comfort in his statement, before becoming confused. "I'm surprised. I thought you and Elena…"

Stefan caught his expression before shaking his head, "No, no. We grew up together. I couldn't… I just don't see her like that. I love her, both of them actually, but like I said; sisters."

He ignored the flare of jealousy at hearing him say he 'loved' Caroline, but after what Caroline had said, and now Stefan, he pushed it to the back of his mind. He would just have to trust that they were telling the truth.

Trust; something he wasn't exactly used to.

"So, what do we do now?"

"Well," Stefan began, turning to face him completely with his arms outspread. "I'm nineteen. In England. I think we should get a drink, so I can take full advantage of drinking in public legally."

Klaus couldn't help but chuckle, "Sounds good to me. There's a pub just down the street."

Stefan grinned. "Lets go."


Three hours passed, and Klaus grinned while he watched Stefan down finish his third pint.

"Take it easy there, mate. You'll have plenty of time for that later."

Stefan popped a fry into his mouth. "What do you mean?"

"I plan on taking three four of us out later." Klaus said, eating a chip of his own.

As if on cue, the pub door opened with a gust of wind, revealing Caroline and Elena. The sight of her made his mouth hang open just a little, though she looked exactly the same as a few hours ago.

That is, except for the many bags on each arm.

Elena looked the same, carrying the same various bags.

Stefan noticed Klaus staring at the door and looked around to see for himself. "Oh Christ. They're full form today…"

"This has happened before?" Klaus said, eyeing the many, many bags, still gaping.

"Are you kidding?" Stefan said rhetorically.

Caroline's eyes looked around the pub that Stefan had texted her the name of. Finally, she found Klaus' and a bright smile broke out across her lips.

Elena followed her over and soon they were placing the bags carefully under the table. Caroline took the bench seat next to Klaus while Elena took the chair next to Stefan.

"Ugh, awesome. I'm starving." Caroline grumbled, taking a fry from Klaus' plate.

His eyebrows shot to his hairline in surprise before smirking. She obviously didn't realize what she was doing as he watched her take another chip.

"Would you like me to get you something to eat, sweetheart?"

He watched a blush creep across her cheeks as she paused halfway through grabbing another. "Oh… sorry." She gave him an apologetic look, like she was completely embarrassed.

She looked adorable. "Don't be. I don't mind sharing. And we should get some food now, we might not find time later." Klaus got up, going over to the bar where the Pub master stood, obviously ordering her a plate of her own.

Caroline couldn't shake the embarrassment she felt. Then again… So hungry, she groaned inwardly before taking another fry and quickly popping it into her mouth like a secret agent. He would never know.

Elena did though, giggling at her from across the table. She was also helping herself to Stefan's plate. "Hey!" he said, before calling up to Klaus.

Klaus looked behind him at the call of his name, seeing Stefan holding up two fingers and gesturing to his plate and then to Elena who was currently chewing. He smirked and nodded before ordering yet another plate.

After he had ordered, he returned to his seat.

"So, we have to make one more stop." Caroline said.

"Where?" Klaus asked, pulling out his cell phone to look at the time. It was already six.

"Somewhere where they sell costumes and party decorations."

Klaus nodded in understanding. "I see, do you two know what you're dressing up as?"

"Yup, we decided when we were shopping. But it's a surprise." Caroline smiled at him coyly. "And what about you two?"

"What?" Klaus asked, shocked. Was he supposed to actually dress up to this thing?

The three of them all seemed to be thinking the same thing while three sets of eyes all landed on him at the same time.

"It's a Halloween party, Klaus." Caroline stated.

Stefan saved him from answering straight away, "I'll find something at the store when we get there. But I refuse to match either of you again this year. You definitely overshadowed my costume last year."

Elena scoffed. "Oh come on! Last year was awesome!"

"For you two! I looked like a dork."

"Aw, but your Cat in the Hat costume was perfect!"

"It was dorky. Where as you two looked like a sexy Thing One and Two."

Klaus swallowed before suppressing a laugh. "Did you wear the hair?" he looked over at Caroline.

Caroline giggled, "For most of the night. It was really itchy though."

"Yeah, I'm definitely not doing that again. No wigs for me." Elena stated, shaking her head.

Their food came then and the girls instantly dug in, leaving the men to try and think of what to wear. Klaus couldn't even remember the last time he had dressed up for Halloween.

"Eat fast, we'll have to stop at the hotel quickly before we go out later, and they close the doors at nine-thirty."


They practically ran through the Halloween store at top speed, Elena pushing the cart along as Caroline threw various decorations into the cart. Stefan and Klaus lagged behind, trying not to think too hard about how they would be forced to set up all of the decorations now filling the cart.

Eventually, they came to the costume section where the girls ran ahead to find their costumes and hide them in the cart so they couldn't see.

Klaus still had no idea what to dress as, so he watched Stefan sift through the ridiculous amount of costumes stuffed onto the various racks.

Stefan noticed.

"Did you need help finding something?"

Klaus grimaced at the question, trying to pick through the costumes. That is, until he found something… "Actually," his grimace slowly molded into a smirk, "I think I've found just the thing."

He quickly brought it up front to pay, having it put into a paper bag before Caroline could see. Stefan followed suit after finding a costume for himself, having it put into a bag as well. If the girls weren't sharing, then neither were they.


Klaus opened the door to their room with his free hand, his other arm loaded with shopping bags, both from the Halloween store and from Caroline's shopping spree.

Caroline and Elena followed him in, both of their arms filled with bags and Stefan brought up the rear with the last remaining, closing the door behind them.

They were all scurrying around, the girls more so than the boys as they searched their shopping bags for the perfect outfit. Klaus had informed them that they didn't have much time to get ready, and that they should dress for a night on the town. Whatever that meant.

While they were getting ready together in the bathroom, Klaus pulled out a button down, black shirt from his bag. He quickly stripped off his Henley, throwing it into his bag and ignoring Stefan's presence on the other side of the room as he rummaged through his own clothes.

He began to pull on his shirt, pushing his arms through until he remembered something. "Shit!"

"What?" Stefan asked, suddenly worried by Klaus movements as he rushed over to the hotel phone.

"I forgot to call for a cab," he said hurriedly, sitting on the bed as he dialed for the front desk. He quickly asked them to call for a cab. Hanging up, he ran a hand over his face and stood up, turning around just in time for the bathroom door to open.

Looking up, he froze in place at seeing Caroline in a rather tight red dress. It was simple, yet alluring, though Klaus couldn't think of anything that would make her look less attractive. When his eyes reached the hem of her dress though, they were met with long, slender legs starting mid-thigh.

He swallowed hard.

Caroline's expression mirrored his as she stopped mid-sentence, "How do I-" Holy crap, she internally screamed.

She couldn't control her eyes raking over his chest and abdomen with his shirt open like that… he looked… delicious.

He didn't need her to finish her sentence though, "You are stunning."

Caroline felt the blush creep up her neck to her cheeks and she had to look away from his eyes quickly. "Thank you."

Elena walked out after Caroline, spinning around to show off her blue dress, but Klaus wasn't looking. Stefan on the other hand spoke up, "You both look amazing. Klaus just called for the cab, so we have a few minutes."

"Okay," Caroline said, going over to a bag and pulling out a shoe box. She opened it and proceeded to sit on the bed and pull on the black heals.

Klaus managed to pull himself together and buttoned up his shirt, leaving it open at the top; just enough to see his necklaces underneath.

Within a few minutes, the phone rang and Klaus answered, then thanked them and hung up.

"The cab is here."


Caroline sat in the back between Klaus and Elena while Stefan had taken the front seat with the driver. It wasn't completely uncomfortable, especially with Klaus' leg pressed against hers.

The drive wasn't long either, making everything just a little easier while the silence seemed to stretch into oblivion.

Okay, so maybe it was a little awkward.

Caroline hated awkward silences.

She managed to ask Klaus only once more where they were going, but he refused to say. She didn't have to wait long though.

After less than twenty minutes, the cab dropped them off in front of a club. The blaring music could be heard clearly from outside, even with the thrall of people.

"Um, I don't think we'll be able to get in if they close soon…" Elena said, gesturing to the line outside the door.

Klaus ignored her comment, offering Caroline his elbow before he lead them up to the bouncer.

"Evening, Jack," he called over the music and voices.

The muscular bouncer looked over at the mention of his name and seemed to instantly recognize Klaus. "Klaus, long time, man. Come on in!"

Klaus lead them forward, letting Jack know they were together and walking inside.

Once inside, Caroline didn't even look around before tugging on his arm.

He gave her a quizzical look before shrugging. Apparently that was going to be his answer to her unspoken question for now.

Elena and Stefan seemed overly excited as they touched her arm and gestured to the dance floor, letting them know that's where they were headed.

"Can I offer you a drink?" Klaus asked, his lips suddenly a hairsbreadth away from her ear.

She couldn't contain the gasp that escaped her, but luckily he couldn't hear her over the music. Biting her lip, she nodded to him and he lead them over to the bar on the far wall.

After getting her drink order, Klaus threw down a few bills as the bar tender handed him their drinks.

Caroline took a sip of her Disaronno on the rocks. "Mm," she groaned, though she knew he couldn't hear her. Part of her was thankful for that.

They stood for a few moments, close enough for others to know they were together. Klaus didn't miss the looks Caroline was getting, and could feel himself itching to wrap an arm around her. Instead, he took another sip of his Brandy. Then another. Then another, until it was gone.

By the end of the glass after only a few minutes, Klaus was feeling slightly more loose. He moved a little closer to her, his chest brushing against her shoulder lightly as he leaned forward. "Care to dance, love?"

Once again, he was dangerously close, and Caroline stopped breathing. His hot breath was blowing over her ear, and with the help of the last sip of her drink, she nodded, refusing to actually look at him. Not with his face so close to hers.

And then his hand was in hers, his fingers wrapping around hers lightly, pulling her towards the dance floor just as she placed her glass on a nearby table next to his.

The song was anything but slow, though it wasn't exactly fast either. The way it made her sway made her think of so many things… Mostly of the distance now between them.

Caroline moved closer to him, wrapping an arm around his neck loosely as she swayed with the music. Her eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of his hands as they wrapped around her waist. God, what she wished those hands would do…

She felt the heat rush up her cheeks at the thought, though she was already warm from being in the crowded club.

Their bodies were pressing together in the most delicious of ways as he slowly pulled her even closer. Klaus tried to look at anything but her lips, but the only other thing he could focus on was the feeling of her body against his, and that definitely wasn't helping anything.

His forehead fell against hers, slightly more graceful than he would have anticipated. Her eyes met his before they dropped down to his lips.

Dry mouth. That's what she had. Suddenly, she was terrified.

Quickly, she broke their faces away, turning around in his arms so her back was against his chest.

Probably not her best move for distraction… She could definitely feel his… excitement.

Her eyes closed again, reveling in the moment as her arm wrapped around his neck from behind. His arms were now running along her stomach and hips and her other hand met them.

He felt so good against her, she was already feeling that tightening deep in her core. God she wanted him. Caroline's heart skipped in fear at the thought. It had seemed so cute and carefree before, but now… Now it felt real.


Klaus couldn't help but notice the mood change in Caroline as they danced. Her body was as stunning as ever, though she seemed slightly stiff after a while. It was like her mind had taken over.

His body on the other hand had a mind of its own. He tried his hardest to think of anything else, but her ass rubbing against him didn't help matters, eventually making it completely impossible. Eventually, he didn't even try to not think of all the things he wanted to do to her. First of which, was kissing those luscious lips he so craved.

He could only think of how she tasted, after his nose had skimmed over her silky neck, taking in her sweet scent. She was too good to be true.

Elena and Stefan had met up with them sometime in the night and the four danced together before breaking off into gender groups for a while.

Caroline and Elena continued to dance together while the men went off to get more drinks for the four of them.

Klaus had to admit, Stefan wasn't so bad… After spending the day with him, he could really see them becoming friends. And that was saying something, since he didn't really have friends.

After a couple of songs, the girls joined them at the table they had aquired.

"Everything alright, sweetheart?" Klaus asked, leaning into Caroline as she took a long swig of the drink he had gotten her. She nodded, giving him her bright smile. He smiled warmly back before taking a swig of his own drink.

The rest of the night went by quickly. Too quickly, if you asked Klaus. He had danced with Caroline for a while longer before Elena took her over again.

Eventually, they were piling back into a cab, all donning a nice buzz and heading back to the hotel.

Klaus definitely didn't mind being crammed against the door as Caroline's head fell onto his shoulder. She was half-asleep, muttering to herself.

"Hm? What was that, love?" he whispered, pressing his cheek to her hair.

"You smell good," she muttered, nuzzling her nose deeper into his shoulder before giggling.

God how he loved that sound.

Klaus grinned, relaxing into the seat as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders, holding her closer.

The ride back to the hotel felt even shorter than the ride down, and soon Klaus was helping Caroline into the elevator and up to their room while Elena and Stefan followed sleepily.

Once inside the room, Stefan and Elena slipped off their shoes and took turns changing in the bathroom.

Klaus staggered over to their bed and helped Caroline sit down. She fell over and rolled onto her side as she buried her face in the pillow.

He began to take off her shoes, but stopped short when Caroline abruptly yelled into the pillow to stop.

"I'm just taking your shoes off," he chuckled.

"No! They're mine! No touchy!" She grumbled, flailing her legs on the bed before curling them into a ball.

Klaus grinned, shaking his head before kicking off his own shoes and walking around to the other side, climbing on top of the covers with her.

"Alright, love. What ever you say." Klaus muttered, before Stefan came out of the bathroom and shut the light off.

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