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Getting a Free Room


"Rats!" Ritsuko exclaimed. "We're out of money!"

"Out of money?" Iori echoed. "What?! But that means…we won't have anywhere to stay!"

"We have 5,000 yen," Ritsuko corrected herself. "But that won't get us a room anywhere."

"Sure it will!" Ami laughed. "Riichan, just pick a hotel and let Ami handle the rest."

Ritsuko raised an eyebrow and shook her head. "Alright, fine. Whatever you say."

"What's Ami's budget, Riichan?"

"Hm…if you can get us a room for 1,500 yen, that should be enough."


After settling on a hotel and heading inside, Ritsuko sent Ami to the counter to get them a room. Ami immediately slammed her elbow on the counter and stared at the male desk clerk.

"Hey you!" she snapped. "Ami needs a room!"

"Alright," the man answered. "That'll be fifteen-thousand yen."

"One-thousand-five-hundred yen!" Ami demanded.

"What?! That's ridiculous!" the man snapped. "Fifteen-thousand!"








"One-thousand-five-hundred! Take it or leave it!" the man lashed.

"OK!" Ami cheered, placing the one-thousand-five-hundred yen on the table and snatching up the room key that the man had gotten ready. "Thanks for doing busting with Ami~!"

"You mean business…w-wait a second! This is…you tricked me!"

Ami ran, laughing, over to Ritsuko and handed her the key.

"Great, now we need some more rooms…one won't be enough but we only have 3,500 yen left…dang," the female producer sighed. She looked up and over to Azusa. "Right. Azusa-san, your turn!"


Azusa blinked. "OK~," she agreed pleasantly. She walked up to the man at the counter. "Hello, sir, could I stay here?"

"Of course," the man answered, "for 15,000 yen."

Azusa leaned forwards, laying her breasts on the counter. The man blushed and stared.

"Are you sure I couldn't stay for free?" she cooed, placing her head in her hand and her other hand on the counter. The man gulped and pulled out a key, all the while staring at Azusa's large breasts. He handed her the key.

"S-sure, you can stay here for free," he muttered.

"Thank you~" Azusa retreated and handed the key to Ritsuko, who laughed.

"Chihaya! Your turn!"


Chihaya walked to the counter. "A room," she demanded. "I have no money to pay with, but I can sing for the hotel if that would pay it off."

"Just singing?" The man frowned upon seeing Chihaya's lack of a chest immediately after having been entranced by Azusa's extraordinarily larger one.

In response, Chihaya started to sing.

The man listened, mesmerized. When Chihaya finished, a random person ran to the counter and bought a room for three times as much as she should have because she thought she would be able to hear Chihaya sing.

Chihaya blinked and held out her hand to the man. "My key," she ordered. "I will sing for the hotel."

"Of course," the man droned, handing her a key. Chihaya turned and walked back to Ritsuko, handing her the key.

Ritsuko nodded. "Right. If each room has two beds, then…three more and we should be good!"

"The rooms only have one bed," Azusa answered. "I've been here before. We'll need ten more keys."

"Nine," Mami corrected. "Ami and Mami will share a bed."

"Nine more keys, then," Ritsuko corrected. "Haruka, go!"


Haruka walked over to the counter, tripped, stood back up, and smiled sweetly at the man.

"Good evening!" she greeted. "I have come for a room, please!"

"40,000 yen," the man demanded, reaching out a hand.

"Eh?!" Haruka gasped. "I don't…I-I don't have that much money!"

"Then you don't get a room."

"…my best friend is that singer," Haruka muttered darkly, "and if you don't give me a room key, I will have her not perform."


"Also," Haruka cut in, smiling, "two of my good friends are martial artists. I wonder how easy it would be for them to break your skinny little neck…?"

The man blinked and gulped.

"Don't worry. If you give me a key I won't send them after you," Haruka promised. "The other day I watched Makoto-chan break a coconut in half with her bare hands. Sir, which do you think is harder? A human skull or a coconut?" She cast a glance to Makoto, who waved.

The man slowly slid her a key. "…here," he muttered. "Take…t-take it."

Haruka grinned. "Thank you!" she cheered, skipping back to Ritsuko and handing her the key. The second she did, Hibiki took off to the counter.


Hibiki ran over to the counter, threw Hamuzou at the man, and while he was distracted, she grabbed a key.

"SUCKA!" she screeched. "C'mon, Hamuzou! RUN~!"

With a loud, triumphant squeak, Hamuzou leapt off the man's face and onto Hibiki's shoulder. Hibiki ran back to Ritsuko and shoved the key in her hands.

"Hey!" the man snapped. "You can't—"

"I own a gator, fool!"

"I…enjoy your stay."


Iori flipped her hair. "Hmph! You guys are all amateurs," she sniffed. "Watch how a Minase gets a free room!"

"Go, Forehead-chan!" Miki yelped.

"It's IORI!"

"Miki likes Forehead-chan better, though~nano."

"Stupid." Iori sashayed up to the counter and smiled, flipping her hair. "Hello, sir! I was just wondering if I could have a free room. Nihihi~!"

"And…why should I give you this free room?" the man asked, sounding uninterested.

"Because I'm Minase Iori."

"Why should I care if…" The man trailed off. "…Minase."

"Yes, that's correct. The Minase Group has helped your hotel out of many a money situation, am I right?" Iori gave a little curtsey. "I believe you owe me a favor!"

The man sighed. "OK, OK…you're right…Minase-san. Here, your room key."

"Thank you~!" Iori took her key and handed it to Ritsuko.

Ritsuko laughed. "Look at this! Six rooms and we've only spent 1,500 yen!" She looked over at Makoto. "Makoto!"

Makoto saluted. "Yes!"

"Do your thing!"



Makoto practically jumped over to the man at the counter and lay her arms across the hard surface. "Hi there~!" she squeaked. "So~, since I'm cute~, I was wondering~…"

"Let me guess—you want a free room too, huh?" the man moaned.



Makoto frowned and straightened up a bit. "Please~?"

"No. And…stop looking at me like that. It's creepy for guys to look at guys that way."

"I'm—" Makoto cut off. "…could I talk to a female employee?"

The man blinked. "I'm done with this." Giving up, he peeked into the door behind him. "Juri! Come out here, it's your turn! I'm going on break!"

"Huh? But, my shift doesn't start for another five minutes. I'm on break."

"Break's over! There's a customer waiting!"

There was a loud sigh. "Fine, Kagomi. Here I come." A girl wandered out of the door and out to the counter. "Hi, how may I…" She trailed off and blushed.

Makoto took a quick, deep breath and closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she was staring directly at the girl and flashed her one of her most handsome smiles.

"Hello," she greeted in a deep voice.

The girl, apparently named Juri, twitched slightly. "I…h-hello."

"You see, my friends and I are staying here for the weekend…" Makoto gestured to the girls behind her. "Well, we're out of money. Do you think you could get me a room for free?"

Juri looked over at the other idols and frowned jealously. "…Only if you kiss me."


"Then, before you go~?"


Juri squealed excitedly. "Oh, you're just so handsome I can hardly stand it~! Here, take this key~!"


Makoto took the key and went to Ritsuko, then collapsed in sobs into her elder's shoulder.

Ritsuko patted her back. "It's OK, it's OK…calm down. OK, Miki! Go!"


Miki hopped over to the counter and smiled at Juri. "Hi~"

Juri narrowed her eyes. "…you're one of those girls staying with my handsome little darling. Hands off. He's mine."

"Makoto-kun is Miki's," Miki stated quickly. "OK, so Miki is really tired and Miki wants a room, and Miki is cute so you should give her a free room."

Juri raised an eyebrow. "I can't just…go around giving people free rooms."

"Well, you can for Miki."

"…go away, kid."

"No." Miki paused. "Miki wants that other guy."

Juri sighed. "Kagomi! They want you!"

"I'm eating a sandwich!"

"He's busy," Juri told Miki. "Now go away."

"Pleeeaaase?" Miki whined.

"No. And keep your hands off my…what was his name?"


"Yeah! He's mine!"

"…Makoto-kun is a girl."

"…She's mine!"

"She's Miki's! …And Yukiho's! And…since Takane is the Silver Queen, she would have to marry a prince like Makoto-kun, right~nano?" Miki nodded decisively. "Here's the deal. Miki will agree to not use her charms and amazing good looks to sweep Makoto-kun off her feet if you give Miki a free room." She turned around and winked flirtatiously at Makoto, who waved awkwardly.

Juri gasped. "You…cheater!"

Miki giggled and started hopping again. "Miki is getting tired. Miki may have to just pass out into her prince's waiting arms~"

"Don't you dare…!"



"Then give Miki a free room!" Miki ordered.

"What makes you think she would want you over me?" Juri snapped.

Miki observed her. "Miki's boobs…are bigger than yours."

Juri gasped again and covered her chest. "My handsome perfect…Makoto-kun, right? She could never be so shallow as to go for something like that!"


"Fine!" Juri threw a key at her. "Take it! You jerk!" She proceeded to cry and ran into the back room. Kagomi took her place and sighed.

"I need that key back," he told Miki.

Miki hopped and her breasts bounced.

"…enjoy your stay."


Miki ran back to Ritsuko and handed over the key. "Hi, Makoto-kun. You're mine."


Ritsuko nodded and pushed her glasses farther up on the bridge of her nose. "OK, kids. Watch how a professional does things."


Ritsuko stalked over to the counter and stared Kagomi in the face. "I have 3,500 yen. I need a room. Please give me one."

Kagomi raised an eyebrow. "The cheapest room I can get you is for 15,000 yen," he explained. "Sorry. And…no free rooms, OK?!"

"I'm not asking for a free room," Ritsuko said. "I'm asking for a 3,500 yen room."

"No can do, sorry."

"I am the producer of the idol group Ryuuguu Komachi," Ritsuko said suddenly. "Perhaps you've heard of them?"

"Yeah, I have," Kagomi answered. "They're good. Consists of Futami Mami, Miura Azusa, and Minase Iori…" He trailed off. "They're here, aren't they?"

"Exactly. I can have them sing for the hotel, or even give you your own private concert if you want."

"Private concert…?"

"And the price of tickets is one room key."

Kagomi stared at her and then looked over at the Ryuuguu Komachi girls, and smiled. "OK. Fine. But they'd better make it the performance of their lives. Here." He handed Ritsuko a key. Ritsuko took it, smiled, and handed him 500 yen.

"For you," she told him. "Sorry about all this. But we do need a place to stay."

Kagomi laughed nervously. "You know what, it's fine. All that's at stake is my job, right?" He sighed. "Whatever. But this is the last I can do."

Ritsuko walked back over to her idols, smirking. "Sure it is. Takane, go on up!"


Takane walked up to the desk, a regal air surrounding her. She paused and looked at Kagomi.

"Greetings," she piped. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance today. I am Shijou Takane." She bowed.

"Takita Kagomi," Kagomi responded. "Nice to meet you."

"My friends and I are in need of a place to stay," Takane said. "I would appreciate it very much if you could provide me with a room key for free."

Kagomi stared at her breasts. "…Sure." He handed her a key. "…but only if you'll share it with me."

"The key?"

"Your bed."


Takane left quickly.

"Wait! C-come back!"

Ritsuko took the key and laughed. "Well, that was interesting," she sighed.

"I was hoping to win him over with my regal charms," Takane admitted. "But he was distracted by such a shallow thing."

"Don't worry," Ritsuko insisted. "You got us a key, at least. OK! Yayoi!"

Yayoi was already at the counter.


"U-uun!" Yayoi cheered. "Hi! My name is Takatsuki Yayoi! High touch!"

Kagomi blinked, glanced down at her chest, and frowned, then shrugged and gave her a high touch anyways. "Hey, kid."

"I can cook!" Yayoi exclaimed.

Kagomi blinked again. "Cool…?"

"For the hotel!"

"…We already have a chef…"

"Fire him!"

"But I…what?"

"Free room!"


"My siblings are cute!"

"…wait, seriously, what?"

Yayoi bounced. "Happy birthday!"

"But it's…what?"

Yayoi walked around to the key holder thing, took a key, and walked away. "I'll donate half to charity, and half to world peace!"

"Half of what?"

"The money I saved on this key!"



Ritsuko took the key from Yayoi and chuckled. "Nice strategy," she praised.

"What strategy?" Yayoi asked innocently.

Ritsuko blinked and shrugged. "Yukiho? You're the last one."

Yukiho squeaked, shaking, and stared in fear at Kagomi.

Ritsuko sighed. "You have got to be kidding me. Someone go get the other girl."

"Miki offended her too much," Miki stated.

Ritsuko groaned. "Come on, Yukiho. Go on up," she cooed.

Yukiho gulped and lifted a hand to her mouth. "Hello…!" she called.

Kagomi waved.

"I-I would like a free room!"

"You can't have one," Kagomi replied.

Yukiho squeaked.


Makoto pushed her over to the counter and ran.

Yukiho squeaked louder and longer.

Kagomi stared. "You're kinda pretty this close."

Yukiho gripped her shovel, which had magically appeared out of nowhere as usual.

"Your chest…is pretty big."

Yukiho clutched the shovel so hard her knuckles turned white. She tried not to pass out.

Kagomi touched her breast. "…Nice."

Yukiho screamed and smacked him in the face with the shovel so hard that he passed out. She started to cry, reached across and grabbed a key, then ran sobbing back to the others.

Makoto embraced her and rubbed her back. "There, there…don't worry, Yukiho. It's OK. His face is bleeding now, see?"


"No you didn't! Relax!"

Yukiho squeaked yet again and buried her face in Makoto's shoulder. Makoto managed to get the key from her and tossed it to Ritsuko, who caught it.

Ritsuko laughed. "Well, in any case…good job! Now let's go to our rooms!"

The idols laughed and talked and walked up to their rooms and slept and ate and everything went perfectly.

The end.