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In the Wilderness
by Sophia Prester

Love, peace, and mercy...

These three gentle words
May seem a simple enough creed
But this world is unkind to the simple
And it breaks those who would be gentle
Scarring the body, the heart, and the soul

So let us walk together for a while
Sharing our fragile dreams
Confessing our secret doubts
Voicing the questions that haunt our minds

Was it love that destroyed a city?
Was it peace that wounded the moon?
And could it be that mercy
Is only found at the end of a gun?

As we walk and talk together
We make this great discovery:
Doubts fade in the sharing
Dreams grow in the daylight
And the only question that matters
Is who buys the next round of drinks

You and I seek the same things
But we've taken such different paths
As we have journeyed to this place
This wilderness of dry wells
This barren land of thirsty souls

For a brief time, perhaps
We can walk this path as companions
And for once, for just this short while
The burdens on our backs
Will seem heavier
Than the burdens in our hearts