The landscape was empty apart from the figure drifting along. Dead master. She was obviously looking for Black rock shooter and a fight. Dead master lived to fight and enjoyed it very much...As long as it was against Black rock shooter...She knew Rock would never flee, she liked that. She suddenly heard some scratching at the black and white tiled floor, She walked over to the source of the sound but, was disappointed. It wasn't her beloved Black rock shooter...It was too small to be Rock. It was a infant... Dead looked down at it with hateful eyes but her hate melted when it looked at her...Full of trust...She knelt down to take a closer look at it. It turned out to be a she and resembled Rock a lot. She couldn't bring her self to hurt her. Instead she picked her up, being very careful not to hurt her with her big claws. She suddenly gained this warm feeling inside... Something she had never experienced.
"It's Ok...You're safe now...I won't let anyone hurt you..." She said gently while cradling the young girl in her arms. The girl buried her face deep into Deads chest so she would feel safer. Dead then decided she would become the mother of this child...She may be called Dead master but that doesn't mean she has no heart. She smiled at the girl.
"I'll call you...Akuma, for now until you're old enough to fight on your own...Then you shall be called...Dead black demon." Dead seemed proud of the name she had given the child. She abandoned her quest to find Rock for another day...She had to find somewhere to keep Akuma safe until she became of age to fend for her self. She walked towards one of her derelict churches hoping she, and her new child would be safe. And damn the day if one of the otherselfs tried to hurt her they would be sorry...

Somewhere else Black rock shooter was looking for Dead master...For her own personal reasons. She had a feeling that Dead would be hiding out in one of her old churches. She had already trashed 4 of them just in search of Dead... The last one she was going to raid for the day was the one right in front of her. "Please...Be here Dead..." She whispered to herself. She summoned her black blade and ran into the church.
She was greeted by the soft sound of Dead sighing to her self. She hurried to the corner of the room (where the sound was coming from) and was stopped in pure surprise. Dead was slumped in the corner holding something in her arms. A baby?! The young girl was suckling on Deads breasts. That is what surprised Rock the most seeing Dead holding this girl close...Letting her feed off of her...Like a mother would...
"D-Dead...?" Dead snapped out of her little world and looked up at rock. Blue and green clashed and Dead grew angry. She gently pulled the girl off and lay her down softly. She fixed her dress up and grabbed Rock by the collar.
"What are you doing here Rock?" She spat a thin line of saliva landing by rocks lips. Rock blushed and licked Dead saliva off and replied
"Since when did you..." Rock sighed and looked down "When did you have a child?"
Dead snickered and slapped Rock. "you idiot..." She whispered and wrapped her arms around her slim waist... "You know You're the only one for me..." Rock looked back up meeting Deads green hellfire eyes...
"Dead...Who is she?" Dead leaned closer to Rock.
"she is our young girl, Akuma..." Rocks eyes widened
"Our?!" Dead snickered again.
"Oh, my Rock...With 2 parents she'll grow up safely...Hm?" Rock may have been stronger but, oh was Rock weak against Dead seductiveness
"Y-yeah..." Rock couldn't let a young child perish to the cruel world. She really loved Dead and the idea of raising a child with her beloved...
"Dead...I...I promise I will protect her." Dead smiled and picked up Akuma and cradled her.
" See that lady, Akuma? She will protect us..." Rock couldn't help but smile...
"Dead? C-Can I hold her?" Dead smiled.
"Of course Rock..." She handed over Akuma and Rock held her over her shoulder. Dead snickered.
"Just remember, My Black rock shooter...We will be fighting again...Very soon" Dead chuckles hugging her hero..."But I will always love you..."