Strength didn't want to hate Dead master. Not at all! But her other self couldn't help but hate Deads other self. "Well, I hope she grows up safe."

"Thanks Strength. We do too." Rock said while wrapping her fingers around Deads claws. Dead smiled at Rock.

"Well, I have to get back to watching over this world." Strength turned back and started walking off. "Bye Rock…Dead." Rock gave a confused look and waved. "Yeah. Um… Bye Strength."

"Yes, Bye-Bye Strength." Dead said smiling watching Strength meander off. Akuma watched too, not thinking much of it. But she hoped she would see the girl again. She looked like a fun type of person.

Rock and Dead were sitting by the small lake. While Akuma sat on a small rock in the lake. "Come on Rock!" Dead was tugging on her arm. She wanted Rock to get in the water and had been pestering her. "All right, all right." Rock smiled at her. Akuma watched and turned away quickly. "G-Geez!" When she turned back both were clad in their underwear. She happened to notice a big difference quickly. "Rock you look so cute!" Dead exclaimed eyeing the shooter up and down. Rock looked back at Dead and blushed deeply, just as Akuma couldn't help noticing either. Dead was extremely curvy. "D-Dead you… You're beautiful." And it was true. She was.

"Come on Rock!" She grabbed Rocks hand. "Y-Yeah let's go!" Both got in the water.

Rock had to admit it was nice being in the water floating around with Dead master. So much peace. Rock still couldn't help but stare at Deads body. She was so much more… feminine than she was. Ah, to hell with it! It didn't matter at all. She loved Dead and Dead loved her back. Speaking of Dead she was still floating around with Akuma sitting on her stomach. It was a cute sight that's for sure! Surely it wouldn't last though… Peace in such a world never lasts.

Black gold saw came prepared this time. With her king saw allowing her to fight of the black shooter and Dead master. Her instinct told her she needed to get the child… and possibly kill her…

Sorry it's so short and took a damn long time to come out... T.T Life is hell.