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Not much is known about the slender-woman. Much like her male counterpart, slender man her methods and origin 'are shrouded' in mystery. However unlike the slender man she poses no threat to children. Instead she appears to house more maternal instincts for her brief appearances 'can't be' associated with any unknown disappearances or deaths of children. In fact she 'is seen' around st. Abigail's orphanage (which 'is located' in marienville Pennsylvania) more times than anywhere in the world. While those who work at st. Abigail's orphanage say that no such being exists the children speak freely about the slender-woman without fear and claim that they see her often on the surrounding grounds hiding among the trees. Some of the children claim that she sometimes comes out of the forest to play with them disappearing when any adult comes in seeing eye view.

The slender-woman also frequently visits the Allegheny National Forest which sets on Marienville though more people have seen her on the banks of the allegheny river than in the forest itself. witnesses describe her as haveing a child-like curiosity esspecially to people floating down the river in boats. of course no one has been able to aproach or catch her for she vanishes or runs from those who try to chase her. it's also been reported that it is close to impossible to film the slender-woman.

Despite their simularities the slender man and the slender-woman are never seen together. Only a handful of people have claimed seeing the two in the same general area. But with these claims came reports of night time disturbances described as horrific ear splitting screams. Almost as if the two desperate animals were engaged in a battle to the death. While it is assumed that the slender man and the slender-woman are of the same species or race it is obvius that the two have incredibly different motives and they want nothing to do with each other.

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