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Danny Phantom and Dawn Phantom

Chapter 1: Mystery Meat

Dawn's POV:

"So, Danny, Dawn. You and your little friends want to hunt ghosts." Our dad says. Danny speaks up and says, "Ah, ac-ac-actually, Dad? I…want to be an astronaut." I speak up and say, "Sorry, dad but I want to do what I want to do. This is my life and I decide what I want to do with it."

Sam says from her chair, "Sorry, Mr. Fenton. I was into ghosts, but they're so mainstream now. They're like cell phones." Then Tucker tells our dad, "Waste these looks and all this charisma hunting ghosts? Criminal."

"Well, if you do want to hunt ghosts, there are a few things you need to learn," Dad says as he turnsto a table behind him with lab equipment and beakers. But as he turned away, blue mist left mine and Danny's mouth. Danny quickly whispers, "Uh-oh." After that I then whispered, "This isn't good." As we said this the ghost portal opened up and out came two octopus ghosts grabbed Sam and Tuckeraround their mouths and lifted them out of the chairs.

Danny and I had no choice, so we quickly got away from dad transformed and got Sam and Tucker away from the ghosts as we finsihed them off. We finally got rid of them, transformed back to normal and got back to our seats.

Then Dad says, "And that? That is the Fenton Portal. It releases ghosts into our world whether I want it to or not. And someday, I'll figure out how that works too. Now, who wants to hunt some ghosts?"

Sam and Tucker are tembling while Dany and I were panting as Danny putt a hand on the back of Tucker's chair, and I put a hand on Sam's chair.

"You kids, look at cha! You're too excited to speak! So I'll just go on speaking. I was born many years ago in a log cabin in the woods," My dad starts talking about his life back in the 'old days.'

Dawn's Voice-Over:

But you don't want to know about that, do you? Yeah, I didn't think so. My name is Dawn Fenton, and I am a kid with ghost powers, same as my twin brother Danny. Danny and I have black hair and blue eyes. My hair reaches down to my waist, but today it is usually in a low ponytail. Other times it is either in a high ponytail or with pigtails (A/N: You know, like Sailor Moon's hair is).

It's been about a month since we gained our ghost powers. I remember when the accident happened:


My friend Sam Manson yelled out to me and my twin brother Danny as we were holding white jumpsuits, "SMILE!" The flash from the camera came out as Sam took our picture with her camera. Danny then told her and our friend Tucker Foley, "Okay, we showed you the portal, can we get out of here now. Our parents could be back here any minute. Besides it doesn't work any way."

Sam went out to the front of the portal and told us, "Come on, you two. A Ghost Zone? Aren't you the least bit curious? You gotta check it out." I spoke up and said, "Yeah, Danny let's. It sounds awesome. I mean who knows what's in there?"

Danny looked at me and then said with curiosity in his brain, "You know what? The both of you are right. Who knows what kind of awesome, super-cool things exist on the other side of that portal?" I then told him, "Now, you're talking!"

Danny and I put on the white jumpsuits with black accents. We zipped them up, as Sam told us to hang on. She came over and ripped our Dad's seal off of the jumpsuits. "You can't go walking around with these things on your chests," Sam told us, she was right. Danny and I went inside even though we were afraid, we were twins, and we practically do everything with each other…well, almost everything.

As we went in, Danny accidentally pressed an 'ON' button, inside the portal. The next thing I felt was pain as I heard my brother scream in pain, as did I. My last thought was, 'If I were to be brought back, I will do whatever it takes to protect the people I love.'

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed in pain, hoping that it would all be over.

Flashback Ends

You see, our parents are ghost hunters. If they find out about us, who knows what they could do?! They could either dissect us or rip us apart molecule by molecule. But until then we are keeping it a secret until the right opportuniy.

Danny's POV:

Our mother is busy working away at an invention while Jazz, Dawn and I were having breakfast. Jazz is reading a book called 'Surviving Adolescence Through Therapy.'

Dawn and I are eating cereal as my hand suddenly disappears as I was trying to take a bite out of my cereal. The same thing with Dawn as she was trying to take a piece of toast and eat it, her mouth and chin disappears. We got worried because of this so I hid my hand behind my back while Dawn covers her mouth with her hand.

"Okay, two more days, and it's done!" Our mom says as their new invention is almost done. "What did you say? It's done? The Fenton Finder is done! This baby uses satellites to lead you right to the ghosts," Our father says excitedly. I then say, "It uses what," then Dawn says, "to track what?"

All of a sudden, the Fenton Finder in a woman's voice says, "Welcome to the Fenton Finder. A ghost is near. Walk forward." Dawn and I got scared of this as we back-walked away from the invention as our parents got closer until we were backed into a wall. They are now in front of us, as the Fenton Finder then says, "Ghost located. Thank you for using the Fenton Finder.

"What? Gah, that can't be right." Dad says looking at our mom. Dawn and I are smiling weakly at this when all of a sudden our bodies became intangible. We looked down shocked and quickly managed to return to normal. That's when we knew we had no choice. So we thought it was time to tell them.

"Actually..." I start to say when Dawn says after me, "We need to tell you guys something."

Jazz then speaks up and comes over to us, "That's not all you need, you two. You need guidance. And parents who can provide it." Then my mother tells Jazz, "Sweetie, I know what we do doesn't make sense sometimes, but you're only—"

She interrupts Mom holding us close to her,"Sixteen. Biologically! But psychologically, I'm an adult! And I will not allow your insane obsession with ghosts to pollute the minds of these impressionable little children!" Then Dawn yells, "Little children?! We're not that young, Jazz!"

Then Jazz looks at us obviously ignoring what Dawn just said, hugged us and said, "Come, you abused, unwanted wretches. I'll drive you to school." She glares at our parents before walking off, her arms still around us. As Jazz drove us to school, I was thinking about Dawn and I having powers. Since we're twins, we protect each other, I would do anything to save Dawn, the rest of my family and friends, the same with Dawn as well with protecting me also.

We finally made it to school. We are now heading to another ckass as I tell Sam and Tucker, "We think we should tell them." Then Dawn speaks up and says, "Yeah, it might be best that they know."

Sam then speaks up and tells us and yells, "Why? Parents don't listen. Even worse, they don't understand! WHY CAN'T THEY ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM!?"

"Sam, W-We're talking about our powers," I say as my siser then says, "Our problems?"

Then Sam says embarassed, "Oh, right. Me too."

"It's been a month since the accident and we still have barely any control!" I say as Dawn then said, "If somebody catches us, we go from geek to freak around here!" We didn't notice we were sinking to the floor. Then Tucker says with a raised eyebrow, "Kinda like what you're doing right now?"

We then realized our lower halves became intangible causing us to sink and yelp before Sam and Tucker helping us out. Our feet and lowers halves returned to normal. "Gah, darnit! If our dad can invent something that accidentally made us half-ghost, why can't he invent something that turns us back to normal?" I say when Dawn speaks up and tells me, "Um, Danny. Dad is a nut, remember?"

"Oh, right. I forgot about that," I said to her. Dawn is the only person and family member I know that knows what's going on with us. We were so depressed, that Dawn and I became intangible and we walked through a snack machine without paying any attention. Our bodies returned to normal, as Sam then tells us, "Danny, your powers make you unique. Unique is good! That's why I'm an Ultra Recyclo-vegetarian."

Tucker then asks, "Which means, what?" So Dawn explains, "She doesn't eat anything with a face on it." So Tucker then tells us, "Ah, who cares about that stuff. Danny, Dawn, two words: meat connoisseur. (Tucker then sniffs the air) Last night, you both had Sloppy Joes." I tell him, "Impressive." But Dawn gave Tucker a hand and told him, "Bravo, Tucker!"

"Meat heightens the senses, and my all-meat streak is fourteen years strong," Tucker says being proud of himself.

But Sam then tells us sounding pleased with herself, "...And it's about to end. The schoolboard finally agreed to try a new cafeteria menu. I wore them down." Then Tucker asks sounding scared, "Wait...What did you do?"

Dawn's POV:

Sure enough, Sam has made the schoolboard change the menu; a big banner stated that this week is "Ultra Recyclo-vegetarian" week. The lunchlady then places what seems to be grass on bread to one of the students, and then to Danny. Danny asks, "What is this? Grass on a bun?" I speak up and said, "I guess it was a good thing I made my own luch and packed it."

Sam seemed happy with the changes, Tucker however... "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?" Tucker yells alarmed. So Sam tells Tucker calmly as she holds a 'grass on a bun' in her hand, "Tucker, it's time for a change."

Back at home (Mom's POV):

"Maybe this is a bad idea." I tell my husband. But Jack then holds up one of our inventions called the Fenton Xtractor then says, "No, it's perfect. When Jazz gets home we suck the ghost out of her with the Fenton Xtractor."

So I ask him concerned, "But what if Jazz isn't a ghost? What if we accidentally *hurt* her?" But Jack then explains, "Maddie, the Fenton Extractor doesn't hurt humans...unless it gets in your hair..." When he turns it on, the suction rips most of his hair yells out in pain then calmly says, "...See?"

Dawn's POV:

Good thing I can cook and make my own lunch. Danny has some of the 'grass on a bun' on his spoon and I think he's debating whether to eat it or not. "Don't you think this is a little extreme, Sam?" Sam smiles before an adult puts a hand on her looked up and saw it was our teacher, Mr. Lancer. He's really hard on all of us, and he's a bit out of shape. And I use the bit part lightly.

"Ah, Miss Manson. The schoolboard wanted me to personally thank you for ushering in this welcome experiment to our cafeteria."Mr. Lancer says. I looked at Tucker as he becomes wide-eyed and alert. Does this mean his 'meat sense' is tingling?

Tucker then sniffs the air and he frantically says, "Meat. Near." Tucker looks up at Mr. Lancer and sniffs the air around him. Tucker glares at him while the he backs away. "No, no. The rumors about the new all-steak buffet in the teacher's lounge are completely untrue." He was lying so bad as he grabbed a toothpick and used it. He puts a hand on her shoulder again and told her just before leaving, "Thanks again."

Tucker glares at Sam telling her, "Yeah, thanks again for making us eat garbage, Sam."

But Sam tells themas she holds up a 'grass on a bun', "It's not garbage. It's recyclable organic Danny and Tucker say together, "It's garbage."

So I tell them, "I think what Sam is doing is great. I mean changes can be good, right?" Sam hugs me and tells me, "Thanks Dawn! I'm glad someone appreciates my vision." I smile at her as I thought that Sam is the greatest friend a girl can ask for.

As Danny was still holding the spoonful of "grass on a bun" and me just about to take a bite out of a carrot that I brought for my lunch, when we gasped as a blue mist escaped from our mouths as we realized a ghost is near. So Danny says alarmed, "Uh, guys? We've got a problem." All of a sudden a handful of mud suddenly lands on mine and Danny's heads. Danny groans, "UGH!" Then an all-too familiar voice rings out, "FEN-TONS!"

I turn around and grimaced and told him, "...Make that two problems, Danny." A jock storms over to Danny us, a plate of what seems to be mud in his hands. The jock is Dash Baxter, he's been a bully to us, since we were little. He always bullied my brother, but never me. Probably because his mother told him to never it girls.

So he tells us angrily, "I ordered three mud-pies. Do you know what they gave me? Three mud-pies. With MUD! FROM THE GROUND! All because of your girlfriend!" So Danny and Sam tell him back respectively, "She's/I'm not my/his girlfriend!"

So Dash grabs Danny by his shirt and lifts him a few inches off the ground, and tells him angrily, "These are the best years of my life! After high school, it's all downhill for me! How am I supposed to enjoy my glory days eating mud!?"

So Sam tells him irritated, "Actually, it's top-soil." He tosses Danny to the table, lands there and shove the plate of mud towards Danny's face and yells "Whatever! Danny at the table. "Eat it. All of it." I come up to Dash and told him, "Dash, leave him alone! This wasn't Danny's fault! So leave him out of it!" He towers over me and asks me, "Or what, FENTINA?!"

The blue mists comes out of mine and Danny's mouths again, when all of a sudden Danny grabs the plate prepares to throw it and yells out, "GARBAGE FIGHT!" Danny tosses the plate and it hits Dash's back. He was so scared from what happened he dropped me. Other teenagers begin throwing the food as well and chaos ensues.

Sam peeks out from behind a table, and yells out, "It's not *garbage*! It's-"

Danny's hand suddenly grabs Sam and pulls her back down towards the floor interrupting her. We began crawling away from the cafeteria. While crawling, Danny and I turn and look behind us. Dash is angry while the garbage fight continues behind him. Dash threatens us, "You're gonna pay for this, Fentons!" Then he gets hit with mud twice.

"Oh, great. We're still his favorites," Danny groans, as I then said, "I don't know if I should be proud or scared." We managed to crawl out the cafeteria door, as Danny and Tucker peek their heads around and see a ghost that looks like a Lunchlady. Tucker then exclaims as he sees the ghost holding a bowl of salad, "Hah. Shouldn't be so bad. She looks a little like my grandmother."

We're all in the room as Danny the says, "Shouldn't she be haunting a bingo hall?" I perked up and said, "Or maybe a nursing home?" We closed the door and she hears us so the ghost asks, "Hello, children. Can you help me? Today's lunch is meatloaf, but I don't see the meatloaf. Did someone change the menu?" She asks so politely, I don't think I can hurt her.

But Tucker being the big idiot that he is, tells her, "Yeah. (points his thumb at Sam) She did." The ghost nowbecomes EXTREMELY angry with green flames surround her and yells "YOU CHANGED THE MENU!? THE MENU HAS BEEN THE SAME FOR *FIFTY YEARS*!" We all gasped at this as I thought, 'Oh, yeah. Definitely going to kick her butt.' Green flames surround the ghost and appear circling above her head.

Danny then says alarmed, "Get behind us!"

Sam and Tucker jumoed behind us with Sam saying sarcastically, "Wow. I feel safe."

So then Danny and I yelled out, "We're going ghost!" We raise our arms in the air and a blue aura surrounds us. For Danny, the aura splits into two rings that travel vertically across his body. As the rings pass, his clothing changes drastically into a black jumpsuit where the hand and the feet parts become white. His hair becomes white and his eyes become green as well.

The aura spreads through me, where I have black fingerless gloves on my wrists first then changing my blue t-shirt into a long black crop shirt where up to the wrists to the elbows that part of the shirt is white, with a pair of black bell-bottom pants with white flames at the bottom replacing my denim jeans, and black tennis shoes with a white flame on each that replaced my white tennis shoes.

And a pair of earrings on me, where there was a white D on my left ear, and a white P on my right ear. My hair turned white the moment where it was all down and not up. And finally I opened up my eyes, and they became dark purple.

After transforming, we both leaped as Sam and Tucker watch wide-eyed. Danny then yells, "We command you to...go away!" I slapped my face with my hand as I told him, "Seriosly, that's what you yell out first in a battle?! Danny, you're going to need a lot of work!"

Lunchlady Ghost's hands begins to glow and many piles of dishes surrounding a sink began to get an eerie glow. The dishes suddenly float around and start flying. We flinched and managed to make our bodies become intangible, causing the dishes to pass right through us before hitting the wall behind us. We reverted back to normal and glance at ourselves, both of us amazed that we didn't get hit. We smiled as I yelled out, "Woo-hoo! I think we're getting better!"

A bunch of dishes are heading right for Sam. Luckily, Danny sees this and immediately flies to help her, and begins catching the dishes with his arms, the dishes neatly stacking up.

But the Lunchlady Ghost uses her ghost powers on even more dishes. And I saw that they are now on the path for Tucker. I flew over to help him and catches the dishes neatly, as well as catching a few in my mouth.

Tucker stoped wincing after realizing I stopped the dishes and smiles. Danny and I fly off to put the dishes back on the counter, leaving a few dishes still in my mouth. I got them out of my mouth as Danny then tells me, "Well, if this superhero thing doesn't work out I could have an exciting career as a busboy." So I told him correcting him, "Or busgirl."

Behind us, the stoves began moving around. The Lunchlady still angry yells out, "I control lunch! Lunch is sacred! Lunch has rules!" All of a sudden she asks politely, "Anybody want cake?" Sam and Tucker nods their heads yes in shock, but the ghost became angry again, and yells out, "Too bad! Children who change my menu do not get dessert!" Lunchlady Ghost suddenly phases up out through the ceiling while the three stoves begin to have green flames coming out of them.

The green flames fire out of the ovens towards Sam and Tucker who dodge out of the way. More evil flames are coming up and Sam and Tucker wince as Danny and I then fly up behind them and grabbed their shoulders. We caused our bodies to glow and made all of us intangible. I noticed Sam and Tucker looked at surprise.

Danny and I quickly hold on to them and quickly flew us all through the wall and out of the kitchen, the stoves hitting and cracking the wall. We return to normal as we all pahsed through the wall into a hallway. We all looked behind us in shock. Danny and I were so excited about this, we yelled, "HEY! It worked!"

Danny's POV:

Sam then exclaims irritated, "This is the thanks I get for thinking like an individual?"

A loud crash is suddenly heard as Tucker and I turn to look for the cause. The hallway begins shaking violently and the lights go out. Electricity sparks everywhere before finally going away.

I'm now officially worried as lockers opened up where a bunch of school supplies come flying out all around us. Two of the lockers open and a bunch of school supplies come flying out. The supplies fly to the Lunchlady Ghost, swirling through her and then behind her. She still looks peeved.

Tucker all of a sudden smells something as all of the school supplies were flying out. So he sniffs and sees meat piling out, and yells out, "Steak...! Ribeye...! Porthouse...! Medium-rare...!" The LunchLady Ghost has the meat stuck to her until she is completely covered and her eyes are still glowing. Tucker then wonders in shock, "But where did it come from? Lancer!" Then a piece of paper hits Tucker in the face.

Mr. Lancer's POV (In the Casper High's Teacher Lounge):

I tell my local teacher brethren who are eager to eat the meat, "Esteemed Casper High faculty, I present your all-steak buffet." I pull off a tablecloth covering the supposed buffet, but the meat is missing!

I slammed my hands on the table and yelled out, "PARADISE LOST!"

Dawn's POV:

Then the meat-covered LunchLady Ghost then yells outas she points to Sam, "Prepare to learn why meat is the most powerful of the five food groups!" She then loses her rage and goes back to "innocent lunchlady mode" and holds up a cookie. Then the Lunch;ady Ghoost asks politely, "Cookie?" Sam is worried and shakes her head no.

The ghost is a little surprised she was turned down for a split second before reverting back to "evil lunchlady mode". So she yells out in anger, "Then perish!" Danny suddenly slides backwards towards Sam to protect her. Sam looks surprised. These two should get together, already! So Danny yells out angrily while pointing at the ghost, "Forget it! The only thing that has an expiration date here is you!"

Danny moved his hand down a bit and it began glowing blue. Looking at his hand Danny realized that he accidentally caused himself to revert back to his usual self. The blue glow travels from his hand down his body and his clothes, hair, and eyes revert to their usual selves. "Whoops! I didn't mean to do that." Danny says scared.

The ghost yells and grabs Danny and I within her meaty grasp before sending us flying into Tucker. All three of us hit the lockers behind us and a pile of papers covers us up. The Lunchlady Ghost grabs Sam off the ground and suddenly flies off down the hallway, taking Sam with her.

The hit Danny, Tucker and I took caused me to turn back to normal human mode. "Come on, you two! Change back! We gotta go!" Tucker looks down at us. We were about to leave until Mr. Lancer got a hold of us and tells us irritated, "You three aren't going anywhere." Dash was with him as he tells us, "Told ya you'd pay Fentons!" I sighed as I thought, 'How did I know this would happen?'

We're now in Mr. Lancer's office, as he grabs the files on us. He puls out Tucker's and reads it, "Tucker Foley. Chronic tardiness, talking in class, repeated loitering by the girl's locker room." He gave a sly smile as I slapped him on the side of the head. He winced at that and gave me a look that said, 'I'll get you.' So I gave him a look back that said, 'Try me.'

Now, Mr. Lancer reads Danny's file, "Danny Fenton. Thirty-four dropped beakers in the last month, banned for lifefrom handling all fragile school property, but no severe mischief before today." After that he reads out my file, "Dawn Fenton. Straight A student, 4.0 grade average, but same as your brother no severe mischief before today."

"So...children, tell me: WHY DID THE THREE OF YOU, CONSPIRE TO DESTROY THE SCHOOL CAFETERIA!?" Mr. Lancer yells at us believing it's our fault. Danny tries to tell Dash, "Dash started it! He threw—" Mr. Lancer interrupts and tells us, "Four touchdown passes in the last game is thereby exempt from scorn. You three, however, are not. I'll map out your punishment when I return. Mr. Baxter. Watch the door." We looked at each other as Mr. Lancer and Dash left the room.

The three of us stand up as Tucker said, "We gotta find Sam. For some reason, I feel like I got her kidnapped." Danny then tells Tucker sarcastically, "Maybe because you told the ghost she changed the menu?" As I then tell him, "How about that?"

Tucker the sniffs the air and tells us determined. "That steak is still in the building. 200 yards, tops."

Danny and I glance over at a wall of TVs showing the different security camera views. The first view is of what seems to be a storage area with some boxes of meat. The second view is of an exit from the school. The next view is of an exit from a storage area that has boxes of meat, and the final view is only of a bunch of boxes with meat in them. A trail of juice from the meat leads off the screen.

Danny then tells us as he points at the last screen, "Check it out. Meat-trail."

Danny backs away from the cameras and we quickly transformed into our ghost selves, grabbed Tucker, made us intangible and going through the floor, as Tucker exclaims, "WHOA!" As we escaped I heard Mr. Lancer yell. He's really funny.

We're now in the storage room as Tucker exclaims happily as he latches himself onto the wall of boxes of meat, "Sweet mother of mutton! I'd dreamed of it but...I never thought I'd live to see it!" Then Danny speaks up saying, "How is it that we have the ghost powers," I finished it for him and said, "and you're the weird kid?"

We hear cackling peered around the corner of a stack of boxes and see the Lunchlady Ghost. She polietly asks Sam who is trapped underneath a large pile of meat. "My dear child...Meat is good for kids! It helps them grow and makes them smile! Why won't you eat it?" She offers Sam a chicken leg who is irritated and tries to escape.

So Sam tells her, "We don't need meat. That's fact! The Lunchlady Ghost suddenly reverts back to her evil lunchlady mode and a mysterious wind begins blowing from nowhere. So she points to Sam and yells out, "SILENCE! You need discipline! Manners! Respect! Ya know where that comes from? MEAT!" She then reverts back to nice mode and asks her, "Chicken? Or fish?"

Danny then tells Tucker, "We'll take care of the ghost." And then I told Tucker, "You just find a way to get Sam out of that pile of meat!" Tucker then pulls a fork and knife out of nowhere, and says, "Waaaay ahead of you." We flew forward and punched her, she never saw it coming as she crashed into a wall before collapsing and glares at us.

Tucker tells Sam enthusiastically, "I'll have you free in no time, Sam!" As Sam says with disbelief, "You gotta be kidding me."

Danny and I then somersaulted into the air preparing to kick her. Unfortunately she captures our feet and dangles us upside-down. She then yells at us, "Don't you two see!? This is why you both need meat! You're both skin and bones!" She throws us making us both intangible making us safe. She then summons shish kebobs, with their pinted ends heading straight for Danny and me.

We quickly made our bodies split in two, the meat passing through our stretched intangible areas of our bodies we created. Okay, now that was awesome! The Lunchlady Ghost yells as she bring out more boxes. The meat disappears from where Sam and Tucker were. She becomes another giant mear monster as she fires meat at Danny and I, which upon hitting us reverts back to being her fist and captures us in her grasp. Sam and Tucker run up to us.

Tucker then exclaims with a determined pose, "Help's on the way, buddies!" The Lunchlady Ghost suddenly sends us both flying. We both yell as this is happening, turning ourselves intangible causing us to pass through a wall. Lunchlady Ghost growls loudly as Sam and Tucker run away.

Sam and Tucker yell as they head for the door, but the ghost sends a pile of meat that blocks their exit, knocking both of them. Danny and I got our strength back as we came back into the room phasing through. Sam and Tucker continued yelling as they run past us.

Without another thought we quickly flew toward them. Danny and I grabbed them, and turned ourselves intangible and got us all through the wall. We all phased through it and continue floating through the air, the intangibility disappearing. I don't think I've ever been this tired. Danny was looking it as well.

"Gee, you two. Fighting meat monsters, flying through walls...The both of you must be exhausted." Danny tells them defensively and being tired "What? Of course not!" As I then told her, "What would give you that idea..." I trailed off as we fell to the ground, as Danny and I passed out from exhaustion. We returned back to normal. Last thing I saw before I was completely knocked out was Danny all knocked out.

Danny's POV:

I groaned and I then woke up with a yelp as I saw Sam and Tucker leaning over me and Dawn just waking up on my bed, as I asked them, "Ah! W-W-what's going on!?" Tucker exclaims to us, "The both of you passed out. We took you home. The both of you have been asleep for four days!" Dawn and I then both sat up quickly, and exclaimed alarmed, "Four days"!?

But Tucker was just kidding and told us, "Nah. It's only been a couple hours." Dawn and I were still a little shaken about all of this. Then Sam gets mad at Tucker and tells him, "Knock it off, Tucker! This is the second time today your carelessness almost got him killed!" Then Tucker exclaims frustrated, "Me!? I almost got him killed? The only reason this happened is because you had to be unique. You had to take the meat away!"

We were about to interrupt them when Tucker storms off saying, "And I'm gonna get it back!" Then Sam yells back abgrily, "You want to change that menu back!? YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME TO DO IT!" Sam leaves, slamming the door closed behind her.

Then I said with a sigh, "Ah...Well, I'm sure everything will be back to normal by tomorrow." Then Dawn asks me, "Are you sure about that Danny? I have a bad feeling about this!" I looked at Dawn, a little sad. After all, she is the most emotional of the two of us. So I told her, "Dawn, listen to me. Nothing bad will happen, I promise. I couldn't protect you when we became ghosts, but I'll make sure to protect you now! Okay?"

Dawn looks shocked then happy as she said, Thanks, Danny! I can always count on you!" We heard footsteps, looked at the entrance and saw Jazz looking hurt. "Whoa! What happened to you?" Dawn asks her. Jazz answers, "Mom and Dad think I'm a ghost! I'm going to my room!"

I decided not to bother with it, after all, there is no way, Jazz would be a ghost, after all we would know. The next day came too soon as I then saw in the distance when I said exasperated, "Or not. Maybe it'll be worse." Dawn groans as she says, "Why can't Sam and Tucker just be normal?!"

There were two different protest rallies with Tucker protesting for meat, and Sam doing a protest for veggies. I'm starting to think Dawn was right. Sam and Tucker came up to us on opposite sides of us, as Dawn said with disbelief, "You guys put together two protests in one night?"

Tucker glares at Sam saying with determination, "Meat-eaters, Dawn. Always ready to fight. And our high-protein diets give us the energy we need to do it quickly." Sam then glares at Tucker and says withequal determination, "Ultra Recyclo-vegetarians are always ready to protest. And because we don't have waste time cooking our food, we can move even faster."

Because of this Dawn and I being in the middle, made us a bit uneasy as I asked them, "Don't you guys think this is a little extreme?" Tucker continuing to glare says to me, "No choice, buddy! You're either with me!" Then Sam continues to glare as she tells Danny, "Or you're against him!" Then Sam and Tucker both yell at us and asks us, "So whose side are you on!?"

Dawn's POV:

A wind suddenly starts blowing and the sky turns gray. Sam and Tucker's eyes widen at this. Cackling is heard as the wind continues to blow. Danny's and my ghost sense goes off. A voice yells angrily as a meat truck suddenly has its contents fly out of it in various directions. We all watch as the meat flies around before coming back towards the meat truck. The meat swirls around overhead.

The meat forms the meat monster the Lunchlady Ghost was the previous day. She then yells, "It's lunchtime!" Just like that, everyone runs away from both protests and Tucker yells out dismayed, "Meat! Why have you betrayed me!?"

Danny quickly tells them, "Guys, time to makeup!" I spoke up and yelled, "Now!"Sam and Tucker hug although they still look furious with one another as Danny and I transform behind their cover.

Sam and Tucker breakaway from eachother revealing Danny as Danny Phantom, and me as Dawn Phantom..

Jazz's POV:

I'm talking with Spike who is a goth trying to help him without knowing what was really going on behind me, "Spike, you have to open up to your parents! Be true to yourself and them! Tell them how you feel! I mean, it's not like they're gonna attack you or anything." But all of a sudden a greean net comes out of nowhere and I yell, but then I realized this was from my parents Fenton Grappler. I have had enough of this!

Mom looking skeptical says, "I don't understand. If Jazz is a ghost, why hasn't she just phased through the net?" So I yell at them irritated to my last nerve and throw the net off of me, "Because I am not a GHOST! You've ambushed me, suffocated me with smoke, and worse!? I was pulled away from Spike before he had his breakthrough! What do you have to say for yourselves!?"

But as usual, Dad is an idiot and aims the Fenton Thermos at me, and yells out, "Eat hot Fenton Thermos, ghost gal!" But of course it doesn't work. I mean, really! Theere is no such thing as ghosts!

Dawn's POV:

The ghost lets out a ferocious yell as she attempted to punch us, slapping us and then tries to give us an uppercut, but each time she fails as we dodged each attack. Danny and I both kicked her hard and knocked her over, thus having her hit the ground hard. I heard Tucker say to Sam, They really are getting better." Danny and I both smiled at this until the Lunchlady Ghost punches us as we heard Sam yell, "I sure hope they can take a punch!"

Danny and I phased through an airplane as Danny grabbed a cup of water, and I grabbed a piece of chicken as we yelled out, "THANKS!"

Jazz's POV:

I'm waiting to hear from Dad his obsession with ghosts being stopped. So my dad finally says seriously, "I, Jack Fenton, from this day forth do hereby turn my back on ghosts." I was now officially happy for my dad!

Danny's POV:

Dawn and I slam into the ghost sending meat flying everywhere. We got out of the crater that was made as te Lunchlady Ghost came up to us worrying about us and asks us with sincerity, "Oh, dear! What a mess! Are you okay?" I finally pulled nyself out of the crater and proceeded to grab Dawn out from the crater and rub my left arm a bit. And I told her, "Yeah. I think so." Dawn speaks up and says, "Yeah, we'll live."

But sadly she reverted back to evil mode and said, "TOUGH! BECAUSE YOU TWO BEING OKAY IS NOT PART OF MY BALANCED DIET OF DOOM!" Meat suddenly pours out of it forming five small piles in front of us at the crater. They suddenly form into little meat monsters. We fly away as they jump at us, and so I did a flying kick at three of them, while Dawn did a flying kick at the others that slice them like a blade.

But when we looked up they formed again into little meat monster selves. So I exclaimed, "Well, we weren't expecting that!" All of a sudden, two blue rings suddenly appear at both of our waists and traveled over our bodies reverting us back to normal. Dawn then yells out, "Or that!"

The meat monsters appeared and grabbed us. We tried getting out of their grip but their hold was strong, They were dangling us frpm the sky. If a miracle doesn't happen soon, we're in trouble!

Jazz's POV:

"Well, this Thermos can't trap ghosts because ghosts don't exist." Dad tosses the Thermos away from him as Mom and I looked at him in shock. I couldn't believe that he did it!

Dawn's POV:

We were still being dangled by the evil little monsters until something hits Danny' in the face, Danny grabs it and yells, "The Fenton Thermos!" I then spoke up and yelled, "But how are going to get it to work, Danny?" Danny panicked and so did I, when all of a sudden the monster dropped us from the sky.

We yell as we plummetted to the ground. Danny then yells determined, "Change back!" I then yell, "Change back! Finally we both yelled together, "CHANGE BACK!" Lights flashe and we became Danny Phantom and Dawn Phantom again. The little meat puppets are still after us! So we quickly dived down, phased through the ground and yelled out to the family, "Thanks for the Thermos!"

Jazz's POV:

WHAT?! But that's impossible! Ghosts shouldn't exist, right?! "HAH! Ghost Kid! I was right! ~You were wrong~ Ghosts exist!~ (laughs) I never doubted it for a second!" Dad is happy now that he saw a ghost, when out of nowhere, large amounts of meat hit us! I groaned and yelled out loud, "Why can't my life be normal?!"

Danny's POV:

Dawn and I phase out of the ground, with me holding the Fenton Thermos. Lunchlady Ghost yells out, "NO! Soup's not on today's menu!"

I then yelled determined, "We're changing the menu! Permanently!" Then Dawn says in a small voice, "Please work?" I knocked the top off of the Thermos and aim the Thermos towards the Lunchlady Ghost with Dawn holding onto it as well. I then exclaim, "I hope I'm right!" And then Dawn exclaims, "I hope you're right as well!"

A blue aura surrounds Dawn and I and then the Thermos is powered up before releasing a stream of energy from it, knocking us backwards a little energy forms a net that surrounds the surprised Lunchlady Ghost and traps her. She struggles as she yells out, "NOOOO!"

The energy swirls and sucks the Lunchlady Ghost into the Thermos and Dawn and I (which we reverted back to normal) close the lid back onto the Thermos. Dawn and I was just glad that it was over!

Dawn and I found Sam and Tucker. As I helped Sam up, she then said amazed, "What happened? Where's the ghost? We showed Sam the Thermos and told her, "My parents have their moments!"

We then heard a faint noise as we saw what it was and hid the Thermos behind my back. Our paents came up who were covered in meat holding the Fenton Finder, as the device said, "Ghosts directly ahead. You would have to be some sort of moron to not notice the ghosts directly ahead." They both looked at us and I told them, "Aw, sorry dad. You just missed them."

Dad then yells, "We got a runner!" Mom and Dad ran off as Jazz who wa irritated says as she walks off, "Great. Back to square one."

Tucker the asks us, "So, the both of you aren't gonna tell 'em?" So I answered Tuck, "Nah. I think we might've finally figured out what these powers are for. They make me feel special." When Dawn answers, "They make us feel powerful." All of a sudden, Mr. Lancer grabs us by the shoulders as he tells us furiously, "In a world of trouble."

Dawn's POV:

It is now nightime at the school as we were forced to pick up the mess from everything. Mr. Lancer yells out through a megaphone, "Manson! Pick up that T-bone!" Sam looks at it and says disgustedly, "With my hands?" Mr. lancer yells at it again and tells Tucker, "Foley! Pick up that Turfwich!" Tucker who is also equally disgusted asked him as he picked one up by the corner, "With my hands?"

Mr. Lancer takes a bite out of a chicken leg before turning around and walking away. Danny and I are sweeping up the meat as getting it to the dumpster where all the meat wasbeing dumped in. Dash was leaning on it, laughing at us. We have had enough! So with an evil plan in our heads, we go to the side of the garbage bin. We grabbed the side and our hands glow blue, turning the garbage bin intangible.

The intangible garbage bin dumps all of its contents onto Dash who falls over and is buried under a huge pile of meat. The garbage bin reverts back to normal. Now that was funny!

Dash pokes his head out from under the meat pile. Dash yells for assistance, "FENTONS! A little help!?" Danny and I laughed a little, as Danny told him, "Whatever you say, Dash!" And then I said, "Whatever you say." Danny's eyes glow green and mine glow purple, we both knew that with these powers we'll have great adventures! And I can't wait for more!

And that's it! Man, I never thought I'd ever get finished with this chapter! I spent all day working on it! Another chapter, another adventure! What will happen next? Find out next time on Danny Phantom and Dawn Phantom!