Hello all! Just wanted to wish you all a happy new years and all that fancy stuff and a belated Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice and all the other nice things we celebrate around this time of year. This is just a quick drabble. It is exactly 100 words.

This drabble is part of the fic "Shogatsu + Kiss", which is also now posted on my profile!

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Celebrating Shogatsu in Maebashi, Sentai, Okayama or Osaka is no longer appealing.

Pounding mochi out in Nara and making kagami mochi for the families is no longer enough.

Giving otoshidama with the family in Yamaguchi and seeing the children's eyes sparkle can't hold a candle.

Even listening to poets in Kagoshima and Yokohama write out their haiku and renga celebrating kakizome, hatsuyume, hatsumode and hatsuburo isn't quite the same.

Games in Sapporo will never be as fun as the New Year's eve shared in Nagano many years ago.

Because how can the fireworks in Tokyo now compare to your kiss?

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Shogatsu - Japanese New Year

Kagami mochi - Rice cake New year decoration

Otoshidama - Gift money, trinkets usually for children

Haiku - Type of poem

Renga - Type of poem

Kakizome - First writing

Hatsuyume - First dream

Hatsumode - First shrine visit

Hatsuburo - First bath

There's a bit more to each word, but this is the basics. Hope you liked it.