And thus ends the tale of the meeting of Bersi known as the man with the fierce eyes, and Marian Slingeneyer the Dvergr. There were no meanderings and no protractions, no distractions and no false devices, no characters misplaced and no bonds contrived, all were necessary to give life and depth to the tale that has passed. It was a tale of magic, where magic still remains like a fleeting cloud in the sky in a Spring day. It was a tale of a man who searched for magic, though only found its favor, for magic will bind one to chains ever until the end of one's life. There were no children with powers to play with, no Men with grand magic for grand plots, just the infinite mystery of magic that seeps into the corners of the world.

It was a tale of magic indeed, but the Man will not gain magic on his own on that day, for long will be the days that he will learn it for himself. The Dvergr, his dear companion, only acting as a guide to a force only a Dvergr could understand, for to her, it is like a diamond with many facets stuck to the rock, and only a few she could ascertain in the dark.

Thus, a new day dawns for Bersi and Marian in Spring:

Bersi packed up his bags and wore a thick coat with him, as he prepared to leave the Dvergr's home again. Many months have passed since the utter cold that Wintertime spelled, and yet the snow kept falling outside, though now less and less as the days of the season waned.

Marian called out to him, she was bare, though Bersi has gone accustomed to it, but wore an apron. In her hands were tools of gold, but it was for cooking.

"You're leaving again?" said Marian, "You barely touched your meal. And I went through all that to cook you venison. Stay home and keep me company for a moment before you leave."

Bersi opened the door, and the cold air flew into her home. He turned towards her and said, "This is the only good time for me to leave. The snow falls little, and the sun can be seen at least. We need to get supplies, and I cannot have my guide walk around with her eyes unfocused."

"You do not need to do this on my account," said Marian.

"No, I insist. It is for your sake," said Bersi. He stayed a moment for a silent and then spoke again. "Don't worry, I shall return to you."

Marian pouted like a child, befitting of her figure, while Mjölnir trembled on its base.

"Can you believe my dear student, Mjölnir? Leaving without finishing what he has started the nerve. Fine then, leave and come back to finish this meal, I know of ways of preserving it, and then you shall lie on the floor instead of lying on the bed as punishment."

Bersi merely nodded his head in acceptance, and with a calm face, stepped forward into the snowy plane. But then, Marian once again called for his name and then he turned towards her in turn.

"If your revenge is over and you've survived and have nothing left, you can come back to me."

Bersi did not reply with his usual responses. He gave a smile that was full of things that was not happiness, and closed the door to Marian's home and returned once again to the world of Wintertime.

The sun sinks and rises again and after winter follows the spring.