For my best friend Hui Ying. Happy New Year, you baka!

It's noisy in HOMRA as drinks are being passed around. Even though everyone's in casual clothes for the occasion, it's still easy to pick out the Blue Clansmen mingling with the Red Clan. Munakata Reisi sits quietly in a corner watching the scene unfold. No one is drunk yet, thankfully, and he doesn't see the appeal in starting the New Year with a hangover. Given the rivalry between the Clans, he's surprised no one's declared war yet.

He might retract that statement as he notes that the vanguards are arguing in the corner. Fushimi is wearing something that looks vaguely like what he wore before he became Scepter4's vanguard and the hot-tempered Red vanguard has taken issue with that. He notices Fushimi's fingers twitching and he knows that he wants to just pull the beanie off Yata's head and ruffle his hair like he used to. Reisi's seen how close they used to be and sometimes he wishes Yata could get over their differences and just learn to coexist at the bare minimum.

Izumo yells across the crowded room that any fights need to be taken outside. Everyone heeds this order. Some of them have seen Izumo when he's mad and they decide that an angry Izumo is definitely not what they want to begin the year with. He turns back to his conversation with Seri who's once again asked him to make her an anko martini. Reisi can't help but think the topic has something to do with the vanguards due to the glances being shot in their direction.

Reisi scans the bar for fiery red hair only one person has. His hair has always reminded Reisi of a lion's mane. It's befitting for the lion of the Red Clan. He finds what he's looking for sitting across the bar, observing everyone with Anna by his side. HOMRA's young princess looks a little sleepy. It's nearing midnight and this must be the latest she's stayed up in a while. Suoh hands her to Izumo as he walks past with Seri before exiting the bar, probably to have a cigarette.

Reisi once said that breathing the same air as the lion made him sick. He also said that he wants to breathe toxic air at times. He puts down his drink and follows Suoh out of the bar. As predicted, the Red King is leaning against the wall just around the corner, cigarette in mouth as he takes a deep breath. He catches sight of Reisi and he smiles slightly as he approaches. This time, it's Suoh who offers Reisi a cigarette and the two fall into a comfortable silence. Neither of them says a word as the minutes slip by unnoticed.

A rather loud bang and a few yells break the silence and Reisi leans forward to try and catch a glimpse of what is happening in front of the bar. Fushimi appears to be dragging a struggling Yata to a nearby alley. He snorts lightly and hears Suoh make a similar noise behind him.

"It's about time they sorted out their differences. Misaki needs to realise that Fushimi has been forgiven a long time ago." A hand comes to rest on Reisi's shoulder.

Reisi can feel warm air against his neck and realises that Suoh must be right behind him. He turns around to reply and the last thing he expects is Suoh's lips brushing against his. He's pinned against the wall by his wrists as any protest he might have had is swallowed by a kiss.

He can feel Suoh's hands moving down to his waist as he relaxes, his own hands moving to Suoh's neck. The kiss tastes of nicotine with a vague hint of menthol. Amber eyes gaze into violet as they break apart, bartering breaths. They stay like that for a moment, faces inches apart, arms still around each other.

"Happy New Year, Munakata." Suoh smiles as he takes in Reisi's still slightly shocked expression.

Reisi slips a hand down to his cheek and pulls him in until their lips are brushing again. "Happy New Year, Suoh," he breathes as he connects their lips once more.