Mavis Vermilion wasn't exactly what you would call a "normal" child.

She lived a posh and comfortable life, filled with anything and everything she could ever want. Being born into an extremely wealthy and influential family, you would expect that young Mavis to be a well behaved, prim, and proper child. Normal children would kill to obtain such a high quality of life, but not Mavis Vermilion. To her, the lavish lifestyle was a bore and didn't appeal to her at all.

Her parents, Hamrio and Reina Vermilion, only cared about their personal image and public status. Lord and Lady Vermilion didn't understand their child's needs and wants. So they sent poor Mavis to finishing school and etiquette classes to get her out of their lives. Every day they would send their only child off to school in hopes that the strict conduct there would break Mavis' rebellious habits.

Now, when we say rebellious habits, Mavis takes it to the extreme. Pranking the maids and butlers, letting wild animals in, and many other deeds her parents despise. But one in particular…that one thing she adores and studies endlessly…magic. While Mavis reveled in it, her parents resented and hated it.

Mavis simply couldn't stand her family. Instead she enjoyed being by herself, quietly practicing her magic in the forest the surrounded her family's castle, Arcadia Castle. You see Mavis didn't have any friends, though she was a cheerful and happy child, this was due to the fact that she loved magic with her entire being. Her parents would buy her friends with money, but only to find that Mavis would scheme different ways to drive away her so called 'playmates'.

After many families tried to set their child up with Mavis and failed in the process , rumor spread that Mavis would never have friends, that she was different. Our little Mavis was really such a happy and joyful child when she was left alone. But when she was forced into something she didn't like she would scowl and not say a single word. The only things that would please her curious and rebellious behavior were magic and a certain boy.

Zeref Galein was an unfortunate boy.

He lived a comfortable life, living in a humble cottage with his Uncle Shuda, never complaining or wanting any more or less than what he currently had. Zeref was content with his current position in life and he didn't want it to change. Though Zeref was a good natured boy, he had no friends because of that.

He was cursed as people say because of The Incident that happened a couple years ago. Zeref resented himself for it, always finding a way to make himself seem like he was the lowest of the low, though in actuality he was far from it.

Zeref was a quiet and kind boy, always keeping to himself, never interacting with any living person. The only company he kept was that of animals, gently taming and befriending them with soft comforting words. He smiled very rarely, always keeping an indifferent and uninterested look on his handsome face.

When Zeref Galein was younger he lived in a fairly wealthy home with his two loving parents. During that time he was a happy and smiling boy. Then one stormy day, when lightning was tearing the sky apart and shaking the entire Galein Mansion it happened. He accidentally unlocked it. The one thing Zeref has come to hate in this world. The one thing that made him hate himself.

Zeref Galein was cursed with the awesome power of Dark Magic. This uncontrollable torrent of power ran thicker in his blood than tar. Dark Magic takes skill to tame and master and young Zeref had no hopes in controlling this horrible beast.

He had killed his parents. Killed them. To this very day, Zeref still sees his parents staring at him blankly with their dead eyes saying, You killed us…Begone you cursed child. The poor boy unintentionally killed his beloved parents.

Poor Zeref…He would feel only terrible sadness until he met a certain unusual blonde girl.