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Chapter 2

The Boy With Dark Eyes

Mavis woke up feeling awful. Her bones ached like an old crone and her head felt like it was being pounded by a hammer wielding blacksmith. She forced her eyes slowly open, taking in the cozy living room of Orrin's home. High vaulted ceilings supported by sturdy oaken beams, the heads of different game animals and weaponry carefully mounted on the wine red walls that surrounded her. Many years had been put into building just this room, and Orrin was the proud owner and building of these esteemed walls.

Glancing around, her eyes rested on Orrin stretched across his second sofa. His head and chest were heavily bandaged and the pure white cloth that was wrapped around him was damp with his blood. Worry grabbed Mavis' heart at the sight of her friend and mentor as she remembered the way the dark man had come and struck Orrin down with a single blow. So much blood had burst from his chest, like a dark rose blooming. So much that it spattered her face and dress, she recalled how it had tasted on her lips. Like death and despair. She felt some of the weight on her chest lessen as she noticed he was softly snoring in his sleep.

"He'll be alright." A voice spoke softly and carefully, as if the owner didn't use it very often.

Mavis jumped at the voice and her head snapped to the owner, her eyes slowly widening at the sight of them. A boy, the most handsome boy she had ever seen, was standing in the doorway of the kitchen. He carried a bowl and spoon and tentatively walked over to Mavis.

"Your friend I mean," he clarified as he kneeled down next to her, placing the bowl on a low table. He reached for her arm slowly.

Alarmed, Mavis jerked her arm away which caused a searing pain to race through her arm. She cried out in pain, tears sprung to her eyes.

"Please," the boy pleaded. "I won't hurt you! Your arm is severely injured. If I don't change the bandage, there is a chance the wound could get infected."

Instead of taking her arm, the boy reached for her hand. Taking it carefully, he pushed up the sleeve of her dress to reveal her arm. The boy began to unwrap the dressing that covered her arm. She whimpered at the pain, squeezing the boy's hand tightly, clinging to it as if it were the only thing that kept her stable in her shattered world.

Noticing her pain he softly whispered, "Please hold on a little more. I know it hurts, but please bear the pain for a little longer." He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze and let his thumb rub across the back of her hand.

As he did this, Mavis lost herself in the gesture. A strange feeling welled up inside of her and she blushed a little, What is this?! His hand was so warm and strong, calloused just like Orrin's were from years of handling a sword and throwing knives. Her smaller hand seemed to fit perfectly and comfortably inside his larger one. All these feelings were forgotten as she felt fresh air touch her injured arm. The wound seemed to breathe a ragged breath as the last of the bandages were removed. Did she dare look at it? Glancing down gingerly, Mavis felt her stomach drop and bile rise in the back of her throat.

The cut was long and deep, its coloring was an angry red. It stretched from her left shoulder to the crook of her elbow. Blood welled up slowly and it seemed to bubble like magma. Using her uninjured hand she clapped a hand over her mouth to prevent the vomit that was threatening to fly out of her mouth. She made a noise between a moan and a sob as she peeked out of the corner of her eye at the gash.

All the while the boy remained calm and indifferent as he assessed the damage. He gazed over the wound with a trained eye and reached for a wet cloth.

"W-what are you doing?" She managed to choke out.

He glanced at Mavis apologetically for a moment before a pressed the cloth into the wound. Mavis gasped in shock. The pain was unbearable, so she did what any sane person would do: She screamed.

"MAKE IT STOP! PLEASE!" She wailed pitifully.

At this the boy's movements sped up and he hurried to finish cleaning the wound. He quickly grabbed fresh bandages and began to wrap them around her arm. That moment seemed to last for eternity as she was caught between feelings of relief and impatience. As he finished, he passed a hand over his face in relief. He pulled her sleeve back down.

"There, all done. Please don't cry anymore." He looked her in the eye.

She gave him a confused look, "I was crying?" Bringing a hand to her cheek she felt them wet with tears, her eyes widened and looked back at the boy. She was surprised when the dark haired boy pressed a handkerchief to her cheek. He carefully soaked up her tears with the soft cloth, avoiding eye contact. She noticed a blush crept into his face as she looked at him.

"U-uh, I don't like seeing people cry." He quickly stuttered, retracting his hand from her face. Grabbing the bowl beside him, he asked, "Are you hungry? Its only broth, but it will help you heal and regain your strength."

Mavis nodded vigorously, realizing that her stomach was achingly empty. She noticed how the boy chuckled softly at her eagerness and gave the smallest of smiles. Noticing this, Mavis pointed out with a smile, "You have a very nice smile…?"

"Zeref. Zeref Galein." He spooned out some broth and gently blew on it, offering the spoon for her. He looked at her quizzically, "Really…? You think so?" It wasn't really directed to her though; it was almost like he was talking to himself.

She sipped the broth tentatively, smiling with the taste. It was just like the same broth Orrin would make when she would come over for dinner. Mavis couldn't stand the rich fare they served at Arcadia Castle, stuffed quails with sweet sauce, suckling pig, delicate white rice with small green peas that made her bulge with effort trying to hold back her vomit. Years ago, she had requested that she dined in her room so she could "study". Usually she would let the maids and butlers take the food down to the stable boys, who barely received enough food as it is. She rather eat the heartier food that Orrin prepared: beef stew with crusty homemade bread, roasted mutton that he would cook over an actual fire. Yes, food that was made from what you happened to come across that day was far more appealing to her than any stuffed pig.

Mavis noticed that she had been staring at Zeref the whole time she was eating. Blushing she retracted her gaze from his handsome face and continued to eat the spoonful of broth he had offered her. Remembering that he was the one that had actually saved her, her eyes flew up as she dipped her head in respect, "Thank you."

Zeref looked at her in confusion, "Why are you thanking me?"

She smiled at his cluelessness, "You saved me from that man back there. I would have been a goner of you hadn't shown up!" She gazed up at the ceiling thoughtfully, "I first I thought I was seeing things, 'there's no way that there's someone to save me!', I said to myself. But then you used magic and…" Her eyes clouded over. "I could have saved Orrin from getting injured. I could've protected him and myself. I'm apt with a sword and knife, even magic. But I just froze up. I've never been that afraid in my whole life." She locked eyes with Zeref. "I swear," she began. "To protect those I love for now on. I will never again see a friend struck down when I could have prevented it."

Zeref's eyes widened at her oath. Never in his whole life had he met a girl like Mavis Vermillion. He had always thought she was an uppity spoiled brat who always got what she wanted. But he was sorely wrong. The girl before him was strong in body and mind, wild in spirit, and reckless. For some reason, he felt himself wanting to get to know this girl better. To be her friend.

Mavis grinned at him, "You deserve a reward Zeref-san, for saving Orrin and I." Thinking she finally thought of one. "Close your eyes. And don't peek!" She instructed.

Zeref did as he was told and closed his eyes, not knowing what she was planning.

Mavis took a deep breath and leaned toward the dark haired boy. She tilted her head and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. Shocked at her boldness, she quickly retreated back to the couch and hid under the blanket.

Zeref felt his face flush with surprise, as he heard a muffle come from under the blankets he had carefully place on the girl. Lifting the edge of the blanket he came nose to nose with the blonde haired girl. Mavis was obviously very embarrassed with her gesture.

"I-I'm sorry Zeref-san! I didn't-"She stuttered carelessly.

Zeref quirked an eyebrow and responded with, "Why are you apologizing? I thought it was nice..." Realizing what he had just said he added, "Nice thing to do!"

The two couldn't help but laugh at the awkward atmosphere that they created. Mavis giggled till tears ran down her face, which caused Zeref to snort. They laughed till they heard a groan in the background.

"Merlin's saggy left handed wand! What the heck happened?!" Swore an irritated and confused Orrin.

Mavis and Zeref couldn't help but chuckle at the old man's choice of words.

"Goodness Gramps! 'Merlin's saggy left handed wand'? Haven't heard that one yet." Mavis pointed out to her mentor.

"Shut up!"

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